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Pan Female Dominant, 54,  Look for the arch, Missouri
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Major Changes Have Been Made Make sure you read the entire profile before contacting Me!!!!! Call me Domme, switch, sub, slave whatever you wish. Labels are not important. What is important is that which is in your heart and those that know me well, know where my heart lies. So far purposes here,I am Domme pre op transgendered looking for a ltr, live in 24/7 situation with one special person but open to poly. This is not a game to me and below is a brief descripion of how MY House will be run Vanilla aspects will be a part of life and should the right Dom/Domme come along that is fine as well. Again I am a pre op ts which means I do more than just dress up. I am the one pictured as well If any of this is a problem pass Me by. Also if you look, leave Me a message. Common courtesy is all that is and if you cannot do that, I have no interest in you at all. The House of Bitch ( a reverse Gorean philosophy House ruled by Women not men)     House philosophy- We follow the same basic principles as laid out in the books of Gor except Women are the Dominant Sex, so all the philosophies about slaves, submissives and free people exist. Both male and female slaves (kajirus and kajira) are permitted. Most importantly this House is to be built and remain on the basic principles of Trust and Honor, unlike so many others out there   House rules- 1) Dommes shall tell each other the complete and total truth, subs/slaves shall hold no secrets from anyone, including other subs and slaves 2) Dommes show respect for each other as well as what individual rules each Domme sets for Her own particular sub or slave 3) Submissives/Slaves show respect for ALL including other kajirus and kajira 4) Servants private parts are to be kept shaven and clean at all times. Inspection by any of the Dommes may occur at Their will 5) At formal functions, dinners, parties, clubs, formal protocol WILL be followed rigorously and the servants will serve their Dommes before taking their place and eating. 6) Any issues, questions or concerns should be taken to your Domme immediately where you will ask for a word in private to discuss the issue. That may or may not be granted but NOTHING of concern will be discussed in front of others. 8) Each kajira or kajirus will dress as instructed by their Domme whether that be completely naked or fully clothed. Upon entering the House each and every servant Will take their collar and leash off the rack, kneel and wait for their Domme to address them to come forward so as to place their collar upon them if a collar is not being worn full time already 9) Each servant will do as they have been requested immediately, without hesitation or cause and follow their Domme's request, not because they have to but because they know it will please the One they serve. Any hesitations will be dealt with immediately! Punishments will vary with offense and the Domme in charge of each servant as the Domme sees fit  












 Dominant Female

 Look for the arch 


 5' 6"

 175 lbs






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Journal Entries:
3/9/2012 6:40:03 AM

if you have looked before and sent a message thank you, but with the changes that have recently happened I deleted pictures, emails, everything.  So if there is still an interest please let's start the process again. If not, I understand and wish you the best as well.  Visits by Me and to Me by potential submissives/slaves can easily be arranged. This is NOT something to rush into anyway, so let's take O/our time, be thorough and make sure the relationship WILL work.

Miss S

3/9/2012 6:35:20 AM

My partner has decided to take a different path. I wish her the very best and love her. I also hope that she is and remains very happy.  Hugs to you and will miss you.  Should you change your mind and we work things out all of this is a mute point and the profile will go away forever.  Love you!!!

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