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The Largest BDSM Community on the Planet

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Hetero Male Dominant, 47,  Florida
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What do you believe in:
Are you the type that really can't stand all the fools you are sourronded by everyday. Does it drive you crazy that is seems as if everyone believes the same thing.

If you are not into what everyone else is into you are a loser and need help.

Are you different in every way from anyone you,friends,yet you can't really be yourself. For if you did they would say you needed help.

would you like to dress a certain you think the way woman dress today in those ugly flip-flops and short long pants that just look bad. Do you think that way too. yet you can't wear what you want to wear for fear of being made fun of.
Would you like to wear fishnet stockings,or sheer stockings,heels,maybe boots,corset,sheer or lace tops that if one looked close enough they could see just a hint of your areolas and nipples.But you can't.

Would you just like to be you,But?
Are you submissive,do you feel that you are very submissive,do you feel like you are a slave or wish to be trained to be a slave.

Maybe you are submissive,and you also feel like you want to be in charge sometimes.

Maybe you would like to be a slave to a Master,and the Mistress to others that wish to be owned and controled.

What do you believe,what do you want,what do you desire???

I could be the Dominant person you seek,maybe not. We will never know if we do not talk.

Do you wait for night fall...
does the day light cause you to hide in the shadows.
Do you only feel alive when the sun goes down.

Are there desires,passions and feelings you just can't describe taking over your thoughts.

There seems to be no one you can talk to about your needs,your needs and desires are not something you can talk about over coffee or at the gym or at the watercooler.

You enjoy dressing in ways that you can't outside your own home,you must keep all of who you really are a secret.

If you think that what happens in the mind greatly controls the effects and habits of your body. then we should talk.

Who are you? What do you need and desire?
Have you found it here on this site? Or has the few or the many caused you to wonder if there are any real people...that think as you do,feel as you do,crave what you crave.

Come into my mind and my world...its safe here,see for have nothing to fear,waste not another day wishing and dreaming.

Do you search for the one that can cause you the sudden desire to drop to your knees.

You just want to be lost, in submission.
All the replies to your ad and profile have just made you madder and madder. why can't someone out there get it...why can't someone out there understand...

why can't they read your mind. I afraid Most of the creatures on this site have no clue as to why they take their next breath.So how are they going to know what you want,need,desire.

Time ticks away...










 Dominant Male


 6' 6"






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Journal Entries:
8/11/2004 8:05:42 PM
It is no mystery that some are here to serve and be owned.

Those of you who are born submissive be fullfilled to be at peace within.
need to be owned and that entails,all those little everyday problems and desions that you just don't want to know about will be taken care of by the one that feels most comfortable making all the desions.

What you will wear and how you will wear it. How you will look in your owners home and how you will look in public.

What you will eat and how you will eat it.
Where and how you will sleep.

There will be no need for you to ever stress out about how you will get this done or that you will be trained and told just what and how to do it.

You have read over and over again profiles on this site and others like it.

You will log off in a huff, saying to yourself that there are no real people here that understand just what feelings are surging through me...

You say...that no one will ever understand one will ever cause me to have the weak in the knees feeling that would have me falling to my knees before I even knew I had.

You'll stay away from sites like this one for as long as you can...untill the need and the urge flows over you like a waterfall...

And you will be back reading all the new profiles from the new entries lined neatly on the left side.

You will feel the newly awaken urge...
hoping that this will be the time you find the profile that has the words written that will speak to you.

Then you will throw caution to the wind and reply...

and then wait and wait for a return email.

7/6/2004 9:10:06 PM
Have you ever felt that stillness that you can only feel in a graveyard.

What is that feeling the seems to crawl over your body...that shiver...yes you know the one I mean.

How do you feel when you have coverd yourself all in black
Tell me what you feel....

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