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As they say with all things life changes so I guess its time to change or adjust this section
Hetero Male Dominant, 51,  Maryland
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 Dominant Male


 6' 0"


 African Descent


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A Poly Household

As they say with all things life changes so I guess its time to change or adjust this section of my page.

Im caring, firm, understand and patient Dominant. Im also strict with structure set forth for any that become or are a part of me.

I value honesty above many other traits. Some say Im sadist I prefer to consider myself a manipulator of the senses. This even though I very much enjoy creating and giving another the intense

sensation of pain. I love just as much the softer sensations and discovery they bring from another. I get as much pleasure the Daddydaughter dynamic as I do the Master slave or Domsub. I have very much enjoyed those who were mixture of daddys girl

and slave or sub.I do believe that no Ms or Ds relationship is instant but is built from the time taken to create trust.

I have been a part of this lifestyle for about 14 years and a part of the public community for about 10 of those years. Have been a member of the local BDSM organizations on and off over the years. Currently a member of the Brotherhood of the Circle .Also co-host a munch group that has serviced the lifestyle community since 2001. At moment its in hiatus until a new location for it can, be found but hopefully soon we will have it functioning again.

I also hold tight to those few that are important people in my life and have stuck around in there fashion as my life has had its great changes. Some of you are there in a personal presence and others doing a rare pop in just to see if this Lion is still about. Believe me you are beyond appreciated . Some of things Im into are power exchange king, paddling, bondage, collar-n-lead, wax, flogging, humiliation, sensual edge. Well anything else one would want to know about me ask Im definitely an open book.



This section will constantly change until I m satisfied with it lol

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