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I am intelligent, creative, and dominant. I want a woman, for preferably for a Long Term Relationship , who is intelligent,creative, and obedient. If you are looking for something short term and temporary, chances are we wont get along.I dance, write, sculpt, blow glass, and dance (I dance a lot - blues, tango, and swing). Ive put a sample of some fiction in my journal, scroll down to read it.Sexually, I enjoy Role playing, Bondage, spanking, candles DominanceSubmission, humiliation play and creating naked art.Pain is not my focus,but will provide it if you earn it. My long term partners learn to dance to please me. I am a patient teacher, but strict when you make mistakes.I do best with intelligent women. Who wants to drive a K-Car when you can drive a Ferrari instead.

Health wise, I got a double kidney transplant in 2018. I am doing well, and aside from taking extra steps to avoid infections (the drugs I take to protect my new kidneys make me vulnerable to infections of all kinds), I am living a pretty normal life. But it does mean you cant even catch even the common cold from me, and I will insist on using safe sexual practices for all activities.

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7/20/2008 10:27:16 AM
(Scroll down to read the short story I wrote.)

I like to try new adventures.  Here is a PARTIAL list of some of the new things I have done:

Blown glass (cups, bowls, pitchers - check my photos, I made the vase),
Sculpted glass artwork,
Created Neon artwork,
Sculpted Alabaster,
Stunt man High Falls class,
Used Landrollers,
Taken Improv class,
Written a short story,
Written a novel,
Sign langauge class,
Dog sledding,
plaster body molding,
made a hologram,
taken 3d lenticular photographs,
Indoor sky-diving,

12/11/2007 5:49:01 PM

Fiction (Email me for part 2):

Stacy was 27 years old pretty blond, and had been working for Singapore Export/Import in Chicago for 3 years. When her boss, Andrew, got promoted and asked her if she wanted to move to Singapore as his Administrative assistant, she jumped at the chance. Not only was it more after tax money, but her five year contract included free schooling for Billy (her 6 year old son) as a perk. Her current neighborhood did not have the best schools and she had heard good things about the private school the SEI's children attended. Besides, she really liked working for Andrew - he not only let her bring Billy to work once, but spent his lunch hour playing with Billy while she found a new daycare center.


Moving so far from home was a bit of a bother, but getting away from her drunk of an ex husband would be good - she might even be able to finally quit drinking herself. Not that she was an alcoholic or anything, but she did get smashed every once in a while. 


Singapore was a great place to live, safe, pretty, and educated. A month after she got there, Stacy bought a condo and set up home. The night after she signed the papers on the condo, she asked Andrew her boss watch Billy for the night while she celebrated.....


The next morning, Stacy does not pick up Billy. Andrew gets worried, and drives over to her new condo. He goes up to the door and knocks on it, but the door pushes open - it was unlocked. Andrew takes Billy in and is amazed at the mess. Chairs are overturned, papers are everywhere and the coup de grace is the pretty young lady herself. Stacy is lying on the couch, her dress all messed up, exposing 1/2 her pretty panty covered ass, with smudges of glittery blue paint on her arm and a can of spray paint on the floor near her left arm. Peaking out over her right shoulder is an empty bottle of beer.


Andrew puts Billy in his bedroom, turns on the TV to the cartoon channel, and begins to clean up the room. He then wakes up Stacy who mumbles a quick apology and a 'thank you' for taking care of Billy and all the while apologizing, shows Andrew the door.


Come Monday, Andrew tells Stacy that he hopes that was a one night thing, better behavior is expected of SEI employees. Stacy profusely apologizes and promises not to do it again, she really wants her job. Andrew says he is going to think about an appropriate punishment. Stacy spends the entire week worrying about what he will do.


On Friday afternoon, Andrew tells Stacy to see him after work. When she gets there he hands the English language newspaper, opened to page 5. The "Straits Times" has a story there about two teenage Malaysian workers at Sei Woo Rubber Works who have been arrested, tried and given 20 lashes a piece for spray painting "SEI RULES!" on the side of a van in glittery blue spray paint. Singapore is very strict about such vandalism, if they had not pleaded guilty it could have been 40 apiece, says the article. It has a picture of their well caned asses just to drive home the humiliation.


Stacy's face goes white. 


Andrew: "Is there anything you want to tell me young lady?"


Stacy: "I'm so sorry sir, I didn't know, I was drunk, I was so proud about working for us, and I "


Andrew: "That’s ENOUGH. These two innocent men took 20 lashes apiece because of your behavior, stop making excuses. Worse, I checked and Sei Woo Rubber fired them for their inappropriate behavior. Why shouldn't I turn you in and fire you?"


Stacy: "please sir, don't turn me in, i need this job and i couldn't take 20 lashes, look at their asses, those young men are bleeding, and the embarrassment of being seen in the paper like that and i need my job to pay i can't stay here i don't speak Chinese and couldn't get a job and i just bought the condo, and i really need this job, i'll do anything to keep it."


Andrew: "Hmm. I might think of a way for you to keep your job. I am not sure. But warning, I don't see how you can avoid a caning. I can probably arrange for it to be spread out, so you don't bleed, though, and it won't be in the paper. I will think about it and call you Sunday."


Stacy spends the entire weekend thinking about her punishment. Will he turn me in? Does she have some kind of connection with the government to get me off easy? Will he cane me himself? That last idea excites her. She obsesses about it and then early Saturday morning, while thinking about Andrew caning her, she masturbates till she comes all over her new sheets.


Then Sunday night comes around; Stacy keeps her cordless phone with her all the time. Come dinner it rang. 


Andrew: "I have a solution. Here are the rules. Either agree to them, or face exposure and being fired. #1, you will not be exposed to the general public, #2, you will take no more than 5 cane stripes a day, #3, you will take them for 3 days, for a total of 15 canings - 5 less than given to those young men. #4 After every stripe, I will wait till you are ready for the next - you have to ASK for it. Oh, and I have hired those unemployed men, to work for us. Do you agree to the rules?"


Stacy, thinks about it quickly and decides she isn't going to be offered a better choice: "yes sir."


Andrew: "Good. Your first caning will occur after work tomorrow.  Show up early tomorrow - you want to make sure and finish everything by 5 PM."


Stacy: "yes sir, i promise you won't be disappointed in me again."


Andrew: "I hope not - for your sake. " Click.


That night Stacy slept fitfully, dreaming about being publicly caned and having photos printed everywhere showing her raw ass, having people send them to her parents, worse her ex-husband. She woke up the next morning with a soaking wet pussy and needed a strong shower to clean herself off.


Stacy can barely keep her mind on her work all Monday, wondering what it will be like. She almost screws up the employment forms for the two new hires (Akumis and Allen - both A names easy to get them mixed up), but realizes that it would be a bad idea, so she double checks them and catches an error.


At 5 PM, Stacy enters Andrew's office and waits, standing up. Andrew spends 15 minutes finishing up some last minute stuff then looks up at her. She is wearing a flattering pair of pants and a nice blouse.


Andrew gets up, walks around her, examining her from behind. Stacy begins to turn her head, but Andrew reaches out and twists her head forward, "Eyes front".


Stacy: "yes sir".


Andrew: "You will get 5 canings from me today. Remove all your clothing, except your shoes."


Stacy: "i know I deserve a bare caning on my ass, but may I please keep my bra on for my dignity"


Andrew:" You are being punished for something you deserve, Akumis and Allen got punished for something they did not do. Consider it a penalty for not stepping forward immediately."


Stacy lowers her eyes and begins to strip off her clothing. First her pants, then her panties, revealing her Brazilian shaved pussy and pale alabaster ass, then unbuttoning her blouse and unhooking her bra. Her breasts hang low, as do her eyes. Her nipples are erect, betraying her excitement in the heat of Singapore weather.


Andrew: "Bend over this couch"


Stacy, with her eyes downcast ambles over to the couch, gets as close to the arm rest as possible and falls onto it, pressing her breasts tight to the couch, hoping to hide them, while at the same time enjoying the feel of the cloth against her nipples. She twists her head and sees Andrew walk over to a cylindrical poster shipping container, but from it he pulls a wooden cane. The cane seems so thin and long, she wonders if that is a good thing or a bad thing, how will it feel on her bare ass...


Andrew: "When I strike with the cane, it will hurt, a lot. When the pain subsides enough for you to take the next blow, say its count. So after the first, you say one then I hit you again, then you say two, etc. Do you understand?"


Stacy: "yes sir". She sees him walk to the other side of her but, and turns her face but sees just the couch.


Andrew: "Are you ready?"


Stacy: "yes siOUCH MOTHER FUCKER!!" as Andrew slams the cane across her ass, catching both cheeks, it MUST have broke skin. Stacy jerks up after the pain and grabs her ass. It is dry, no blood, but she hops around rubbing it, her tits are bouncing back and forth giving Andrew an extra show she realizes.


Andrew: "No cursing, that first is free I did not warn you before - but more will result in unpleasantness. Tell me when you are ready."


Stacy seriously thinks about quitting now. It is not the pain was too bad, but the knowledge that she will have to go through this 14 MORE times, and obviously it would be better to quit know then after the 10th time. But what if Andrew tells on her and she gets sentenced to more time? She does not think she could get Billy on a plane before she is caught and turned around. Not to mention the money. No. She can take this. It is only 4 more times today, and she is tough enough. Still rubbing her sore ass, she bends over the couch again and prepares herself. She does not notice Andrew admiring her breasts again, nor the gleam in his eye as he sees her pussy is noticeably puffy after just one smack.


Stacy: "one"


The contact of Andrew's hand on her back is a shock - Stacy had braced for a strike of the cane. Clearly she was not in quite as control of the situation as she had thought. He rubbed the muscles of her back then quickly the hand was gone and


SMACKK!, right across her ass again.


Stacy: "MOTHER." but she remembers not to curse. Up she goes again, tits bouncing lovely, hand on her sore ass again, rubbing it carefully. Andrew smiles, he is enjoying punishing Stacy tremendously. Each hop makes her breast jiggle so nicely. Stacy thinks "maybe the wait makes it worse, even though her ass still stings her, she quickly lies down again and


Stacy:"twoOWWE you BASTARD" up she goes again, holding her ass, checking for blood. whoops. She quickly realizes she was wrong, clearly it was better to wait till the pain subsided.


Andrew: "That was a bad error. You have offended my ears. I will offer you three possible ways to pay for your additional crime. 1) You may take an extra stroke" 


(not likely thinks Stacy, no way am I doing any more of these then I have to)


Andrew: "2) You may agree to me photographing your ass and posting it on the internet for a select few to see


(she would DIE of embarrassment; please god let three be ok)


Andrew:" 3) you may beg me to feel your body anyplace I want to with my hands until the 5th stroke is given".


Stacy thinks about this for less than a second, Andrew is cute, if a bit short, and she would not mind him feeling her up: "please sir, touch my body as you like till this is done. i would so much enjoy the feel of your hands on my skin" As she says it, she realizes it is true, she WOULD like his hands on her.


Andrew smiles and grabs her tits roughly: "Glad to oblige Stacy" His hands are rough, the way men often are when manhandling a women's breast he clearly is taking his enjoyment from her not caring about whether she likes it. It hurts some, but not as much as an extra swipe, she made the right decision she thinks. Then his right hand slowly snakes down, towards her pussy. Is he going to -- of course he will she realizes, but why is he taking so loonnnggg. After what feels like a minute his hand finally penetrates her pussy, finding it wet and soaking. This surprises her, she had not realized how turned on she had become.


Andrew: “I think you have been enjoying your punishment too much, perhaps I should strike harder?"


Stacy: "oouuh sir, no need for that, you are hard enough right now" The words pop out of her mouth before she even realizes what she said, but Andrew only smiles and pushes further into her pussy. Just when things are about to get interesting, Andrew pulls his fingers out of her body and moves around to her ass, he lightly touches the welts rising on her butt, and it stings. Stacy realizes where his fingers are going and decides she doesn’t want to wait around much longer she turns around and bends over the couch.


Stacy: “three"


Andrew smiles and lets his finger wander into her ass a bit more: "Maybe next time I'll give you an enema first" and


SMACK goes the fourth one


Stacy: "OH GOD THAT HURTS" Each time she is hit, she has yelled louder she realized. Thank God everyone leaves promptly at this office. She would hate to have some co-worker come looking to see what was making all the noise. This time though as she attempts to hop around, Andrew grabs her hair, pulls her back down on the couch and runs his hands all over her bodies, exploring her everywhere, even her arm pits. He moves her left hand away from her left ass cheek and rubs it for her, putting a bit more muscle into it then she would have, but not unpleasant. Eventually, her ass has calmed down enough.


Stacy: “four"


With a reluctant sigh, Andrew's hand leaves her ass and her hair, pushes her back down on the couch, pulls back the cane and slams it down into her ass, making a final, fifth parallel welt across both ass cheeks.


Stacy: “GOD IN HEAVEN" Stacy hops up and down, giving Andrew one last show of bouncing nipples and rubs her ass for all it is worth. 


Andrew pulls out a hand mirror and offers it to her, she takes it and angles it down examining her ass. It looks bigger than usual - did she gain weight she wonders - as she sees the five red lines on her alabaster skin. At least it did not bleed.


Andrew: "There is some soothing cream in my coat pocket, go get some and I will rub it on your ass."


Stacy nods her head, opens the door and takes two steps before she realizes that Akumis and Allen are waiting outside. She hurriedly turns (exposing her marked ass - and they both gleefully smile although she does not see it) and closes the door.


Stacy: “But.." and realizes of COURSE Andrew knew they were there. They were probably there all along, listening to her scream her head off. In fact the intercom button by Andrew's phone is lit. Clearly they could hear every word.


Andrew: "You have a question?"


Stacy: "no sir, i will get the cream if you still are willing to put it on me?"


Andrew smirks and nods yes. Stacy glances at her clothing with longing, but knows what is expected. She opens the door to see two Malaysian youths smirking at her knowingly. She quickly goes to the closet, opens it up, feeling their eyes on her ass, reaches into Andrew's pocket and retrieves the cream. She skitters back to Andrew's office. She hands him the cream and lies down on the couch, fully extended.


Slowly Andrew opens the cream, and spreads it on her sore, abused, ass. She realizes he is being very tender now, far different then the way he had manhandled her earlier. Again her nipples get stiff and her pussy is soaking wet. Andrew pays particular attention to the welts themselves, being sure to rub in the soothing cream.


Andrew: "I am done. Get dressed, but leave your panties here - I will keep them as your ass will be too tender for even their contact for the next hour or so. You better hurry up and pick up Billy, he probably misses his mom a lot. See you tomorrow, bright and early"


To be continued....

5/8/2005 7:39:44 AM
 I never send an email if her profile indicates we will not match. But if your profile is down (or pending), I may email you anyway.  The ratio of men to women out here makes it essential for a man to be first.  Eventually the women gets too many emails and she stops accepting new ones.

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