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I am TheDirtyPencil on Deviant art. Not into this stuff dont want to meet anyone here
Female Slave, 18,  Showing BDsm art, Kentucky












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 Female Slave

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I am TheDirtyPencil on Deviant art.

Not into this stuff dont want to meet anyone here ever! Just sharing art.

Creator of the Myra Zhivanevskaya Novels and artworks.

All the art featured here is created by me. My work I like to think is tastefully implied. Here to share art only! If you wish to enjoy my BDSM art use this link.


Journal Entries:
2/3/2018 5:12:01 AM
No I don't want your money. I don't care about your petty life achievements. I am not interested in BD/sm outside of drawing it! I am not looking and for the 99th time I am not listed with my stats! JUST SHOWING MY ART!

Although I was capable of this art, I simply do not seem to have anything in common with people here to sustain a conversation for any length of time.

1/29/2018 7:34:30 AM
I have only found 4 people on this site in all the years I have been on it that I view as real human beings, ones I am glad I know. The rest are just weird.

10/21/2017 2:51:32 AM
Not looking, not looking, not looking!

If you want a "real woman" pass me by I identify as a male, and have since I was a child thank you!

I know this is hard to grasp for some...but I move the location so people look at the art I don't live there!

9/10/2017 3:08:19 AM
Please take note! I have retired from art. I did my last drawing at the end of 2015 and there will be no more, my eyesight which is rapidly declining will not allow me to do anything further. Please refrain from sending me messages telling me I can keep making art because I can't, it is simply not possible.

I should feel bad about losing my eyesight and true it is annoying but I find I do not care. It has allowed me to step away and do other things that are a lot more interesting than sitting at a desk. Please appreciate I answer messages with text to type because I can no longer reliably see to type and sometimes text to speech does not write things properly. I do not always see them to correct them.

I have lived as a 24/7 slave in a foreign land however I don't think I could do it again and while I like the fantasy of it I think that time has passed for me so don't ask me to do it because I will not be doing so. I have far too many responsibilities these days just to step away and if I did do so it will be to live alone in the wilderness.

Please also note I am asexual and I have no interest really in any sexual activity. That is why I was originally attracted to BD/SM. I am by nature Dominant and have kept people 24/7 and done the master slave thing hard-core. I am not really looking for anyone, however I have met people on the site and even own someone that I met here. I am gender dysphoric I have not done anything to my outside because I still would not be pleased with the end result but I identify as a male and behave and live as one. I am really only here to share some of my past artworks either enjoy them or fuck off.

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