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Hetero Male Switch, 29,  Fenton, Missouri
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I am a person who enjoy beauty in all its forms whether it be in an erotic photo or in the softness of a brisk clear day. I am a person who tends to enjoy life to its fullest and have been stuck in a rut. I have a dark and sinister since of humor and am willing to do most anything for a laugh or to make someone smile. My humor as well as my mind tend's to drag to the darker side . I am looking for a person or persons that will guild me along this interesting and most fascinating culture I have found here . I would enjoy and relish every moment . Well that is it for now If I have anymore randomness then you may or may not find it .... I am just a person looking to enjoy all life has to offer. I want to find some fun and enjoyment in all my mind and body has to offer This seems to be the place to explore one's self in depth. :D
So if you want to talk to me drop me a line I will answer anything honestly and do my best to make sure I get back to everyone . I am a strong man I love playing rugby in St Louis. That requires both fitness and strength. So with this new working out routine. I have been able to slim down and harden up. At 6'6 I am very tall only weighing 295 lbs means I am am powerful too. So this is me complicated yet simple. Want to know something? Ask I am an open book. If you don't like me . Don't friend me that simple. Also whats a guy got to do to get a bit of hot wax dripped on his body ;) I promise I will return the favor ... C-ya












 Male Switch



 6' 6"

 290 lbs






Actively Seeking:

Dominant Female

Submissive female

Switch Women





 Being Massaged


 Wax Play



 Anal Play

 Body Worship


 Canes and Crops


 Erotic touch

 Massage (Giving)


 Orgasm Control

 Public Play






 Online Chatrooms

 TV Sports

 Web Surfing

 Curious About:


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