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Hetero Male Dominant, 40,  Brisbane, Australia
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I'm an experienced and proficient Dom with a wide variety of interests. I'm both sexually and personally very dominant and I can be somewhat sadistic, but like any label, the term Dom tends to make you seem one dimensional. From a kink perspective, most of all, I enjoy training girls, this can include pet play experiences, isolation, bondage, spanking/caning etc and sexual techniques. Most of this in the end is a mental thing, you have to get into a girls head to know what will work, even more than you have to get into her body. I have lots of experience and can teach you all about those deep desires you can't get out of your head, I might even add a few more you havn't thought of. I have come to understand what I desire more than anything else in the world is obedience. Some are born to lead and some to follow. I am perfected through those that follow.
I love music, Jazz particularly and the usual suspects like Warren Zevon, Frank Zappa and Mr Bungle (I know thats not really normal). I Love to read stimulating fiction.
Live in Bris, travel often.












 Dominant Male



 6' 1"

 264 lbs






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Journal Entries:
6/17/2009 5:34:51 PM
I am considering the establishment of a 'masters league' with its own website.
Membership of this site would be based on confirmation that the Dom/Master in question has a basic level of skills, subscribes to a code of behaviour and has genuine experience(with references from Subs).  I keep hearing horror stories from submissives who are mis-used at the hands of beginners or lunatics.   Everyone has to learn, but the position of a Dom is one where learning can come at the cost of unexpected injury (physical or emotional) to the sub.  Training and mentoring reduces this risk, but Dom's, by their very nature, often are not interested in associating with other Doms (this seems particularly true of the Domme). I propose a formal structure to get around this without treading on any toes. A Dom applies for membership, membership is confirmed by meeting standards such as validation by previous submissives and completion of some online course-work.  The Dom is then issued with a registration number which subs can search to confirm his repution. Any thoughts?

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