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SlaveV - photo 6

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Looking for a doormat, or a woman who wants to be ordered around or beaten to a pulp? Married or poly? Wife doesn't understand you? Please move on. I'm intelligent, capable, and had a successful powerful career. I'm what is called a powerful slave in the M/s community (a dominant who chooses to serve). The Yin and yang are of equal size. I seek a strong man who can take charge and do it well. Don't take out anger issues on me. If you are a loving, powerful man over 55 who wants to protect his woman, and likes erotic play that uses my feminity against me, let's talk. I want some light bondage, SENSUOUS EROTIC PLAY and a steady, safe, DDF sex partner with whom to have a WHOLE Daddy Dom relationship. I am not interested in someone showing up just for play. Also, I'm not moving, I've invested massive amounts of money customizing my home and dungeon. I care about my appearance, try to stay pretty, although I am chubby. I'm a great cook, keep a beautiful home, and know a lot about this lifesltyle. Please accept that I'm not young anymore. I was more of a hard core slave years ago, but as we mellow, so do some of those intense fantasies. and the physical realities become a mitgating factor. The 1950's household is not my thing, but I do love to be fondled while cooking. I can not wear high heels anymore, my knees are bad. I still have a lot to offer, and long for a man to hold me, keep me safe, and let me give myself to him, in all the ways I still can. I can not do a lot of kneeling, be hogtied, or some of the other things younger folks can do, but I can still do plenty with a regular partner. When I play regularly, my endurance improves.Sir, won't you please take a few moments to talk and see if we have important gifts for each other? Please fill out the lists here so we can see commonality. If you don't think "some girl you met on collarspace" is Saturday night date material, then don't waste our time.
I am NOT Bi..

I have ZERO interest in cyber relationships.


Please, be a gentleman or a lady.

I like a man who wants to share things vanilla and kinky. One who can appreciate the many wonderful things life has to offer. I have so much to offer.

Credentials: I appear in the book, "Different Loving," mostly in the bondage section, and also in the Power section. I'm also in Different Loving, Too. I am also the heroine in "The Continuing Adventures of V...". which is where that drawing is from. An autograpahed copy can bought on www.scenewear dot com.

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9/17/2022 7:55:19 AM

Well, it seems journals are working again!

Please don't ask me for meaningless play, or suggest I have an interest in you showing up now and then. I'm only interested in a real and whole relationship IN PERSON. I am the real thing, like some men seem to want... a lifestyle slave who is also intelligent and capable. I'm not moving, I own a large and lovely home that I have put a ton of money into customizing. I am only interested in a LOCAL loving dominant male who will make feel safe, and allow me to give myself to him as much as I am able, and not regret it. Yes, the "L" word. I want so much to put down my sword and shield.

I'm an older lady now, so what I can do physically is limited. But I can still do quite a bit of the things that work for me, and if you have fet or alt you can see faceless pics of me and my dungeon. But mostly, I want a loving strong man who can be in charge and not make me regret it. Is that You?

Right now, I am healing emotionally from giving myself entirely to someone who represented he wanted to be my Master, and then decided that being Jimminy cricket was more his style. If I were younger, I would take a few years off like I used to to heal, but I don't have that luxury now. So I have to get back in the pool.

4/4/2012 8:29:53 PM

So, once again, a lesson in why one should never believe anything one hears, and only half of what you see.  When a man says things things to you like that, it is risky to believe him...

2/12/2012 3:59:20 PM

Still hoping to meet an enlightened man who wants to own me.

7/11/2006 6:18:58 AM
i get regular messages from an ongoing stream of men who tell me they are my next master, and then do nothing whatsover to follow-up. This phenomomen would make for a good dissertation. LOL. It's more than being a wanna-be, i think. And deserves study.

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