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Read all Please!

I enjoy many aspects of bdsm including writing, leatherwork and coming up with new things for my Master to Use on me

Walking this path can at times be difficult
make us second guess ourselves and our abilities
Life takes many twists and turns
Putting obstacles in our path
Changing our lives
Many times over
Its what we do with that life
And those we choose to include
That can make it all mean something more

While some things in my life have changed,
I am blessed that the important things have remained

I am a very creative person and continue to work on art and leather projects.

Who am I, I am a sensitive soul, with a big heart, life dreams and a desire to smile, even when things are tough. I hold those I choose to call my friends close to my heart.

Getting to know me can be easy, it only takes a conversation. Truth in words, deeds and especially to ones self is important

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10/10/2022 8:46:30 AM

The door opens
Clothes removed
His hands find the plug
“Good Girl”
Rubbing it
Playing with it
Moans escape me
His fingers move forward
My juices flowing
He stops
Eyes closed
Cold metal on my neck
A gift
Of his control
In place
Eyes open
 Standing in front of a mirror
It is lovely Sir
I smile
His fingers finding me yet again
Watching me in the mirror
My body responding to his touch
Craving his pleasure
Craving to please Him
Passionate kisses
Upon his manhood
Onto the bed
Lips parting
Inviting him in
Plunging deep
Juices flowing
One with him again

10/10/2022 8:30:51 AM

Disappointing news
Time to go
Not wanting it to show
Don’t want to go
Not yet anyway
Try not to think
Wanting to enjoy the time
Naked waiting
Needing Him
Memorizing him
His touch
His kiss
The feel of his body
His desire
Kissing down
His chest 
Climbing over
He enters me
Pinching nipple
Electric waves
Filling me
Flooding him 
Moving me
On my belly
His prize 
One hand
On my throat
One over
My mouth
Muffled gs
As he invades
Juices flowing
Another change
Facing the wall
Over Him
Slowly lowering
His dark flower
Enveloping him
Hands on hips
He controls me
Pulls me down
Keeping the pace
Building in us both
Can’t hold back
I explode
As He fills me
We shower
Holding each other
Not wanting to let go

10/10/2022 8:29:12 AM

Wrapped in warmth
Held closely
Morning comes
Work calls
Hands caress
Passionate kisses
Bodies intertwine
We want more time
Not wanting to part
He must go to work

10/10/2022 8:25:30 AM

 In my little white panties
Hurry home
The door opens
Finally home
Remove his boots
His socks
Laying back
Crawling in beside him
My fingers tracing his chest
His hand on mine
Gently moving it down
“Show me what you like”
Under my panties
Finding myself
Rubbing gently
His fingers on mine
Pushing me just inside
Juices flowing
He watches
Pushing me further
Our fingers
Soaking my panties
He can wait no longer
Stripping them off
Spreading my legs
Invading me
Taking what is his
Filling me
My body quivers
Waves running through me
Juices flowing
Pressure building
And again
His hand on my mouth
Covering my cries
Positions change
Taking his dark flower
His hand on my throat
Waves of energy
Filling my body
And over
Juices flowing freely
He releases his seed
Filling me
Holding me
Not letting go
Holding each other through the night

10/10/2022 7:57:27 AM

Time for a shower
Shave it close
We have plans today
Crawling onto the bed
Plenty of time
Enjoying one another s company
He leaves my side
Skirt up
Exposing milky white skin
Single tail in hand
Finding its mark
Making me jump
Cries of pain
Finding moisture
Pleasure surging
The whip
Again and again
Finds its mark
Welts rising
Pictures taken
Memories recorded
Don’t move
Taken again
Flowers plucked
Pools renewed
Climbing the mast
Waves surging
Again and again
Fluids mingled
Time to go

10/10/2022 7:56:16 AM

The coffee pot drips
The smell filling the air
Waking the senses
Waking the hunger
Standing at half mast
Inviting me
Wrapping my lips around it
Fully erect
My hips hovering
Finding a soft moist nest
Hands pulling me down
Waves of passion
Holding me down
Turn around
Leaning forward
Taking him in
Hands finding their mark
Pain mixed with pleasure
Waves rushing
His fingers
Finding a path of their own
Invading their home
On the edge of the bed
Taking all that is his
His body holding me down
He finds his dark nest
Waves crashing
One into another
Nothing but pleasure
Pushing back
Juices running over us both
A final dive
Holding one another
Relaxing for a moment
Time for coffee

5/24/2016 12:45:36 PM

For the One who is strong enough to be everything! 


A Dom can do many things to the flesh,

His whips can bite,

He can restrain,

No matter what one does to the body,

Getting into the mind is the ultimate key,


Leading to a first kiss

showing more then anything that follows




His hands wrapped in her hair

gripping tightly

Holding on for dear life

a hand in the small of her back,


Pressing their bodies together

starting softly

letting the hunger grow

the kiss becoming more passionate

minds and soul melding

time is forgotten 

as the bond is sealed


This is what we search for,

What we need,

the rest is icing .....



Life takes many twists and turns,
It can put obstacles in your path,
and life can change many times over.


It is what we do with that life and those whom we include in it that make life interesting.

Who am I, I am a sensitive soul, with a big heart, life dreams and a desire to smile and even when things are tough. I hold my friends dear to me.

Getting to know me can be easy, it only takes conversation.




Not into one night stands with any Dom.

If you can't speak the truth don't speak to me and waste both our time.

12/9/2015 11:48:17 PM
Haunted by You Thoughts of you Wondering Dreaming Your eyes Your voice Your smile That look on your face Delicious Captivating Those words Speaking to my soul Pulling at my mind It all still lingers Over Powering Captivatingly hypnotic Like a dream An echo Of desire

9/10/2015 7:09:53 AM
Excuse the Rant

What do you mean there is no Love in BDSM?

Do you not hear it in His voice as He speaks to her?
Do you not see it in how she responds to Him?
Can you not tell how much they love when they touch?

She relishes each lash of His whip,
not because of the whip,
Because HE holds the whip.

He delights in her pain,
not because he is causing pain,
Because SHE is at the other end.

When Their eyes meet,
Do you not see the fire?
Do you not feel the passion?

Do not fool yourself,

He is strong 
Because she gives Him,
her weakness.

She is weak
Because He gives her,
His strength.

The power
that transcends time
endures all.

Feeding each others passions,
For Life,
For one another.

If you can not love,
You can not obtain it.
It can not be forced.

Unless you open your self up,
take a chance of getting hurt,
You will never find it.

You will only taste
Bits and pieces 
of what truly walking this life
and all of its pleasures
truly offers.

If this is not what you Desire to have then please Move along!
I am sure you can find others who view this life as cold.

9/7/2015 6:25:40 AM
I realized that its been a long time since i have written anything. A place to write, A new journal As i begin anew Blank pages A new pen Overwhelming thoughts Longing Desire Yet fear No focus Burning need Needing to be set free Little sleep Not wanting to dream So much time Wasted Hoping Against hope Is he out there? Do i open up Or hide? Fear Staring at the blank pages Needing inspiration To feel A heartbeat A rhythm A reason A song

8/29/2015 6:13:23 PM
The original profile caption thought I would place it here for the moment, as I am enjoying the new one for the time being...

The Dream

Up in the tower she sits
Her wings curled around her naked form
The full moon Shinning down
A cool breeze
She waits

She hears a whisper
Faint but clear
She knows this voice
She has heard it in her mind before

Knowing no fear
The desire overwhelming
She spreads her wings
and softly flies to the castle below

Landing in the great room
She curls her wings around her
Bows her head
Walks towards the throne

She looks up slightly
Seeing her Desire
Uncurls her wings
And kneels quickly

How may I be of Service to you Sir?

(If you can not understand the story Don’t waste my time)

11/30/2010 10:59:20 AM

A glimpse into my thoughts


He sees her as she walks across the floor of the club. He wants her, to be inside her, he will have her he thinks. She stops by the wall and watches as others around her dance. Suddenly he is on her, his hand at her throat, controlling her breath, pushing her up against the wall, her own hands reach for his arm in protest “down” is all she hears and her hands move down her palms flat against the wall. He smiles as he leans his body into hers, his now hard cock fully pressed into her abdomen. He releases her throat just enough to kiss her, a hot passionate kiss she cannot help but return. Using his thumb he turns her head to the side as his teeth find her neck, sinking into her as his free hand undoes her blouse, opening it, finding her heaving breasts.  The crowd fades from her sight as she softly begins to moan. She is his. Still controlling her breath he reaches down pulling her skirt up her leg he finds her panties and pulls them aside, soaking wet he slides his fingers deep inside her as she gasps. Raising his fingers to her lips he forces her to taste herself, sliding his fingers into her mouth. Kissing her he reaches down unzipping his pants and releasing his manhood. He releases her throat and takes her wrists in one hand he grabs the back of her hair by the other, forcing her down to her knees. She opens her mouth and takes his hard cock into her mouth and sucks hungrily on him. The crowd watching as she sucks and licks on his cock. He pulls back, releasing his cock from her hot wet mouth, pulls her up and spins her around. Pressing her into the wall he lifts her skirt, pulling her panties over to the side, placing the head of his cock at her entrance. He wraps his hand around her throat and again controlling her breath as he slides his full shaft deep inside her, sinking his teeth into her shoulder. Sliding his cock in and out of her hard and fast, her pussy gripping his hard cock, squeezing him, her juices flowing all over him, moaning through the gasps, he fucks her like a wild beast, taking her, controlling her, owning her.

8/12/2010 1:32:26 PM
His words....

Opening your soul

pulling at your mind

creating want,



and dreams.

your mind swims with wonder

desiring his eyes upon your flesh

his touch upon your skin

His breath upon your neck

as he speaks into your very soul

your mind yells out for him,

as you hear the words escape your lips

"Yes Sir, Please take me Sir. Please Sir,

Please make me yours Sir. "

12/28/2007 5:16:21 PM
I have not written in a very long time...and I know this is a sad one...with the holidays and all.....

As petals fall from a rose,

each day passes,

holding dreams and desires that fade

destinies move further and further away

until they to fade into the mists of darkness

taking bits and pieces of a soul that will eventually



slips away into nothing

no spring to offer

no rebirth of light to bring

tears fall

turning a heart to stone

if it is not yours dear one to offer

then offer you should not

do not try to build false hopes and dreams

for it will only cause your greater fall from glory

8/26/2007 7:25:06 AM

Dark eyes
That pull her in
Try as she might to resist

Voice so strong
Comforting her soul
the feeling of home

Can He be what she needs?
Her mind wonders back to Him

Holding back

Her desire grows
passion burns
A need that wishes to be fulfilled

Will she give in?
Her mind wonders back to Him

7/24/2007 7:02:46 AM

This day brings no peace
The sun is to hot
Shielding herself with her wings
She tries to hide in a dark corner
She lays her head upon her knees
Tears fall down her cheeks
Will this day never end

The sun sets and she remains
Sitting in her dark corner
It seems to bring no peace this day
The color of the dusk
The ending of the day

A full moon rises
As does she
She walks to the window slowly
Wanting, no needing
To feel its soft embrace
To wipe away her tears

She stands in the window
Looking up at the full moon
It is of no comfort
It brings her no peace
It is just a moon tonight

She slinks back from the light
Places her wings around her body
And wishes for the end of night
The dawn will come
and it will begin again

7/14/2007 10:46:46 AM

He reaches out and strokes the mind
Delicately leading the conversation
learning what he can of her
wondering what could be

Making her long for more conversations
Leading her heart towards him
Making her heart ache for him
His thoughts invading her dreams

Will he posses her?
Will he desire all that she could be?
Will she fulfill his need?
Will she submit to his will?

She lays her head back on the pillow
Her thoughts swimming back to him
His very words penetrating her soul

Could he be the one that can complete her?Control her?
Fulfill her darkest desires?
Will she submit to his will?

Softly the dance begins
The picture yet unclear
Yet the desire is there
Could this be the one?

7/12/2007 8:20:16 AM

A Dominate to me

His world yet unformed
Staring at a blank canvas
His mind begins to form
The world he wishes to posses

He sees it clearly
Holding onto all he desires

He sits back

Colours are chosen
Carefully mixed
The brushes he chooses
With such care

Readying himself for the journey

HE begins
Softly laying the foundation
Seeing the beginnings
His passion increasing

Taking on form
Laying in Texture
Simple yet Complex

He begins to picture
What he wishes to posses 

Each stroke inspires
Each thought Desire
He paints his picture
with a fiery Love

He knows himself
He will know her
painting all but complete
he begins his search

For the one
Who will complete,
Who will fulfill,
Who will desire,
Who will Love

When she is found
The picture is fulfilled

7/11/2007 10:23:07 PM

A voice was heard
A caring Heart felt
that touched the soul
and made it melt

In the Distance
she can start to see his face
hidden still by shadows
revealing slowly

she wonders
she wishes
her mind spins
her soul cries out
to be with him.

7/7/2007 6:24:49 PM
I blame the rain over the last two weeks for the mood...Sorry everyone but here goes...

The rain has slowed
the heart beat softened
her walls still strong

will One break through
set her free
show her that dreams
can be real

she still waits
in the tower
Her head hung
as the sky send showers

His voice she will know
she has no doubt
His touch
she yerns to feel

she is alone
the moon 
no comfort
Yet in shines all around her prison walls

7/3/2007 7:08:41 PM

She tries to focus
She tries to think of other things

Her mind keeps coming back
replaying in her deepest thoughts

How could O/one
So far away
Know her so well

Never a word spoken
Never a touch

Nothing but words on a paper
She reminds herself again

But yet she is drawn
To those thoughts again

A glimpse into the heart
A peek into the soul

Of O/one so precious
The mind calms
Weary of fighting the call

Thinking again on it all
It settles on the thought

This is what should always be
This strong and urgent need

The one that tells her
This is where she needs to be

There should be this O/one
Who melts her heart
Calms her soul
Eases her fears

This O/one who sets her free
She sits back
and tries with all her strength

to wait with patience
to wait with Grace
to wait to be called upon



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