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Dom/Slave Couple, 51/32,   , Pennsylvania
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Major overhaul I have myself an absolutely amazing slave, so now this profile is something of an experiment. Were contemplating starting a business.

First, Im looking for a Minion. A female with a dominant streak. Be diabolical rather than mean and angry (or at least willing to learn). She needs to be healthy, smart, and generally drug free. Bisexual preferred. Her role would be to assist in the recruitment and training of additional slaves. The critical thing though, as with any poly household, is a personality that fits in. This is an opportunity for a Domme who wants to live this as her lifestyle, but otherwise does not have the resources or experience. Should we find the right partner, we can provide a room, car and access to private aircraft. Ideally, this creature will be willing to learn how to fly. After all, how do you justify calling yourself a Deity if you cant? And just think about all the fun you can have vanishing potential slaves.

Submissive females (especially lesbians) should understand that while my slave is bigger and stronger than you (yes, her statistics are correct), she is not naturally dominant. You will annoy her if you ask her to punish her.

So those are the basics - please ask questions.













Gender Identity:










 5' 9"

 170 lbs




Gender Identity:










 6' 2"

 170 lbs



Actively Seeking:


A Poly Household


 Fine Dining


 Body Worship


 Mental Bondage


 Rubber Fetish

 Horror Movies


 Classical Music


 Amusement Parks

 Art Galleries

 Bar Hopping

 Going to the Opera



 Renaissance Faires




 Eye Contact Restrictions

 Obedience Training

 Orgasm Control

 Speech Restrictions


 Alternative Music

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 Rock Music


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 Flea Markets


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 Musical Theater


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Journal Entries:
5/22/2022 12:05:37 PM

I'm almost certainly going to regret writing this, but it's come up a couple times now with potential play partners and maybe this will save me some time in the future.

First: I'm a libertarian. What does this mean? The shortest definition I've been able to find is "I believe gay married couples should be able to defend their pot plants with machine guns." I also believe if government is the answer, the question was a smorgasbord of banality and despair.

For those of you who know me, know what I do, and what I've done, you know I've found myself having to deal with confrontations from time to time. I don't want to hype this because I know there are plenty of you who've had to go much further into the quicksand of defusing conflict than I have, and are better at it. However, I have learned some things along the way. Most importantly, everything I've gotten from training and experience is that the way you produce positive change with people you disagree with is to look for the things you have in common and build on them. I don't care if it's a mutual hatred of Brussels Sprouts, it's a starting point. You may never get to a point where you like the other person (and that's fine), but in finding that common ground you're at least likely to walk away acknowledging your common humanity and not hating them. If you're seeking out the things you conflict on and using them as a justification for not engaging (or worse, starting a fight), you truly are part of the problem.

No one is going to share your political beliefs down to the finest detail, and if you're dogmatic about it (right or left), you're going to find yourself alone. The really sad thing about this is that I promise you your political beliefs are the least interesting and most tedious part of who you are. People who live and breathe politics are like people who obsess over cars. I don't want to have an in-depth discussion with anyone on "the violence inherent in the system" or the great new exhaust note your car makes with straight pipes you put on.

Lets see if we can find something interesting to talk about instead. This is a kink community. Your interest in bondage or S&M or your new latex catsuit is a much more intriguing conversation than how culpable the president is for gas prices.

12/5/2021 5:54:57 AM

Now that we have journals back, it's time for an update.

This is now a poly household. We're set up with both a dungeon and a medical playroom.  The dungeon is amazingly well stocked with just about every sort of cane, flogger and whip you can imagine, and some things you probably haven't.  Anyone who's interested in play time or dungeon time should feel free to ask.

If you're interested in more than just playtime, there are some things you should understand: 

  • This is a KINKY HOUSEHOLD.  It is NOT kid friendly.  If you have kids, and have custody of them, we can talk and even arrange some playtime, but we're probably not going to be a good match. 
  • This is a POLY HOUSEHOLD.  In order to make this dynamic work, everyone involved needs to be willing to compromise and work as a team.  This is a balance that takes work to maintain, and is incomptable with drama.  We're only interested in women who are willing to try to contribute to the dynamic and thereby add to the household.  Chaos is not welcome here.   
  • If you are under 25, we don't expect you to have your life together, but we do expect you to be sane and healthy.  Freaky is encouraged, but have a grip of reality - you've got to start with reality before you plunge down the rabbit hole. 
  • If you are over 35, still living at home and unable to take care of yourself, or still going out to bars and clubs every night you can to get blitzed and hook up, you need to grow up before contacting us. 
  • I am willing to travel to meet, but if you're outside PA, you're going to need to do a video call.  We travel by private plane on the east coast of the US.  If this excites you great, I'd love to have another pilot in the household.  If this terrifies you, we're out of your league. 

I'm sure there will be more coming, but this is a good start. 

4/21/2018 8:11:13 PM
I feel like an entry on misogyny and misandry tonight. I assume there are lots of male profiles about male-led-relationships and male supremacy. I don?t know for sure, because I?m not actively looking for men. There are quite a few women that talk about such things. To be clear, I completely understand this in terms of kink and fantasy. Hate can be sexy. But if this is your actual outlook on life, especially as a dominant, then no. It doesn?t make sense. If you think you are superior because you?re male or female (or black, or white, or gay, or straight, or tall, or short, or fat, or skinny, or Christian, or Hindu, or Liberal, or Conservative or whatever other random characteristic consumes your life, and which you share with potentially billions of other people) then you are a joke to me. It?s the things that make us unique that make us special. Your membership in a tribe diminishes you, it doesn?t make you superior. Superior people can stand alone against the tide.

1/2/2018 2:54:14 PM
It was Margaret Thatcher who said "Being powerful is like being a lady. If you have to say you are, you're not."

9/1/2016 5:23:13 PM
It seems I've found myself a lovely little girl. I'll be focusing my attention on her for a bit.

5/18/2016 9:00:28 PM
For the record: No. I don't believe it's possible to develop the trust necessary to fully explore this with a partner or partners, without making an emotional investment in them, or without making an effort to understand them. If you're not doing that, you really are just playing with people. Don't be that person.

5/4/2016 5:21:47 PM
You know...  sometimes I really wish there was a separate "" where all the "Pro-Dommes" and "Fin-Dommes" and public dungeons could go to advertise their services to clients who are just looking for an hour or two of kinky fun.  That way those of us who are here for more that just a fantasy would be spared the nuisance of people who have no concept of living this beyond knowing how to throw a whip in a way that will keep their clients coming back. 

Sadly though, I know it wouldn't work.  The pros and money dommes would be in there all by their lonesome and would be back on this side in a matter of hours.

4/8/2016 7:33:20 PM
Sometimes it's just shocking the people who think they're dominant, because they've confused dominance with being an asshole.  A few reality checks for...  well...  90% of you:

1)  All control starts with self control.

2)  If you need her to feel like shit about herself in order to control her, that means YOU are playing with/fucking shit.  Dominant people (or really anyone with a shred of self respect) don't fuck shit.  

3)  Real slaves are proud of who and what they are, so that their Owners can be proud of who and what they are.  Real Owners foster that sense of pride, because it reinforces that ownership.  It's not really that hard to take a submissive with no sense of pride from an asshole.  It's all but impossible to take a slave who knows the most amazing thing she can be is her Owner's slave. 

4/7/2016 4:50:15 PM
A couple quick notes for married people and parents:

Parents:  Yes, I absolutely appreciate the fact that your kid(s) come first.  Good for you.  You absolutely should prioritize them over people here and your own desires.  And this is all well and good if you're just here to chat.  But ask yourself:  can you make time for a partner?  If you need to keep cancelling meetings/dates, maybe the answer is no.  No, it is not reasonable to expect someone to set aside a day or even an hour for you if you're unable to reliably be there.  Even if you have the best reason in the world for wasting their time.  Don't get me wrong, I completely understand WHY your priority is elsewhere.  When you understand THAT your priority is elsewhere, perhaps you'll understand why mine must be also. 

Marrieds:  Along the same lines:  no.  I'm not going to sneak around for you. 

Bottom line:  I understand the occasional last minute cancel.  Every one of us has emergencies.  But if you just don't have time for this...  then you don't have time for it.  Don't expect anyone to make time for you when you can't make it for them.

2/14/2016 12:14:13 PM
Well, it seems the wicked little demoness I wrote about back on December 13 has re-surfaced. Its hard to find real people on this site. However, evilbabybaby is abosloutely real, and everything she claims to be. She is absolutely fearless and delightfully twisted. I only wish I had kidnapped her when I had the opportunity.

2/9/2016 3:23:08 PM
My friend Mistress Howl has something incredibly insightful in her profile.  She says, essentially, the difference between cybering and going real-time is like the difference between looking at a cute photo of a baby, and giving birth to one.  I couldn't have put it better myself.  I'd also like to take it one step further:  The difference between being kinky playmates and Owner-slave is like the difference between giving birth to a child and raising a child. 

Owning a slave, fundamentally, is taking full responsibility for that person.  To be a true slave, you need to be in a relationship where it is possible to completely separate yourself from the vanilla world.  To shed vanilla mores and stereotypes.  To explore all the darkest most perverse corners of your soul, one must be able to completely forget about the roles the vanilla world seeks to impose on us. 

The vanilla world has a set of fundamental expectations, beliefs and morals.  If they're constantly intruding into your life and forcing you to be something other than the slave you and your Owner want you to be, you are not reaching your potential - and you never will.  That is a very sorry state to be in for anyone, but it also precludes you from truly being a slave.  Why?  Because you have more than one Master.  You have the one in your bedroom/home, and you have the larger society you live in. 

To be clear, this isn't me suggesting that a slave can't work outside her Owner's household.  What it means is that your Owner needs to be able to take you aside, order you to give your two week's notice, and you need to have the ability to walk away from every other obligation that you have.  You need to be able to say good bye to the vanilla world.  

There are, of course, many different pieces necessary to make that happen:  a slave who has the mental strength to do that, and an owner who has the means to do that.  A slave who has the implicit trust in her owner that allows her to know that he is (and will be) responsible for her and guiding her through her journey out of the vanilla world and into the living debauchery they both crave.  An owner who knows what he needs to do to protect her from the vanilla world and nurture her darkest instincts.

This is not something that can be achieved overnight.  Whether you are Owner or slave, trusting someone with your darkest, most twisted, most decadent, most perverted ideas is NEVER an easy thing - but it is fundamental to reaching your potential as a slave.  We're all conditioned by the vanilla world to judge people and label people with such ideas as perverts - a slave needs to be able to escape that sort of vanilla thinking.  This is also a critically important place where Owner and slave must support each other.  Having one partner out of the influence of the vanilla world and able to mentally embrace the concepts she would never dare tell people who she needed respect from does wonders for this.  The critical piece though, is an Owner who encourages this in the slave. 

We all need kinky sex of some kind - or we wouldn't be in this website.  But the mental side of this piece is far more important than the physical.  Developing trust in your partner, knowing that they're going to encourage you to go explore the most deviant parts of your being free from judgement - that is the essence of the arousal that gives real meaning to the physical side of the relationship. 

This is how a true Owner brings a slave to her true potential. 

Note:  it IS possible to completely remove someone from the vanilla world, but it's not really the most responsible thing.  An Owner is responsible for the health of his property.  At a minimum, she should get dental and medical check ups.  After all, a sick slave also can't focus on her Owner as she should.  Beyond that though, an Owner can quite effectively remove a slave from the influence of the vanilla world.

One of the guiltiest pleasures of ownership is being able to take a slave out into the vanilla world where everyone can see what she is.  Then watching those who harrumph at her while being envious of who she is and what she has become.  And then, finally, taking her home and teaching her about the pride she ought to have in herself.  After all, all those harrumphs are just the noise vanillas make choking back their own hypocrisies.  Reinforcing the simple truth that as a slave she is more than any vanilla will ever be. 

And just to prove the point, think of Lady Gaga.  This is a woman who exists as an affront to the vanilla world and has made more money than God from all those secretly kinky vanillas for doing it. 

12/17/2015 6:33:19 PM
To file under:

I don't always talk to "FinDommes;" but when I do, they make me laugh. 

So I find this profile...  she talks about tribute, but it's at least written in an amusing way like she's actually putting some thought into this and showing a bit of creativity rather than just putting up a sexy photo and typing 'shut up and pay me.'  So I figure what the hell.  And for the most part, the conversation was at least amusing.  Even if she hasn't quite done her homework, I can see she's got potential. 

And then, of course, she demands 'tribute' and requests I send her money for a plane ticket....  of course.  And equally, of course, neither of those things was going to happen. 

But not for the reason you're probably thinking.   The thing is, generally speaking, I fly private (we call it "General Aviation") east of the Mississippi - especially in the northeast and Mid-Atlantic.  It's just so much easier, faster and there's none of this business of showing up at the airport and being offered a choice of being molested or radiated while a government flunky steals/drops/breaks your laptop.  By the time most people drive to the airport, get through security, catch Ebola and hepatitis from the guy sitting in your lap on the plane, and finish waiting for the airlines to lose your baggage, fold, spindle, mutilate, and find it again, even the smallest of private planes can get you where you want to go.  Plus there aren't nearly as many completely uncalled-for questions about why the girl you're with can't take off her collar, or walk without ballet heels. 

Anyway, back to the findommes.  If you're serious about this, and someone suggests flying you on a private aircraft, you're making a mistake if you say no.  And, I would think, a rather obvious one.  Unless, of course, you're a 50 year old male living in his mother's basement.  If you are, by chance, a 50 year old male living in his mother's basement pretending to be a pretty young woman, the correct answer really is 'no, I won't meet you at the local airport' because that really will save you a lot of embarrassment. 

*sigh*  And now I'm missing my friend Liz.  Who actually had the courage to show up at the local airport.  Now that wicked little Demoness really is the real thing.  Far and away the boldest Domme I've ever met. 

10/6/2015 6:05:39 PM
I hate having to do this...  but, since it's come up more than once:

For the small number of raging anti-Semites in here who've sent me nasty messages about being Jewish you really should learn the difference between a cabal and cabala.  Though I suspect it's a lost cause; that sort of ignorance is probably beyond helping. 

For those that are curious: 

Cabala is a form of Jewish mysticism.  A cabal is a secret group of plotters - there is typically a sinister, occult, and/or political connotation to the word.  The word 'cabal' probably has it's roots in Cabala, but its present meaning likely evolved out of a group called the "Cabal Ministry" that was in power for a few years during the reign of Charles II of England.  By the way, the term is also an acronym of the 5 family names of the members that formed the ministry. 

Now for some fun:

To the conspiracy nuts:  YES.  There is a Cabal of 5 powerful families that are running the world in secret, and began their rise in 1666.   ooohhh..  where have you seen THAT number before?   

To the people who think they are in the Illuminati or the Free Masons or the Trilateral Commission and are trying to take over the world:  unless you are in one of those families, you are only a pawn.  You will never know the whole truth.  I do have good news though:  we appreciate your sacrifice and work hard to make sure the deaths of our supplicants are swift and painless. 

For more information:

8/22/2015 3:08:41 PM
It seems to me that people who are here looking for a "useless cunt" are sort of like people who go on a car dealer website looking for a rusted out 1974 Chevy Vega.  I mean, why would you want such a thing?  You know, unless you want something to embarrass you and to be ashamed of.  Or you're the kind of person who's just needing something to put up on blocks as a lawn ornament.

What's odd though, is there seem to be so many people like that here. 

6/20/2015 5:56:25 PM

I'm going to write a bit about the difference between “professional” Masters and “lifestyle” Masters tonight. To be clear, I'm not talking about 'fin-dommes' this time. Mostly, these are the highly trained people who you find in a commercial dungeon. And yes, they do go through training – you need to when you're using things like whips, canes, batons and other potentially injury-producing equipment. Plus there's the whole understanding of how to make sure customers come back. These people do tend to take a lot of pride in their training – and rightfully so.


But here's the thing: when you leave the commercial dungeon, very little of that training is useful. Being a Master in the lifestyle is like being a parent. You really can't train for it in any meaningful way. Sure, there are many good parenting classes that teach you the basics. But taking responsibility for another human being is not something anyone can adequately train you for. You need to learn as much as you can about your slave(s). People are complex. Each person has their own needs, abilities, kinks, desires, health and flaws. And all of those things change regularly – and often unpredictably. This makes flexibility an important trait in a lifestyle Master.


The “professional” takes responsibility for their client for perhaps an hour or two at a time, for a highly specialized experience. The “lifestyler” takes responsibility for their slave for life. At the end of the night, the professional sends their client out into the street. In theory anyway, that never happens for the lifestyler. The lifestyler is there when the slave slips in the tub, and needs to see a doctor. He is there to feed her, clothe her, protect her, and hopefully show her how to be everything she can be. The professional does none of those things. And that is why, at the end of the day, the professional is essentially a performer, not an actual owner.


Perhaps a better analogy is the difference between a neurosurgeon (the professional) and a general practitioner (the lifestyler). The neurosurgeon hones his skills to be able to do what he does with exquisite precision, and he focuses laser-like on his specialty. Because of this, their knowledge and abilities are actually quite limited outside their field of expertise. The general practitioner, on the other hand, has to know something about a great many different things. The downside is this means their knowledge and abilities are frequently limited in specific areas. The end result is you go see the general practitioner when you have a persistent headache, and he sends you to the neurosurgeon when he discovers the tumor.


So what am I getting at with this entry? If you really want to get a broad understanding of what BDSM is – or you want to make this your life - talk to the lifestyler. Our knowledge is FAR broader than the professionals – simply because we've had the experience with a wide variety of all the many different aspects of BDSM.


On the other hand, if you've got this one specific kink that you need to explore as far as your limits will allow, that's when you go look for the professional.  Their knowledge is much deeper in their specific specialty. Just be wary of that neurosurgeon who thinks he knows more about diabetes than the GP (or the professional who thinks he knows more about BDSM than the lifestyler)... and don't let him fool anyone but himself.

6/19/2015 7:00:59 PM
Time for a new journal entry.  I know that many of the women in here have difficulty keeping up with their in-boxes, and think they don't have time to put a lot of thought into their responses.  But for the women who might actually read this, please understand there is a flip side: 

As a rule, I do try to ask intelligent questions.  Occasionally they may come off as non-sensical, and some are just for fun.  But they do all have a point - I'm trying to get to know you.  That's not always an easy thing to do with the written word.  Much nuance gets left out of the conversation, and so misinterpreting written statements is a common problem.

With this in mind, if someone seems to not quite be understanding you, that's to be expected.  The solution is not to repeat the same vague statement you left in a previous message.  The solution is to provide a bit more detail and to clarify what you meant.  Not get angry, call the person names and tell them 'you don't know me' because NO.  Of course we don't understand you.  We're all just trying to do the best we can with a few paragraphs and a photo. 

Finally...  a mental note to myself:  Next time I see a journal full of nothing but angry rants about people who don't understand and name calling of other users, I will remind myself that literacy is indeed a two-way street.  If you have trouble communicating with the occasional stray person, it's a pretty good bet that stray person has poor reading comprehension skills.  But if you have trouble communicating with lots and lots of people, perhaps you need to re-evaluate your writing ability.  And if you write about it to the exclusion of all else in your journal, it's probably not just your writing ability that's suspect.

3/17/2015 2:21:59 PM
I wish someone would require everyone to answer a basic question about their ultimate goals here.  I think it would save us all a lot of time.  On one end of the spectrum, there are people who are only here out of curiosity, and would do well with an hour of kinky fun time just to prove to themselves that they want no part of any of this.  And on the other end of the spectrum, there are people who want to be turned into a living sex doll and kept in a box for the next 60 years.  Sure, 99.99% of us fall somewhere in between, but just some basic categories like:  I'm here because I'm curious and just want a few questions answered; I'm here for some occasional No Strings Attached fun; I want regular no strings attached fun; I want a long term lover; I want a long-term relationship; and I want 24/7 permanent ownership.

3/16/2015 5:21:34 AM
I had a brief chat with someone here this morning that got me trying to figure out a way to make my goals here a little bit clearer...  so I thought a brief journal entry about caging might do the trick.

There are really only 2 reasons why you'd keep something locked up in a cage:

1)  Because it's a shameful wreck of a creature, and if it ever got loose you'd die of embarrassment and get arrested for animal cruelty. 

2)  Because she's a depraved force of nature - evil lust incarnate - and if she ever got loose she would prey on the local townspeople, destroy dozens of marriages, damn thousands of souls to hell, spread her evil like a plague, and feast on the blood of the innocent.  Even worse, if she didn't work quickly enough, the local villagers will show up on your lawn one evening carrying torches and pitchforks. 

And just to be clear, if I'm going to have to go to the trouble to build a cage and keep you in it for the rest of your life, you need to be number 2.

11/11/2014 4:09:02 PM
Well, it's been one hell of a summer.  At the end of July, my poor live-in slave lost her fight with cancer.  It's been a very long 5 years or so, but then, usually it's the most difficult things we do in this life that are the most worth doing.   For most of those 5 years, I was mostly just in here to chat, and in some cases, offer a bit of guidance.  It's time for that to change, and there's another major profile overhaul coming. 

Until the profile overhaul happens, here are the basics:  I am looking to set up a poly household, and I'm facing the possibility of having to split it between two homes.  With this in mind, I'm looking for more of a 'capable right hand' or 'Alpha' sort of slave.  Someone who's comfortable working towards building a poly family, and has enough of a dominant streak in her that she doesn't mind keeping lesser slaves in line. 

This is also a potentially a good opportunity for a young Domme who's just starting out, and is looking for a comfortable place to live, to host, and a mentor with a lot of experience.  If that's who you are, rest assured, I'm not here to 'break' you, or humiliate you. 

Finally, I'm also interested in the more extreme submissives and slaves.  If you're already 'broken' or think of yourself as 'worthless,' I want to discuss re-assembling you into something unique and actually worth owning.  Especially if you like the thought of extensive body modification.  At this point, I am capable of removing at least one slave entirely from the horror that is the vanilla world, so if you're the sort of creature who wants to disappear, come talk to me. 

My hope with everyone I run across here - whether it's someone who just wants to explore ideas over the internet, or someone who wants a real-life experience - is to affirm who and what you are, and help build you into something extraordinary.  Whether that's a wicked and depraved Dominatrix, or a perverse pet succubus, let's see what you're really capable of.

As for the more mundane things:  I am primarily looking for younger women up to within a couple years of my own age.  She should be reasonably healthy and a non-smoker.  I don't want to entirely rule out a "BBW" - some of you carry it amazingly well - but generally my preference is for HWP to skinny.  And I'd rather a 'girly girl' or at least one that wants to be a girly girl.

2/25/2014 1:43:41 PM

It's time for another journal entry.  This one is going to be about the various titles Dominants claim and what they really ought to mean:


Someone who calls themselves a Dominant is, essentially, just a 'Type A Personality.'  At this level, we're really just talking about a decisive person who's going to tell you what to and expect you to do it. 


A Master or Mistress is someone who likes to outright control others.  At this level, though, the control is of a relatively short duration.  It can last from a few hours in a play session to a few months.  Sometimes even a year or two with a term-limited slave contract.


An Owner is someone who has a permanent property interest in someone else.  There's no term limit.  An owner may transfer property rights to someone else, and even free a slave.  But the relationship is such that the property lives with the expectation that it will not know freedom, and certainly not on it's own terms.


Then there's a God or Goddess.  To my mind, many people mis-use this term. They'll take a slave, break them, teach the slave that they are inferior and expect worship.  And sure, a broken creature will worship its superior.  But to my mind, this title only truly belongs to an entity that CREATES something.  That process may involve breaking someone down, but that HAS to be followed up with a complete re-construction.  A slave serving a God will not see itself as subhuman.  Inhuman, sure.  But not less than human.  In short, a God or Goddess will have a creation.  That creation may not look, think and/or act like a human, but it will not be something like a hu-cow...  which is just a human that has been broken down and reduced to something like livestock. 


So, if you really want to be a God or Goddess, show us your creation.

10/14/2012 11:31:34 AM

Time for a little more fun...



The disturbing little beast lay, curled up in a ball and sleeping, on her Creator's bed.  Breathtaking wet nightmares danced through her perverted mind.  The sensation of her long, sharp fangs sliding through the hoops in another slave's labia - locking the helpless little toy against her serpentine mouth.  The creature's long forked tongue probing deep inside the other girl.  Her long, sharp claws gently sliding over the new slave's soft little body.  Soon, she reached back for her tail - it was a long, rubberized, serpent-like thing with a vaguely dildo-like structure on the end, which she wore on a butt plug.  The new initiate before her was helpless as the beast slid her tail into her. 


The beast woke, in her Maker's arms...  desperately needing his cock inside her. 

10/1/2012 3:13:02 PM

Dammit, will you people please stop using acronyms?


If I see "ATM" in one more profile, and it's not immediately clear whether it stands for Automated Teller Machine (financial people), Ass To Mouth (poop people), or At The Moment (indecisive people); OR even worse, one of you dares make up yet another use for those particular 3 letters, I swear, someone's going to get one HELL of a spanking.

9/29/2012 4:16:29 PM

For the 'you catch more bees with honey' file:


I got bored looking through the subs and slaves the other day, and decided to just look through all females for a bit.  I came across two Dommes with the same text in their profile...  clearly one had ripped the other off, but no matter, it was an interesting profile, so I reached out to one, and then the other.  The first, while clearly not submissive, didn't mind a little chat.  She's a pleasant enough creature...  and incredibly, and delightfully twisted.  I see much potential in her. 


The second was all bitch - which, admittedly, is why some people are here. 


In any event, they don't have the same profile anymore.  Sure, the theme is still the same, but now one reads like it was written by a Monster, and the other still looks like it was just written by a Domme. 


No one has ever accused me of not being able to write. 

9/22/2012 12:37:07 PM

Just another comment on financial slavery - I understand it, and even embrace it with some limits (see my previous journal entry).  But what I do not understand is why people would put that front and center on a FREE site. 


IF, as a dominant, you are providing room and board, and are in this as your lifestyle, in which case your slaves are essentially providing for their own keep, financial slavery is ENTIRELY appropriate. 


On the other hand, if you're just asking for tithing, it might be best to find a website where people have already demonstrated a willingness to spend some money.

6/27/2012 6:56:37 PM

For those of you trying to understand what I've been on about in here I think the following sums things up pretty well:


Traditional BDSM:  Pound the square peg into the round hole, until the square peg becomes round.


Me:  The peg is a lie.  Every one of us here...  is a lie.  It is a front we put on to 'fit in.' 
Every one of us is a sick, twisted, freak desperately in need of a comfortable environment without judgement to reach our potential.  Rather than forcing that lie through a process to turn it into another lie, I want to find the truth.  Just how twisted are you?  What sort of monster do you turn into when the limits come off, and you no longer have to live the lie?

1/31/2012 4:35:02 PM

I saw the slave inside the girl... and trained her until I set her free.


...  with apologies to Michelangelo. 

12/20/2011 3:08:14 PM

I see a lot of people complaining about this site...  and every last one of them has completely missed the point.  The worst thing about this site isn't the scammers and men pretending to be women.  This is a free site, and you get what you pay for.  Then again, for what it's worth, many years ago I was on a competing pay site, and it really wasn't any better. 


The worst thing about this site is the wreckage so plainly visible in so many profiles.  Especially all of the very lovely submissive women who made the mistake of letting someone control them who couldn't even control themselves.


I suppose I shouldn't be too surprised - the same thing happens in the 'vanilla' world all the time.  I don't have to spend a lot of time in court, though it does happen from time to time (including today), and there are very few things as truly depressing as a submissive who has found herself facing in the worst of the world outside her owner's household, not knowing what to do because she has been conditioned to turn her life over to someone who is completely irresponsible.  Such creatures, alone and frightened, so completely overwhelmed, are a living lesson on the importance of finding someone who at least has their own life together.  Especially for those who tend towards the no-limit/extremist end of this lifestyle.  I don't believe that there is anything else that goes so wrong so often or so consistently in these relationships.

6/23/2011 4:15:02 PM

I think it's time for a note about "financial domination."


Yes, it's perfectly reasonable to expect a full-service, live in slave to also be forbidden to have its own money... and also be required to earn it for its owner.  However, this can be something of a double-edged sword for an owner who is dependent on the slave for their income, because this puts power in a slave's hands.  So, there are some rules that need to be observed:


1)  If you're the sort of Dominant who expects 'pay to play'...  well, enjoy what you manage to collect, but try not to fool yourself into thinking you're actually in control.  Being able to be 'bought' is not really a 'dominant' quality, is it?


2) If you're the sort of Dominant who requires their slaves to earn their keep, and is dependent on their excess income, you had better have plans should the slave's income stream fail...  and think on that necessity when you consider the balance of power in your household.


3) If you really want to do financial domination correctly, you really must be able to support the slave regardless of its income - whether or not it holds a job should not be a critical decision.  Being able to completely remove a slave from the larger world at whim can be critical for training purposes.  Financial slavery, properly executed, means putting a roof over a slave's head, having their paycheck direct deposited into an account that you control, and not being in a position where if they lose their job, it's a household emergency.

5/16/2011 2:42:56 PM

This entry is going to be on the subject of "slave contracts."


There's clearly a lot of disagreement on this subject in here.  Some insist on them, others won't have anything to do with them - often because they think they're silly.  There are two things that need to be understood about such things:  1) they're not legally enforceable - at least not in the vast majority of the so-called 'enlightened' world.  2) Being legally enforceable was never the primary reason for writing up a contract.  


The primary reason for writing any contract, be it a slave contract, or an apartment lease, is for both sides to come together and lay out what they expect from each other.  Think about all of the contracts you come across in your life...  leases, credit cards, the last time adobe reader updated on your computer, the terms of service for this website.  How many of them end up in a courtroom?  You read and agree to such things so that you know what the heck you're getting into.  Now think about that...  how many vanilla acquaintances do you have who you're not entirely sure what to expect from?  How many of them do you wish you DID know what to expect from?


Now apply it to BDSM.  Let's be honest with ourselves:  We intentionally hurt each other here.  Hopefully, it's all in good fun... but if we ARE going to be hurting each other, it might make good sense to clarify when and how and why, even if a court would laugh at any legal attempt to enforce the contract.  


Add to that the dark thrill that might go along with completely signing your life away to an owner, and slave contracts actually make very good sense. 


One final note:  if you really want something to hold over a slave - especially one serving a limited term - it's called a performance bond.  An irrevocable standby letter of credit that can be grabbed if the slave doesn't perform doesn't require court intervention, yet can be quite motivating. 

5/15/2011 4:14:16 PM

This really can be such a strange place...  I hadn't really thought about this much until last evening when a really lovely would-be slave girl mentioned it, but this place really does mess with submissive girls.  Surely it bloats the ego of a girl to see her mailbox constantly full of attention from men.  I know, there's not much that can be done about that.  But it's no doubt a big part of the reason why 90% of the conversations I have in here just end mysteriously after a day or two - even when they're otherwise going quite well.  No doubt the next Dom comes along, distracts her, and that's why my mail doesn't even get read - even when it's a response to a question she seemed very interested in.


So what am I getting at?  It's simple really:  If you want to show me you're serious about all of this, bear with me for a few days, and show me you can resist those other distractions...  or at least work me in with them.  And for those of you who might be reading this wondering why some other guy you're chatting with won't give you his YIM right away, it might be because he's tired of filling up his contact list with girls who just vanish. 


Oh... and about that simple vanishing act, I think to some extent we all understand it, but please, if I someone you're no longer interested in is leaving you multiple PMs, have the decency to tell him you're no longer interested so he can at least know he's wasting his time.  Of course, after that, feel free to accuse him of being a stalker. 

4/30/2011 11:18:41 AM

I think it's time for an entry that discusses what I think a truly well trained slave mind looks like. 


First, it will not fear it's owner.  Fear is a mental obstacle to be broken down and eliminated.  It prevents a slave from being able to fully serve her owner.  On the contrary, a slave should be happy and content with her position - indeed she should revel in it.  That can only be accomplished if fear is eliminated and trust is established.


Second, she should know that her owner sees value in her.  I see many profiles in here where girls talk about being lower than dirt.  If that's what does it for you, fine.  But understand that while someone might play with dirt from time to time, eventually it gets discarded.  If that's what you are to your owner, rest assured, sooner or later you will be discarded too. 


Third, she should know that she is her owner's property.  When she looks in a mirror, she should not see herself, but an implement of her owner's pleasure staring back at her.  A slave will understand that she has a responsibility to keep her body pleasing and healthy for it's true owner.  And hopefully, she will appreciate the fact that she also gets to play with the exceptional toy that she has become - at least as much as her owner permits her to.


That combination of trust, value and understanding of what she is, serves a slave well - it helps her feel as though she need not question her owner, and that her place in his household is established and secure.  She need not worry about ever having to return to the horror that is the vanilla world as long as she obeys and serves.  Indeed fear of release is the trademark of a truly well trained slave.  The thought of having to return to what has become a truly disturbing outside world full of boring, vanilla, people - that should be terrifying. 

4/19/2011 4:50:07 PM

You know, I can not, for the life of me, figure out why so many people in here think other countries do BDSM better than the US.  I see more and more profiles talking about Germany and Japan as though those cultures have some sort of special kink-related history.  Yes, the cultures are different, and no doubt those differences appeal to some individual tastes.  But lets remember that legal, institutionalized, chattel slavery was written into our founding documents, and existed here until 1865 - MUCH more recently than western Europe, and most other advanced countries. 


So what am I trying to say here?  Simply put, if you want to learn about real slavery without traveling to the third world to experience it directly, you should be coming to (or staying in) the US, not Europe or Japan.  We have MANY fantastic museums that work very hard to help visitors understand just what it was about and how it functioned as a major component of a society that actually practiced it and embraced it in the not too distant past. 


Now, if you just want fun and games built around fetishes and protocols, by all means, go off to Japan to enjoy those tentacles. 

4/16/2011 5:14:36 PM

This entry is for all of you who complain about people not reading profiles:  if you're getting a lot of messages from "illiterate" people, you need to consider whether or not the problem is reading comprehension on their end, or your ability to express yourself with the written word. 


Just as an example, I see many people here who have '666' as part of their handle.  This will cause people who know that "666" is the Biblical "Number of the Beast" to assume certain things about you.  If they write you and ask you about Satanism, vampirism, or some other decidedly evil, unChristian subject it is because YOU used 666 in your handle, not because they didn't read.  


Words have meaning.  Understand those meanings before you use them.  Literacy goes both ways.

12/24/2010 5:30:24 PM

Just a quick note on hostility...  it doesn't happen often to me, but every now and again, I do get responses to initial PMs that are unduly hostile.  So... a few quick tips:

  1. If I'm too old, too young, too fat, too skinny, too tame, too scary, too far away, too close to home, too short, too tall, too male, too whatever else, fine.  I get that.  Just say so, or don't respond at all. 
  2. If you're offended that I'm asking you about your kinks on a BDSM website (god forbid, anyone tries to talk about BDSM on a BDSM site *gasp*), don't get mad, just understand that maybe, just maybe, you really don't belong here. 

I do read your profiles, and I do make an effort to write a thoughtful, initial PM that shows I have.  If you're going to make an effort to respond, understand that my initial contact with you was based on a few paragraphs at best, and for a few of you, just your choice of handle.  So, NO, I don't know you - that's the point of initiating a conversation - to see if there's a reason to try to get to know you.  Getting hostile because of one of the things I mentioned above, or because you think I missed something in your profile, (or you left something out), is just plain rude.   And speaking of what is in your profile here's a thought:  if you think you're getting too many messages from people who you think didn't read it correctly, you might want to consider whether or not you wrote it well.  Literacy IS a two-way street.

8/6/2010 4:48:53 PM
I'd like to propose a new category under 'orientation.'  Maybe something like "Thug." Going through the profiles here, I've noticed that so many just want to have a petty tyrant in their lives... and there seem to be plenty of them in here too.  So why not differentiate between the 'violent pimp' class of dominant personalities and the more diabolical?

12/28/2009 4:51:25 PM
I think maybe it's time for a post dedicated to pain.  I see a lot of you asking for it, as though you've walked into a library, gone up to the counter and said "I would like something to read." 

I realize many of you will save the details for whatever PM exchanges you have here, but you just can NOT expect someone to read "I need pain" and have the first clue what that means. 

Being hung upside down by your shackles and caned until you pass out, is an entirely different sort of thing from being locked in a pair of ballet heels and taken out for a night on the town, or having your tongue split so that you can better please your owner, or having a forced clitoridectomy so that you no longer orgasm, or being locked outside in a cage on a cold winter night, or even the emotional pain of being shunned by a lover. 

I understand that the variations on the theme I'm discussing may be a bit too personal for some masochists to reveal in detail in a public profile, and that others of you want to say 'thank you Sir, may i have another" to all of it, but some sense of the kind of pain you have in mind is essential. 

This should hopefully reduce the amount of time you waste talking to the people who want to dilate your urethra until it becomes suitable for sexual use, when what you're looking for is someone who's going to pierce your labia a dozen times, lace you shut, and seal you with hot wax as a chastity device.

I also see over and over again, people complaining that no one is reading their profile, or that their time is being wasted by people who they've got nothing in common with.  I suspect this is true to some extent.  But I also see this on profiles that are so generic that a viewer isn't going to know if they're wasting your mutual time until they contact you to find out.

10/25/2009 10:14:40 AM
I think it's time for a few words on breaking slaves.  First, why would you want to do that?  Even if she's a monstrous little sex toy, that strongly believes in a set of morals that are carved in stone at 180 degrees to the "civilized world," that you keep locked up in your dungeon so the local villagers don't show up on your front lawn one evening carrying torches, shouldn't she CRAVE her place? 

A second-rate sculptor, when looking at a block of marble, will simply impose his will on it.  He will make his cuts where they are most pleasing to him, with little regard to the material he is working with.  If he is lucky, the end result will appear pleasing, though it will likely be unstable.  If he is not lucky, he'll end up with a pile of rubble that will never be able to reach its full potential. 

A sculptor who knows what he is doing will take the time to study his block of marble very carefully.  He will note where the seams and weak points are, as well as where the strong points are.  He will cut carefully, and with a great deal of thought.  He will work with the block's natural qualities.  He will look for ways to cut away its weaknesses and showcase its strengths, and he will alter his intended design accordingly.  The end result will not be exactly what was intended when the work started, but usually such Masters of the Craft find the un-planned for differences tend to be an improvement on their original intention rather than a detraction from it. 

The point I am making here, for the slaves who wish to let go entirely, is to not pretend that nothing matters to you.  Even an inanimate block of marble has a personality that a quality craftsman is going to need to understand before beginning his work.  Make sure your potential owners get to know you.  Simply insisting that you will make no decisions isn't going to get you anywhere.  Tell Him or Her your vision for yourself - and on the other side of the coin, be prepared to be somewhat flexible, just as a quality owner will be with you.

10/13/2009 4:32:18 PM
Just for fun, and because a friend put the idea in my head, I thought I'd discuss some traits of each of the levels of domination and submission - and at least what the terms mean to me.  Some of you (and I won't mention any names) seem to be confused.

A slave is one who has a deep-seated desire to be controlled.  Sometimes this translates into masochism, or humiliation.  If you like the idea of being horribly beaten because you missed a spot while shining Mistress' 6" stilettos, or Master's jack-boots, that's a sign that you're a slave.  Other signs include wanting to get your Master's or Mistress' other lover warmed up for him or her - even if it means forced bi (or hetero- or homo- depending on the circumstances).  your relationships are nearly entirely about your owner.  In short I'm talking about the sort of person who gets just a little hard or damp after spending an hour getting their profile just so, and sees that big juicy 'submit' button at the bottom. 

A submissive has some expectations...  this sort of person is expecting a two-way street from their relationship - though it may have several yield signs posted on it.  They're looking for guidance, and someone to take charge, but not necessarily total loss of control.  In my experience, the difference between a submissive and a slave has to do with the number and nature of their 'hard limits.'  For example, "bestiality" (and other similar activities that have a high probability of landing one in jail or the ER) is a reasonable hard limit for a slave.  "Opera" is a reasonable hard limit for a submissive.  If you're not willing to absorb a few hours of culture for your Dom or Domme, you're not a slave, and frankly, you're not going to be one without a whole lot of work.

A 'switch' pretty much defies definition.  In this category you may very well find the sort of person who would write prayers to their Owner, then turn around and have a harem full of slaves that haven't seen the sun in 6 weeks in their basement. 

A Dominant is someone that sees themselves as Superior.  We believe We know how to run our slave's or sub's lives at least to some extent.  We will happily tell you what to wear, order your meals for you at a restaurant, and generally expect you to be willing to go out of your way for Us, and thank Us for the opportunity.  Some of Us are sadistic - We like to see you cry or bleed to show Us how far you are willing to go to please.  Others are more on the manipulative side - We like to push boundaries, micromanage, and otherwise show you how wrong you were about just how far you'd go (or sink as the case may be) to please.  When We get to the bottom of these fields, and see that damn 'submit' button We die a little bit inside when We have to push it.

10/12/2009 5:24:04 PM
It's time for a quick note on dignity.  It's a trait that should be found in pretty much everyone here from the switches on up.  Subs and slaves are exempt from this requirement, though they may expect to be trained to exhibit it - at least at times and in places their Owners consider appropriate. 

If you're going to have photos in your profile, and you're not a sub or a slave, it's understandable that you would want to put your best foot forward, squeeze into your favorite latex catsuit, put on those 6" stilettos, grab your best whip, and drip with evil sex for the camera.  THAT is hot.

But if your tits are hanging out from behind a wet cotton tank top, and you're holding your favorite bottle of grain alcohol in your hand, looking like a reject from "Spring Break 53 - Sluts who Didn't Make the Cut for Spring Break 52," you really need to re-think your approach here; even if you are otherwise drop-dead gorgeous.  I mean, who do you think is going to take you seriously?  And this goes for the men too.  If you're wearing your cap sideways, your pants are hanging below your ass, you're in your favorite wife-beater, with a couple gold chains around your neck...  I mean, who do you think is going to take you seriously?

It is ENTIRELY possible to be fully clothed and still get a slave's attention.  Either with a casual photo, and a well written profile; or if you want an especially hot picture, just remember these simple tips: more clothing is generally better, a business suit or dress says 'power,' bondage gear says 'kink,' a bikini (or just outright naked) says 'easy,' a can of Bud says 'cheap drunk,' and on your knees with some dude's dick in your mouth says 'slave who thinks she's a Domme, but is in desperate need of a reality check.'

8/27/2009 6:20:08 PM
Alright, time for a little more advice for the Dominants in here.  I'm generally not a stickler when it comes to spelling.  I don't expect much in this regard from slaves, subs, people who are not fluent in English, and even most Dominants.  Simply put, humans are prone to make mistakes.

But for those of you referring to yourselves as 'Goddess,' spelling and grammar actually counts.  If you're going to suggest that you are a living deity, using a phrase like 'Me is prefect,' or some variation on that theme, involving obvious misspellings and/or significant grammatical errors, is both sad and absolutely hysterical. 

This goes double for you would-be deities demanding supplicants with some writing skills.  Getting someone who can string two sentences together to think of you as superior is going to require you to be able to write whole paragraphs.

It goes triple for those of you with photos of you giving a blowjob in your profile.  I mean, what the heck?  Are you a deity to be worshiped, or a slave to serve men? 

So here's my suggestion: get one of your slaves to proof read for you.  Heck, I might even be willing to help you Myself - if you ask nicely.

7/6/2009 3:34:28 PM
It amuses me... the vast difference of the personalities to be found here.  Yet there's one thing that seems to be a common thread:  Does no one appreciate subtlety anymore? 

I mentioned Machiavelli earlier.  A man who understood power and control FAR better than a fool like DeSade EVER could imagine.  Yet the insistence on brazen control, and brutal punishment for the disobedient runs rampant to the exclusion of nearly all else.  Perhaps I'm over complicating this whole thing.  Perhaps I should just stop thinking entirely. 

To slip into someone's mind like a thief in the night, to apply the bonds of servitude while they sleep, to train them to walk in their shackles without their awareness, this takes talent, and patience. 

To see the confused look on her face when she becomes aware of her servitude is a JOY to be savored.  The look of lust on her face when she realizes what has happened, and wants her shackles and collar welded shut, is the mark of a true slave.

The Master who comes to you with collar and whip in hand, demanding your obedience, and forcing your subservience is not the dangerous one.  He is a known quantity, predictable and mundane.  No, the dangerous one is the one you never see coming. 

7/3/2009 3:29:45 PM
I've seen a lot of profiles in here talking about 'no limits slavery,' and I think I need to say a few words about that.  As a rule, people asking for 'no limits slavery' only do so because they lack the imagination to understand what it means.  I've run across maybe two or three profiles in here that actually make sense when they talk about it.  Most of the rest seem to think it only involves the amount of pain to be inflicted on them.  Quite a few then go on to list demands (usually for ungodly amounts of pain) and other limits.  To my mind, there actually is one legitimate limit for a 'no-limits slave' and that is death - largely because death precludes slavery.  Beyond that, the term has little to nothing to do with pain levels, how one is kept, or used or otherwise modified.  Nor does it actually mean there will be no limits within the relationship - only that Master will set them.

What it really means, is that the slave will serve in ANY capacity Master asks of her without question.  If she is sent out to work, she will go, have her paycheck direct deposited into Master's bank account, work hard, and do her best to increase her income.  She may be otherwise completely vanilla in this function.  If Master desires to subject her to chastity, she will wear her equipment without question and not expect sex of any kind.  She will have no expectations at all of pain, sex, or any sort of fetish activity, only that she will be responsible to her owner.  "No limits slavery" is very different from the more extreme uses most 'no limits slaves' expect, and what most of you are actually asking for is 'extreme use.'

"Extreme use" implies that you actually have expectations of a potential Master to use you in ways that are taboo, illegal, extremely immoral, or downright evil.  Those expectations actually fly in the face of the 'no limits' concept in that you actually do have limits - they just tend to be against mundane use.  It is often helpful in these cases to explain what your expectations of a potential owner are - because you DO have them, and they are not 'whatever he wants.'  Furthermore, this scene is far to complex to simply assume the person reading your profile intends to beat you continuously, require you to fuck anyone or anything presented to you, or be turned into some sort of living sex doll.  Your personal kinks are not universal, and you are likely looking at your profile through the filter of a heavy masochist, or a BME player, or a latex fetishist, or someone who wants to be micromanaged, or something else entirely that I haven't thought of.  Which brings me back to my point.  While you may not have (or want to have) any limits to the amount of pain inflicted on you, it's quite possible the next person looking at your profile will see 'no limits' or 'extreme use' and see your profile through his eyes that are looking for a milk-slave - an idea that may have never even crossed your mind.

My point here is, if you put down 'no limits' or 'extreme' in your profile, be prepared to explain what that means to you personally and as a slave.  Don't assume the dominant looking at you will have the same vision in his head.  When you're sharing a site with people who desperately want chastity devices permantly installed on them AND people who's only reason for existing is to be turned into the best live sex toy her Master can make of her, you can bet you've probably not considered all the angles in your request for 'extreme' or 'no limits.'

6/27/2009 11:32:43 AM
I just had a very interesting conversation with an old friend concerning a slave's feelings.  It seems she (a slave) feels that emotions are inappropriate for such creatures, and that duty to Master is paramount.  While I certainly do empathize with the idea that duty to Master should be paramount for any slave, the slave's feelings need to be an integral part of that. 

It is true enough that Niccolo Machiavelli asserted that it is better for a Prince to be feared than loved, but that is taken out of context.  Machiavelli, in the same chapter, said unequivocally that it is best to be both loved and feared. 

I have said it before, and I will say it again now.  No slave is truly owned until her greatest fear is release.  To look at the world outside her Master's household, and realize how lucky she is to have his attention, his protection, his depravity, and his collar at her neck...  to develop a dislike, fear, or perhaps even hatred for the vanilla world, and to desperately not want to ever have to be a part of the horror that is the so-called 'civilized world' again...  now THAT is what a slave mind should look like.  To get there REQUIRES emotion.  Indeed, to hold a slave to her duty long term requires that she LOVE her place. 
Cruelty may play a vital role in this, but ultimately a slave should adore her owner, and what he has made of her. 

When she comes and kneels at your feet, and begs you to replace the lock on her collar with a permanent weld, you will know how beautiful a sight it is to have a girl reveling in her servitude to you.

1/19/2009 9:25:07 AM
I've seen quite a few people here contemplating the difference between a slave and a submissive.  It seems to me the primary difference has to do with the individual's needs.  The more the individual is trying to get out of the relationship, the more submissive and less slavish she is.  "I want V training, and W conditioning, and X body modifications, and Master to look like Y, and to never have to do  Z" is a submissive mindset.  It demonstrates the individual is still in this for her own reasons.  "I will work outside the home for Master, I will train anyway he wants me to train, and work very hard to please him any way I am able" is a slave mindset - it demonstrates an understanding that Master is to come first. 

So where's the line for those who are somewhere in between?  Really, I think it depends on the individual's goals.  Because you have some specific ideas in mind doesn't really make you less slavish, it is the idea that your goals should come first that makes you less slavish.  Slaves should ALWAYS be encouraged to express their desires.  Such things go the the very fundamentals of slavery, as they demonstrate an understanding that the slave is in need of her owner.  And really, that goes to the foundation of all slave training. 

I have read journals here that talk about using pain as a way to train slaves.  It really isn't.  Pain training has it's uses to the part of this community that derives a sexual thrill from it.  But at the end of the day, slave training should be seen as something entirely different from sexual training.  There are a very small number of profiles here that talk about submission as something entirely separated from sex - and they are correct in that assessment.  As a rule, it should NOT cross a slave's mind that her owner values her sex above her submission. 

So now that we've separated sex from submission, we've separated sadism from submission, and the question arises how do you train a slave?  There really ought to be only one thing a slave fears; the end of her slavery.  The very few, truly well-trained slaves stand out like beacons in here, because they find it exceptionally difficult to function without an owner.  It's not the pain, it's not the sex, it's not even money (there's no reason in the world to not train a slave to handle your finances).  It's the lack of regulation.  It's being faced with decisions like what to wear, and eat, and do, and, most importantly, how to be pleasing, that really bother a well-trained slave. 

It is truly amazing the bliss the human mind finds when it gives up decision making, particularly when it gives up that decision making to someone else who does it well.  Fundamentally, this is the basis for all the world's religions - giving your life over to a higher being.  Think about the number of people you've known who've 'turned their lives over to Jesus' and who are thrilled that they live in a trailer with four kids and drive a 1977 Chevy Nova to their job at Wal-Mart every day. 

And for the Dominants reading this: think about how many people you could sway by doing something as simple as replacing that '77 Nova with a '95 Ford Taurus.  Now THERE'S the true meaning of religion for you.  >:)

1/13/2009 4:37:42 PM
It has been said that the purpose of art is to have no purpose.  It therefore follows, that if you are the sort of person who wishes to have no purpose you should pursue becoming art. 

It has also been suggested that art should capture the imagination, and shock the sensibilities of the viewer.  In short, it should be something that reaches into the viewer's emotional core and causes a significant reaction. 

So who wants to be something obscene?

1/11/2009 10:04:19 AM
It seems I need to re-write what I've been trying to say to those of you who've been doing this part time, and are looking to move to 24/7 TPE permanently. 

There is a fundamental difference in the mindset of a Master who will take you for a few days, weeks or even months; versus a Master who would consider taking you for the rest of your life.

It is a truism that if it flys, floats or fucks, it's cheaper to rent. 

There is a sort of sadomasochistic joy one can find in the act of taking an individual, brutally using her, and tossing her away when they become bored - as a sort of ultimate debasement of another human being.  This is simply not interesting to those of Us who prefer to own rather than rent.

To put another way, when you go rent a car, you don't put thousands of dollars into customizing it and countless hours into modifying it and tuning it to reflect your personality and suit your tastes.  In fact, when you rent a car, you don't even take it for an oil change.  You don't care who drives it.  It doesn't bother you if it gets parked on some poorly lit inner-city street overnight with the keys in it.  In fact, even the corporation that DOES own it isn't particularly concerned about any of this. 

On the other hand, someone who goes out and acquires a nice car, even someone who starts out with a wreck, once they've taken it, and modified it, and cleaned it up, and spent large amounts of time and money turing it into something pleasing to them - such a person is going to make an effort to take care of that vechicle.  Preventative maintenance will be done.  They will be careful about who drives it.  It will be garage kept rather than left on the street.  Simply put, people do not leave Bugatti Veyron's laying around where anything can happen to them - or even a highly customized Honda.  Even the piece of shit Kia they communte to work in every day will get locked up and have it's oil changed.

So here's the moral of all of this to all of you hoping to become permanent 24/7 slaves: you need to sit down and think about who you are and what you want. 

If you're the sort of person who yearns for the heavy use, the feeling of being a piece of meat to be consumed and then disposed of, you are better off living a whore's life.  And understand that while your pimp might have your breasts done to increase his cash flow eventually two things will happen; you'll cease to have a market value to him, and you'll be disposed of and you will not be modified for his personal tastes - you'll be modified to appeal to the majority of your customers.

On the other hand, if you're the sort of person who wants to be fully and absolutely owned for the rest of your life, consider this:  someone who is going to take the time and resources to turn you into something truly unique and special will approach you as an investment to be made in his personal pleasure rather than his bank account.  Simply put, to be made into and used as a very personal sex toy, is to be appreciated. 

So, if you are looking for something very dark, extremely perverse and absolutely unique, I'm afraid you're going to have to accept the fact that you are not likely to be heavily abused.  And please message Me. 

On the other hand, if you prefer something very abusive, brutally degrading, and to be passed around for anyone and everyone to use, I'm afraid you're going to have to accept the fact that no one will invest any significant amount of time or money in you.  And please do NOT message Me.

Unfortunately, there really is no 'best of both worlds' for this.

10/30/2008 4:04:29 PM
As I look through this site, there seems to be an endless supply of subs and slaves insiting that they're not to be treated as doormats.  To me this makes a great deal of sense.  A slave should be a source of pride for her Master.  Perhaps more importantly, which is the more accomplished Master:  the one who takes away everything including all of her choices?  Or the one who manages to rule an accomplished, useful pet who could leave at will, yet does not wish to?  I will always think more highly of the one who wishes to be my right hand than the one who wishes to be my footstool - of course that doesn't mean I have no use for an occasional footstool.

Slavery is not about forcing people into submission - it is about obedience.  Slave obeys Master.  Period.  At the end of the equation, that is all there is to it.  There are MANY ways other than force to achieve that obedience; but  it will not be complete until the slave realizes that she can not imagine NOT serving her Master...  and this brings me to the subject of the use of the term 'extreme' by members here.

I've been told I'm too extreme, and not extreme enough.  That's fine - everyone's got a different perspective.  But I will tell you this:  whether you're doing this over your weekends, or going for 3-month long sessions, if you're coming home and recouperating when you're done, that is not 'extreme' compared to 24/7 TPE - regardless of what you're doing, no matter how severe and brutal the torture sessions. 

Like everything else, with BDSM, the poison is in the dose.  Long-term 24/7 TPE often doesn't seem extreme to the ignorant, because in order to pull it off, it has to be sustainable.  You can't use a long-term 24/7 slave as a permanent whipping-girl - the toll of that sort of treatment is just too hard on the body.  One way or another, it simply will not be a long-term position. 

This is not to say long-term TPE can't have negative health consequences for the slave - the difference is those health consequences tend to be chronic rather than acute.  Those cuts, and bruises, and even broken bones you get in the dungeon will heal up for better or for worse.  On the other hand, that vitamin D deficiency you develop from not going out in the sun for years... that's something else entirely.

It is not unlike comparing methamphetamine with tobacco.  Yes, the rush from methamphetamine is far more intense, but addiction isn't sustainable - either you get off of it, or you end up dead in a fairly short peroid of time.  The rush from a cigarette is much less by comparison, and long term use will probably shorten your life, but tobacco addiction is sustainable over decades.

10/12/2008 11:29:32 AM
For those of you wondering what I’m trying to accomplish here, simply put I would like to make a monster (and perhaps more than one). What do I mean by that? I really do not have one specific end-result in mind. It matters very little to me whether she becomes a slavish bimbo or an evil goddess with a cult full of eunuchs; I expect obedience only to me. Unlike the slaves in here who believe in modesty and total subservience, I would hope such a creature (bimbo or demon) would be proud of herself – even to the point of arrogance. I have no preference at all as to whether to start with a slave or a dominatrix or something in between. I do have a preference for at least a spark of intelligence, as I feel that reflects much better upon an Owner than mindlessness – and also tends to make one more useful. What I can do without, and would to strip her of, is her humanity – both physically and emotionally. I expect to keep actual criminality to a minimum, but she will wallow in immorality. An appropriate slave name would be something more along the lines of “Obscenity” or “Abomination” rather than “bambi” or “cupcake.”


I realize quite a few of you probably think you’re already there. While it is entirely possible, even likely, that I will underestimate you based on something so superficial as an internet profile, I have yet to find one in here I did not think I could refine a little more. If you don’t believe that, just say so, and I’ll be happy to discuss where I would take you next.

The most important thing to me physically, is health. Yes, to some extent that does include weight; but only so far as one is still capable of being moderately active. Height and race matter very little to me. Finally, my preference is for someone within a few years of my age or younger – the world tends to strip people of their creativity and sense of adventure as they age, and I’m afraid that just won’t do.

So, who wants to be an affront to God? 

10/6/2008 4:29:20 PM
In my previous entries, I've described two different types of slaves. I think now I'll put the two together, and ask a question.

First the vampiress... she is a most extraordinary sort of slave. To her, Master is Father, Creator, and perhaps even God. All that she is, she is because of Him. Her obedience is absolute, and her loyalty is beyond question. She is HIGHLY prized by her Creator because she is capable, worthy, and deliciously evil.... she, and perhaps a sister or two. Yet, even as a slave, she holds tremendous power in her own claws.

Now the hapless mortal; removed from her environment because curiosity overrode fear for a split second, and completely at the mercy of someone she had only just met. She could easily be made to serve, in nearly any capacity, because she simply has no choice in the matter - Master has already taken complete control over her movements, and it is only a matter of time before everything else follows. Upon arriving in her new home, she may well even find herself in the claws of the vampiress I discussed above. Master is Owner, Stockhandler and Natural Predator - a step higher on the food chain. Her obedience, too, is absolute, but it is rooted in terror. She is generally taken for granted by her Owner, and regarded as a plaything even by His minions.

I don't believe that there is any question that both of these are slaves. Yet, there is a VAST difference between the two. One could be seen even as a Dominatrix. Is it any wonder that it is so difficult for us to find what we're looking for in here? Particularly those with very narrow ideas about how they should be treated, who is and who is not slave, dom or switch, and who would be a good Owner?

Now for the question: tell me, dear reader, do you identify more with My vampiress, or My blood slave, and why?

9/6/2008 6:04:11 PM

A bit more fun...

It had started weeks ago.  After finally convincing him she was worth meeting, he had simply given her an address near her home.  It was a small airport she didn't even know existed.  He had been punctual, and spent the day with her.  He had seemed quite normal... only the occasional turn in the conversation had hinted otherwise.  Finally he told her he was leaving. 


She asked him if he would return, and he said simply, ‘no.’ She had thought the meeting went well – if a bit vanilla – and was a bit upset by this turn of events. She asked if she had displeased him, again he had told her no. She said she didn’t understand why he wasn’t coming back. He looked at her and said simply “I am looking for someone who is ready for something new. Someone who understands this lifestyle and is ready to simply surrender her life to me. Someone who is ready to experience the extraordinary. The only question remaining is, is that you? And it is a question only you can answer.”


She stood and watched as he began the preflight inspection. She’d never been to a small airport before, let alone watched a pilot preflight an airplane. He even walked her through it, explaining each item on the checklist, it’s importance, and what he was looking for. A lot of it didn’t make sense to her, but it was still oddly compelling. When he finished, he looked at her to say goodbye. She didn’t want him to go, and didn’t know what to do next, and so she asked “How can I answer your question?” He merely held out his hand.


She was shocked. Should she leave with this man? Already she had experienced things with him that she had never really thought about doing. The act of climbing up on that wing WAS what he was talking about. The extraordinary… and surrender all at once. For a split second, curiosity overcame fear, and she took his hand.


The small plane climbed up over the tree line and the plane turned gently away from the setting sun. Looking down, she saw the world from an angle she had never seen it from before. Soon, the sun was gone, and all that was left were stars above, and the lights of houses and roads below. The realization began to set in that this was going to be a life-altering experience. Eventually the houses and roads gave way to almost nothing. The occasional headlights on a back road… a stray hunting cabin… It left her with no sense at all of time or distance or space. Just the droning of the small engine, and his reassurance that he knew where he was going. Her disorientation was absolute. Eventually, he told her he was getting ready to land. She could make out the runway lights at another airport, and soon she was back on the ground again. But where? She knew he was from Pennsylvania, but certain realizations began to sink in, first and foremost that “Pennsylvania” was not a particularly helpful description of where she was. 


In time she would come to know where she was, but for now that would become much less important than coming to know what she was.

9/1/2008 5:19:52 PM
Just for fun...

She woke from a wet dream… curled up on the floor at the foot of her Creator’s bed. He had refused her permission to enter His bed last night, and she couldn’t bear the thought of sleeping in another room. It didn’t happen often… but she knew it was for her own good. Owner was right to remind her of her rightful place on occasion. The gentle tug of the half dozen gold hoops hanging from her labia, and the slight ache in her feet from the ballet boots she had worn all night had been just enough to jostle her awake. The boots had done a quick job of correcting her feet, and in a few more weeks, she was sure even the lingering aches she felt would be just a memory. For now though, He had removed the small padlocks at her ankles so she would be able to bathe and ensure she was presentable to Him when He returned. She was getting pretty good at working around her newly implanted breasts, and the long nails He had insisted upon. She worked in the nude, except for the heels (she couldn’t walk without them any longer), to keep her clothing clean. And when she finished she would get that bath. 


He had put together quite a complete schedule for her. It was such a relief not having to make any decisions anymore. Master had thought of everything. Even her meals had been decided for her. Indeed, she was especially pleased about that. Centuries ago, her Dark Lord had been a vampire. He had become quite a bit more since then, but He still enjoyed feeding on her every now and again, and her diet had been specifically designed to help season her blood properly for His palate. She crawled carefully out of the whirlpool tub, and looked at her most daunting choice of the day; what would she wear that would be most pleasing to Him? The ballet style shoes with the straps that wound around her ankles… with the black lace stockings that showed off her beautifully pale flesh… the extra short skirt that would barely get in his way later, and the heavy, custom-built leather corset. When she was done, she stood in the mirror, admiring what He had done to her. She smiled at her reflection, and saw the small budding fangs, the steel collar and all of the piercings. She licked her lips with her deeply forked tongue, knowing how much better it was to have a tongue designed to please rather than speak. There was no doubt in her mind that she was completely and utterly owned. She even prayed to Him now – there couldn’t possibly be a more powerful God. 


Still, there was one other intriguing choice she knew she would be faced with one day… from time to time Master would take her out. The night had always called to her, but it called more clearly now. She knew He had been slowly washing away the last shreds of her humanity, and even as His slave, humans began to seem more and more like mindless livestock to be hunted. She knew these humans would serve her if she wanted them to. But would she do that? She would always have a place at His side, but would the Demoness growing inside her send her out for her own pets, or would her devotion to Him remain absolute and to Him alone. Only time would tell.

8/25/2008 4:47:04 PM
I would like to take a moment to gently encourage the submissives and slaves here to make the first contact when you see a profile that interests you. I realize that can go a bit against your nature, but there are enough scammers and people that just don't reply to messages that have to be weeded through before we find gold (I suspect this is particularly true for the men here), the gold frequently gets missed, so it is absolutely worth it to make the attempt. I can't speak for all the Doms here, but I won't bite your head off, won't make ridiculous demands of you, and I enjoy questions. All I ask in return is that you have something to talk about and that you understand that while I'll talk to just about anyone that's about all I'll do with just about everyone.

8/4/2008 4:10:38 PM
I have seen a few, in their journals and profiles, claim that true 24/7 TPE isn't possible, and I have seen others who demand it - literally insisting upon it from a prospective Master, as part of the most extreme forms of slavery - without having the first clue as to what it really is.

I will tell you, point blank, that it absolutely IS possible. I have one here now, who has not left My home except to see her doctors in 5 years. It has been an amazing learning experience for both of us. However, like most such experiences it has also frequently been difficult. It requires an extraordinary commitment from both parties. she no longer drives, yet errands need run, bills need paid, and needs must be met. It would be quite a relief were she able to go to the store, or the post office, or the bank, or take the car to the mechanic - but then, that misses the the point of it all. I think it would also be enjoyable to take her out to dinner or a movie... but that ALSO misses the point.

If you were to ask Me if I would do it all over again, I would tell you emphatically, YES! Just for the experience of doing it. At the end of the day, that is the purpose of this website - the exploration of our collective limits. But then, if you were to ask Me if I would consider doing it again in the future, that is a question that I'm not sure I know the answer to. she would have to be a truly extraordinary creature - a VERY rare thing in here.

This entry is intended to be a reality check for those of you in here who think they crave the most dehumanizing experiences imaginable. When you are approached by someone who has actually DONE this, and knows what it is to truly remove a slave from the outside world, you would do well to actually think about your response. The truly extreme is not possible otherwise - and it is a long, difficult road for the Master who is contemplating the idea. I promise you, the Doms in here who casually toss around the notion of 24/7 TPE as though it is something to be eagerly pursued with a slave have NEVER actually done it - it is BEYOND a high compliment to find yourself discussing such a thing with someone who knows what they're speaking of. He is telling you that you are unusually interesting in ways that the next Master can't even comprehend.

The slaves in here who don't think of this, by itself, as extreme have not experienced what it is to become so intimate with four walls that a concept so basic as 'outside' has become frightening and alien. At the end of the day though... those of you who really want to know what it is to be a 'thing' or who talk of themselves as 'meat,' deep down you MUST know such a life is only truly possible in a place away from the rest of the world. That is not something you will find unless the truly extraordinary Master gets the impression that YOU are also truly extraordinary. IF that ever happens to you, you shame and embarrass yourself by tossing it away.

7/29/2008 3:51:16 PM
So you've gone and told your slave 'Thou shall have no other Gods before Me.' Why the heck did you do that? Shouldn't that have been obvious? Are you worried that another will sway her? I mean, I understand where it comes from, but maybe some thought ought to be given as to whether or not that source actually sets a good example. Isn't it FAR more satisfying when she DOESN'T have to be told, because she KNOWS her God with every fiber of her being? Better yet, how satisfying is it when she tells others, with pride, who she belongs to? Imagine her, sitting at the computer chatting with other would-be Masters, and going on at great lenghts about how wonderful it is to be owned by you... and maybe making a few of them insanely jealous. Confidence is an absolute necessity for those of Us on the dominant side of the coin. It is one thing if she naturally prefers the comfort of the cage, and freedom from the internet, but it is a beautiful thing to see the slaves in here who ARE here and participating, and DO know, with every fiber of their being who their God is. 

7/20/2008 4:01:56 AM
To have your entire life regulated... what to eat, what to wear, when to sleep, where to go, when to be there, how to spend money... handing all of your decisions over to someone else makes one's life VERY simple. I understand the appeal there. It is basically The Garden of Eden all over again... the gilded cage where all of your needs are met. There were just two little catches in Eden: there was no opportunity to grow, and when the least bit of ambition was displayed, the entire human race was damned in perpetuity throughout the universe. So for your sake I hope all of you subs and slaves out there find a better Master than God. And if you do, you worship Him appropriately.    

There's also a problem on the other end. Managing your own life takes a lot of time, energy and patience - imagine what it is like for a Master who takes all of that on for you in addition to managing His own life. Is the idea that your submission is a gift seeming ridiculous yet? your submission represents a responsibility that your Master has taken on for you, not a gift to Him. It is a responsibility that requires patience of people who don't often have it - particularly the sadists who look for any excuse at all to break out the whip.     

Growth should be a very important thing for a slave in this lifestyle. Whether it's Master pushing your personal limits, or giving you leave to push your professional limits, those limits should be pushed. Without that, things get dull pretty quickly. Unless you're with the sort of Master who has no control over himself either, in which case things tend to get exciting in the wrong ways.

7/13/2008 12:10:29 PM
It seems a good number of the slaves in here understand this lifestyle as poorly as the Doms prattling on about honor. You think of slavery as something that either should be forced upon you - or better yet as a GIFT from you to your Master of all things! It is neither - it is you reaching an understanding of what you really are. your Master's (or Mistress') collar is the gift! That place that He has graciously provided you in His household should be coveted! If it is not, you should not be in it. I spoke of slaves not being capable of dishonoring their owners in My previous entry - and that is still true. However, they ARE most definitely capable of ingratitude.

If you must be forced - if your Owner must react to your ingratitude - you have forgotten your place! Full ownership includes the SOUL as well as the body. At the end of the day He has not enslaved you until you obey a gently spoken whisper as readily and without question as you would obey an order shouted at you under threat of force.

If you expect Him to do ANYTHING a certain way to demonstrate His authority, or His ability to control you, you are no slave. Worse yet, if he meets your expectation, what he has demonstrated is that He will bend to your expectations, and therefore He is no Master. Some of this is to be expected in the early stages of training, while the slave learns what it really is to serve, but it should be trained out of her rather quickly.

7/6/2008 9:19:01 AM
Why is it that those who speak so highly of honor and duty have so little of either? These concepts are usually spoken of because the speaker is not even remotely familiar with them, and he hopes that by merely mentioning them, he will take on those traits by osmosis. Talk of honor and duty do not belong in this lifestyle; they represent a fundamental misunderstanding of our relaionships. Ladies and gentelmen, she is your slave, and you are her Master. Do you talk of your dog dishonoring his collar? Of course not! Because nothing he says or does could POSSIBLY dishonor you or the collar he wears around his neck. It is no different with your slave. If she does wrong, it is because YOU have not trained her sufficiently. She does not dishonor you (she is only a slave - she is not capable of doing so), you dishonor yourself. TRAIN her better, and mold her into a more pleasing creature. If she is truly a slave or a submissive, she will eat this up and beg you for more. Do not throw a temper tantrum, and do not take revenge - these will only dishonor YOU further. Punish her only when her disobedience is malicious, and understand that release is the ultimate punishment - you embarass yourself by doing more.

7/3/2008 3:25:42 AM
You know folks, there's something to be said for a little truth in advertizing. Why would you expect you'd find what you want while looking for something else? I expect the under 20 crowd to be put off a bit by the over 30 crowd - not everyone is in to age play. But a 29 year old 'no limits slave' who tells a 36 year old Master 'I'm not interested in anyone over 35' is either not 29, not a no-limits slave, or just making excuses.  Wow... that's twice now...  If 35 is such a hard limit that 36 is unthinkable, what are you going to do when your "No Limits Owner" brings over his 45 year old friend for you to service?  Children, children, trust me when I tell you this:  if one year is a problem for you, you are not now, nor will you EVER be a 'no limits slave.'  The misery you suffer through in a relationship you find here will be your own doing, rather than some exciting bit of pure evil your owner thought up to torment you.  AND I AM YOUNG to be where I am.  I won't tell you no one under 30 knows enough to be a Master, because it's not true - but those that do are far and away the exception to the rule.

6/25/2008 4:40:19 PM
Wow... looking around at all of the profiles on this board, the sheer number of people calling themselves slaves, and looking for the living embodiment of evil, who lives next door, is between the ages of 18 and 25, or over 50, less than 180 pounds but more than 200, who will beat them every third Wednesday, between 4:30 and 8:25 am - but not too hard, only abuse them in ways that really turn them on, and perhaps most amusingly, make demands to be addressed in a certain way in their profiles... well it boggles the mind.

I expect - and respect - hard limits, as well as those with specific fetishes. Likewise those with submissive tendencies who are just looking for someone with dominant tendencies.

But the folks in here who go looking for a Master by starting off with a list of demands just miss the point entirely. Why would you think anyone willing to bend over backwards to serve YOU and meet every one of YOUR extensive demands could POSSIBLY have a DOMINANT personality?

Don't get me wrong - there is a place in here for you - list yourself as a Dominant, and look for a slave to be and do everything you want.

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