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You will read this profile in its entirety if you wish to prove yourself worthy of my time. I
Female Dominant, 21,  Philadelphia, Pennsylvania












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You will read this profile in its entirety if you wish to prove yourself worthy of my time. I did not spend my time writing it for it to be ignored by someone who thinks they know better than I do.


  • My profile says lesbian, however, if you're a male submissive who thinks only with the head of his itty-bitty cock, I may make an exception for you. You have to show me you're not like the usual whiny, worthless sub who just wants to be slapped around a little and called a whore. You have to prove to me that you are serious about submitting to me. Then, and only then, will I do with you as I please.

  • Online play excites me because I like knowing that I own someone even when I'm not physically there to insure they are devoted to me. I enjoy being that powerful presence that hangs over your darkest thoughts as you go about your average day. As an online Domme, I can be anywhere and everywhere at once. While one of my playthings is torturing themselves for me, I may dote on another one and praise them for their dutiful service. Plus, it's not as though anyone deserves to witness my visage in the real world.


1. First and foremost, I am a Goddess. When you treat a Goddess right, she blesses you in return. When you pay your tributes & worship her body as though it were a divine shrine, she in turn will take care of you.

2. I require tributes if you wish to speak to me. My time is precious and you are not entitled to it. Venmo me money, send me something from my Amazon wishlist, or send me an e-gift card (you may message me respectfully for the email address to send these to). Your tribute is an offering at my altar.

3. If you think you are entitled to my Snapchat or KIK, you are wildly mistaken. Those methods of communication are for submissives who have proven that they are worthy of my time. Want to get there? See Rule #2.

  • Why do I require tributes and other forms of materialistic gifts? Because telling me "Yes, Miss Dollface" is not enough for me. How easy is it to type or say those words. With material items I may physically experience your devotion just as you physically experience my tasks or punishments.

4. Tributes shall be shown off by posting photos here. The plaything who showers me with the gifts shall be rewarded with a photo or video of their Goddess enjoying their tribute. Other playthings will be able to see just how well their Goddess is being treated & how inadequate their own tributes are.

5. When I assign you a task or punishment, I want it to be performed within a reasonable amount of time. I understand that life gets busy, however, your desire to serve me must be a priority. Punishments should be documented with photographs or videos so that I may share your shame with the world.

6. Cash Cows: I'm addressing the real cash cows, the ones who know they're worthless pieces of shit who don't even deserve to look at my image, give me your money and go. In fact, just for clicking on my profile, you owe me money. How pompous and arrogant of you to assume you have the permission to look upon my face and read the words I have typed out here. You should be ashamed.

7. Lastly, refer to me as either Miss Dollface or Goddess.

8. I have no patience for subs who think they run the show. Brattiness during play is one thing, but if you aren't willing to follow these simple rules or you treat me with anything but adoration & respect, you will be blocked. There are other playthings who are ready to show me they deserve my affections and wasting my time with losers takes away from the fun I could be having with my real treasures.

I'm also on FetLife

Journal Entries:
1/25/2017 2:04:26 PM
*sighs* Not sure why I keep getting accusatory messages about being a "dude" when I have an audio journal posted clearly verifying me as female?

In any case, if you're looking to chat with me or meet with me, here are some links for your interest

1/3/2017 5:54:32 PM
Offers of servitude continue to pour in and this pleases me. I enjoy seeing so many men grovel for my attention. However, there has been a recurring trend I have noticed that is beginning to develop and that is men who feel entitled to my time, attention, and even my body. This was something I had hoped I would leave behind in the vanilla world. Make no mistake, I use the block feature very liberally. I do not tolerate subs who think that, for whatever reason, they are the ones running the show. Telling me I'm doing the wrong thing in searching for online playthings, insulting me for using money as a tool during my play, and graphically describing a kink that I have no interest in (but you clearly do) is disrespectful and shameful.

So, if for whatever reason you are under the impression that I am here to make your fantasy a reality, don't bother wasting your time. You are a tool in my fantasy and there are plenty of tools offering themselves up to me to be used as I see fit.

1/2/2017 9:17:35 PM

1/2/2017 5:49:31 PM
I just had a 'sub' act very well behaved and appears to wish to be fully devoted to me in one message. But, he somehow thinks that he is so important that he deserves a response within an hour of him messaging me or I have to be fake. This is why I require tributes.

How does tribute affect this? Simple. It shows me devotion. Words are words. You can spend five minutes and type out an essay on why you're ready to serve my every whim and then an hour later reveal that you really have no inclination to do so. You merely feel entitled to me and my attention.

If a sub is reading this, be a dear, and don't message me if you're only looking for a woman to 'boss you around' or 'punish you'. I'm looking for devotion, adoration, unconditional respect, and control.

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