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Pan Female Slave, 21,  NYC, New York
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Just checking this site out. Just a girl from the hood. You dont own me so please dont treat me like you do. If i dont respond to you. I am probably not interested. Yes, that may be viewed as rude...sorry. Be what and who you are. Dont hide behind your BS reasons. i have a weakness for white dominants., Especially uppity white girls. I wont send pics and i wont get on another chat client or use another method of communication.












 Female Slave


 New York

 5' 7"

 131 lbs



 African Descent



Actively Seeking:

Dominant Female

Dominant male




 Body Worship


 Eye Contact Restrictions


 Obedience Training

 Orgasm Control



 Anal Play



 Breast Play




 Hair Pulling

 Housework Service


 Sensation Play

 Maid / Butler Service

 Pony/Puppy Roleplay


 Speech Restrictions



 Bar Hopping

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Journal Entries:
5/12/2011 6:53:06 AM

i get a few mesages from black "men" who condemn me for wanting to submit to a white person. here is one example:


You have a weakness for WHITE BOY DOMINANTS LMAO damm girl you submit to the inferior race? The Black Man is God in 10 years their will be no "white america" but "Black America" then what will your sellout ass do? bleach your skin? get a nose job? get more weaves? thin out your lips? to look more "european" and you wonder why the Black Man had enough of you so called "sisters" you hold the Black Man down more them these whiteboys!



This is why i dont like to be with black men and most black women. Its always a fucking pitiful bitch session about how white people are doing this or that.


The same person who wrote the above states they want some little white girl to dominate. He can have a preference but i cant?






5/11/2011 7:04:48 AM

not sure why...but i am back after not logging in for a while.

4/4/2011 11:45:49 AM

people here are incredibly rude and unreasonable.



i am not going to defend myself constantly over things i have no control over.



4/2/2011 3:33:58 PM

if refusing to provide additional pics to you at the first conversation means i am a fake to you, then move on.


If you believe that every person in america has a webcam, move on.


If you believe every person in america has a cell phone with a camera and a text messaging plan to send those pics, move on.


I am a poor black girl who works long hours to support her large family living in a harlem housing project. I have internet access at work when it is slow. There is no webcam and i would not upload intimate pictures  to it.


If you live in NYC, i may meet you after a few conversations to get to know who you are and what you want.


if this is all BS to you.......i understand and can live without the opportunity to chat with you.

4/2/2011 9:55:58 AM

i have a pic on my profile. i think that gives me the right to demand one from you. no face pic in your profile or no pic in your first message, you will be ignored.


if you give me some excuse why you cant do this, i might block you.


there must be some attraction or i will not waste my time. dont lecture me on how i am a slave so i should not have a choice. the reality is that i DO have a choice. they only people that say this seem to be very old or very fat or both.



4/1/2011 9:58:24 AM

I have been asked a few times how i realized i was into BDSM.


My first experience was when i was working as a maid in a Manhattan hotel. I knocked on the door to one of the luxury suites and no one answered. I went in and started cleaning the room.


There are 2 bathrooms in this suite and i started with the one closest to the main door. I had to go and used the toilet. This is actually not permitted. Housekeeping staff are told to use the staff facilities not guest room facilities.


As i was wiping, a teen blond girl came to the doorway (i had left the door open) and yelled at me. "What the fuck are you doing?". I was stunned and stood up to pull my panties up. She stopped me "NO. leave them down."


I was confused and scare and did as she said. "I am sorry, i had to go", i responded. "Arent there rules about people like you using guest bathrooms?", she asked.


"Yes, there are but the staff bathroom is downstairs and i didnt think anyone was here."


"Well, i need to report this, rules are rules"


"Please dont. How can i convince you not to"


"I dont know. I really think i need to report it"


I begged her and said the words we often say without really meaning it but we still say it. "I will do anything"


"Hmmm.......come into the bedroom. you can paint my toenails while we discuss it"


So i went into the room and noticed she had already started painint her own nails. i knelt in front of her and started where she left off. She didnt say anything for a while and my eyes wandered up her smooth,sexy legs and i noticed she had no panties under her skirt. she had pretty much a full blond bush trimmed to not show with a bikini.


My face went red. She chuckled and asked if i was lesbian. I said i wasnt.


She said she would forget about my error if i licked her pussy. I froze like a deer in headlights and she repeated it. i needed my job so i agreed after some coaxing.


As i was licking her i discovered i loved the taste and really started in earnest. durin her moans she called me some names. When she said i was better than her "last nigga", my own cunt started dripping. I was already wet but that put me over the edge.


She actually lived in Manhattan but her apartment was being painted so she was in the hotel. I was summoned to her place many times since and still service her occasionally.

4/1/2011 9:06:27 AM

i work in the service industry in NYC and yesterday had the shit scared out of me.


someone i chatted with on this site was able to find where i worked and me based on a conversation we had. i was so shocked because  i thought i was being careful.


i will not get on the phone with anyone or text until i trust that person. if this is a problem for you, simply move on.


i live in the projects in NYC. i have computer access at work. i dont have access to a webcam. i have been told that this sounds like BS and that i am a fake.....again, simply move on if you think this.


I understand that many of you are jaded here. I know you think i have a responsibility to prove i am who i say i am. I have initiated contact with very few people here. If you initiate contact with me, dont presume you have the right to demand anything of me.

3/30/2011 1:06:17 PM

Yes, i know i have an attitude. Yes i know that you dont think i am submissive.


are you that lazy that you dont want to train a girl the way you want? you dont have the skills to adjust my attitude?


if that is the case, i am not yours obviously. i never said i was a perfect slave today.


stop lecturing me about what you think i am or not. i dont care what you think.

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