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Hetero Male Dominant, 40,  Washington
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Great news! I am single and very available. I just started my new career as a crew leader at a national fast food establishment. This is a very lucrative position. My manager said I had leadership written all over me. No doubt he recognized I was a natural dominate. With my financial situation secure, I am ready to start taking slaves. I want to start small at first with only one or two but expect this to grow into a poly household (female only). 24/7 is not an option right now but hope to have my own place soon. My mom is cool with this as long as things don't get too loud. Lol. I can't travel right now but should be eligible to get my license back after a few more classes. Safe words are for pussys. A true slave has no limits. As a true Gorean dominate master of the old guard, I will mold you into a quivering pile of slut flesh. Don't be alarmed by my extreme personal power as I have a slightly smaller than average penis so anal play should not be too painful. I was once told it was cute. You will learn to be grateful when allowed to worship my gargantuan cock. Mom is gone every other Thursday for bingo. So my basement room can be used as a dungeon, though things have to be put back by 8:30. In my spare time I like to play WOW, D&D, Magic the Gathering and paint figurines.












 Dominant Male


 Willing to Relocate

 5' 2"

 280 lbs






Actively Seeking:

Submissive Transgender

Submissive female

Sub/Sub Couples

Online Romance

A Poly Household

 Lives For:

 Amusement Parks

 Antique Shows


 Arcade Games

 Board Games

 Card Games

 Horror Movies

 Online RPGs

 Puzzle Games

 Role Playing Games

 Science Fiction

 Soap Making


 Renaissance Faires



 Garage Sales


 Web Surfing

 Body Art



 Curious About:



 Art Galleries

 Bird Watching

 Coffee Shops






 Hard Limits:

 Bar Hopping


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Journal Entries:
12/8/2015 10:35:36 PM
Big day! Our new album is almost ready! GapingAnus will be available for download as soon as we're done with the cover art. The lead track, "Armageddon I lit the match" is already trending well! I play lead cowbell as usual.

11/2/2015 10:24:25 PM
Been busy with my new project. I've finished my book "Sisterhood of the traveling g-string. One g-string, 3 days and 12 hookers. A scratch and sniff adventure." I plan on self publishing on Amazon.

6/22/2015 9:13:46 PM
Mom hit it big at bingo last week. Tonight she surprised me with a new car! It's an AMC Pacer! I won't have my license for another two weeks but that give me time to trick it out. I'm thinking flames and fuzzy dice. Last but not least, a set of blue truck balls cause bitches like balls!

5/26/2015 9:25:33 PM
After Duece passed this weekend, I made a good discovery. Mom macromay'd a dog kennel for him a couple years ago and it would make a great slave confinement space if she wasn't too big. Doc said all the diarrhea may have been from to many hot pockets. I think a paint scraper and a little fabrease will fix it up though.

5/26/2015 9:03:42 PM
While recovering from my flogger mishap, I perfected my butane powered cow bell. It was a hit with the guys from the band. I think it's the first auto playing cowbell ever. I really want to attach it to one of my slaves collar but it's still getting too hot. Next step, butane anal pilates.

5/12/2015 8:59:28 PM
Back from the ER now. My left nostril needed 12 stiches but now I know you need to take the hooks of the ends when your making a bungee flogger. What's worse, one of the falls tore a hole in my wizards hat to!

4/20/2015 9:52:36 PM
Great weekend. Picked up an old sit and spin at the value village. Put it under the d&d table, tied three bitches to it and made it into a slaveysusan. Just spun it til I had the head girl I wanted. Best d&d game all year! Next time maybe I'll have more than just one fat chick so it will spin easier.

1/23/2015 8:22:56 PM
More great news! After my recent gummy bear encounter, I've lost a few pounds and may actually be able to have PIV sex again. The little fellow isn't quite there yet but it's really getting close.

1/12/2015 7:42:27 PM
My recent bout with uncontrollable projectile vomiting and explosive diahria did have a plus side since I'm down a few pounds. No more gummy bears and curry for me!

10/6/2014 8:23:41 PM
After many hours at a local thrift store, I was able to find the raw material for my Handy Hoe Harness. Now taking applications for a Hoe to model it. Lol.

9/29/2014 6:12:18 PM
Work is proceeding well on my new invention: the finger saddle. Will need volunteers to help test the final design.

9/21/2014 11:21:31 AM
Good news for all my pay pig wanna bes! You realize your a worthless slave who can only find satisfaction by surrendering control over ALL of your money and now you have an outlet. You will provide me with schmitty animal beers and hot pockets during my marathon d&d games. You will also support my mom's balooning bingo habit. I will post my amazon wish list at a later date.

9/1/2014 8:12:17 PM
After doing much research I have determined that a new form of ass training is necessary for all prospective slut slave. I have invented Anal Pilatees. My new invention was the result of an unfortunate bicycle accident when I was younger and attempted to ride a mountain bike without a seat. I was contacted just the other day by someone who can help Me patten my invention which will further secure my financial future.

8/31/2014 10:41:35 AM
Rules for my slave's: 1. You will be caged when not in service 2. You will be kept naked at all times 3. You will have to ask permission before using the bathroom and agree that I will control all of you bodily functions. 4. You will be required to be available to service me at all times. This means all of your holes will be kept lubed at all times and you will no longer be allowed to have a period. Period. 5. If you are not bi already, you will be forced bi 6. You will sleep with masters cock in your mouth 7. You will be required to wear a corset when cleaning 8. You will be required to provide me and my fellow gamers with treats and snacks and blow jobs during our marathon D&D games. 9. You will be required to eat all of your meals from a dog dish. 10. You will be required to provide my mom with pedacurs. She is 335 pounds and can no longer reach her toes. 11. You may not speak unless spoken to. If I allow you to address me, you will refer to me as Master of My Universe. 12. You will need to brade my ponytail. Its not very long so this shouldn't take to long. You will also be required to shave my back hair as it does get greasy if left to long

8/25/2014 1:43:25 PM
Getting together with the other guys from the band on Thursday. We're an inxs tribute band. I'll be playing the cow bell as usual. Rock on!!!

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