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Hetero Male Dominant, 39,  London, United Kingdom
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You check your watch again. Watching the minute hand crawl closer and closer to
that time. The time that has been ingrained in your mind over the last couple
of days, ever since you gave that simple "YES" reply when I asked if you could
do this.

Although this is our first meeting, we have chatted for a while and you are a
confident sub that likes to push herself..and how can you develop as a sub and a
person if you dont constantly take yourself out of your comfort zone?

The instructions have been clear. You've written them down as ordered but there
is no need for you to consult that piece of paper again - you've done little
else but think about them on the train here this morning. Another look at the
watch, and a deep breath. Its time.

Standing outside my front door, dressed in a simple floaty summer dress as
instructed, and a matching sheer lace thong/bra underneath as ordered, you close
your eyes for a second to compose yourself. Your heart is racing but you can
feel the lace soaked between your legs as your excitement builds and you push
against my front door. As I said, its been left unlocked for you.

You step into my hallway. There is no sign of me (you have never yet seen me or
heard my voice), but your eyes are drawn to the steel handcuffs and blindfold
waiting for you on the sideboard. As soon as you have closed the door behind
you you slip your dress off, with the bra following, so you are quickly stood
just in your sheer thong which you can feel is soaked. You reach the for the
waiting blindfold and slip it over your head so the world goes dark. Hands
outstretched you fumble around till you find the handcuffs.. With 2 simple
clicks the cuffs are on, and you have cuffed your hands behind your back. No
going back now, even if you wanted to! The instructions nearly complete, you
turn so you are facing the front door, legs apart, head bowed, and blindfolded
and hands cuffed behind back.

This is it...the moment that has constantly been in your thoughts for the last 5
days. One more deep breath before you follow the last instruction and shout
"READY". The session is about to start!

If you think you are a sub confident enough to do that, then just send me a
simple message saying "YES".













 Dominant Male


 United Kingdom

 Willing to Relocate

 5' 7"

 156 lbs






Actively Seeking:

Submissive female

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