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Hetero Male Submissive, 29,  Lewisville, Texas
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First off, let me start by saying this About me section is honest, and has took a lot of time for me to write, and i've had to realize a lot about myself in order to compose such a section. So this is me. I am an attractive(enough) white male. I am educated, funny, down to earth and pretty level headed. I enjoy reading, movies, going to the gym, going to museums, going out for dinner, really anything with the right person. I do not consider myself gay, however, I do enjoy crossdressing for my partner. I ultimately seek a self confident woman to date, who agree, with female supremacy and ultimately wants to be "wear the pants" in the relationship. That does not mean I am push over by any mean. But I want a take charge woman. Having grown up in a predominately female househould, I actually agree with female supremacy and hold women on a pedestal. I agree that women are the better sex over men. I think women should be fawned over, treated with more respect then men, and are far more intelligent. I don't crossdress out of the desire to be a woman or to be gay, i simply admire women and all the cosmetic efforts they go through, and think if men had to walk a mile in a pair of high heels, i think they would be much more respectful to women. Having said that, sexually speaking, I still would want to have vaginal intercourse with my lover, but I still think she(as all women do) need to make their male counterpart submit to them via strapon/anal sex, and not so much for pleasure but to further establish the D/S relationship. Ultimately I would love to find a beautiful, smart, sexy woman with a great personality, and who knows what it means to be an assertive woman. I think we should have a failry "normal" lifestyle outside of the house, but at home she would be in charge, and i feel that chastity is important for me/the male in such a relationship. I also think and feel its important for the male to be made to wear panties and some form of hoisery under his normal wear, to reiterate he is not a male, but a partner in his woman's relationship....more to come....











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 Submissive Male



 5' 11"

 200 lbs






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Dominant Transgender

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 Serving as a Butler

 Pantyhose Fetish




 Female Supremacy

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 Scuba Diving



 Body Worship

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 Genital Punishment







 Political Activism

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Journal Entries:
2/26/2012 9:22:01 AM



I walked out of the bathroom and sitting on the red satin bed sheet was my beautiful voluptuous Mistress. She was sitting with her tan pantyhose covered legs crossed and with a slight grin behind her bright red painted lips. Her black her hung low and curly, halfway covering one eye giving her a mischievous yet devilishly playful look on her face. She was wearing a form fitting rose red dress that was cut deep enough below her neck to reinforce the fact she was all woman. The bottom of the dress was well above her knee line and gave exposure to her thick powerful pantyhose covered legs, that only a strong dominant woman could successfully use for play in the right ways. Her strong legs led down to a pair of black strapped open toed platform, showing her matching red toe nails to her red finger nails. I followed her hands as she motioned for me to drop to my knees, and I did. She then told me, "come to me Samantha." I dropped to all fours and looked up at her for approval from my heavily mascared, now feminized looking eyes. The medium length blonde hair gave me  a virgin looking appeal, but the desire to please in my eyes only said, Ive been here before and was dying to stay in this position. I moved across the room to her feet, feeling the pink satin thong ride up my behind and caress my sissyballs that were being held in chastity for my Mistress. I grew closer to her and kept my eyes locked on her's, I could tell she was pleased with her transformation as every inch closer presented more of my feminization. I did it to please her. I felt beautiful for her. I loved the feeling of my glued breasts hanging from my chest, I loved the feeling of the stockings and garter belt wrapped around my thighs and waist. I loved the tight black dress she picked out for me, it clung to my body almost asking to be taken off it was so tight. 

I approached her feet and asked almost begging, "Please Mistress allow me to worship your beautiful feet?" She looked down smiling almost half laughing, "Please do Samantha." I unstrapped the buckle of the pump from around her ankle and gently removed her feet from the shoes as if i was handling a piece of fine china. I began slowly massaging her left foot with my hands as I gave gentle soft kisses on her inner right calf. Still massaging her left foot I made my mouth to the bottom of her right foot still kissing softly, I could hear her pleasure from my submission. I know moved my hands up to massage her left calf as I took her foot to my face and began to kiss the bottom of it and suck on her toes. I encouragingly asked.."Mistress may I please remove your pantyhose in better order to service you?"

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