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Hetero Male Master, 44,  Chautauqua, New York
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SlowHand123 - photo 1

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I'd like to meet a sweet, sexy Gal who cleans up well and is also sick of the nonsense. D/s today is like someone pissed in the punch at my 5 year old birthday party.











Last Online:


 Dominant Male


 New York

 6' 4"

 230 lbs



 African Descent



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Journal Entries:
5/15/2016 8:02:27 AM
"Roses are red, they grow on a vine. Escape again, and I'll tie you with twine."

6/8/2015 9:50:41 PM
I am a Foot Fetish Guy. Why would some woman advertise her feet when her 2nd Toe is an INCH longer than her big toe? Don't you women know that that shit is UGLY. Put on some damn Sweat Sox!

5/22/2015 12:44:02 PM
A real man can pound a woman hard.
Pull her hair.
Smack her ass.
Grab her throat.
And still be respectful.
That is....if you want to keep her.

12/25/2014 11:47:46 PM
There should be a new column on this site when you join. "List your current medications". Because there are some real crazies on this site. lol.

4/30/2014 1:38:01 PM

"I'd say Superman's greatest superpower was not getting a Hard-on in his costume while using X-Ray vision to discover Lois tied-up in a vault."

4/20/2014 7:36:39 PM

Happy Easter,

God, Help This Website. There some DUMB ASS WENCHES on this site. Too stupid to be anything other than a Vessel to Ejaculate into. Frightening!

4/19/2014 9:08:50 PM

Words from The Sage

When a Sub tells a potential Dom that she has lived in 7 different states, trying out 7 different Doms; that does not mean that she is Experienced. It just means that she has more Mileage on her ass than my 1979 Harley Davidson Ultra-Classic. I have rebuilt the engine on my Harley 3 times. I cannot rebuild YOUR ASS. It's not attractive ladies.

12/14/2013 7:19:58 AM

Greenpeace asked me for a donation today. I was so moved by their heartfelt plea, that I reached down into my pocket & pulled out my middle finger!

11/17/2013 1:17:38 PM

Where else BUT AMERICA

Cross the North Korean border illegally you get 12 years hard labor.

If you cross the Iranian border illegally you are detained indefinitely.

If you cross the Afghan border illegally, you get shot.

If you cross the Saudi Arabian border illegally you will be jailed.

If you cross the Chinese border illegally you may never be heard from again.

If you cross the Venezuelan border illegally you will be branded a spy and your fate will be sealed.

If you cross the Mexican border illegally you will be jailed for two years.

If you cross the Cuban border illegally you will be thrown into political prison to rot.

If you cross the United States border illegally you get:

1 - A job

2 - A driver's license

3 - A Social Security card

4 - Welfare

5 - Food stamps

6 - Credit cards

7 - Subsidized rent or a loan to buy a house

8 - Free education

9 - Free health care

10 - A lobbyist in Washington

11 - Billions of dollars in public documents printed in your language 12 - Millions of servicemen and women who are willing to – and do – die for your right to the ways and means of our constitution

13 - And the right to carry the flag of your country - the one you walked out on – while you call America racist and protest that you don't get enough respect.


8/27/2013 7:26:17 PM

Damn, so many Prostitutes on here. Why don't you whores selling your soiled panties and asking for tributes take your Whore Asses to Craigs list. I have Jock Straps for sale after I work out for wenches like you. I love that. A woman who is so damn Stupid that she places an ad on a BDSM site with soiled panties for sale and she wonders why I call her a prostitute or a whore. Well, you may be many adjectives....but a Lady is not one of them. Dirtbag.

7/5/2013 4:45:47 PM

Lesson From A True Sage.


A man carries cash. A man looks out for those around him — woman, friend, stranger. A man can cook eggs. A man can always find something good to watch on television. A man makes things — a rock wall, a table, the tuition money. Or he rebuilds — engines, watches, fortunes. He passes along expertise, one man to the next. Know-how survives him. This is immortality. A man can speak to dogs. A man fantasizes that kung fu lives deep inside him somewhere. A man knows how to sneak a look at cleavage and doesn't care if he gets busted once in a while. A man is good at his job. Not his work, not his avocation, not his hobby. Not his career. His job. It doesn't matter what his job is, because if a man doesn't like his job, he gets a new one. 

A man can look you up and down and figure some things out. Before you say a word, he makes you. From your suitcase, from your watch, from your posture. A man infers. 

A man owns up. That's why Mark McGwire is not a man. A man grasps his mistakes. He lays claim to who he is, and what he was, whether he likes them or not. 

Some mistakes, though, he lets pass if no one notices. Like dropping the steak in the dirt. 

A man loves the human body, the revelation of nakedness. He loves the sight of the pale breast, the physics of the human skeleton, the alternating current of the flesh. He is thrilled by the snatch, by the wrist, the sight of a bare shoulder. He likes the crease of a bent knee. When his woman bends to pick up her underwear, he feels that thrum that only a man can feel. 

A man doesn't point out that he did the dishes. 

A man looks out for children. Makes them stand behind him. 

A man knows how to bust balls. 

A man has had liquor enough in his life that he can order a drink without sounding breathless, clueless, or obtuse. When he doesn't want to think, he orders bourbon or something on tap. 

Never the sauvignon blanc. 

A man welcomes the coming of age. It frees him. It allows him to assume the upper hand and teaches him when to step aside. 

Maybe he never has, and maybe he never will, but a man figures he can knock someone, somewhere, on his ass. 

He does not rely on rationalizations or explanations. He doesn't winnow, winnow until truths can be humbly categorized, or intellectualized, until behavior can be written off with an explanation. He doesn't see himself lost in some great maw of humanity, some grand sweep. That's the liberal thread; it's why men won't line up as liberals. 

A man gets the door. Without thinking. 

He stops traffic when he must. 

A man resists formulations, questions belief, embraces ambiguity without making a fetish out of it. A man revisits his beliefs. Continually. That's why men won't forever line up with conservatives, either. 

A man knows his tools and how to use them — just the ones he needs. Knows which saw is for what, how to find the stud, when to use galvanized nails. 

A miter saw, incidentally, is the kind that sits on a table, has a circular blade, and is used for cutting at precise angles. Very satisfying saw. 

A man knows how to lose an afternoon. Drinking, playing Grand Theft Auto, driving aimlessly, shooting pool. 

He knows how to lose a month, also. 

A man listens, and that's how he argues. He crafts opinions. He can pound the table, take the floor. It's not that he must. It's that he can. 

A man is comfortable being alone. Loves being alone, actually. He sleeps. 

Or he stands watch. He interrupts trouble. This is the state policeman. This is the poet. Men, both of them. 

A man loves driving alone most of all. 

Style — a man has that. No matter how eccentric that style is, it is uncontrived. It's a set of rules. 

He understands the basic mechanics of the planet. Or he can close one eye, look up at the sun, and tell you what time of day it is. Or where north is. He can tell you where you might find something to eat or where the fish run. He understands electricity or the internal-combustion engine, the mechanics of flight or how to figure a pitcher's ERA. 

A man does not know everything. He doesn't try. He likes what other men know. 

A man can tell you he was wrong. That he did wrong. That he planned to. He can tell you when he is lost. He can apologize, even if sometimes it's just to put an end to the bickering. 

A man does not wither at the thought of dancing. But it is generally to be avoided. 

A man watches. Sometimes he goes and sits at an auction knowing he won't spend a dime, witnessing the temptation and the maneuvering of others. Sometimes he stands on the street corner watching stuff. This is not about quietude so much as collection. It is not about meditation so much as considering. A man refracts his vision and gains acuity. This serves him in every way. No one taught him this — to be quiet, to cipher, to watch. In this way, in these moments, the man is like a zoo animal: both captive and free. You cannot take your eyes off a man when he is like that. You shouldn't. The hell if you know what he is thinking, who he is, or what he will do next.

6/17/2013 5:37:07 PM

Any woman on this Site who mentions money, know that because she has mentioned it, she gets "6 bits" that's all that you Prostitute wenches are worth". 2 Bits, 4 Bits, 6 Bits combined equals a Dollar. Google it! That's a tribute to me, whores.

6/6/2013 4:49:40 PM

Advice from this Sage, AKA a fucking "Loony Magnet!" If during your workday while you are trying to make a living, a woman Calls and leaves a message on your cell, then sends the same message to your email, same message to your messenger, then posts the same message to you on Collarme while she knows that YOU are fucking working during that 8 hour day, she has too much time on her hands....RUN, that bitch is CRAZY!

11/28/2012 8:24:40 AM

A Veteran is someone who at one point in their life wrote a blank check payable to the United States of America for an amount up to and including, their life. That is beyond honor and there are way too many people in this country who no longer remember that fact. Copy and paste this to your journal if you are a Veteran,... know a Veteran, Love a Veteran, or Support the Troops! May God Bless Them All

10/14/2012 3:32:44 PM

Why is it that Fat chicks that no one asked to the Prom come onto collarme with attitude and making demands?

I don't give a shit "what you will do, and what you will NOT do!" I make no demands on wenches, and I have No interest in hearing YOURS!

Why is it that Wenches post a photo of their Toes or Cleavage, then demand a photo of me? Are you wenches crazy and accustomed to Play with a Ball Peen Hammer to your fucking Craniums?

Want a pic of my Toes? Just ask, and we will be even.

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