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Trained and certified pig-whore slave is forced to perform depraved and disgusting sexual acts requested.

I disobeyed and betrayed my Master and I had to regain favor by offering myself to sexual use and abuse.

Read my journal. I have some pics available from the sessions I have described.



Gang Bangs

Meat Inspectors

Girls on Girls

Football and Pizza

Certification and Training


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11/8/2009 6:27:33 PM
The accounts are listed in reverse order...i'll just keep adding entries below. So if you want to see some earlier things i wrote about the bar, you got to scroll down, hun.

Oh, Master and me got some pictures of these events too. But please, don't ask for all...there are so many...Ask me for the ones you really want to see, and maybe I have them.
After Closing

I heard the tingle-ling of the front door. Marty just turned the door sign around to display the red and white closed sign. I knew that was my signal. About eight people still remained seated about the room. Five guys and three girls had been invited to play tonight.


Marty barked, "Get over to the table in the corner and please that Mexican sitting there." I obeyed.


He was a dark heavy man, about 5'6". I had been serving him beer all evening. He wore boots and a cowboy hat, dirty blue jeans, and a tee shirt. Against his dark skin you could barely see the outline of a dragon tattoo. He had a a front tooth missing.


"Get over here bitch. It is time. Get that fucking uniform off and let me see that cute little ass and cunt," he growled.


I did as he said replying, "Yes sir."


Slowly I removed my skirt, blouse, and heels. Then I slowly peeled off my nylons showing only my blue panties and bra.


 "Here, Senorita, let me help you outa those," as he pulled down my panties and ripped off my bra exposing my naked body to the room. "Now on the floor, Cunt. Crawl like a puppy for us. No, not on your knees. Keep that ass up and hands on the floor. We want to see those drippy holes.


I scampered around as he asked. Several women slapped my butt as I passed by their table.


"Okay, little whore, come over here so I can see that cunt hole better. Spread those red juicy lips and let me stick my finger up that smooth wet vagina."


I kneeled at his feet. He kicked my legs wider and drove his middle finger deep within me. It hurt, but I stayed still as he stirred my sticky wet hole. Then he pulled it out and placed it under his nose. "Oh, my, Cunt you got the nicest smelling little cunt hole," as he sniffed it back and forth.


I watched the buldge in his jean grow. "Time to give me my blow job, Honey."


I unzipped his pants and pulled out a dark, but hard, eight inch cock. Its red head was slightly covered by skin, but the viens were big and purple.


I put the tip to my lips, but he thrust it deep into my throat holding me there by the back of my neck. I choked, but he started pumping me up and down. I could feel it grow harder until finally it burst forth a tremendous flow of semen. He pulled it out and let the semen cover my face.


"Now just leave that there you fuck pig," he demanded, throwing me back onto the floor.

(More to Cum)


The Breeder


This session was actually inspired by one of my CM followers. I told Marty and he loved the idea.

Friday night after we closed, Marty had his guys turn one of the wooden tables upside down so the legs were sticking up. Then he removed two legs at one end, leaving just the other two. Two guys blindfolded me and tied my arms to the upright legs. Course the legs were lower than my shoulders and that made me bend a little at the waist. Then they fastened metal rings to each side of the table and tied my ankles.
So here you got the picture? I was bent over with my pussy hole and ass open to inspection. What tits I got kind of hung from my chest. A ring gag was forced into my mouth so that I drooled all over the floor the entire time.
Marty told anyone there they could pull on my nipples and make me moo like a cow. Some guys could get behind me and pull open my vagina or spread my ass to see my exposed anus. Marty didn't want them to fuck me yet. He said if guys wanted they could use the pool ques, fingers, or the broom and violate me if they wanted for a while. I came over and over several times as they thrust in and out of me.
Some guys like put a que in my vagina and another forced one into my butt hole. They got my toy box though later and filled me with my dildos and left them there ordering me to hold them in. If I tried to force them out they slapped me hard, pulled on my nipples, or pinched my labia.
Then Marty asked if any "bulls" wanted to breed me. They lined up and most just fucked and came in my ass, and some did my pussy saying, "Take this seed you cunt hefer." I could feel the slimy cum run down my legs over my feet and toes. I was tied and steping in it as it ran to the floor.
Then the guys got into a frenzy. They turned me around so I was bent slightly backwards and spread my legs to expose my front side to the bar. Some guys fucked me like that.  Marty invited the girls to lick my clit of the cum. One girl did and another fingered me over and over making me have a terrific orgasm. Finally, one grabed some colored clamps and cord pulling on my tits and opening my cunt lips. She then filled my holes with dildoes and plugs, and made me squeal like a pig. A guy pumped on the doldo making my cunt really sore and red. I eventually came several times and finally collapsed to the floor with my arms still tied to the table legs. 

Humiliated and Abused
I can feel the sperm now drain from my gapping asshole and from my cunt. It is warm and runs down my inner thigh to the floor leaving a puddle of gooey slime beneath me. My arms are fastened to the floor at my wrists. Straps are over my ankles as I am held in a doggy position. The old man that was sitting at the bar pushes a rolled five dollar bill into my rectum.
"Bitch, that was worth watching for a five spot. My dick is still hard."
Someone pulled the rolled bill out and I saw the brown ring around it. He quickly wormed his finger up my butt hole asking if I had any other cute turds inside. Then he took off his clothes and climbed on my back like a dog humping me and grunting until his seed filled my colon.
His cock withdrew with a flop and the white sticky mess began to drip out my anus.



He said i needed a tail so i look like the fuck piggy I was. Someone held out a pencil and he shoved it into me telling me to wiggle my hips and show him how pleased I was to have been fucked. 


Many of you been asking me where I been for the last week. You aren't going to believe me, probably, but I swear this is what happened.



As some know, Master always wants me naked when I stay home at the house. When I walk to the store, like to get some groceries, but this day I wore my blue silk bra and panties under Master's big old long coat, his floppy tennis shoes, and a dark scarf. Well, I was walking there last week and got some milk and eggs. As I left the little Seven-Eleven, two guys driving a black van started to hit on me.



One was a bald bearded guy called Bill. The other was a younger guy with black hair and lots of tattoos, called John.



"Hey, purple hair, you want us to show you a good time?"



I just ignored them, and kept walking. But, they walked over to me, got really close, and one saw I was holding my coat and scarf real tight at the neck. He pulled at it and saw I was wearing only my silk undies.



"Oh my god Bill, he said." She is already to go, almost. He pushed his rough hand into my panties, felt my rump, and grabbed a boob with his other hand. “Get the van and let's take her with us!"



Before I could struggle away,they shoved me into the side door, tied my hands behind me, and my ankles together. They tied my scarf across my mouth to gag me. Then they put a canvas tool sack over my head and tied it at the neck.


As one of them drove, the second guy laid me on my back, removed my shoes, and unbuttoned my coat to expose my nude body. It was so cold. He immediately tore the straps off my bra and began sucking my nipples. Then thrust his hand in my panties and fingered my vagina saying, "I don't know why you are shivering. Your cunt is as hot as hell, bitch."


He turned me on my stomach. Holding me at my waist, then he slowly lowered my panties across my ass and down my thighs. Then he spread my butt cheeks with his thumbs and pushed a finger into my rectum, wiggling it until he had it in as far as his finger would go.


"Oh, you got the tightest little butt hole. I bet you'd make my hard dick feel really cozy up there. John, I can't wait. Think I'm gonna try some of this pussy."



John kept driving, but said, "Bill, Hepburn don't want to fuck a sloppy cunt after you. Besides, when we get there, Hep is going to want her to play with the others, you know.


“Well, I really saw her first, said John. Maybe I just let her ass milk my dick for a while. Okay?"



Bill pulled me to my knees, removed the tool sack, threw the coat over my head, and ripped off the lowered panties.



"Fuck, with her legs tied like this, I can't get in her pussy anyway. But, I can doggy fuck her up her ass."



He'd managed to remove his pants, shoes, and his tee-shirt I could feel his sweaty hairy chest on my back as he thrust and thrust against my anus, opening my rectum until he had penetrated me so that my butt cheeks pounded against his hips. I let out little farts with each stroke.


“Bitch, you get low. Hump back on my cock as I go in you. I want to give you it like the cunt you are.”


He grabbed my hair, pulling back my head to place his tongue in my mouth, and grunted like a sick dog. Tightly holding himself against me, he finally oozed his semen into me. I felt the warm fluid leak out as he pulled his sticky limp cock from me.



“Hmmm…that was so sweet, John. You got to get in her before we turn her over to Hepburn. He is going to hog her like all the rest we got for him, Bill said. Anyway, he gives us only twenty dollars a girl. Shit, a good blow job is worth that. And this is premium pussy.”



As Bill put the bag back on my head, we turned into a driveway that led to a blue concrete building, like a machine shop. John got out, opened a garage door, and drove inside.


“Fuck. You are going to get so used, Cunt, said Bill. “We got like three others waiting in the back room. Me, John, and Hepburn are going to party this week. I hope you like fucking a lot.”


Captured and Caged

They lifted me out of the van. I still had the coat pulled down on my arms and unbuttoned. Otherwise I was naked. I could still feel the cum running down the back of my leg.

They put the sack over my head again. I felt them attach something to my ankle bindings, heard a chain being pulled, and found myself dangling upside down. Someone untied my arms and took off the coat.


I heard women too. Some were giggling, but some seemed to be whimpering. One said to me, “Bitch, you done it now. You gonna be fucked so good. You ain’t walkin’ for weeks. You gonna get bred hun’.” I felt her spread my labia to examine my cunt.


“Another said, maybe we should get her ready for Hep. We can fill her with plugs. Looks like she got cum already in her ass. Be easy enough.”


I felt them tie a rough twine rope around my waist and push in a big plug into my bum hole. Rope from the plug went up my ass crack and another cut into my cunt and rubbed against my clit. Each were tied tight to the waist rope.


“So, put her down, said John. Get the collar on her and fasten her in the back room with the others.”


I heard a steel door open and was shoved into a room. The floor seemed to be dirt and there were others in the room. A metal collar was put on my neck and a chain was attached to the collar.


“Okay, she is attached to the others. God, I love the smell of freshly used pussy, don’t you Bill?” said John. Then the door shut and I heard a clank like someone had placed a padlock on it from the other side.


After a few minutes, someone removed the sack. I saw five girls. All were naked or partially naked. One had on pantyhose. It looked like someone had torn them open at her crotch. (She removed the sack.) Another had her bra lowered to expose her ample tits and her hands were cuffed behind her. She was starring at the wall, her mascara running down her face. She wore no panties. Two girls were plugged and roped like me. Each had very red welts like they had been whipped. One had been gagged with a ball gag. She was cuffed and nude except for a short ripped skirt. I noticed she had some blood on her thigh, either she was having her period or had been used hard.


Some had been shackled to the wall. All of us were attached to each other at the collar by a long chain.


“You cunts get comfy. Hep is coming soon. You all have to put on a good show for us then,” said Bill. 

Then it occurred to me. I bet Marty had planned all this.

“What is this place and how long you been in here?” I asked. Nobody spoke but starred at the door.


“Shhh, you gonna get us in trouble,” one said.


The girl with the pantyhose said, “Most got here like last week, but some been here for a month or more. Hepburn is the leader, and he is a bad black dude. You don’t want to get him mad if you can help it. They got a couple local hookers from Denver that help them too.”



Another girl asked, “They get you like me, break into your apartment and grab you at night?”


"I was with my boyfriend, and they jumped us as we left the movie," said another. They beat him silly and took me away in that damn black van. Both those bastards tore off my clothes and fucked me before we even got here.”

The Blow Job

Just then the door threw open. In the passage stood a tall and large well muscled black man. He carried a riding crop and pointed at me. “Come here, fuck-pig, I want to inspect you,” he commanded.


Fuck-pig, that was what Marty likes to call me, I thought.


I crawled over as far as the chain would allow. He grabbed it and pulled me off my feet, like he was examining a chicken. He pushed his crop into my cunt hole and let me stand on my toes.


“Spread that pussy hole, Bitch!” He ordered.


“Yes Sir,” I said, and spread my lips thrusting my mound forward to allow him to examine me. The rope through my pussy pinched me, but I knew that I should push against the three fingers he inserted to allow him to open my vagina. He poked and probed with them until I got good and juicy.

"Turn around and spread that asshole for me!" he demanded as he quickly pulled the waist rope off and the butt plug out.

I turned around and he poked two fingers in me and spread my anus open.

"Hmmm, nice and clean too."

“Good job, you obviously been trained well, he said. You other sluts should learn from this one how to show respect. Now, Cunt, make my cock hard and give me your best blow job.” He unzipped his pants and offered a limp but large uncut cock.


I kneeled, pulled back the foreskin, and massaged it lightly. Nearly immediately, I felt it begin to rise and grow thicker. His brown gland started to swell.


“You fuck head. I said a blow job, not a hand job. Get that mouth on that dick, Slut.”


As I inserted it in my mouth, he pumped it deep into my throat. It was huge. I’d say one of the largest I’d seen like maybe nine inches or more. It had a remarkable head too --- very thick and shiny. I hadn't had many uncut guys. I actually enjoyed the feel of his floppy foreskin going back and forth over my lips.


He started moaning as he closed his eyes, then he pushed my head all the way to him so that his cock was in the back of my throat. As he held his breath and closed his black eyes, he shot the biggest load into me. I actually gulped.


“You be swallowing that, little girl. I don’t want you to waste a drop. Hmmmm. Nice,” he said. “See you later, we gonna have a good time with you.” And he left.


As I wiped off my mouth with my wrist, the other girls starred at me. One said, "Oh my god, you act like you did that before.”


I said, “Yeah, a few times I guess.”

I know if Marty had seen me, he'd be proud cause I looked like I had been trained and knew how to not get scared or nervous when being used. I was sure this was a put on that Marty had arranged. Fuck-pig, that name was an obvious give away, I thought.

Drug Enema

The door opened again. This time a man I’d never seen before asked if I was thirsty and wanted an iced tea. I said sure. A girl in the room shook her head no. I drank half a glass and stopped, but it was too late.  I started getting dizzy. The room began to spin and get dark. I felt shadows carrying me by my arms and legs.


I awoke to find myself strapped into a restraint device. I was lying naked on my back. A ring gag was in my mouth. My arms were fastened to my ankles with restraint cuffs. A wide strap across my stomach held me to the table. My knees were strapped to two upright poles that spread my legs wide. A soft cushion was under me rotating my hips so that anyone would have full and easy access to me.


I had terrible pain in my shoulders and breasts. Someone wrapped fish line around my nipples. They had been elongated, probably an inch or more. As I twisted and turned to relieve the pain, it only made me sense the exposure and sensitivity of my lower body.


Though still a little foggy from the tea, I heard a feminine voice talking, “She has the nicest vulva. I like how those fat little folds saddle her crotch and curve around the vagina. Her clit is so sensitive too. Just a casual touch and it stands to attention like it is seeking stimulation. The labia are so perfect too. No tears and it causes her vaginal canal to dilate so you can see the red walls in her and the start of her cervix.”


I felt soft fingers tracing the outline. Then her thumbs began to massage my anus. “Relax Hun, you are going to enjoy this.”


“She has the cutest little pink rose butt hole,” she remarked. Her middle finger felt slick as she drove a cold dab of Vaseline up my rectum. “Hold still as I push this double balloon nozzle into you. It has two balloons. One for the inside and one outside. I have a whole gallon of fluid too.” A red bag hung from a pole holding my knee.


I felt the warm liquid move into my anus, through my colon, and begin to bloat my abdomen. It really was soothing. My body began to sweat and my insides gurgled.  


“The same stuff in your tea is now in your bowels, Hun. You are going to get sleepy again, but you are not going to care what they put in you or how much you are getting fucked.” As I got foggy again, and forms turned to shadows, I felt the gush of warm water exit me and splash into a plastic pail.

Then I felt  warm soapy water and a soft cloth wash me. First my face, then breasts, stomach, my legs, and finally my crotch.


Next, a nameless woman poured warm oil over my mound. It ran across my twat and down my ass to the cushion underneath. They massaged me firmly. My anus relaxed and began to open. I felt myself trying to offer myself more by spreading my legs even wider.


“Hun, now relax, let yourself float,” as she inserted a finger, then two, finally four, and slowly pushed her hand inside my dilated butt hole. I thrust back in rhythm, waiting for her to stimulate my clit and insert fingers in my vaginal canal. The soothing sensation was in contrast to the stinging and aching pain of my nipples and breasts. I never wanted to be fisted before, but that felt like pure heaven.


The orgasm lasted forever it seemed, a hard anal one that cramped deep in my womb. “That is your first,” she said. Now the guys are going to enjoy you before you return to the holding room.”


Shadows darted around me. The room swirled. I did not care about my dilated holes, or my naked exposure. I could feel being pumped and thrust upon. Several times I felt huge cocks penetrate both my ass and pussy simultaneously. I know several shadows must have also enjoyed my mouth through the open ring gag.


I awoke again in the holding room lying naked on the dirt floor, a wooden plug inserted in my vagina fastened to a wide belt with chains, a plug harnessed in my butt hole, and the ring gag still in place. Cum seeped from every orifice and I could taste it in my throat.
I'd been out for almost 12 hours. I could see it was dark outside. Time was really relative. I didn't even know how many days I had been there. Several of the girls were gone. One was sleeping and another was sobbing.  I guess the other girls were getting used by our captors. A plate of food had been left, I figured for me. Potatos, salad, pork chop, a roll, and a glass of tea. Strange that I'd be treated to such a good meal. I mean if they were wanting to torture women and kidnap them, would they be giving them dinner like this?

Harsh Discipline

I ate, had just finished, and a tall black woman came in. She was dressed in a corset, wore boots, and carried a crop like the black guy had.

"You get that fuck ass ready hun. You are invited to a party," she said.

What was to get ready? I was already naked, and still had plugs in me. "So...like...what you want? Am I suppose to comb my hair, brush my teeth, and put on some jewelry?"

"You little cunt! Where you get off sassing me, missy? as she hit me a couple times with the crop across my legs. Well, where you going, you gonna get lots of that." 

I rubbed the welts trying to sooth the sting. She jerked me up and pushed me out the door, slaming it behind us as we left.

In a room not far, I saw the other three girls tied by their wrists and hung from the ceiling. They had the same harness and plugs I wore. Each balanced on toes. The black guy that I had given the blow job to was naked and watching them as he sat smoking a cigar in a chair. He was stroking his long and thick black cock.

"You look so fine hangin' there, you cunts. Now you going to dance for me and give me my respect, before me and the guys fuck you again."

He got up and struck the first girl on her buttocks. She sighed a little and actually smiled back.

I was hauled onto a vacant rope and pulled onto my toes too. My calves strained.
"So here is what we gonna do. You are all gonna get whipped by this crop. The one that screams the most, they are gonna get the whip too," as he held up a horse whip with a metal tip. "Okay, count off, Bitches, as I use this on your asses."

He began with the first girl, striking her about ten times. I don't know how, but she didn't even whimper. I mean, she didn't even flinch. She must of had a butt like stone.

Then the second girl got ten. But she was screaming before he even laid the crop on her.

The third girl winced and struggled to avoid the blows.

Me...well, you know, I am not good at pain. I let out crys with each strike to my ass.

"Well, little girl, you are almost as noisey as the second cunt. But not quite. guess you are saved from the horse whip,"  he said to me.

Then he coiled the horse whip and with full force struck the second girl across the back, legs, breasts, neck, and butt. It split the skin leaving bleeding cuts. She screamed, so loud it hurt my ears. Blood curdling ones, as he whipped her twenty or more times. A few times he hit her pubic folds leaving red lacerations across her pussy and legs. Finally, he crushed out his cigar into her arm pit.

"Pretty good, huh? I mean, I was looking to hit that clit a few more times though," he said. "Been fun, but time to eat some pussy, now. He motioned to take the girl away and have the rest of us taken down. "Take off the plugs for them," motioning to the black girl.  "Get down, spread them cunts and hold 'em open."

Signalling to his black assistant, "Debora, you can have your pick. Take whatever pussy you want. I want the other two." The black woman pushed me to the floor and motioned for me to spread myself.

If they had known I was a certified slave, I'm sure they would have made better use of my talents. Maybe Marty had nothing to do with that. And, anyway, I can't imagine a master letting that asshole treat slaves like that. I mean, with a whip and all.

I spent the remainder of the time getting licked, anus fingered, and my pussy probed by Debora, and I returned the favors. I made her cum about three times. Actually, I caught her being nice to me and smiling. She even let me cum a few times.
Three hispanic looking guys came into the room. The black man said they could join in if they wanted. I gave one a blow job, and the other fucked me before I was returned to the holding room. The third ate on my clit, but wanted to know if I was a whore that worked on Colfax Avenue and how much I got for a trick.

After about four hours I was returned to the holding room. Before falling asleep, I thought how similar this was to the training I had had in Oakland. Maybe just a coincidence, but that first girl, the one with the butt of stone, I recalled her saying she was from San Francisco. I wondered if she was a certified slave. You'd have to have some experience to be able to do that. 



The Dirty Filthy Fuck Piggy

"Get on fours Cunt," the voice said. "Scamper over here and show me that drippy twat."

It must have been the fourth day. Except for one casual romp with a couple guys, they left me alone. But this guy was a new guy, yet he sounded familiar. Like a little bitch dog, I crawled with my butt up and spread my ass to his gaze.

"Hmmm, nice rump, Bitch, as he spread open my pussy lips and drove his index into my asshole. I like a well trained piggy. But you aren't filthy enough yet."

Over my head he placed a nostril deformer. You know, one of those things that pull your nose up and makes you look like a pig. Then he put on a dentist's
mouth brace pulling back my lips and exposing my teeth.

"Good, now you are starting to look like a piggy. Stick this in your butt hole too," handing me an enema nozzle like I had a few days ago. Except, this one had been fashioned with a piggy tail. I inserted it and he pumped it up so it could not be easily pulled on.

"God, you do look like a sow cunt now!" he exclaimed. Then he snapped a leash to my collar and told me to follow him.

We went to a room in the back of the building. It looked like they built motorcycles and racecars in there -- grease, engine parts, oil, and tools.

From a drawer he took a black ink marker. I'm going to write what you are over your body you drippy slut cunt. He wrote on my forehead, "Piggy." On my stomach he had "Fuck Me" with an arrow down to my cunt hole. On each thigh he had an arrow with "Cum Hole." And on my ass he put "Slut."

"See that pile of dirt and bark dust?" He pointed to a corner in the back. "Piggies like to root in that. I think it even has some pig shit or cow manure in there for you. Get in there and roll around like a piggy.

I crawled into the pile. It stunk like a barn. Excess oil had been thrown in it too and it stuck to me. 

"I want to hear you squeal for me too.  Push that pussy into that pile. Fuck it like you will fuck me

I squealed and grunted. I laid my cunt onto the pile and humped like I was being fucked. Then I rolled on my back and spread my legs as though I was making a snow angel for him. He smeared my face. "Oink, oink, squeal squeal..."

"Good, good...now, take this flashlight, sit there on that pile, and masturbate. Make yourself cum, Cunt pig!"

He handed me a long plastic flashlight. I spread my legs open and pushed it in and out of my open gapping vagina for him.

"Perfect, okay, turn around." He took out the enema nozzle. "Fuck it in your ass for me now" I got on my knees and thrust myself up and down on the light.

"Keep squealing piggy, don't stop. I want you to feel like the filthy sow whore you are."

He jerked my chain leash and led me to a large wooden tool bench. "Okay, Piggy, get up here. Stay on all fours."

I hopped onto the bench and he began fingering my ass with one hand and my pussy with the other.
"Mmmm...you are gonna make me cum just playing with you," he said as he dropped his pants and stroked a long thick hard on. "Stand here and bend over, putting your arms out on the table."

I stood at the end of the bench, bent over and stretch my arms out as he asked. Then he took rolled rags and nailed them over each wrist and my neck holding me face down. He did the same with my ankles, spreading my legs and fastened them to the legs of the table, exposing my ass to any invasion he wanted.

"So nice, Piggy, I see your cunt dripping. I think you want this as bad as me," pushing his cock, dilating my butt hole, and pumping me. "Come on, fuck pig, let's keep grunting and squealing. Remember, you are a filthy sow for me now."

He pumped me for ten minutes, still as hard as when it started. Maybe you need a shovel handle up that pig cunt!" He took a nearby shovel, slowly inserted the handle in my cunt hole and wedged it into the floor. I could feel it bang my cervix and its roughness tear against my open labia. I couldn't move. He had impaled me on the handle and bound me captive on the tool bench, fucking me my asshole all the while.
"You like that Piggy? Squeal yes if you do."

"Weee,weee...," I responded.

Then I felt the warm jizz go into my rectum. It seemed to flow forever. It seeped out, down my leg and to my ankle. He slumped on my back. His fingers grabbing at my tits and rolling my nipples. Hi tongue licking my ears.

"Huh,...huh, huh...," he jerked as he came.

Piggy, that was the best piece of ass I had since I saw you in that Castle Rock place several months ago.

"Okay, so he knows me. I bet he knows Marty. "Yep, ...like I figured. This was a put on," I thought.

"I'm gonna get you outa here really soon if you stay my nice little fuck piggy," he said as he took me back to the holding room.

Daddy's Girl


Honestly, I was getting tired of that place. Guys, and some girls to, would come by the holding room to look at us standing, sitting, or lying naked. They'd look us over like desserts, and then motion us to follow them to the "fuck rooms."

I must have been in six or seven of the rooms. Each was equipped with a cheap bed, a small refrigerator for drinks such as coke and beer, a pitcher of water, glasses, always a box of Kleenex to clean off cum, some dry and moist towels, and a glass full of condoms.

Some rooms are done in fetishes. For example, some have red walls and flames with black silhouette shadows to represent hell. Some have very gross images painted on the walls --- cocks cumming, open vaginas dripping cum, cunts, and cock filled assholes. Others graphically show lesbians sucking each other off.

Some days I'd do like two or three guys. And even at night I might have a couple guys and some girls too.  I'd been there five days, and a rather old and fat guy said I was to go to a "fuck room" with him. He was nervous and I could tell he did not seem to be confident sexually with women.
When we got there, he asked, "Do you mind calling me Daddy?" I told
him I didn't mind. He held a brown briefcase and said, "Okay, I want to dress you first," opening the brief case and handed me a petite frilly little girl's dress, baby girl , some knee socks, patent leather shoes, plastic panties like a baby might wear, two diapers large enough for a young woman, and some baby oil and powder. Also, there was a baby pacifier and a bottle already full of milk.

"I want you to be my little baby girl. You have to act like a baby for me. You can call me Da' Da'. Also, I will make you mess your diaper and I want you to cry for me, so I have to change you. I could not hold back my giggles.

"You can't be serious. I never played a baby before, I said. And anyway, like...I could not be made to mess a diaper."

He became very sternly and said, "Oh my dear, quite serious. And if baby is bad, she will be spanked too. So, lay here," pointing to the bed, "and let me put this diaper on you."

I lay still, on my back with my arms across my breasts. He powdered my pubic and bikini areas and rubbed the powder into my skin.

"Turn over, please. Let's powder your butt. And please say yes Da'Da', he asked.

I said, "Yes Da'Da'," and turned over.

He sprinkled me with white powder. Then he rubbed it into my ass crack and between my legs. He was getting a good feel of my anus probing it to the knuckle, getting off separating my cunt lips, and filling my vagina with two of his stubby fingers. I saw him offer me a sinister grin.Then like you would a baby, he rolled me over carefully, lifted my legs and slid a clean diaper under me. Folding it and attached the side tabs, he told me to get up and he'd dress me the rest of the way.

Standing nude except for the diaper, my arms at my side, he had me put on the plastic panties over the diaper. Then he pulled the frilly dress over my head. Finally, he sat me on his knee and put on my socks and shoes.

"Daddy is going to give you your bottle, now." You can sleep if you want, but finish all your bottle for me."

"Yes, Da'Da'," as I played along.

I did about half and put the bottle on the end table.

"No, Amy, Daddy wants you to drink it all."

But it was making my stomach gurgle. "Da'Da, it is hurting my stomach."

He said, "Well, drink a glass of water, then. That will help you finish the rest."

I finished the bottle as I sat on his lap. He told me about his wife and life. He was an accountant and had not had sex in several months. His wife was not into it. And he always had this particular fantasy. We chatted for about an hour. I thought, "This isn't so bad."

But my stomach gurgled more. That bastard had given me a laxative. And it was working. That was how he would make me mess my diaper. Geeeze, I could not believe it.

"Da'Da, Amy is going to Do Do in her panties," I said. "I'm sorry, but I have tummy ache, Da'Da'," pretending to cry.

I pee'd and shit in my diaper, just like he wanted. You could smell it. Nothing could really humiliate me anymore, I thought. But for some reason, that did. I was embarrassed.

"Well, Daddy is very disappointed in you, Amy. You should tell Daddy when you need to potty. But, I will change you," as he offered that sinister smile again.

He slowly pulled my dress over my head. As he did, he kissed me,pushing in his wet tongue into my mouth. Then he licked and sucked on my nipples and said, "Oh, Amy, you’re getting nice little breasts. Daddy likes how perky they are all ready."

Then he kneeled down, licked around my navel, and said, "Did Amy do poopy too?"

I said, "Yes, Daddy."

Oh, Amy, Daddy is going to spank you for that. But first I must clean you off."

He laid me back on the bed and tore off my diaper. "Eeew, stinky poopy."

Using some Kleenex, he cleaned my mess and washed my bottom with soapy water as he lifted my legs. Then, he washed my pussy; separating the folds to be sure they were clean. He rubbed me with baby oil, and powdered me again. I did feel fresh and clean and actually it was a very comfortable experience.

Pretending to spank me, he did make my butt turn red as he turned me over his knees. Then, like out of the blue he said -------

"Amy, can I fuck you, please? I mean, not as a little girl, of course. I just want to fuck you now. Okay?"

You know, I felt sorry for the guy. He was pathetic. I said, "Yes sir, if you want."

He undressed, showing me a stubby little cock. It poked straight out below a fat bulging beer belly and a hairy chest. I spread wide and guided his cock into my pussy hole for him. I think he got like five or six pumps into me and then grunted, "I'm cumming."

We lay there awhile, his head on my chest, playing with a nipple, and drooling on my belly. Then he dressed, packed his little case, and returned me to my room saying, "Amy, thank you. You fulfilled a fantasy I have had for years.

Wait...wait...he called me Amy. Now how do you suppose he knew I was Amy?

The Great Escape

Now it has been like six days. I had to go watch several girls get tied and placed in some devices. They then put electro-shocks on their tits and cunts. I don't know if they were enjoying it or not. They'd jump when the guy would press a button tho'.

They were getting ready to do me when Bill and John, the guys that brought me there said, "Hepburn wants her to go party with us tonight. We're going to take her with us. What you think of that, Cunt?"

I stared at the floor. Would it matter what I said?

They pushed me out of the "fuck room", down some stairs, and put me in the back of the black van. I was naked and cold.

As we drove away, Bill tossed me a paper sack and said, "Put these on."

Inside were my clothes --- the panties I wore the first day, the old grey coat, Marty's tennis shoes, my blue silk bra, and my scarf.

"Not much I know," said Bill. "But you aren't going to need much at the motel where we are going. John and me go here a lot. They got a good bar, and after, well, you know what we want."

Out the back window I saw a sign that said Interstate 70 East, then they took a turn south on I-25.

"Your panties might be a little wet, Hun, said John. Think Bill was licking the cunt mucus out of them earlier," as he slapped Bill on the back of the head.

"You perv," said Bill, as he passed the Colfax exit. I'll tell you this. When we get there, I get the first fuck."

I put on the bra, coat, scarf. I was tying my tennis shoes when Bill said, "Relax, you little cum dump. You are in for a treat. No bullshit."

At this point, I didn't care. If they went to the bar, maybe I could runaway. Or better, maybe I'd call Marty and he'd come and get me.

"John, you got to admit. She has a pretty fuck hole, huh. That tiny little set of boobies. And that cunt. God! I think I'm gonna take a taste of that right now."

I sat with my head buried in my knees and gave no response.

Seemed like a long time to find a motel. John said they were lost. But we kept heading south.
Later, they turned off and travelled down some isolated road. "Think I am going to get directions," said Bill.

But when the van came to a stop, they slid the side door open and ordered me out. "Oh, fuck! I thought. They gonna...like...rape me on the side of the road or what?"

I got out. They closed the door and drove off.

"Geeeze, I don't believe this," I said. Where the fuck am I?"

Fortunately, there was a Seven-Eleven nearby. "Oh my god!" I yelled aloud. It was my Seven-Eleven, the one up the street from my house.

Flecks of snow fell as I ran the three blocks to our house. It must have been 2 o'clock in the morning. I rang the bell, banged on the door, yelled, "Marty, Marty, wake up! I'm home, I'm home. Let me in."

A sleepy and yawning Marty opened the door a crack, leaving the chain in place. "What the fuck?" he said. 

As he took the chain off and opened it to let me in, he smiled and said, "Hope you had fun," and went back to bed.

The next morning I told him about the place I was. He said the black guy, Hepburn, was a regular customer once. in fact, he played ball for CU, but was hurt in a motorcycle accident and couldn't get picked up by any pros. "It was Hep that got me into bondage stuff," he said.

Then he told me this, "You remember that doctor that wanted to throw you into the trunk of his car and scare the hell outa you? Well, I thought that was a pretty cool idea. I know you fool around on that damn CM site when you are here alone. I bet you even cam, don't you, little Cunt?"

I jumped in his lap, gave him a big hug, smiled, and said, "Marty, would I ever do anything to hurt or leave you?"




Loaned Out and Used --- My Recent Experieince with Another CM Member

I have always been used when my Master was around. But a couple

weeks ago, like over the holidays, a guy from CM asked Marty if he
could take me to his cabin near Aspin. OMG!
He was a big fat guy --- i'd say 250 pounds and 6 foot. He had a
long beard, but no hair. Drove a red Ram pickup with guns in the
So he picks me up and we drive and drive. He is nervous and is like
63 years old. He said he was married but his wife and him have not
had any sex for years. He said he likes getting whores and going to
motels. This was his first time he took a girl to his place in the
mountains. He said we'd be gone for like two days.
He never went to Aspin tho'. Instead he goes like to Cripple Creek
and a place way up on the Western slopes. There was some snow there,
but it was very clear and kinda nice that day.
He never tried to do anything in the truck. He asked me if I liked
to be tied; if i ever had any sex with animals; how i felt about
having to stay caged and naked: and whether he could fuck me without
using condoms. He was married, so...well...I didn't care...if he
So when we got there, he has me get out of my clothes and takes
them. He got naked too right away. Already he had a big ole' vein
covered cock with a huge red wet head that was already dripping
precum. His balls were long hairy big ones...my god...they swung
back and forth as he walked...like a pig. His crotch was so hairy,
grey, and pouty with freckles.
I had to pull open my ass cheeks and my cunt lips so he could see if
i had any like sores he said. As he sucked on a breast, he fingered
me in both holes really good as i watched his hard shaft grow, start
to twitch, and drip.
He told me to put on a leather dog collar, a chain leash, and
leather cuffs on my ankles and wrists. Then he put me in a cage like
you have for a really big dog. It had a doggy dish and a soft old
moldy looking mattress. He said later he would put on a ring-gag and
make me insert a big anal plug that would be fitted with straps at
He then left to go to the store he said, leaving me locked in my
little prison. Fortunately, he had started a wood stove and the
place got warm real quick. But the stove smelled like clothing
burning. He had actually burned my clothes.
I looked around and saw he had prepared for my visit...cieling beams
had like big rings, the walls also had like fittings for chains, the
floor had iron rings. On a chest he had placed lots of different
toys. I think he thought i was bigger that I was. God, some dildos
and plugs were meant for great big holes -- not mine.
On a chair he laid some canes, whips, and a paddle. He had tit
clamps and cord. Some needles, some hooks, fishing line, and lead
After a few minutes, he came back with sacks of food. He put some
cat food in my bowl. I'm serious.  OMG...he was going to make me eat
that shit?
He got naked again and asked me to masturbate for him. He led me
from my cage...put me on a rug, and then wanted me to push a big red
dildo in and out my twat. As I did, he stroked his large red meat,
grined at me, and forced his shaft into my open asshole.
He wanted to know if i could gap!...LOL...like...you know...make my
ass open for him to see. He didn't cum, but he withdrew and thrust
his dick into my mouth. I gagged and choked, but he held my nose,
pushed my head between his legs, and forced me to suck it really
hard. His warm jizz came and filled my throat. But he said, let it
dribble from my mouth and drip down your body.
Then he threw some heavy black ropes over the upper rafters. I was
on my tippy toes as he pulled my arms toward the cieling, clamped my
titties, and spread my ankles with rope and pole he had made.
His knarly fingers thrust up my wet cunt and spread my lips. His
other hand slid along my slick little gash. After a while, I did cum
for him when he told me i could. But he left me dangle there for
like an hour afterwards. He got hard again and thrust his cock into
my ass and my cunt.
After he came, he said, you came too soon and must be punished. I
said i had safe words. He said fuck safe words, he owned me now!
"Show me you will obey by pissing for me now!" I told him i
couldn't, so he had me drink a couple beers and slapped my ass and
cunt 'til they got nice and red. Then i pissed right there in the
living room before him. It ran out me, down my thighs, and off my
toes to the floor.
He said we might have company later, so he took me down and made me
go into the cage. He made some dinner then, but none for me. I was
getting scared. He said there was no phones, no television
reception, or no computers, but he did have a VCR and a TV. So he
started playing porno videos.
He said after he ate, i would have to sit on his naked lap and play
with his cock as we watched bondage movies together. He wanted me
drunk, and forced me to drink more beer with him.
Then, there was a knock at the door. His retired friend came in, saw
me in the cage, and wanted to know if he could fuck me too. the guy
said sure, but he was just going to get me ready for some heavy
They moved a big wooden table into the center of the room. Several
rings had been screwed into its sides and top. They had me climb up
on all fours and place my cunt over a couple of the rings. Then they
clamped a couple clips to my labia and forced my cunt to the top
edge of the table, opened my ass, spread my legs wide, and secured
my hands and feet.
I was in perfect position to have my cunt or asshole fucked. Also,
they made me wear the ring-gag, opened my mouth, and had me take
cock there too. A bandana was tied over my eyes. I felt sticky honey
or jelly being poured down my butt crack.
While one guy thrust his dick into my mouth, the other was lapping
up what ever they poured over my ass. He slurped and sucked on me
like i was his favoraite candy. Then, i heard him moan and cum,
wiping semen over my bare back and cleaning his hands on my hair.
When they were done, the one guy before he left said he would return
the next day and bring his girl that worked at one of the casinos
and have us 69 for them. He also said he could get a Pit Bull from a
friend if we wanted to watch me get bred to a dog with a big cock
and knot!
After he left, the other guy laid on the floor and told me to squat
over his face and let him ream my asshole with his tongue. I was to
lick his anus, cock, and balls as i bent over his huge belly.
At one point i wanted to use the bathroom. He told me i had to pee
and poop in front of him. He took a pile of newspapers and laid them
out for me. He said, i could not clean myself and was to roll in it
if i made a mess on the floor.

After giving him handjobs as we watched porno vids, he wasn't able
to get an erection anymore that night and really got pissed at me.
He told me i had to stick the biggest black plug up my asshole and
strap it on. He put a small lock on the belt and i was not able to
pull the plug out. I kept the ring-gag in too as he put me back in
the cage for the evening.
The next morning early, he came out and said his cock wanted some
pussy. I never slept as i was so sore after all the ropes and
fucking i had. He told me to lay on my back on the wooden table and
spread my legs over my head. He tied them to the rings on the
corners and removed the butt plug and harness. My holes were up and
open. My rectum had become prolapsed and the ring-gag had really
stated to chaff my mouth.
He asked me if i had made a bowel movement that night. I said no,
and he shoved a vaselined short broom handle into my ass pressing
deep inside my gut and colon. As i struggled and winced, he bit on
my clit and fingered my cunt hole stretching it with his fat
fingers. I moaned, but couldn't speak cuz of the ring-gag.
He pulled out the broom stick, covered in feces, and had me suck it
as he licked my face, toes, and feet. Then he came to the front of
the table near my head and jerked off on my face and hair telling me
i was a shit filled fuck whore. I started crying and he started
slapping and twisting my nipples.
After a while, he tied me to a chair. My legs were open, my asshole
and cunt were exposed; my arms were tied back; and he inserted a
ball gag in my mouth. He positioned me in front of a picture window,
opened the drapes, and allowed anyone passing to see me. There i was
naked and helpless, drooling like a baby.
I sat like that for maybe an hour. Soon the friend from the day
before came by, with his girlfriend, and two dogs --- a pit bull and
a doberman.
The dogs right away began to sniff and lick my crotch. But the
visiting man said that it wasn't their turn yet. Instead, his gf
stripped, made me smell her dirty panties, and began to lick and
finger my cunt. But she said my ass smelled like shit and asked if
she could wash me clean with some soap and water. Then she ate at my
pussy as her bf fucked her and made her scream when she climaxed.
She let the cum drip from her vagina into her hand then smeared it
over my face and tits.
The old geezer watched his friends and me fuck as he stroked his
cock and got it hard once again.
Eventually they returned me to my cage. It was getting to be like a
nice place to be. But I hadn't eaten anything since i arrived. I
finally decided i had to taste the cat food. It had gone dry sitting
in the bowl all night. But it wasn't bad and tasted like canned
chicken in gravy.
That afternoon i was tied on the floor and stretched wide
spread-eagle on my back. A small cushion was placed under my butt
raising my mound slightly. The guys put butter under my arms, in my
cunt, on my ass, tits and face. Then they let the dogs have me. I'm
ticklish anyway. But I hated those rough tongues on me. When they
cleaned off the butter, the gf just put on more.
Then they asked me if i was willing to jerk and suck one of the dogs
to be let loose? They explained how i had to pull back the sheath,
massage the dog penis, and make the dog's red cock swell. Then i was
to suck it and try to make the dog cum. I knew they would just have
me do something else disgusting, so i agreed.
As i sucked on one though and had him in my mouth, the other grew
fond of my open sex holes. He nosed me and dug into me with his paws
lapping at my cunt hole and licking my anus.
One of the guys grabbed my legs and the other my arms. They tied me
on all fours, my collar to the floor, and ass up so that my cunt was
ready for the horny pit bull. As the other dog licked my face, the pitbull drove his cock into my ass
again and again. The gf finally guided it up my vagina and got his
knot to lock inside me...I was really crying and scared then...cuz
the dog was trapped in me. It came and came...omg...i never seen so
much cum...it was hotter than a man's...it ran all over the floor and down my legs. The bitch gf
laughed and laughed calling me a dog whore...and spreading doggy cum
across my face and back.
I think the dog experience turned the old geezer off. He didn't want
to fuck me after that. He said he was afraid he'd get some kinda
disease. Actually, i have heard it is like pretty clean.

I didn't have clothes. He saw to that, but he gave me his London Fog
and i wore that back to Castle Rock that afternoon. God i must have
showered for four hours when i got back.
I told Marty what happened. He said he would want to check these
guys out more next time and give them some rules on how they can use

The Training of Slave130D3 -- Day Five (Graduation)

I never doubted I would get to this day. Maybe if I had not been a fuck toy or a subbie slut before, I would have been too inhibited to go through some of the things they made me do. But I proved at least to myself that I could. I hoped my Master would be proud of me too.

It was mid-morning. I didn't know what to expect, except the training was over --- at least I thought it was over. But I was still laying naked in straw. Three of us had now cuddled and comforted each other during two nights.

I really got attached to Sam (Samantha), the large big-breasted dark haired married woman that was now my friend. I was going to miss Pricia, the 19-year-old petite blonde with the perfect 34-22-36 body.

But I was still dirty, my hair was tangled and full of man-fluid, straw, and grime. I could smell the piss/poop bucket on me. Some always splashed or spilled on our floor.
I was wondering what they would be doing with us when an attendant called us out into the hall and took us to a set of hot showers, gave us our labelled purses along with our makeup, and handed us clean robes...not just shorties...but nice full white ones like you find in good hotels. God, they let us get clean.

We showered together. It was hot soapy water and felt so good. We had razors too. God my legs needed one. We were taken to the medical room. But instead of a medical exam, each of us were given manicures, pedis, and our hair was dried and set.

Then we were asked to slip on silk white poncho-like garmets to cover our otherwise nude bodies. Each garmet was open to the back showing our bare tushies, tied at the waist with a gold rope sash with a long deep open front neck-line separating our breasts.
For our feet we were given simple white leather sandals trimmed with gold straps that rose up our calves. About our necks we wore a gold metal collar, some pearl beads, and long pearl earrings. We looked like women you might see at a Roman orgy, and for good reason.

It was time for lunch, so I expected we would eat something before the next session. Instead, we were taken to the review room, paraded on display among an audience of about 20 men and women. Some lifted our garments, looked at our naked bodies, or felt the smoothness of our thighs, asses, pussies, and breasts.

I felt like such an idiot. I stood motionless and let an old bald man curl his middle finger into my cunt and ream the middle finger of his other hand into my butt hole. He looked at me with a sinister grin.

After about 20 minutes, our slave numbers were called. We were divided into three groups. Three of us were directed into an orgy room --- me, the petite blonde, and the chubby girl that cried all the time. The room was decorated with deep red sofas and pillows. Walls were covered in red velvet curtains.

There were three naked men and two older naked women I had not seen before. The old geezer that fingered me seemed to be in-charge. He grinned and directed us to drop our garmets and make ourselves comfortable. We were given lots of wine, flat bread, humus, and kebobs in rice if we so wanted.

Two women (my friend Sam and one more) went with three other women to what they called the Sapho Room. I figured that was for those into lesbian sex. In fact, the women were very muscular and dominant looking I thought. They carried strap-ons.
The last girl was stripped and tied spread eagle to a Saint Andrews Cross set up on the review stage. Two male attendants with whips stood on either side of the cross. Many of the audience members moved their chairs closer to better observe the girls planned torture.

All I know from here is what I experienced in the Orgy Room. I don't know what was going on elsewhere. Partners were traded often in my room. We fucked and sucked our guests doing threesomes and foursomes. I know I was used by all the men. I was fingered and eaten by all the women too.

One very heavy woman with a huge round ass sat on my face. I had to make her cum by inserting my tongue into her enormous anus and vagina. She would grind, grunt, and squirm forcing me to gasp for air. Her saggy tits bounced on the top of my head. 

I tried to keep from cumming like I was taught --- it was really hard cause the guys were always trying to do deep cock thrusts against my "G" spot and cervix, putting my legs on their shoulders and driving their hard shafts into me. One guy got under me as I lay on my back and drove his cock deep up my rectum while another packed hid dick into my spread open vagina. The second women then ground her clit into my face calling me every name under the sun. 

But I really wanted to be the perfect slave, so I went along with the desires of our guests. After about three hours, the head mistress came in and asked us to stop our orgy and return to the review room.

When I got there, Master was standing on the review platform to accept me as Slave130D3. He smiled, waved my certificate card, gave me a hug, and a kiss. I was told to dress in my original clothes. We could leave whenever he desired. We caught a plane returning to Colorado that night.

The Training of Slave 130D3 -- Day Four (Pain Day)

I'm not a pain slut. I know that. Some girls say that sexual feelings to them are the same as pain. In training, our mistress told us that the brain confuses sex and pain. The centers are very close together. Well, maybe, but I was not a good student when it came to these lessons.
That morning we were cuffed and led to the medical room again.

On our silver rings, the two on our nipples and the one on our clit, they hung lead fishing weights (about four ounces each). The weights hurt. I got use to them, but they made my arms and the sides of my breasts ache.

We got lectures on various pain methods --- hot wax, electricity, pins, clamps, dungeon devices, nipple and clit torture, switches, canes, and paddles. Like before, we saw some videos of slaves being put through various pain ordeals.

That afternoon they inserted a large metal hook that went into our anus and was tied to our hair pulling our heads back and opening our rectums.
Each of us was placed on the reviewing stand in various devices. I was bent over a rail. My tit weights were removed. But my nipples were tied to floor rings. Spring clamps (like you put on paper manuscripts) were put on my labia and cord was tied to them and taped to my thighs to open my pussy lips.

My arms were spread and tied to the rail. My tits hurt like hell (which I don't have much in that department). It brought tears to my eyes. They tied my legs spread to each side.  My pussy hole was dripping I know. The hook pinched my butt and was very uncomfortable.

A very large woman, the one I got to know well, slept with, and made love to the previous night, was hung by her breasts tippy toe. Her hands were stretch over her head and she had a spreader bar between her ankles. They clamped her cunt open too. She was ball gagged and could only make muffled sounds.

A small blonde petite girl, I'd say about 19, was placed on a board with wooden pegs under her feet. She was blindfolded and had to squat with her hands attached to her collar. Close pins were fastened to her nipples. Cord was attached to labia clamps and tied to the peg board. A nose ring was pulled to the top of her head making her look like a fuck piggy.

Another girl was placed on a wooden pony --- a device with a sharp wooden ridge like the roof of a dog house. Her feet had been pulled up so her weight forced her vulva onto the ridge. A dildo was attached to the top and inserted in her vagina. Unless she squeezed her legs against the pony to relieve her weight, she would slide down putting pressure on her filled cunt.

She had clamps and weights on her nipples too, and the hook in her anus.

A chubby brunette girl, the one that wouldn't fuck strangers, was placed in a stock. She was bent over with her head and hands in the wooden collar.

Weights dangled from her heavy breasts. It made me think of pictures I had seen of milkings. A dildo on a pole was driven into her anus and held there by a holder in the floor. Pussy clamps were tied to floor rings.

Finally, a latina girl was stretched spread eagle to a table. Cords tied to her nipples were pulled to weights hanging from the cieling. Clamps were on her labia and her lips were spread wide open with cords pulled to her toes. The anus hook was removed, but she had a very large butt plug in its place.
And now the fun began. We were hit with canes, switches, belts and paddles. First lightly, and then harder. The one that could take the most beatings got to stay in the nearby Holiday in that night . OMG! I wanted to sooo bad...get a nice shower, sleep in a real bed, wear clothes again, eat some good food. But I knew that would never happen.
They took a break and members of the audience came up and inspected us. Some people even pulled on the clamps, pushed on the dildos, or struck us with canes. (One couple actually pee'd on the latina girl. The attendants got pissed and made us clean it up afterwards.)

I just put the pain out of my mind until it really got too bad. And I didn't want any black and blue marks, so I frequently used my safe word to get them to stop --- Yellow Cat.

But some girls could take a lot. Some even said they came. Not me. So I got some extra hits.

The girl that won was my friend, the big girl hung by her breasts. I missed her that night cuz we cuddled togther, but she said it was wonderful going to a motel.

We had the evening off. We just ate in our cell, and talked about things like normal women. The young blonde couldn't stop crying and she had some bad bruises on her twat and ass. We held her and tried to sooth her soreness.

The Training of Slave130D3 -- Day Three (How to Serve a Mistress)

We awoke with an attendant giving us a soft runny poached egg, a biscuit, and some weak tea.

The girl who wouldn't fuck the day before was chained to the wall and laying naked on the straw covered floor in one corner. Her cot, blanket, dildo strap, and shortie towel had been taken away. She had really huge breasts and they looked like they had been whipped.

We must have all looked terrible. None of us had seen a comb or makeup in three days. We were so dirty, covered in sticky slime and straw in our matted hair. I thought the soles of my feet would never be clean again.

We were taken nude to an area outside surrounded with a high brick wall. I remember it was cold and foggy. Two masked male attendants hosed us down. We were given some liquid soap and washed each other to rid of the dirt and grime. We also had to use a Fleet enema again.

Then we were taken to a medical room. One side had a number of chairs like a classroom. the other had medical equipment and an examination table.

We were given lectures on erogenous zones. You never would believe how many there are:

"Other areas known to be orgasmic for some women include the rectouterine pouch

, accessible through both the back of the posterior wall of the vagina and the anterior wall of the anus

, the perineal sponge

, accessible though the perineum

and the anterior wall of the anus

, several inches in, and the uterus

, which, when stimulated, can result in a uterine orgasm


After the lecture and a video, we each had our nipples and clits pierced. One by one we climbed on the examination table, spread open our legs, and had silver rings attached to our nipples and clits. Then we each had silver bells on a short chains hung beneath the rings.

After lunch, apples and bananas, we were led to the reviewing area. There we split into girl-girl pairs and tied our partners to some floor rings, spreading their legs open, ankles to shoulders, and forcing their mound up and out.

We had to force fuck them with our fingers making them cum...but not just cum...they had to squirt...lol. The lesson was to learn how to excite the "G". OMG...i came sooo hard...and that was the first time ever that i actually squirted. Really, i might dribble some occasionally, but never squirted fluid like that.

After a short break, we were ordered to kneel, with out hands snapped to our collars. Then, we split back into pairs and were told to insert in ourselves a double dildo per couple. The Mistress told us to try and make the other one cum by gyrating our cunts on the dildo forcing it into our partner.

If we could not make our partner cum in 15 minutes we were paddled. When she told us that you could really hear the little bells going ding ding ding. Few of us came cuz i think we were tired from squirting. So, again we all got red asses.

That night we had a party. The would-be slaves had to serve food and mix drinks for guests. All the guests wore black hoods or masks and dark purple robes. I think Master was among the group.

Guests were encouraged to sample the slaves. Two guys and a girl took me to the cushion lounge and i got to give them each blow jobs, get eaten by the girl, and was fucked in pussy and ass. Like before, i had to dump the used condoms on my breasts.

Later, we returned to the room, but our cots and blankets had been removed. We were told to sleep in the arms and legs of our nude cell mates to keep warm.

It was so cool. I mean, three of us like layed together in the straw, fingered each others' pussies, rubbed clits, and ate each other throughout the night.

This was probably the most orgasms i have ever had in one day.

The Training of Slave 130D3 -- Day Two (Serving Master)

That night after eating some oatmeal from a doggy bowl, all eight of us were chained collar-to-collar and led to a slightly elevated stage in a reviewing room.

We were taken out of the dildo strap and our towels were removed exposing our naked bodies.
As we were blindfolded, we could not see our audience, but could hear men and women whispering around us.

Each of us was assigned a number (the one i got now 130D3) and told to assume "the position" --- down on fours, butt in the air, face to the floor, and spreading our ass cheeks.
Members from the audience were asked to probe us, feel our tits, taste our cunts, and lick our anus.

Some guys made us suck their dicks and taste or swallow cum. Some girls spread their cunt lips and had us tongue them until we made them cum.

Some of us got pissed on and others had to rim asses. Two girls cried the whole time.

Then, for what seemed like 30 minutes, a cold slimy thick rubber cock was thrust in and out of our vaseline filled cunts. I came.
As nobody had given me permission, I was readily spanked with a wooden paddle 15 times and told never to cum without permission again. I was told I was a filthy slut-whore for the pleasure of a Master or Mistress. Sex was not for my pleasure.

After the session, the dildo straps were put back on us. We returned to the room and were to sleep. I didn't sleep too well that night.

The two girls that had been crying already dropped out. There was only six left. 

We were returned to our room and secured for the night. I wanted a shower cuz I smelled like sex. Cum ran down my breasts from the condom. But the mistress said we had to wait until the next day to get a hose down.

The Training of Slave 130D3 -- Day One (Arrival)

Lots of people wonder what I had to do to get my certification.

Master and I went to San Francisco about a year ago. Actually near Oakland to a BDSM Club. It took about five days to get certified.

When I walked in the door, I was led to dark part of the building and then told to undress. I was sprayed down with a hose, dusted with some "Cooty Dust",  and had to put on a blue shortie towel wrap around my waist. That was it...no bra, no blouse...no panties...no shoes for five days.

The place was like a warehouse. Me and seven other women stayed in a little 12 foot by 12 foot straw floor cubicle with a metal green door. One wall was made of like cyclon fencing floor to cieling. Outside the fencing we could watch two male attendants watching us.

We each had a scratchy wool blanket and a cot to sleep on. Each of us were locked to the wall on a chain leash.

Two male and two female attendants inspected us for rashes or sores. They also spread our legs really wide, fingered us hard, and gave us a body cavity searches to ensure we didn't have no drugs.

We had to lay on our backs, hold our legs at the knee, and let the attendants shave us with razors and soapy water. Then we were given Fleet enemas to flush our colons.

We couldn't roam around the place by ourselves. We had to be led on our leash attached to a collar, cuffed, blindfolded, and ring-gagged when ever we left the room.

If we had to use a restroom, we were told we had to ask and use the piss/poop bucket.

Each of us was fitted with a strap that had a dildo-like thing that went in our cunts and one in our butts. If we were not "training" we had to always wear that thing. They said it would lubricate and stretch holes. Later we were glad that it did.

They told us we'd be learning:

How to behave as a slave
How to please Master
How to please Mistress
How to tolerate pain
How to hold back cumming

Any girl who was having, or had started, her period would have to come back and take the program some other time.

I never saw Master again until graduation.

Slave 130D3 Bar Stories and Others

Halloween night...

See he closes the bar and locks the front door.

I come in and strip to music for like ten guys and five of their gfs.

Then, I am blindfolded and gagged. The girls finger me and pull on my hair and nipples, call me filthy names, and spit on me.

Then he had me squat naked there. Locked my hands to my collar and tied my labia to floor rings. The guys would reach down and curl fingers into my vagina and my anus. They would take turns, guys and women, having me guess whose cock was in me or pussy i was having to smell and lick.

They kept having me drink wine and smoke weed until i was just limp. Then they started
pissing, pouring beer, and slapping and spitting on me. I had to roll around on the floor in the mess oinking and grunting like a pig.

I got so drunk, I finally just passed out.

Woke up laying in cum and pee. Bar was dark. Had to wait until Master came and took me home about 10:00 that morning.

The next weekend

Well, he closed it early again

And then I stripped like before...

He had me do that stoopid game...like blindfolded and guess the cock.

Then, he said...get on the pool table...and let them see how well you masturbate with the pool stick cunt.

So...I did that for a while...they jeered and cheered me.

Then, he let two guys pull me into the restroom and have me there. Dunked my head in the toilet and fucked me in the ass...was really crying then...I bumped my head too...

So...I was brought back...and had to fuck each guys' beer bottle as they drank from them...they said..give me some of the spunk you got in that cunt....lol...

So...i left about 4:30am or so and went to the car to wait 'til he got me!

Week Three

I guess Master is going soft.

This week he let some dancers he rented and me play for the customers. There were four dancers after we closed the bar. We did a strip for those Master let stay after, maybe six guys and a couple girls. The other girls actually undressed and joined us on the floor later.

Master had gotten us a bunch of toys...several strap-ons, a couple big dildos, and a few plugs. We also used some things in the bar...bottles, cue sticks, and i think one girl rode a pickle or hotdog.

OMG, I really like having my pussy licked and played with by other girls. I cum really fast that way. 

Master made us wrestle. You know like one of those porno films. Wasn't fair tho'. Like three against one...me was the one.

Love being forced fingered. Only way I can squirt. But hate having big things up my asshole. Makes me feel like pooping all the time. But ...omg ... i love anal beads... Pull them out hard during an orgasm. 

Lot of the times I had to keep both a dildo in my pussy and one in my ass. The girls, I guess they like peein' cuz they wanted me to do golden shower stuff. But Master said they was making too big a mess on the floor. 

Actually I agree, cuz guess who has to wipe it up after?

What about the guys? They jacked-off on us girls....lol. I never even got fucked by any that time. Just covered head to toe in cum and girl-pee. 


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