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Hetero Female Dominant, 56,   , Oklahoma
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Why do people waste their own time much less the time of others playing games and knowing theyre unsure of their calling to serve?

If you feel like its easier to disappear than be honest about your thoughts then maybe this isnt the way of life for you.

If what I said above even remotely describes you, please dont contact me. Its exhausting to begin to have expectations only to be let down time after time.

If i see pics of penis, ass, vagina or breasts exposed when I look at my whos viewing me page, I will immediately and without second thought delete it. Your profile will not be viewed by me.

*****************Men that identify as DOMINANT, PLEASE dont write me looking for whatever your idea of a conquest is. I am NOT interested in you. If I were, I would identify as a submissive female. If you want to act like a gentleman and have a conversation, I will welcome that but give me the respect that you desire.**********************

If you are married, separated or otherwise attached or involved with another adult in a one on one interpersonal relationship. STOP here, there is no need to read further or contact me.


I am just tired of all the games people play. If you want to put in the work it takes to have a DOMINANT in your life, send me a message. If not, dont bother me. I will be checking back a couple times a week to see if there is any e-mail.

First and foremost, if you have ANY racial, body type or age hangups, please leave me alone. This includes hangups about being seen in public because your friends or associates have hang ups about it. If you as an adult cant associate with anyone you want on your own time, then you dont need to participate in this way of life.

Please dont talk to me about VANILLA. you are who you are regardless of what you do. If you feel like you have to change who you are to eat a bowl of cereal then change back to rub my feet, then you are working way too hard to try to be a slave.

Are you a conditional slave or a consensual (consentual) slave?

Are you vested in being a slave as I am in being a DOMINANT?

Is this a lifestyle for you or a way of life? The differences are monumental.

I am not a spoiled princess nor do I care to be, I am a slave owner. I am not interested in games or those who are not sure about their desire to be a slave. I am not afraid to get my hands dirty thus I am not afraid of hard work. Please dont mistake my kind and caring nature for weakness or submissiveness.

I am seeking those that are human with a slave heart. I am seeking those that dont have conditions on their slavery but are slaves to their very core. I am a very sane and caring person and when I take a slave as my own, he**she will be loved, nurtured and cared for. Although he**she will be owned property, it will be akin to owning a pet. I am not seeking pets but that is as close as I can come to what your status will be within my household.Now I have a few rules I have to live by

If you are under 35, please dont write, I dont want to disappoint you.

If you live outside the US, I am not interested.

If you have interest in anything outright illegal, immoral, dangerous, unsanitary or otherwise out there* Please dont bother contacting me, its not worth your time or mine.

Spirituality matters, I am a Christian. Please dont upset my spiritual sensibilities. I believe GOD made me who I am and gave me the desires I have in my heart and no I dont feel any guilt about what I do within this way of life.

If what I have said has piqued your interest, please feel free to write me.

*The term out there is a relative term. It can mean anything of an outrageous nature. If you think your interest is not out there but could possibly be in my view, please ask.

**When I speak of SheHerSister or any female moniker, I am interested in straight andor bi-sexual females I am not interested in lesbians.

I am weary, leary and disappointed. There have got to be a few golden apples in the orchard.

Ive made some lifestyle changes. I have made the choice to become a van dweller. I want to travel and I see this as the most cost effective way to do it. I am currently in the process of building out my van. I hope to be in it by November. Im going to stay in my general area for a couple more years to tie up loose ends, then its the open road. I plan on Working seasonally taking advantage of various employment opportunities. If the nomad lif is appealing to anyone, send me a message. Im really looking forward to traveling.












 Dominant Female



 6' 1"

 300 lbs



 African Descent



Actively Seeking:

Submissive female

Sub / Slave Male

A Poly Household

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Journal Entries:
10/15/2022 2:58:08 PM

I'm 57 years old.  I'm not playing games but it seems like some folks are just wasting time.  I am LOOKING to take 2 - 3 slaves off the block.  I'm looking for those that can be molded and trained to be total slaves.  Slaves out number DOMINANTS 3 to 1 so I just want my fair share.  The last paragraph of my profile was written in 2018 so I've been a nomad that long.  Once I have found at least 1 slave I am willing to come off the road full time.  However, right now that it is just me, I am enjoying my Nomadic life.  Are you sincere about being a slave? Are you tired of being unowned? Send me a message, let's talk.

8/27/2022 10:41:48 AM

Why are there so many married men on here looking for a "TPE"? To top it off they  cant read or comprehend what they're reading!

1/4/2022 3:56:58 AM

If being vaccinated is a requiremt for you, please pass me by, I am not vaccinated at this time.

1/3/2022 4:49:41 PM

What is up with all these blacked out profiles?  If I cant read it, I cant chat with you.

12/9/2021 5:28:53 PM

If you dont communicate effectively what makes you think you can serve effectively?

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