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Hetero Female Submissive, 40,  Westmidlands, United Kingdom
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 Submissive Female


 United Kingdom

 5' 6"

 140 lbs






Actively Seeking:

Dominant Female

Submissive Female

Switch Women

Friends Only

I hate to have to be that blunt but I am not interested in communicating, sharing photos or anything with men so please do not waste both of your and my time.

I very much want to please my Sir and after much discussion very recently, I willingly offered my comitted, consensual, 247 submission to my Dominant Sir.

Together we had a trial 6 month contract (ending midnight 16thMay 2020) written up detailing roles, rules, guidlines, Limits, punishments, contract terms and goals.

Once fully discussed and agreed upon together as Sir and submissive we inked our names on the dotted line......

......That was yesterday )

The reasons that I am here are simply as follows

Sir has instructed me to regularly visit my profile here and communicate with those that get to my inbox, to make friends share and have fun albeit online.

My Sir loves to show me off at every opportunity and thought this profile was ideal to do just that. Now that Sir has control over my clohing hair and make up I am quite sure that regular new photos of myself will be produced and posted here and elsewhere on other bdsm sites that I am too have profiles on.

I wish to only talk with women or the female half of a couple

Sir took me to get both my nipples pierced yesterday )

Sir is to Train, Discipline and Shape me as his Willing, Obedient submissive wife to be. I enter into this freely with sound mind and am eager to please my Sir and fulfil his desires.

Sir believes it to be a good idea to have Dommes, switch women, alpha sub females, submissive and slave women offer suggestions for tasks and assignments for myself to complete. Sir will pick and choose which tasks and assignments I am to do.
What Im Into
Submission, Bondage, spanking, Sex, Being told what to wear, Losing control

What I am looking for
Tasks and assignments for my completion online.

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Journal Entries:
4/17/2018 12:33:23 PM
Dear all who send me correspondence unfortunately I am unable to answer at the moment as in the middle of changing Internet supply. I am using mobile phone which as I found out doesn't like me sending reply as it I have to keep logging in and messages aren't sent. My apologies and I hope to be back to normal soon xxxx

4/12/2018 3:08:24 PM
A change of plans had me home tonight. I didn't get to see my Sir, but we had long talks and play over the phone he told me that he is happy with me so far but will push me everything he was telling me about made me wet, he told me to play with myself while he spoke to me, I was to do this until I was going to cum but to stop before I did. I then had to slap my pussy hard enough to sting while he listened and that he would know if I didn't (which he always seems to know) but I did as I was instructed Xx Sweetlilpea

4/12/2018 3:59:41 AM
I didn't think I would get to see Sir again until the weekend, but tonight I am pleased he would like my company again. I think I may be falling for him, the way he treats me and knows what I need, the way he touches me even the more harsher treatment. When I see the pleasure on his face I want to be sure that I am able to meet his approval and see that same look. 💋💋💋😔

4/10/2018 4:04:19 PM
I've been excited all day 😊 Sir wanted to see me once his work day was finished. I was to wear a tight black dress, black tights, and ankle boots, but also my chastity belt! 🤭 I was to be ready when he came to pick me up. My chastity belt is a new experience for me but not too uncomfortable, but it also made me feel more confident in my Sir wanting me for his & his only. Once we were alone in his room he added the vaginal insert to my chastity belt (he loves how wet I get when I see him) Sir then bound my wrists, and ankles and usually I'm fine until my hands go numb. But this time I couldn't do much with a bad knee, we had to stop 😞. Then Sir put a chain and padlock around my neck it felt so good, the cold heavy metal on my skin. Sir then bound me using chains and padlocks. For reasons I have yet to understand I felt more excited using the chains than the ropes. The heavy metal and the coldness was more scary but more pleasurable too. I think I was better tonight with my submissive duties than I have previously. I asked for and begged for his cock in my mouth, I hope I was attentive to Sir and what he wanted and needed from me. In my chains I wrapped myself as best I could to be near him. I stayed where he left me while he was out the room for half an hour. I grow more devoted to my Sir daily and I think our bond is getting stronger. 💋💋💋

4/9/2018 12:54:34 PM
As I have children at home it is very awkward at times to have time with sir and getting time to explore more. Sir has bought me a chastity belt which we both are eager to get me in to. Trouble is most of my clothes would show it through, the only things which may hide it would be my work wear and that's unsuitable as my job is manual. (Any suggestions for what's the best clothing I'd appreciate). I'm quite sad as my Sir and I won't be able to see each other much at the moment. Im going to think of ways I can help him to relax and please him in our time apart 😔💋

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