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Bisexual Female Switch, 30,  Indianapolis , Indiana
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 Certified Massage Therapist

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Anyone WITHOUT a profile pic of THEMSELVES will get their message deleted without it being read. Thanks!

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Journal Entries:
3/21/2018 5:57:29 AM
Question for you straight guys out there.

When talking to a woman and you are interested in her, and she is hesitant to meet you after 4-5 messages, why do you think that YOU are special enough to warrant a woman casting her survival instincts into the wind and just meeting a total stranger? I'm not being an asshole, I genuinely want to know a world full of very REAL dangers to BOTH men AND women...any of you think it's a good idea for someone to ignore those dangers and just go meet someone in a fucking parking lot or at a motel? Not that there is anything wrong with gettin' your fuck on with whoever you want, or playing or whatever. But more than 5 messages in and you EXPECT it?

***side note: I'm absolutely not saying women can't be as every bit as dangerous as men, but I have honest to goodness NEVER seen a man complain on here about women pushing to meet before said man is comfortable meeting. I'm simply asking because I want to know what men think is disarming about themselves, what makes them somehow less intimidating than any other man.

1/8/2018 1:06:19 AM
So is this your guys' new thing? Calling women "Fake" and "probably a man anyway" because they don't want you? Oh

1/7/2018 7:36:19 AM
It's been a LONG time since I've been active on here and wouldn't you guess...the first time I am, I get called a fake ass cunt with a fake picture.
Because it makes sense to use a fat woman's photos on a website that is largely shitty to fat women. Ya'll are all kinds of bitter that I won't accept a $700+ bribe to make you feel like "a dead beat dad". 
Now I remember why I stayed away lol. You men folk are FRAGILE.

8/24/2016 9:51:01 AM
All messages from Doms will be deleted. I am not looking to talk to dominants.

2/6/2016 5:50:04 PM
Why can't any of you weekend warrior submissives ever introduce yourself like fucking decent human beings before you throw your kinks at some random woman? Ugh....

1/24/2016 3:43:42 AM
While my profile says I identify as a switch, I highly doubt I will ever sub or bottom for anyone, ever. Especially considering I only find submitting to a man appealing, but know men to be untrustworthy and far too aggressive when given any kind of power.

12/16/2015 2:12:03 PM
Maybe it's time I take a new submissive....

1/27/2014 2:31:53 PM

Really? I block one profile so you pester me from another? Desperate much?

1/21/2014 11:59:14 PM

Every Dom I have encountered on here... LOL

12/24/2013 3:48:03 AM

So not only are all the men on here completely fucking useless and rude, they're liars, too. Why the fuck have I not deleted this profile, again?  Shit....It's not even entertaining anymore.

12/16/2013 8:32:20 AM

So...yeah. It's official. I'm going to go ahead and delete this profile in the next few days. If I talk to you on here with some regularity, feel free to send me a message for my personal contact info (there won't be many of you).

12/12/2013 2:37:04 AM

Just had a guy offer me $100 an hour to be, not only a long term submissive, but also be some kind of fetish model. paying money for a sub is cool...but men paying for a Domme is not......

Either way, it just proves me right that 89-95% of the men on this site have absolutely no idea how to get pussy, consensually, without having to pay for it in one form or another. It's just that they like to bitch and whine when they aren't controlling said pussy.

12/3/2013 4:02:01 PM

Thinking I might just delete this account.

It's not like I really got anywhere by having it and anyone worth keeping in contact with has my personal contact information.

It's surely been entertaining to say the least, but it's kind of lost it's appeal as of late.


12/3/2013 3:30:36 AM

Seriously...some of you...

Where are your fucking parents?!?!?!?!?!

11/27/2013 8:00:31 PM

"You will be my slave starting tomorrow"

Nope, nope, aaaaand nope.
Seriously....where the hell does it say on my profile that I'm a slave or that I want to be?


11/27/2013 2:27:35 PM

I've only met two people on here that I thought were worth my time, affection and energy.

One has proven me wrong, time after time. Which kind of sucks, but...whatever. Shit happens.

The other is continuously proving me right. I like that. I like it alot.

11/5/2013 1:48:31 PM
Awwww...someone got their wittle feewings hurt. Aren't you the big man?! Coming onto me, then calling me stupid, fat, a bitch and telling me that I'll be a virgin forever when I tell you I'm not interested. Hahaha!

Let me explain something to you, boo. You couldn't handle this. This is top of the line pussy, right here. But from the looks of it, you probably couldn't handle the f-grade pussy you've been tossing your cocktail wienie at. Peace, broseph!

9/9/2013 12:45:05 PM

Be wary of Domynic.

He's a bit of a foul mouth, totally disrespectful, and lacks as much in his personality as he does in his pants.

Total 'roid-rage type attitude. Thinks calling a woman a "cunt" is edgy and offensive. He's almost precious in how threatened he obviously is by women that aren't mindless fucktoys.

Also, he claims on his profile that he can hold and intelligent conversation, but spent the last 20 minutes calling me names and being a ridiculous man child.

1/5/2013 2:11:10 AM

I think it's so cute when all these 18-19 yr old kids call themselves "Lord this" or "Master that" and they've got no former experience with either dominating someone or submitting to someone.

That's just stupid.

12/24/2012 6:20:08 PM

If you can't type complete sentences before hitting the "send" button on a message to me, then just don't bother.

11/7/2012 4:58:10 PM

No...Green Day does not count as "punk".

10/23/2012 6:47:19 AM
Geeky Come-ons #1

You’re the model I wouldn’t be able to keep in the box, but that doesn’t mean your value would go down.

10/22/2012 6:46:25 AM

For all those guys who want a sandwich after sex: If a woman can still get up and walk to the kitchen, you haven't done your job and therefore, don't deserve a sandwich.

10/20/2012 10:27:20 PM

Bored as hell. Anyone up for chatting? And by chatting I do not mean you telling me how much you want to fuck me. Thanks.

10/12/2012 1:20:30 AM

Don’t water down the kiss with whiskey. 
It’ll turn bright pink and explode into a thousand luscious splinters, 
but in the morning it’ll be ashamed and sneak out of
your body without saying good-bye, 
and you’ll remember that kiss forever by all the little cuts it left
on the inside of your mouth.

9/8/2012 7:30:23 AM

I have to say....I am repeatedly disappointed by subs.

I am worth the commitment and the devotion, but I am constantly getting nowhere. My efforts to build a good D/s relationship are never matched by the submissive.


Honestly....why do I bother?

8/18/2012 11:04:34 AM

Happy Birthday to me! <3

8/3/2012 6:22:49 PM

Guess what guys.

You're body structure/build is not "athletic" if you have a big ass beer gut. I have no problem with larger men. Love them to death. However, be honest. Don't say you look one way when you look another.


8/2/2012 1:05:35 PM

So...I've recently started writing an ask column for a friends online and printed zine.

7/17/2012 7:14:14 AM

So....Domme's should be wary of a certain SugarDadd4Abuse. Motherfucker is in his 60's and still acts like he's a 15 year old boy.


He likes to send you disrespectful messages and cause trouble.

7/16/2012 5:54:06 PM

I have to wonder why subs that have blown me off still stalk my profile here. I don't get it. You made it clear you had no interest in serving me, so why keep looking at my profile? It's stupid.

7/6/2012 1:37:12 AM

Aaaaand, my phone is off. Sorry guys.

7/3/2012 8:19:05 PM

Some times, I really do wonder why I even try.

6/28/2012 1:05:10 PM

I've noticed something on here. I've noticed that when a male Dom wants control over their sub/slave's finances, it's part of TPE and completely acceptable. When a female Dom wants the same thing, she's a gold digger or a fake. Someone please explain how this makes any fucking sense whatsoever.

6/28/2012 11:56:39 AM

Dear Summer Cold,

Go fuck yourself.


6/27/2012 9:56:04 PM
The muscles in my neck are so fucking tight and just...bunched up. I'm all in knots. It's painful. It's giving me a headache. I wish I had a separate pair of hands that could work out the tension. :(

6/24/2012 10:55:53 AM
Nope. Sorry. No "camaraderie is supposed to get rewarded with sex" for you, fellas. Just because you're nice to me, doesn't mean I'm going to fuck you...ever.

6/24/2012 4:12:06 AM

I am bored as hell. Who's up and looking to chat for a bit?

6/21/2012 4:21:13 AM

Why the hell am I still up at 4:21 a.m.?

6/18/2012 8:39:04 PM

I like how a sub asks for the keys to his chastity device back because he no longer wants to serve me, but doesn't bother scheduling a time to pick up said keys. I'm tempted to just chuck them into the street and let him hunt around for them. I don't care if someone decides they don't want to serve me anymore, that's fine. But I'm not going to wait around for them to make up their minds to come get the god damn keys.

6/18/2012 4:01:21 AM

Beware of user cowgirllynn. She's rude, insulting, and just plain ugly.

6/14/2012 7:13:32 PM

So, husband and I found a place. Thank whoever runs the universe. In other news...foot massages and Pepsi are amazing. :)

6/11/2012 10:37:44 AM

So....anyone in Hollywood, Van Nuys, North Hollywood, Studio City, etc. want to rent a room to my husband and I for about $500-$725 a month? We're looking to move in somewhere before August. This is totally serious, so if you are needing to rent out a room, please message me.

6/8/2012 4:04:33 PM

I think it's so cute how men on here who claim to be "Doms" are really just assholes with a school yard bully complex.

"Oh! I feel threatened by you being a strong, powerful woman who has no interest in my dick, so I'm going to do my best to insult and belittle you."

If you feel the need to just message someone out of the blue to insult them, then you CLEARLY feel threatened by them.

5/13/2012 12:53:13 PM

Oh noes! What am I ever going to do? Total douche-canoe stranger doesn’t like fatty! Oh woe is me! What EVER am I to do? -_-  *makes jerking off motion with hand*

5/6/2012 1:14:47 AM

Just once I wish people would be fucking honest with me. Just once. No bullshitting me around. Just fucking say what you mean and mean what you say. How fucking hard is that?

5/5/2012 5:58:36 AM
So...I'm thinking of getting a REALLY short hair cut. Like a shorter, fuller mohawk. my hair is currently almost to the middle of my back. Thoughts? Opinions?

5/4/2012 9:08:20 AM

Nerd? I prefer the term "intellectual badass."

4/29/2012 4:09:51 AM

nailednipples is a sad little bitch hiding behind a mask who insults women just because. I'm actually kind of flattered that bitch boy went out of his way to insult me, without having one conversation between us. It almost breaks my heart to see a grown man live such a sad and pathetic existence where he has so much time on his hands (living in mommy's basement and all) and nothing to occupy said time besides insulting people he's never spoken with or known. Must be all the self loathing boiling over after years of failed relationships and wanking it to women he could never have......


4/22/2012 10:54:46 PM

Life is like a box of chocolates. A cheap, thoughtless, perfunctory gift that nobody ever asks for. Nonreturnable because all you get back is another box of chocolates. So you’re stuck with this undefinable whipped mint crap that you mindlessly wolf down when there’s nothing else left to eat. Sure, once in a while there’s a peanut butter cup or an English toffee. But they’re gone too fast and the taste is… fleeting. So, you end up with nothing but broken bits filled with hardened jelly and teeth-shattering nuts. And if you’re desperate enough to eat those, all you got left is an empty box filled with useless brown paper wrappers.

4/22/2012 8:21:44 PM

Well shit.....
I broke my toe. Awesome.... :-/

3/29/2012 10:07:29 PM

Ok....who wants to get this top for me? You know I'll look absolutely delectable in it! :D

3/27/2012 8:06:43 PM

Bored as hell. Someone entertain me.

3/21/2012 5:58:57 PM

I have to ask the subs on this site a question:
If you're only interest is controlling a situation/topping from the bottom and sex, why do you even bother writing me?

Seriously, I want to know. I have made it abundantly clear in my profile what I am looking for. If you've read my profile as many of you claim to have done, it really shouldn't be that hard to decide whether or not we are looking for the same thing. The fact that you guys keep contacting me with your own private fantasies of what you want me to be tells me that nearly NONE of you bother reading my profile.

Read my profile prior to contacting me, boys. You'll save us both alot of time.

3/15/2012 8:40:56 PM

Just a heads up:

If you get a message from a user by by the name of alexforvixen delete that shit ASAP. Motherfucker is a psycho and a half.

3/15/2012 2:51:47 AM

To my fellow Dommes here on CM:

I have a friend who is looking for a mistress. He is very sweet and very smart. He has alot to offer a Domme and has a deep desire to please. Please contact me for more info.

3/14/2012 11:31:59 PM

Let's make one thing CRYSTAL FUCKING clear. If I have to fight you to get you to submit to me, after you've annoyed the hell out of me with messages saying you WANT to submit, then you are not the sub or slave for me. That is you being a total shithead and wasting my time.
If you can't follow the rules, I have no use for you.

Trying to top from the bottom will lead to me giving you the boot and moving on.

YOU are not irreplaceable and I have literally 100's of men that would kill to serve me. Get your shit together and really, truly, know what you want before contacting me.

3/13/2012 3:05:44 PM

A most satisfying session. :)


3/11/2012 6:32:16 AM

Ok...because someone asked for it, here is my Amazon wish list.
It would be great to get some of those gifts soon. :D

3/11/2012 12:42:14 AM

Had a GREAT conversation with a seemingly great sub today. Hopefully things continue as planned and they don't flake on me like so many others have.

1/9/2012 11:55:41 AM
"Show me a man or a woman alone and I'll show you a saint. Give me two and they'll fall in love. Give me three and they'll invent the charming thing we call 'society'. Give me four and they'll build a pyramid. Give me five and they'll make one an outcast. Give me six and they'll reinvent prejudice. Give me seven and in seven years they'll reinvent warfare. Man may have been made in the image of God, but human society was made in the image of His opposite number, and is always trying to get back home."
--Stephen King

1/4/2012 9:23:24 PM

Hey Ladies,
I would watch out for a certain spontaneousdom.

Apparently, he likes to tell you he's a switch, even though his profile says he's a Dom. And if you turn him down, he tells you that he hopes you catch a disease, call you awful names, then block you. So...this is a 44 year old man that acts like he's 12. Totally not worth any woman's time. Sub, Switch, or Dom. Just so you know....

1/2/2012 11:12:44 PM

If you're havin' girl problems, I feel bad for ya, son.

I got 99 problems and a bitch ain't one.

12/26/2011 1:26:27 PM

Seriously, little boys...don't waste my fuckin' time.

11/28/2011 2:41:08 PM

I've got a sweet tooth and strawberry youth

You wanna be my licorice and misguided truth

And right now I'll show you how

I'm a beauty killer

11/1/2011 12:43:37 AM

For those of you interested, I have recently opened an account with clips4sale . com.

Please feel free to message me with what YOU would like to see in a video/picture. :)

10/20/2011 7:23:34 PM
I wonder why it is so easy to feel someone within the safe home of your soul...but so painfully hard to hear them claim their rightful place within your heart.

9/15/2011 4:51:01 PM

"It's in the Ten Commandments to not take the Lord's name in vain.  Rape isn't up there, by the way.....Rape is not on the Ten Commandments.

But don't say this guys name with a shitty attitude."-Louis C.K.

9/13/2011 8:32:04 AM

Exactly how many Doctor Who references am I allowed to make before someone no longer wants to fuck me?

9/10/2011 12:09:36 PM

"Don't know what you see in my negativity. I know, you know...It's one part you, three parts me."

9/9/2011 6:10:10 AM

Had an awesome day yesterday! :D

9/6/2011 6:07:28 AM
That awkward moment when you see one of your old teachers from middle school on here looking for "harsh anal punishment". O_O

8/23/2011 9:27:42 PM



Beware of the sub, arronx. He's a 19-20 yr old kid with a BIG issue with telling the truth, i.e. he doesn't know how to tell the truth. He's heavily into self mutilation, and claims to be a Satanist. In all truth, he's a dumbass who's into looking weird and attempting to shock people. It's all upside down crosses, inverted pentagrams/pentacles, and weird make-up to this guy. Mental illness may have something to do with his demeanor. The boy has some fuckin' issues to work out.


He will also tell you to add him on Facebook, to have you look at "his artwork" and tell him what you think. Problem is...none of it is his artwork.


Plain and simple: Kid is a fucking attention whore.


You have been warned.

8/7/2011 1:07:25 AM

You must be one of those Doms that don't get that submission is given, not taken, and should therefore be something you respect and cherish. Calling a woman a slut or a ho and enjoying forced oral sex doesn't make you a Dom, sweetheart. Consensual actions between partners are one thing, but to assume that EVERY woman will respond positively to being called names and told that they will be raped in one form or another isn't going to get you anywhere. Unless the parties involved have reached an agreement where those kinds of things are acceptable in their D/s relationship, you will never find a real submissive and will more than likely find yourself facing rape charges. Something to consider when you are wondering why no one real is messaging you.

8/4/2011 4:33:27 PM

Going back to LA next month! Shit yeah!!!!

7/12/2011 8:26:48 AM

Something I've noticed on here. Why is it that if your conversation with someone doesn't automatically veer towards sex or flirting or soemthing BDSM/fetish related, the other person loses interest in you VERY quickly? I understand that this is a BDSM site, and I understand that talking about it and all it entails is more than appropriate, but doesn't anyone agree with getting to know more about a person other than their sexual preferences? Especially if someone is looking for something permanent. And the people that contact me wonder why I won't give them half a chance.

7/4/2011 7:47:34 AM

They're= They fucking are.

Their= Shows fucking possession.

There= Specifies a fucking location. 


You're= You fucking are

Your= Shows fucking possession


We're=We fucking are

Were=Past fucking tense of "are."

Where=Specifies a fucking location.




It's called grammar, folks. Please use it before sending me a fucking lame ass message.

6/24/2011 6:02:07 AM

Is God willing to prevent evil, but not able? Then he is not omnipotent. Is he able, but not willing? Then he is malevolent. Is he both able and willing? Then whence cometh evil? Is he neither able nor willing? Then why call him God? 


6/22/2011 4:42:02 AM
I do not understand the mentality of people. I get hit on, and I turn them down, so I get called a slut.
Before turning them down I was curvy and beautiful, then suddenly I'm fat and ugly.
Am I missing something here? o.O

6/21/2011 5:23:40 AM

I think we should bring back the "Hanky Code." Just saying. It would make shit so much easier.

6/10/2011 6:11:32 AM

Some of the women on here need to be high fived. In the face. With a chair.

6/6/2011 7:50:27 PM
You don't like me? Then you can fuck right off. Seriously, why take the trouble to add a fat girl if all you're going to do is demean her? You're stupid and immature and clearly have no taste. I'm a fucking catch. Better than ANY bitch you could ever hope to get. I'm fucking gorgeous and you wish you could get a woman as wonderful as me. Too bad you suck.

5/27/2011 4:34:01 AM

Seriously thinking of going Domme, maybe even Pro-Domme. The Doms on this site are a fucking joke. So far, I haven't met a single one who is everything they claim to be. Fuck it. Maybe the subs will be better.

5/26/2011 6:49:13 AM

Non-conformity is a flawed concept. Truth be told, we all conform. Even when you refuse to conform, you are conforming to a lifestyle that tells you, “Don’t be like everyone else! Be different, be like us!” And everyone says, “Fuck Authority/The cops” until they need the authorities. You can’t have it both ways. We are all sheep. Whether we conform to a 9-5 job, marriage and kids or whether we conform to NOT conforming, we all fucking conform. People that preach this shit irritate me to no end. You wanna fuck up the system? Get a fucking job! Go to college. Don’t do a shit ton of drugs. Stop acting like being a total, useless fuckhead will make you “better” than anyone who does want a job or marriage or kids. People need to grow up and stop preaching the non-conformist rap. This non-conformity shit is so juvenile it hurts. It something 15 year old goth/punk/metal kids say because they learned a 5 syllable word and want to throw it around as much as they can to seem deep and complex. Non-conformity is a fucking joke.

5/23/2011 7:38:39 AM

Dear Crazy-ass Christian Fundamentalist Dom, 

There's no Heaven. There's no Hell. All you are is fucking worm food and might as well face that shit right now. God did not create Man. Man created God.


5/23/2011 4:09:23 AM
Fuck you. Don't fuck with me today. Today is not the fucking day to see how hard I can be pushed. You WILL fucking regret it.

5/13/2011 10:32:56 PM

I love it when men call me candy pants. :D

4/28/2011 8:24:37 PM

Bruises....I kind of like them. ;)

4/15/2011 7:48:27 PM

If you think this country is perfect, then your head is so far up your ass, your starting to enjoy the smell. A person can always improve and learn, so should our country. This is not a shot, this is a plea.

4/13/2011 9:55:22 AM

Now, I'm no Gynecologist, but I know a Cunt when I see one.

4/11/2011 4:34:50 AM

Ok...this needs to be said.

If I am willing to take a Dom, I will let people know if and when. I don't like it when people try to force themselves on me. Further more, if I were to become someone's sub, it would have to be on a larger basis than just for fucking. To me...BDSM isn't about getting easy, kinky, pussy. And it really saddens me that so many "Doms" use this site to try to pick up women who are too stupid to know the fucking difference between a real Dom and some asshole who is just looking for some freaky action with some sleazy girl. If you are REALLY wanting a D/s relationship then there are some things you should consider. For example, if all you want is pussy, have the fucking balls to say so. You can not control anyone until you can control your fucking self. You would be shocked at how many women truly do get off on being used and tossed away, so just be honest instead of trying so hard to convince a sub (who already knows exactly what she wants) that you are the one for her, when you clearly are not. And if you are serious about taking a slave or sub, then try to get to know them. If all you can manage to talk about is how you like your cock sucked and how many men you are going to share her with, don't expect said sub to be in a hurry to take you seriously. Also, and this is probably the most important part, understand that in all actuality, it is NOT the Dom that truly controls everything. It is indeed the sub. A sub is ALLOWING said Dom to control her. ALLOWING him to use her. Even if the submissive party is owned/collared.  News flash, assholes: YOU CAN NOT DO ANY OF THE SHIT YOU DO WITHOUT THE CONSENT OF THE SUB/SLAVE!!!! Yes, there may be power play. Yes, the sub/slave may CHOOSE to give over all disicion making duties to you. But the fact of the matter is, that you, my dear pretended "Doms", you have no power but what a sub/slave gives to you. Period. Perhaps some of you should think about that before messaging anymore subs on here.

4/11/2011 4:02:57 AM
Sorry folks...I'm a non-theist, i don't believe in the floaty boat.

4/7/2011 3:35:52 AM
Why is it, that the women who talk shit about me or give me a rough time are always between the ages of 19 and cunt? Seriously...I am some times ashamed to be a woman.

4/4/2011 2:47:02 AM

Sunburns are painful and suck.

Ow..... :(

4/2/2011 10:56:38 PM


4/1/2011 9:27:27 PM
Wow...really? Send me an email to let me know how ugly I am? That I should just kill myself? That you would NEVER be my Dom? Oh no! What am I to do! I will cease to exist if I can't have your worthless 3inch cock! Wow...I guess I should go slice up my wrists, huh? *jerks hands and rolls eyes*

4/1/2011 12:22:25 PM

I just recieved the greatest email ever.

"hi my name is (Name Withheld) and i was looking at your profile..  and no i dont know you .. but you give me confidence in my self. i always have been ashamed of my body. and i love how you can just show everyone everything. i dont know you but i already look up to you..
Thank you"

This makes me feel amazing inside. I really wish more people loved themselves for who they were instead of pining away over what they aren't. Don't get me wrong, there is always room for improvement if you feel there are things about you that need improving, but to hate everything about yourself...that's just sad. Our society teaches us to be ashamed of every little thing that doesn't fit into what they think is good, or right, or normal.

I am really happy that I had a positive impact on this girl. I never would have thought posting a few pictures of my fat ass would have that kind of power over someone. And I use the word "fat"(I think people have a problem with the word "fat" because it's usually used in such a derogatory manner) with plenty of confidence in myself because I do not feel it is negative to refer to yourself as fat if you are. Speak the truth and don't try to sugar coat it the truth with phrases like BBW or Pleasently Plump. Call it like it is.

To the girl who sent me this email: You are AMAZING! You are lovely and awesome and don't let anyone tell you any differently. Love yourself and be good to yourself.

3/31/2011 11:20:48 PM

Well...I've been on this site for about a year, with little to no luck.

The weirdest thing is...I've seen about 6 people on here that either are, or look EXACTLY like people I have known (both extensively and briefly) in my "normal" life. Hmmm....

3/29/2011 1:35:46 AM

I gotta be honest...When someone becomes hostile with me when I inform them that I do not do the casual play thing, I some times wonder if they think freaking out at me will make me change my mind. 

I gotta tell ya.....It doesn't. In fact, nothing is a bigger turn off than a nut job.


Just saying....

3/12/2011 7:19:26 PM
I don't understand why Atheism is synonymous with being immoral and wicked and such. I'm probably one of the most giving, caring people i know, and i relate the most with atheism. Shit, most of the Christian people I've known happen to be selfish, inconsiderate, judgmental, angry, hypocritical, spiteful and hateful people. (Note: I said MOST, not ALL). They take "gods words" and use it as a weapon against what they, personally, don't like/agree with/approve of. Ieah, I'm probably being judgmental right now, but I never said I was above being hypocritical. lol!!! But yeah, morals have nothing to do with religion.Tthey have everything to do with being a good person.

3/10/2011 4:05:07 PM

Why buy the pig just to get a little bit of sausage?

3/7/2011 4:18:52 AM

If you are one of the many people who continuously look at my profile, but never email, please stop.  That is fucking creepy.

3/4/2011 4:08:56 AM

It's one of those mornings that I want to curl up into a ball and die. It's going to be a L O N G day. *le sigh*

2/27/2011 9:42:23 AM
If Jesus was alive today, most right wing capitalist "christians" (christian=christlike) would label him a bleeding heart liberal and "crucify" him all over again. Perhaps they should spend more time reading their bibles, instead of thumping on them. Maybe then, they would understand what that label they wear so hypocritically, and yet proudly, really means.

2/23/2011 5:56:50 AM
I consider jury duty to be a civic responsibility. I just think I would feel more civicly responsible if I had to be there at noon instead of 8:30AM and they had free pizza and Coca-cola for us.

2/22/2011 6:34:08 AM

No, sir. You may NOT fuck my ass....not ever.


That is a gated community and you do not have clearance.



2/20/2011 5:30:57 AM

I was recently told by a friend that I may want to consider smoking pot to help with my insomnia. Nothing habitual, but a few tokes before I go to bed. The problem with that is that I don't like pot. Aside from it making your curtains and clothing smell like a homeless guy, it plain does not agree with me. Sure, the VERY few times I have smoked it, it has made me sleepy. At the same time, it wakes me up with the most ferocious nausea EVER. Yeah...the hour of solid sleep I would get isn't worth the 5 hours of vomiting that would follow. Funny thing is, this is the same friend that suggested I try pot for my anxiety. And my menstrual cramps. And my ingrown toenail. And my complexion....

......Notice a pattern here?

I know that my friend was only trying to help, but people who think pot "cures" everything kind of annoy me. So do the people who are all for the legalization of marijuana for "medicinal purposes." We don't need to legalize it to enjoy said medicinal benefits. That's what a prescription is for. Same thing with Vicodin or Valium. It's illegal to posses those drugs unless you have a script for them. I'm not saying that pot can't help some things, like pain, but most of the people I know that smoke don't give a shit about the medicinal properties of marijuana. They just want to get high without catching shit from the cops.

I want to make it clear that I don't have a problem with anyone's life choices, but at least have the balls to call it like it is. If you smoke pot to relax, just say so. You don't have to justify what you do to anyone. If you enjoy pot, great. Just don't make up some bullshit story about why you use it. If feel the need to justify your choice to use a drug, or the need to create a story, then you probably shouldn't be using it.

2/14/2011 3:02:02 AM

Have you ever looked at someone, and thought, "Your mother should have swallowed you"?

2/14/2011 12:04:38 AM
Dear Insomnia,

You know I have to get up at crazy o'clock in the morning, yet you STILL refuse to go away for one fucking night! As soon as I get my hands on some kind of highly powerful sleep aid, you are fucked, Insomnia.



2/13/2011 7:27:43 AM
Women: You can't live with them and you can't cut them up into tiny pieces and tell the neighbors they're in Palm Springs.

2/11/2011 4:27:49 AM
Those who judge music by physical appearance are clearly missing the whole point of music in the first place. Music transcends the physical. It's from the soul, for the soul. If you're hung up on the physical, your soul is severely missing out on some beautiful music.

1/18/2011 6:00:30 AM

1/9/2011 10:59:31 PM
May I just say...that if you use not having a drink, a cigarette, a joint, a line...whatever...for being a complete asshole/bitch to people, you're fucking lame. Chances are you are that way without any of the above mentioned crutches. Take some fucking responsibility for yourself.

1/8/2011 9:54:49 PM

Let me just say...if you have ever uttered the phrase, "True that/dat" you really shouldn't be surprised if you don't get laid. Just saying....

1/4/2011 5:41:05 AM

Something I find interesting is that overweight women are often supported in hating their bodies, in starving themselves, in engaging in unsafe exercise and in seeking out weight loss by any means necessary. A thin person who does these things is considered mentally ill. A fat person who does these things is redeemed by them. This is why our culture has no concept of a fat person who also has an eating disorder? If you’re fat, it’s not an eating disorder — it’s a lifestyle change.

1/2/2011 9:31:38 PM

Pretty by Katie Makkai


When I was just a little girl, I asked my mother “What will I be? Will I be pretty? ” Will I be pretty? Will I be pretty? What comes next? Oh right, will I be rich which is almost pretty depending on where you shop. And the pretty question infects from conception passing blood and breath into cells. The word hangs from our mothers’ hearts in a shrill of fluorescent floodlight of worry.

“Will I be wanted? Worthy? Pretty? But puberty left me this funhouse mirror dry add: teeth set at science fiction angles, crooked nose, face donkey-long, and pox-marked where the hormones went finger-painting my poor mother.

“How could this happen? You’ll have porcelain skin as soon as we can see a dermatologist.” “You sucked your thumb. That’s why your teeth look like that! ” “You were hit in the face with a Frisbee when you were six, otherwise your nose would have been fine! ”

Don’t worry; we will get it all fixed she would say, grasping my face, twisting it this way and that as if it were a cabbage she might buy. But, this is not about her. Not her fault she, too, was raised to believe the greatest asset she could bestow upon her awkward little girl was a marketable appearance.
By sixteen I was pickled by ointments, medications, peroxides. Teeth corralled into steel prongs, laying in a hospital bed. Face packed with gauze, cushioning the brand new nose the surgeon had carved.
Belly gorged on two pints of my own blood I had swallowed under anesthesia, and every convulsive twist, like my body screaming at me from the inside out “What did you let them do to you? ” All the while, this never ending chorus groaning on and on like the IV needle dripping liquid beauty into my blood.

“Will I be pretty? ” Will I be pretty like my mother, unwrapping the gift wrap to reveal the bouquet of daughter her $10,000 bought her? Pretty? Pretty.

And now I have not seen my own face in ten years. I have not seen my own face in ten years, but this is not about me! This is about the self-mutilating circus we have painted ourselves clowns in. About women who will prowl thirty stores in six malls to find the right cocktail dress, but haven’t a clue where to find fulfillment or how to wear joy, wandering through life shackled to a shopping bag, beneath those two pretty syllables.

This, this is about my own some-day daughter. When you approach me, already stung-stayed with insecurity, begging, “Mom, will I be pretty? Will I be pretty? , ” I will wipe that question from your mouth like cheap lipstick and answer no.

The word pretty is unworthy of everything you will be, and no child of mine will be contained in five letters. You will be pretty intelligent, pretty creative, pretty amazing, but you will never be merely “pretty.”

1/2/2011 8:17:45 PM
How many beautiful women do you know that wear their insecurity like a sign around their neck saying "Please love me, because I can't."

12/21/2010 5:24:41 AM

I am so sick and fucking tired of people telling fat girls that our “confidence” is sexy. You wanna know what’s fucking sexy? MY ASS! Wanna know what else is sexy? MY THIGHS! How about this, MY FUCKING BELLY! It’s sexy that you can hold handfuls of me at a time. People’s heads whip when I walk down the street, and it’s not my confidence that they’re thinking about fucking. It’s my body. Don’t tell me that I’m hot because I’m comfortable in my skin. Don’t tell me that I’m hot because I have a pretty face. Don’t tell me that I’m hot because I’ve done so much work to love myself. It’s a cop-out. Confidence is sexy. But so is a nice rack.

12/16/2010 5:56:44 AM just have to say to the ones that mean the most to you, "I love you like Hitler's dad should have pulled out."


12/15/2010 5:21:48 AM
Something someone said about me in an email to me. I can't say I disagree.

"You're so smart that you're bored, in life you're like that kid who starts trouble in class just to pass the time. I think if you found an outlet for that, a focus, you'd take the world by storm."

12/12/2010 12:19:44 PM
I am currently reading the book "L0lita." If taboos bother you, it's not the book for you. If not...I really do recommend it.

12/2/2010 8:02:33 PM
When People think they are alone in the restroom they say things like "that laxative wasn't worth losing 5lbs, I think I shit out my teeth."


11/26/2010 5:05:16 AM

Seriously guys...greeting a girl with an email that just says, "Nice tits..." is fucking lame. All these Doms want to complain about subs/switches being fakes because we delete their messages and block them. We aren't fakes, we just hate how stupid you are. That is why we block you. If you don't have the ability to come up with at least a "Hello, how are you" chances are we aren't going to be interested. Just because a woman has sub/slave/switch on her profile doesn't mean she doesn't want the same courtesies every other woman wants. Just because ANY person has a profile on this site does not mean that we can reduce ourselves to idiots because they internet gives us the proverbial balls to act like jack asses.

11/25/2010 10:45:19 AM

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.

11/22/2010 3:25:04 AM

Ok...I've had a few subs ask me what I want for Christman so I figured I'd make it easy on you boys and post my Amazon wishlist.



11/21/2010 5:40:28 PM

After watching Passion of The Christ, its clear that Jesus forgot his safety word.

11/15/2010 4:53:56 AM

If I had a mystery
I’d spoil the surprise
Giving it away to you
To see it through your eyes
If I had a song to sing
I’d name it after you
So that each time it was heard
Everybody knew
That no one mattered anymore
And no one ever would

That I would stop the spinning earth
If only music could
And if I had a purer heart
I think that I could be
Something that you’ll someday need
If only that were me
For if I look inside myself
At what I hide away
I find my heart will never be
The reason that you stay

11/13/2010 4:26:25 PM

Sorry I haven't been on much lately. I've been dealing with these horrid migraines and they are becoming debilitating. To anyone I may have been messaging, bare with me on this. I've been having a rough couple of months.

P.s. If you have my number and you havetried to text or call me, you are better off emailing me on here. My phone's battery is not holding a charge for shit so...yeah.

11/12/2010 10:14:44 AM
Creating music is a lot like masturbation...

If it's not hot, maybe you should just keep it yourself?

11/11/2010 10:15:04 PM

Duct tape....

It fixes EVERYTHING...including stupid.

11/10/2010 12:24:31 AM
My 8 year old nephew decided he was Atheist. *sniffles* They grow up so fast.

11/5/2010 11:57:41 PM

But you're just a little boy
Think you're so cute, so coy
You must talk so big
To make up for smaller things
So you're just a little boy
All you'll do is annoy
You must talk so big
To make up for smaller things

11/3/2010 8:17:49 PM

Ok...all you people that look at my profile but never send a message, STOP THAT! Just email me instead of stalking my profile silently.

11/2/2010 11:30:00 PM

Religion Babble

You know his name wasn't really Jesus Christ, right? Jesus is just the Greek translation of Yeshua, which translates from Hebrew as Joshua. But his name was Josh Christ, either, since his parents were not Joseph and Mary Christ. So...It's really not blasphemy to say, "Jesus Christ," because it's not taking the right name in vain. Isn't religion fun?


11/2/2010 11:04:40 PM

For those of you who read my posting from October 30th will find it interesting that the person I was referring to ACTUALLY changed said part of his profile. LMAO

See? It doesn't pay to be a moron does it?

11/1/2010 8:11:49 AM

To those of you I've been messaging back and forth, I'm dealing with one HELL of a head cold and I'm having HORRENDOUS ear aches so if I don't respond right away, chances are I'm curled up in the fetal position bawling like a baby because me ear hurt so bad. Thanks for understanding.


10/30/2010 9:36:11 AM

I think it's funny that I get called an idiot when I try to help someone out so subs don't look at said persons profile and laugh their asses off. Seriously...some of us like our Doms to be intelligent. Or at the VERY least be able to spell correctly and use proper grammar. Ying and Yang? Really? I guess, being that this "Dom" looks like he may be of the redneck persuasion, you can't and shouldn't expect people to be even somewhat smart on this site.

10/28/2010 7:31:15 AM the sub I really wanted doesn't think he can give me what I want/need. Interesting...I thought I knew what I wanted/needed. I was really looking forward to meeting him and spending some time with him, even if it was only a few times in a month.

Oh well.....I guess that's what I get for believing what a sub tells me when they say they want to be with me.  Go figure.

10/18/2010 7:34:30 AM

So there's this little shit talking bitch boy on here by the name of StraponGUY that likes to push buttons. I have some rather humiliating pics of him I would be delighted to share with you all. Just message me for more info.


10/16/2010 5:10:34 AM
I find it somewhat amusing that the Doms on here that are ugly as sin and weigh about 600 lbs are always the ones to email me and tell me how gross fat subs or switches are. And how there is no way I could get a sub myself because my giant ass would kill them. That may be true...but I look at it like this. My ass is a nice ass to die under and any sub should feel honored to have the privilege.  :) 

10/14/2010 3:01:05 AM
Rule #512 of Cock Farming: If your kisses can'...t hold the man your love, anal sex will bring him back... for the night.

10/11/2010 7:14:24 AM
I bothers me that it's easier to be able to have children than it is to obtain a drivers license. In order to be able to drive, legally, we are put through a series of tests, thereby determining who is and is not an appropriate candidate for driving on public streets, why is it we don't do the same thing for becoming parents? 

10/9/2010 7:42:40 PM
Dear CM Doms,

Yes I am unemployed. Yes, I have a reason. Yes, My anxiety disorder is real and I can't leave the house most day without being medicated. Don't like it? Quit talking to me. I don't ask for money from you so there is no reason to act like I want you to be my Daddy. Bitches, please.

10/5/2010 5:50:02 AM
Dear CM "Doms,"

Yes, ok...fine. You don't like me because I'm fat. Well done, you're maybe the 690th person to tell me that. It's really simple. If you don't like fat girls, why do you bother emailing me? Is you're life so boring (considering most Dom's on here still live with Mommy in her basement, I really don't need an answer to that question) that you have to make time and go out of your way to email someone you supposedly "wouldn't fuck with a 10 foot pole?"  I look at it like this, I must be pretty hot shit for you to go out of your way to send me emails about how you'd never fuck me, and how you make it a point to keep reiterating the idea of sex with me. In all honesty, I'm starting to view these emails as latent sexual advances, which I will never accept because you "Doms" are a bunch of pussies. You make me feel bad for the real Doms that want a good submissive but can't find the ones who haven't been burned by assholes, like yourselves. Fuck off and get a life.


9/17/2010 8:39:44 PM
I've noticed that alot of Dom's on here want all the rewards of a Sub with none of the responsibilities. That's sad.

9/9/2010 5:01:08 AM
So...after a much needed break from this site, I'm back. Hope to speak to you all soon. :)

7/7/2010 4:21:51 AM
Dear Christian Fundamentalists,

Your religion is the second largest cause of death in the last 2000 years. The only larger cause is the mosquito.

Just sayin'.....

7/4/2010 11:59:56 AM
Dear Smokers,
You do realize that Camel Lights, Marlboro Lights or any other "Light" cigarettes use the word "light" to indicate the flavor of said cigarette, not the level of toxins in it, right? 
*hint* Smoking "light" cigarettes don't make it easier for you to quit. It's like going to McDonalds and ordering a Big Mac combo meal, supersized, and making the drink a Diet Coke.

6/25/2010 6:16:12 AM
"The truth is hard to swallow, but then again, most medicines are." -Emilie Autumn

6/20/2010 10:49:09 PM
Ugh! Camel No.9 and root beer do not mix. ACK!

6/17/2010 5:47:54 PM
What?! .15?! .15 ain't shit! You have NO idea how fucked up I can get!

6/13/2010 11:22:59 AM
OK...Let me clarify my profile a bit. There is only one Dom that I am interested in right now, and I'd like to focus my attentions on him. I don't know really how he feels about me right now so I'm taking things slow. I really like him and if I'm going to have a Dom, I want it to be him. If he would rather just be involved with me on a vanilla basis that's fine, too. but I am no longer looking to talk to men for anything other than STRICTLY friendship. Same thing goes for Subs. I have two men in mind and I do not want any more. One of which I'm not even sure is all that serious. He doesn't seem to grasp that their is only so much a person can teach a sub via the internet....or maybe I'm not imaginative enough. But yeah...friends only for now.

6/10/2010 5:54:32 AM's weird to be told I'm a "sinner" on this site. Just saying...

Christians are ACTUALLY emailing me on here to tell me that I'm going to burn in Hell.

Dude! You're a "Christian" on a BDSM web community!

You all need to read the scripture.

In Matthew, Chapter 4-Verse 17, it says, "Shut the fuck up!"

...That's King James version, by the way. :)

6/9/2010 6:35:26 PM
Yes, I am fucking gorgeous. No, you can't own me. Piss off. There is only two MEN I would even CONSIDER trusting enough to collar me. So yeah...fuck you.

6/4/2010 7:11:04 AM
I just found out that Jello is in fact made from connective tissue from various animals...and I just died a little inside.

6/3/2010 6:46:22 PM
Ok....I am a very bright young lady. If you imply that you want to collar me or at the very least consider me for collaring, it's a good idea to let me know. It's one thing to tell me that you want to fuck me, it's something else to tell me you want more than just my cunt.

I will be the first to admit that sex is an element to the BDSM lifestyle, however, if you are into a Sub and you can't discuss anything BUT sex with them, there is no chance of it being long term, if that's what you were aiming for.


To tell a Sub that what she/he wants does not matter is WRONG. Unless said Sub has agreed to TPE then you have to respect her/his limits. Subs are still people and, unless specified, a Dom can not honestly expect said Sub to react favorably. It is a Doms job to ensure that the Subs best interests are kept at heart. If you are not considering anyones desire but you're own, the relationship will fall apart.

A SUB IS NOT A SLAVE AND NOT ENOUGH DOMS UNDERSTAND THIS! Unless said Sub has agreed via contract(verbal or otherwise)to become a slave, they need to be treated like humans with rights. Not fuck-toy robots.

6/3/2010 5:38:03 AM

Just when all seems fine and I'm pain-free....

Jab another pin in me.

6/1/2010 11:06:10 PM
Dude! You can't honestly say you expected me to jump on your dick when you send me a message that reads, "HAY MAMI WUT IT DUE???"

Really? I mean....fucking really?!

Someone please tell me I'm not the only person on here who's eye twitches when they read shit like that, or worst, gets messages like that.

5/31/2010 3:52:38 AM
A few random thoughts for the day.

1. It's rude to chew with ones mouth open.

2. Every now and then it's good to open a new loaf of bread and pull a piece from the middle.

3. People with I-phones are alot like people with large penises: The take it out and play with it WAAAY too often.

4. I totally suck at math....

5. ...Which is why I stopped playing Dungeons and Dragons.

6. I dislike people who throw things out onto the street.

7. When ever I hear the word "Fap," I giggle hysterically.

8. I wonder why Germans love David Hasselhoff so much.  Don't get it....

9. Parents who let their small children SIT on the escalator need to be punched...hard...right in the baby maker.

10. Some times you just have to say, "I am sooo under the limit, dude," and drive yourself home.

11. Stop saying that Mama Cass dyed via ham sandwich! Jeez...

12. The song "Crazy Bitch" by Buckcherry is, amazingly, both A.) The worst song ever written and B.) the barfly anthem of the United States.

13. That's never going to heel if you don't stop picking at it...


14. Parents who use those kid leashes need to realize two things. A.) You may think you have found a better way to look after your kid, but really all that leash is saying is "I am too lazy to actually look after the little shit machine," and B.) You are inadvertently entertaining everyone who sees you and your child. Personally, I laugh like a mad woman every time I see that shit... In fact I'm chuckling right now.

5/30/2010 7:31:12 PM
I am heartbroken and sick to my stomach. I don't know what's worst: the near debilitating nausea or the stabbing pain in my chest. 

5/26/2010 6:11:45 PM
Alright, from now on, if you are going to message me, at the very least look at all my pictures.

It's sad that a Sub/Dom/Switch is not judged by his or her ability to please or ability to be in charge 24/7, but by what they look like.

So, I'm asking you guys to please take the time to look at my photos before you decided you want to "get to know me better."

I have even stated on my profile that if you are not into BBW's then I am not the woman for you.

So, for future references, please take the time to actually view my pictures. Thanks

5/20/2010 11:38:07 AM
So...I guess the subbie I had so much faith in is no longer interested. Seeing as how they have not bothered to respond to any of the emails I have sent to him.

Oh, well....I guess this means I am accepting male subs again.

*sigh* :(

5/4/2010 10:26:31 PM
Cool...the Dom I was interested in has more or less kicked me to the curb.

Oh, well....moving on.

4/24/2010 10:07:57 PM
Dear Doms,

If you wish to talk to me that is fine. I have no objections to conversation.

Ways to start said conversation could be as follows:

Hello. How are you?

Hey, I liked your profile.

Blah, blah, blah....You get the fucking idea.

Now...the above mentioned items are just a couple of acceptable ways to open a conversation. I'm sure you know(I hope)there are more.

So, having said that, I also feel the need to inform many of you that messaging a sub with "Hey, fuck pig. What's your yahoo?" or it's like is not an appropriate way to approach a sub(unless of course said sub has stated on his/her profile that she/he is into degradation).

I am not your slave(certainly many of you would not want to train me). Therefore, you do not have the right to call me such a name. You don't like bigger women? Fine. Don't message me.

Messaging me to let me know I'm fat is like telling a black guy he isn't white, ok? And it also makes a display of how immature and ignorant you are. Which means you probably should not be involved in this kind of life style. Or be on this website. Or even be allowed to own a computer with internet access. Just saying....

4/24/2010 2:37:37 AM
Ok...There is only one male Sub I am considering at the moment. For future reference, I am only interested in female subs from now on(save for the one male). Just so we're clear on this, the sub in question is LouisvilleSwitch. He is the only male sub I am contemplating and the only male sub I will e further sessions with, if things go well. From now on...women only as subs.

4/7/2010 7:18:14 PM
Ok....for those of you I have regular conversations with I will not be on CM for some time come tomorrow. Long story short, I have fucked up roommates. Said roommates are turning off the lights, the gas, and taking the fridge with them. So...for those of you who have my number, by all means call my phone.

4/6/2010 12:46:26 PM
I'm tempted to de-nut the fucker downstairs who is BLASTING mariachi music. I like some of it actually...but when it's vibrating my bed and I am trying to sleep...that's the line that should not be crossed. 

I think I may pay him a visit...

4/5/2010 4:39:55 AM
Awww...poor little boy doesn't like this fat Switch? Boo-hoo...

Oh, my feelings are SOOO hurt.

"you should be on a diet before posting any more pictures! only attracted to anal sex with them, yea their asses are diffenitely hot!"

I love people like this who have to take the time out of their day to inform me that I should diet because my big ass doesn't get them hard. Wow...this actually makes me feel pretty good about myself. I must be hot shit if this asshole has to spend the time to send a message to someone he doesn't even know.

Hahahaha! Man do I love idiots!!!

4/3/2010 8:27:05 AM
I wonder if it's possibly to have more than one Dom.  All these Doms....*drool*

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