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Eldorado fins baby white walls and skirts.   Seeking a unique model from 1955 – 1
Hetero Male Dominant, 52,  Sydney, Australia
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 Dominant Male



 6' 2"

 209 lbs





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Submissive Female

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 Accounting Professional

Eldorado fins baby white walls and skirts.


Seeking a unique model from 1955 – 1982: twin headlights set high in her appealing front and curvy rounded rear - this model responds well to a firm male hand. Her smart engine management system has closely matched intake ports that work best when manually tuned. Some smart models take firm voice commands well.


This 2 door convertible features a top that comes down to reveal her feminine body work. Trimmed with leather, or trimmed with lace - or perhaps the stripped down “naked” model that fully compliments her racier side. Not much concerned with colour or minor imperfections in the body work. It’s her motor that matters and her internal clearances will be calibrated regularly. Model prone to over lubricating ok.


Exploring widely, she will relish the kinks thrown up in all conditions. Though well mannered in company(restrained in heavy traffic) she’s always eager to let her top slide down and purr while stretching her legs (into the) wide open when we leave the crowds behind. As my baby she will be regularly hand polished and admired from every angle.


Yep – She looks and rides just like a little piece of heaven here on earth.


If you got this far……It’s all about you; conversations, company (ours), outings, exercise. Can you tell I'm not the mean beat you type. I dom with the mind and by sowing thoughts in yours. I'd need to get to know you socially, well. The mind I seek is good at thinking. I value intelligence and that doesn't mean formal. Just someone who likes to think and discuss and see the conditioning of society. Ongoing and regular contact. Friendship a must.


My task is to find what makes your cunt go, HMMMM. You will enjoy being naked  - in private; for extended periods.



You will enjoy being the centre of my attention. 



Oh – and bring a lively mind and a sense of humour……

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