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Bisexual Male Slave, 39,  Springfield, Massachusetts
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Hi to everyone,

                       My name is steve but You all can call me slave steve just a little ice breaker anyways i am a new slave to all of this and i do need alot of training to become the best real slave i can be as it is my fate to be atrue owned slave in everyway like the old days of slavery as i have been subservent even as a kid always did what i was told to do without question and i will always be that way a slave as i just loving serving people as it makes me happy making people happy.

When i got older i found out about this lifestyle and stared to read books and slave training books and movies and other stuff on line and i just knew it was for me and i have a little training so far i cleaned a doomes house from top to bottom naked and thats was great to do i was used as a human ashtray and i kinda liked that just need to get use to it but i do like it and i had a butt plug in my ass and i liked that to and was put in bondage and that has good to.

here are some of the things i like to do in the bdsm world i like serving and obey used as a ashtray and being naked in the home of my future Domme or Owner and i love being spanked and i like bondage again i am new and i would love to try these things human toilet strap ons and sucking a real cock and other things some of my limits are no kids,animals,death,gun play,blood play,and neddiles.

My in genreal well i am a good person that likes to have fun go to the movies or a good dinner hang out with frinds and go to concerts i try to get along with everyone i had a good childhood and i love sports well watching them i like wrestling baseball,football,but i love ice hockey and i love getting autographs in person or ttm and i have good collection of them  and if You enslave me then You will have a good collection of and i like all kinds of music and movies thats about me in a nutshell.

What i am looking for is for a Owner to serve and obey forever enslaved as property does not matter if You are a Female Domme or Male Dom or a Domme/Dom couple or aTs/Tv i will talk to all peopl just looking for a Owner to serve and obey and again i am new to all of this and need alot of training but that is a good thing as You can train me the way You wish hope we can chat or meet soon and yes i can relocate to start my slavery to You thank You for reading slaves letter.


slave steve

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