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Pan Transgender Submissive, 53,  Tulsa, Oklahoma
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Hello ... my name is denise ... i am now actively searching for a situation. ... It is not necessarily up to me ... my requirements are just too complex at this point. I am renewing my lease,,,.
i did have my curls bright red for a while as in some of the photos. The red hair in my cover is just a wig from BDSM parties 3 years ago ...
i can make a living where ever i can get Internet access ...
it is getting hard to be cute ...,,, i may have to switch to Clark Kent, the girls say he is handsome ... lol ----------------------------------------------------

And another girl made me learn a few new tricks...
Girls always make me do bad things ...
am one word from falling in love with her.
She is so kinky and beautiful.
But, She just wants me to play with. i wish she would call.
Of course, her boyfriend keeps blowing up my phone ...

Look , no matter what, if i am going to ultimately submit myself to one of you, please include a photo if not in your profile ... thanks ,,,
As much fun as it is to trade hot emails, i really don't like to cyber ... i don't have the time it takes to chat and if i am going to have sex with myself, i am a pretty good lay and i can do it myself.

i really like to see tgirls, lovely and surrendering ...
BUT, gurls do not have hair on their body. eech.
Boys have hair on their bodies ...

i have 1 major problem, i fall in love ...
Just because i talk to you is no reason to think i will be accepting your demands or invitation to serve you. It could happen, and does happen, but it is not as easy as if i was sitting with you having a drink and talking ...

i can not compete with the hormone, aftermarket gurls ... They are Just Too Pretty ... So, if you need a totally convincing gurl or you are straight and just wanting a tgirl so you can get laid ... Been there, done that ... so Maybe, just maybe, you want more than that ... i am just a boy in drag, when the sun comes up you might not want me around.
i have had experiences showing me that it is the way things are.
i have had to hitchhike home carrying my heels, walking in torn stockings, hoping not to get arrested.

i look good on camera, in person, i am sort of passable on a good day.
Once i speak, you will know for sure i am just a tgirl.
It is the lighting, great makeup, the way i sit, the fun we were having ...
i am just a submissive doing what i was told to do ///

i am a total submissive. Please do not ask me to dom you ... Please

It makes me cry to have to think about it and wish i could find a Dom to keep me.

Please realize it is hard to not be scared to even answer serious Dominates requests to meet for a drink.

After reading my profile, i guess i must sound like a real slut ... The fact is, i don't go out much and never really have.
The reason is simple. i am way too submissive and once i am in the grasp of a Dominate person, i don't know how to say no.
i plan on telling a few more of my experiences soon ... :)
No, most days and nights are spent at home ...

It turns out i am a bit hard to catch ... but once i am caught, apparently i am great fun to use.
Everyone is always in an emergency hurry or they tell me it is too late.
If i am not on my knees giving them head by tomorrow i am not to be talked to again.
PLEASE READ: i am a boy, no hormones, no aftermarket equipment. All factory equipment in working order. i will do most things. i like BDSM, however, i am not a pain slut. i will not have my parts removed. If you require i have my parts removed, i am not the gurl for you. Repeat, i will not have my parts removed or excessively damaged. New photos added today. 6-11-2015 Not very lady like ... lol Not that i have had that much sex .. not that i have been used too often .., but, i would rather make porn than watch it ..., As horny and sexual as my profile depicts, i have only had 2 dozen or so boys take me and i am simmering to have more ... We all deserve just a little bit more than we can take ... i don't go out very often as i can easily end up tied to a bed being abused by strangers ... So take me for a ride, strip me of everything including my pride ... Women are the most beautiful of God's creations.

my first Domme was Bonnie, we did not call her a domme, but there i was spread eagle, tied to a bed in the back room. The house was one of those houses where all of the rooms were in a row from the front door to the backdoor and Bonnie had me in the back room tied to the bed. For the next few days i found that all of her friends entered the house by the back door. It was so embarrassing naked tied to the bed, her friends laughing as they came in seeing me there on the bed.

my first kinky requirement was to get the girls off that had never had an orgasm. The girls thought of me as handsome and we were all so young. It all seemed so normal, i would 'service' her friends then lay down and let her tie me back to the bed. They would laugh and tease my sex with different things, ice in my butt, clothes pins on my tits, vibrator on my sex until i would cum for them over and over again. It was all so very mild compared to my last experiences. Bonnie was right about one thing, if we go down this path the games will get more intense as we go along. And it has ... always finding more and more kinks to please my kinky partners and my submissive desire to try everything at least once. Some of my first bi-sexual experiences were from when i was just a young boi... i had become used to surrendering on cock even if i thought i hated it but would do it. oh god, women would get me for their boy friends even dressed as a boy and just long hair i was a bit girly ...
i could pass easily in those days ...

That is how i ended up loving the boy parts in my desires ..
The girls either did not want to suck a big dick or something.
but i was so submissive they would have me there sucking their boyfriend's cock. Eating Pussy and Sucking Cock ... god i do sound like such a slut ... the memories are not all wonderful, but i wish i had tried harder, even if it hurt a few more times .. lol Yes, i am a slut ... lol Too Submissive for my own good ..
i will write more later. denise 💋
With my Best Friends ... my first time.

We had been out drinking and the taxi dropped us at their door.
These are 2 of my best friends in the world and i never imagined what would happen next. His beautiful wife was letting me lay between her gorgeous legs and slide my tongue between the lips of her pussy, i was in heaven. i would never have believed that i would be tasting the warm sex of one of the most beautiful girls i have ever known. i was naked on the floor and she was sliding her sex across my face back and forth. Her taste was intoxicating, the wet juices were flooding my eager lips.
At one point i heard her say to her husband, "He Said he would do anything".
at that moment i felt her lifting my naked legs back and she was rubbing lotion between my legs. And then i felt her husband pushing my legs up in the air, as he was close between my now quivering legs. i know i said i would do anything, but i had not expected to feel his erect cock poking at my bare ass. In a moment i screamed as he pressed his hard cock into my virgin ass. The feeling was intense, i had had small things stuck in there before, but this was more than i had ever imagined. The pain and ecstasy were overwhelming. i heard her laughing and telling him that i had cum as he made his first thrust into me. i swooned into submission as he pounded me with his huge cock.
i was lying there helpless between her legs as she rubbed her hot sex on my lips. soon i felt his hot cum flood my ass, a feeling that was unlike anything i had felt before. Her beautiful pussy was cumming in my sucking lips. i felt her quiver and shake as she almost smothered me.
From that day on, i was more than just a submissive kinky boy, i was a bi-sexual submissive. denise 💋












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Journal Entries:
10/18/2017 7:06:30 PM
i am now actively searching for a situation.  :)

8/20/2016 12:22:56 PM
Sorry i did was not able to answer all my mail timely,
i am sorry if some felt the need to block me before i could answer ...

5/7/2016 8:32:02 AM

So my Girl friend moved away with her boyfriend. It was great fun. She was so beautiful and i had not really cared but she is Black, god she is gorgeous. i found that she had me as a white submissive boi/gurl, god it was great fun. If you think that these words sound 'wrong' please explain as i had a black dom block me when i said something about this in one of my replies to his questions yesterday.
ttyl :)

11/16/2015 4:21:32 PM
No Time ...
Only a few minutes a week...
i will try to answer my mail soon ...  :)

9/26/2015 9:26:56 AM
Oh My God, a beautiful goddess took me and bruised me with her love and sex ...
i can still taste her ...  
i have bruises from her love ...  
She is a neighbor and is filled with a hot desire to take and abuse submissives.  
She is so young and beautiful, i was totally surprised when she took me. 
i would have told you two days ago that she was too young to be a Domme.  
Once again, i was proved totally wrong. Happily ...
i have had quite a bit of fun in my life, but yesterday was the most fun i have had in years.   She laughingly called it a home invasion.   
i will tell more later ...  
i am sore all over ... :)  

9/20/2015 5:59:14 PM
Wow ... She likes girls and She said, i am the perfect cross over ...
She has me right where She wants me ,,,
She has teased me with all kinds of dreaming things, and She is Beautiful ...
i could not have dreamed to meet a wonderful girl like Her ...

denise :)

9/10/2015 5:35:06 PM
uh, she is a bit twisted, and now i am to continue looking for playmates ...

Met a Girl ... She seems fun.
i may be off line for a while ... we will see :)
i love dominate women.
Hope she doesn't break my heart too fast ... lol 
Most girls are not really interested in a submissive sissy boi,
i love to be in Heels when i take a girl from behind ...
we will see ... Don't forget me because these things with girls are usually short lived ...

9/4/2015 8:38:43 PM

Karen and i dated for years, she was hot and could be great fun.
At one point in our relationship it became clear i was way too submissive for most girls.
She started ending our regular sex by giving me a blow job and kissing me back my cum.
It started when she was mad at me one day then, it became a ritual, she would even pour it from a condom in my mouth.  She would giggle every time .. i am sure she told her girl friends.
She thought it was evil and i never told her how much i loved it.
She was a hot little number and had a few boy friends even when we lived together. On occasion i would taste one of her friend's.

By the time i was a young boi i realized that if i was going to dress like a girl i would need to learn how to take a boy in my mouth or i would end up walking home in drag.
So, i am sitting at the bar and flirting with the beautiful girl tending bar. i had been flirting with her for some time and some time or other i told her i could suck a boy's dick and i would love to join her and her boyfriend and show her. She was beautiful, sexy clothes and high heels. i went out to my car and put on my white Bass sandals, black tights, white silk blouse and blue jeans.   i was so drunk, i grabbed my purse and jumped in her car.  She drove us to a motel out side of town and she told me her boyfriend would be there soon. i had just got my makeup and earrings on when he came through the door.  In moments i was between her legs caressing her sex with my lips as he got on the bed. He was a tall handsome man and he was clearly very dominate.  He told me that i knew what i was there for, and to get started.
His sex was huge, god i could barely get it in my throat .  He did not start out by controlling me and let me take it slow ... after a couple of minutes i was taking him all the way down. He was loving it as he fucked my mouth holding my head firmly on his cock ... God he squirted a lot and
she kissed my cheek and told me to swallow ... In a minute he started not liking the idea of a tranny in his bed and told me to leave ... i stammered and complained but, there i was walking down a dark highway in sandals, white silk blouse blue jeans, smeared makeup and my purse. Hitchhiking and trying to get a ride to my car ... lol ... Some days, even after being a good slut, still walking home in drag ... i will tell about the ride i got that night, in a few days ...

A couple of times in my life, a friend of mine would steal my girlfriends and have them there watching me suck his dick. Same guy two different girl friends ... lol  

i remember, lol, it was 3 girl friends ...  
And one he had me go out and get a cute girl and bring her over for sex .  i brought Linda, man she was cute and hot ..   guys drooled over her ...
Well, that was a hard night.   She was game to have sex with me and John, but,
 when we got to his house, she was not going to have sex with a group of men ...
John ended up having me give head to his friends as she sat on the table and played with her pussy and the boys watched her and gagged me ...  As fun as it was, i cried and begged for them to stop ... i drank a lot more than wine that night.  :)      


So, i guess i should tell the main part of the story ...
John, who was a friend of mine, had, Penny, my girl friend that i adored and me over to his house one day and he got us so high ...
John was very Dominate and he soon had Penny under his arm
and me giving him head. i had done it before at his office one time,
 but here was my girlfriend looking down at me.
i really liked John, so it seemed so natural.
Penny moved in with John and he would invite me over.
So, i would be dressed in Penny's night gown and sandals,
kneeling and taking his cock in my mouth.
He would describe to Penny how i was good at it,
and she should watch me to learn how.
i would lay between his legs and suck his cock until my lips were numb.
i can still hear him teaching me to swallow past the back of my throat.
Penny and Him laughing ... mmm 
He would watch and give me instructions as i sucked Penny's pussy, i would use my mouth and toys until she screamed again and again.
i would usually stay for the weekend and without fail,
when Penny would leave to go some where,
John would take me and fuck me.
Never in front of any of the girls ...
Only blowjobs in front of the girls.

i tell you, those years were so much fun ...
It was always so fun to do what he told us to do.
Well, there were a few things that pushed the margins ... :)

Yes, i am a submissive slut.

How could i end up not loving it!

i have a few more stories with John and the girls ...

5/19/2015 3:57:33 AM

To see the photos you must Scroll down to the bottom of my main profile page to see my photos ... you will not see them by pressing the Journal button.


5/17/2015 2:53:12 PM
what did i expect to happen?

i was out by the pool and one of the Farm Team players from the local club
 invited me in for a beer. The beer was liquor store strong strong beer, i drank
too much, and soon found myself really buzzed. We sat in the living room while his roommate and his roommate's girl friend got ready to go out on the town.   Soon they were gone and we were laughing and talking. I can not tell you when, but at some point i confessed that i liked to dress in girls clothes, i had never told anyone at this point in my life and i soon found myself in the pink bikini and high heel sandals left in the bathroom earlier.   We sat around and i giggled and he had me walk around and pose. i don't remember exactly but there i was on the bed with this husky man holding me down and groping me, his unshaven face, my young mouth taking his tongue in and out as i struggled to get away ...
He was just too strong.
He soon had his large sex between my legs which he had firmly squeezed together.
He did not pull down the pink bikini bottoms, he just started fucking me between my legs.
His huge cock was rubbing between my legs until he spasmed and grunted and he collapsed on me spent and exhausted. His sperm was warm between my legs.
i was so drunk, i did not swoon, but i stayed there on the bed as he left the bedroom.

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