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Update: Recently moved (back) to Texas, still need to update the profile. Well, I am happily
Hetero Male Switch, 44,  Austin, Texas
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Update: Recently moved (back) to Texas, still need to update the profile. Well, I am happily in a relationship with a female switch and am still getting in the new area so that may have to wait a while more. In the meantime, here is what it has been saying:

Well, due to some recent reading I've done I now know there are some problems with the profile below. But I think it does represent a good introduction to me and it just today got me one e-mail so until I have drafted a better one to replace it with I'm going to leave it as opposed to saying nothing about myself. Just keep in mind it was written by a newbie and I am not as "here is how you can please ME" as it sounds, I was just trying to convey areas that might be of mutual (dis)interest as quickly as possible to avoid wasting your time.

Hmm. Submissives seem to have a wider choice of interests than Switches are given. In addition to the interests given below I have an interest in, in no particular order, flogging, trampling (as a sub), hair, shoes/boots/feet, denim, cuckolding, training, bondage, gags, in short, lots of stuff. To put it another way, I am interested in almost everything except mutilation, permanent markings, scat, blood, anything anal (though threats might be fun), knife play, and canes. Hmm, to some that is probably a long list. It will probably get shorter over time, with the right person or people.

And if you see something in the interests list that does not appeal to you please do not write me off. We switches are flexible : ^ ) and every scene does not have to involve every activity, I mean, how could it? Also, the other person does not have to be a switch, I am certainly willing to be a sub to one person and a top to another. It depends on mutual interests and chemistry.

I am pretty new to the scene, having just gotten out of a LTR and while I do not consider myself a wannabe or gameplayer - I have had a strong interest in D/s for about 25 years now, I don't think it's just a "phase" - I don't pretend to have all of the answers or fully know my abilities or limits yet.

Beyond the stuff above, my interests include music, movies, even (gasp!) TV (the uncultured heathen), well, at least some of the good TV, reading, the beach and some other stuff I'm probably forgetting at the moment. I am shy at first but open up before too long if comfortable, am fairly intelligent, and have a good sense of humor. I believe in SSC, respecting each other's limits, and alien visitors from Saturn. Welll, not 100% sure about that last one but I'm keeping my eyes open.

Beyond all of that, if you have an interest and/or questions, get in touch!

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Journal Entries:
6/26/2005 5:05:10 PM
06/26/2005 - I've actually started keeping an offline journal and am not ready to share that yet however I did want to let everyone know that a. I have started playing in the last 3 months and am learning a lot about myself and the scene and b. more specifically, that last night I got the chance to do a scene with Mistress Caitlynn from Philly when I met her at a party. I had actually done a very nice non-dom fetish scene with her the month before when I did not know about her domme side. This time, I did know and asked her if she would share some of it with me. We went to a new, more private room at this party that had a nice dungeon feel to it. Mistress Caitlynn proceeded to take control firmly without ever resorting to being nasty about it and we had a good time that included some talking, some foot teasing and worship ("You MAY kiss my feet now" she would say) and a nice, pretty thorough front and back trampling. Unfortunately for me the single light source was right over her shoulder during most of this so I was denied the pleasure of seeing her well other than her silhouette. As you can tell from her profile Mistress Caitlynn is very beautiful and I also liked that she noticed and commented on good submissive behavior and did not take it for granted which of course just makes you want to serve her even better. To those who are in Philly or who may run into her at a party I would definitely recommend her and hope that she will play with or use me again when we next meet.

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