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Pan Female Submissive, 18,  New Mexico
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TastyChick - submissive

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I am interested in exploring my darker submissive side. I'm really looking for a dominant woman to control me. I fantasize about it constantly, being micro managed down to finite detail as to choosing my clothes and so forth to being used like a dirty whore. I can't use the pill so have fantasies of being made to take cocks bareback and filling my unprotected womb. Thanks for looking! --------------------











 Submissive Female

 New Mexico

 5' 3"

 120 lbs






Actively Seeking:

Dominant Female

Submissive Female

Switch Women

Friends Only

Online Romance

 Lives For:






 Breast Play


 Hair Pulling






 Canes and Crops



 Obedience Training

 Public Play

 Role Playing


 Curious About:

 Anal Play




 Orgasm Denial

 Outdoor Bondage

 Hard Limits:


 Needle Play


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Journal Entries:
3/2/2018 5:53:43 PM
I'm looking for real not some fucked up psychotic fantasy.  Being told the domme wants to take off my arms and legs and just use me as a torso human fleshlight is just toooo fucked up sick and disgusting.  Where the fuck do you assholes come from?

3/2/2018 3:56:28 PM
What the fuck is it with "lesbian" dommes on here who try to force you to be a lesbian instead of bisexual?  I mean look at my profile, it's pretty clear I like both guys and girls.  Seems a lot of domme lesbians on this site are just as bad as the fucked up dom guys who think they can fuck a girl straight, these dumbass dommes think they can force a girl lesbian.   Can we say...blocked?

2/26/2018 5:09:31 PM
For all the idiot guys who keep messaging, dom, sub, switch, all y'all dipshits.  In the last  couple of days have both blocked and hidden 84 of you.  Now I don't even have to see you on my 'who's viewing me' page.  No interest in guys who don't pay attention and don't read.  I ain't interested in you and I can click block faster than you can type your stupid one liner whiny assed messages.

6/18/2016 3:32:22 AM
trying to message with the site acting up all the time absolutely SUCKS!!   For those that I've talked with just send me an email, I'm tired of dealing with the stupid site.

9/15/2015 8:31:53 AM
Deleted "unread" 17 pages of bulk mail. 

Umpteen "friend" requests from guys I haven't previously talked with rejected and the senders blocked.

Some people never learn, it's in their nature to show how mentally incapable they are.

9/1/2015 8:02:58 PM
"There aren't any hard women, only soft men."

- Hannie Caulder

8/12/2015 12:18:29 PM
Sorting out net and tablet problems.  Wish to hell this site had an app.

8/4/2015 5:41:43 PM
Okay, already said the messaging is laggy as fuck all so won't repeat that any further.  One thing to note.  My profile does not say I'm looking for guys.  Please note that it doesn't show me looking for dom guys, sub guys, switch guys, any guys at all.  Same goes for couples.

All messages from guys go to bulk.  I set that up a long while ago.  Yes there are some guys I talk to.  If I message you then it's fine to reply.  For all the others (yes dear, this means you too) don't bother.  In other words I'll message you if I'm interested, otherwise all the crap goes to bulk and deleted.

Also what the fuck?  Why the hell are people I've never talked to still sending friend requests?  That's stupid.  Get a brain and get a life. jeez

8/3/2015 7:21:22 PM
WTF is up with this site and it lagging so effing much?  I can't read or reply to messages and it took 15 minutes just to get to the journal entry area for me to type this?

8/1/2015 10:48:06 PM
Ugh!!!  Exhausted!!  Bed at nearly 5am then up at 7am.  All day doing things and chores with the family and now trying to catch up on messages before going to bed.

nite nite all

7/31/2015 11:52:33 PM
No girls, I don't have a problem with lesbians.  I enjoy them very much.  My problem issue is with serving a lesbian domme who insists that I must only be lesbian instead of bi.  I enjoy both sexes.

This blurb is for those who messaged me regarding a previous entry that is now deleted.  I'm bisexual, I like girls and I like boys.  I don't like doms or dommes who demand that I be only one or the other.  Otherwise whatever sexuality you are is perfectly fine by me.

7/4/2015 9:25:15 PM
On vacation until the 15th.  I'll be on sporadically as I can get access.

6/25/2015 6:06:17 PM
Okay, some wishes for this site:

1.  Couples searching for subs shouldn't be allowed to make single profiles.  Searching through listings and there's a fuck ton of single domme profiles that state they're part of a couple and looking.  I'm willing to bet that most of them are fakes and just guys posing.

2.  Dommes who are just looking for guys in their profile text shouldn't be able to list girl subs.  It's irritating as fuck to pull up a profile and see that they have fem subs listed in their search but their entire profile text talks only about men and (usually) pay pigs, aka fin domme bullshit.

3.  Pro dommes should have their own category so that those who are interested can find them and those who aren't can ignore them.

4.  Fin dommes should have their own category  So they can be blocked and ignored, the bunch of loser whores who can't get a job.

6/25/2015 2:57:27 PM
Back on the search for a Domme once again.  I haven't heard back from my previous Mistress in some months now.  *sighs*

1/2/2015 6:36:22 PM
Since I joined I've talked with several dommes and doms.  Some I got along with well and others not so much.  While each had certain aspects in their desires that matched my own, none I've met have been interested in all the things my darkest fantasies involve.

Tonight I believe I've found the one that wants all these things as much as I do, and more.  I'm giving myself to her and am confident this time that my dreams will be rewarded with reality.

2/23/2014 3:25:19 PM

I can't help but wonder why it is that so many dominant women have "seeking female submissive/slave' checked on their profile, but the text of their profile mentions only wanting men as slaves.  It makes it very hard for a girl browsing for like minded interests to find the diamond amid all the coal.



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