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Hetero Male Dominant, 47,  Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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Supreme1982 - photo 1

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I have been Dominant all of My life, always finding My way to controlling situations and?interactions involving Myself. I have always been looked up to as a leader and looked?upon to mediate for others. I was a silent observer of My environs, stepping up only?when I knew I would be able to gain the upper hand and secure it completely, and?flawlessly. I do not like to waste My time in futile pursuits or endeavors. Time is?precious and once lost; it cannot be recovered... I am not a Man of ego, but am quite confident in the skills I do possess. I am not too proud to admit My mistakes and learn from others. We are all here to add to eachother's growth and development. Youth is no excuse for na?vet?, when there are so many avenues of knowledge available to Us. To those who have helped Me along this path so far, I thank you and to all the friends I have yet to meet; thank you as well... I am still evolving within the scene by it's structure and semantics, but I am wired from birth in it's premise. I thrive on Structure and Discipline, and am led by Logic, Common Sense and Reason. Since embracing this lifestyle, I have found a level of Emotional, Intellectual and Spiritual Growth, and most of all Fulfillment, which I imagined and dreamt of My entire youth. I enjoy consensual and fun S&M, from the Sensual, to the more Extreme/ Intense experiences. I feed off of Control, Service and Protocol. When one takes a bit of pain for Me, and I am allowed to make her vulnerable from the inside out; this is when I am in Heaven... Being a Dominant, I'm generally interested in female submissives and Self-Identified slaves. At this point, I am open to different types of Relationships, Power Dynamics, and Play Partners. Ultimately however, My true interest and the foundation of My Relationships, fall within what W/we tend to call the M/s Dynamic. This, at least for Me, requires a meaningful connection with anyone I choose to play with, a serious, longer lasting commitment to each other and the Dynamic defined, and lead by Me... I have been in multiple M/s relationships before - it has been very hard work; and I?enjoyed every step of that work immensely...As for my personal life? Get to know Me and then ask. I don't feel like putting My life?goals, dreams and desires in this short little intro. I will tell you, that I have a lot of?creative interests that keep Me very busy and everything I spend My time on in this life,?I am very passionate about. So I do ask that you be certain as to what you desire of?and with Me, and be clear and concise about it. I do not wish to waste My time or?yours, if we do not have similar goals, ideals or purposes in common... My door is open. Knock if you so desire... ________________________________________________________________












 Dominant Male



 5' 10"

 209 lbs



 African Descent



Actively Seeking:

Submissive female

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Journal Entries:
6/14/2013 7:39:25 PM
June 14th... It's time to move on from the past. What used to be has faded, the passion isn't there so there is no need to try and relive the past, it isn't my future.

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