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Hetero Male Master, 34,  North Carolina
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One question, one chance, one honest answer. You can ask me one question (TO MY INBOX ONLY!). Any question, anything, no matter how crazy, dirty or wrong it is. No catch. But I dare you to post this on your status and see what people ask you!... My dare done! Now I dare you.

I am so very tired of the games female subs and slaves play. I read over and over again "No Players No Games" and in the end they themselves are playing a game. I grow tired of the same ole thing over and over again. So I am going to give this one more try.

A little about what I am looking for
I am looking for a girl who is not into head games, one who will be respectful as well as a little minx at times. Age really is of little concern to me, as well as body type.









Last Online:


 Dominant Male

 North Carolina

 6' 2"






Actively Seeking:

Submissive Female

Switch Women


 Renaissance Faires

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Journal Entries:
3/19/2011 6:11:12 PM

The girls on this site are a bit perplexing, they send you a message requesting information then when you respond they go to silence. Oh collar me why do game player come here.

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