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I am NOT seeking long distance and I do not dominate or top men. First thing is first
Bisexual Female Submissive, 30,  Toronto, Canada
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I am NOT seeking long distance and I do not dominate or top men.

First thing is first, I am in a poly relationship (only one partner currently). If this is something you can not work with, just let me know, everyone has their limits.

I am a geek, a sub, an occasional poet, and still very much in the making. I have baggage which I am working on shrinking down to travel size, and am making good progress if I do say so myself. I can be both an emotional and logical person, I tend to fuse the two rather often. No I dont always make sense, and I am okay with that.

When people ask me what I am looking for, I just kind of glaze over. I dont really know, I have found pieces of what I want by just feeling my way through things. I have discovered I am, to some extent, a little. I have found I CAN exist in a 247 TPE as a sub (not a slave) with the right person. That some of my more unique beliefs around kink arent things I need to ditch. That I have many different kinds of sub in me, and I like when I have someone who helps them play together.

I enjoy deep discussions, but not arguments. I like the little gestures (speaking to relationships here) such as nick names, a surprise flower, little notes. I dont need them but they certainly carry some weight with me. I am not in to being rushed, I am still exploring the specifics of what I want. I rushed a lot in my past and it has turned out less than stellar, though recent experiences have shown not all quick actions end poorly... Still, give me time, and you might find it was shorter than either of us expected.

I am a pretty big gamer, and as such I play a fair amount of games, best just to ask me if I play something you like or what my current fixes are, it changes pretty frequently as I try to find a game to play with others, as I HATE playing alone.

I am a very touchy feely person, I enjoy contact to a VERY high degree. It can calm me down, excite me, all depends on how you do it. I go from supreme confidence to absolute loss of confidence in the blink of an eye when it comes to my body (though have gotten a little more stable of late), which is a step up from only ever feeling shit about it. I am beautiful, I just need to be reminded from time to time!

I dont feel like doing a plus size disclaimer, but what i will say is, while I enjoy humiliation and degradation, I DO NOT enjoy them about certain topics, one of which is my size. To be safe, keep the humiliation and degradation to my kinks, i like being made to feel to be dirty for my interests.

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