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Pan Female Dominant, 33,  Bellevue, Washington
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Profile updated January 16, 2022. Yes, it's still current. -------------------- Hello. Please just call me Tadie.
I dislike titles and prefixes, so please do not use one with me.
(This includes Maam, or Miss, or anything besides my name.)

I am NOT interested in play of ANY kind online.
I am only interested in local people, NOT visitors.

At the moment, I have one collared submissive. I am not seeking another.

I am mostly looking for friends and networking, sharing knowledge.
While I am open to new play partners, my submissive and I only play together. That means we are looking for a switch. I may be interested in casual topping or tasting scenes, but only in person, with my partner present, and only with people whom I know and trust.

Sometimes I play or scene in public. So if you see me at an event, feel free to say hi and ask about a scene, but I am usually there just for socializing. Pick-up play is something I am willing to do, but prefer lots of negotiation first and generally more towards the tasting side of play, with exceptions for friends.

If you cannot keep your promises, do not make them.
When you say something, I expect you to mean it.
I respect your right to privacy. Secrets are yours to keep, but lies are dealbreakers.
Be polite, be honest, and we will get along just fine.

Want to know more about me? Ask!
I have a very dry sense of humor and often what I say drips with sarcasm.

I view a lot of profiles. I will almost never initiate messages, and that is because I have all of my preferences out in the open and most people do not. If you want to know if we would be a good match, send me a polite, thoughtful message (more than just one line or a list of YOUR fetishes or demands) and I will send you a link to my updated, recent journal about my partner specifications. (If you want to find it, I have the same ID elsewhere.)

Last, but certainly not least if your message says nothing more than Hi or you do NOT have a picture of yourself, I probably wont respond. I am out and looking for serious connections, and I prefer for my partners to be, too.











 Dominant Female



 5' 9"






Actively Seeking:

Switch Women

Switch Male


 Lives For:







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