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Hetero Male Master, 67,  Tadworth, United Kingdom
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I am an mature*, very experienced Master who has been training and collaring submissives for a long time and I have a wide circle of friends of all persuasions. Indeed, I have been in BDSM for many years and Ive met literally thousands of BDSM practitioners. I was very much part of the early BDSM scene in London, going to Skin 2, La Maitresse, Der Putch, etc. and was friendly with all the early pioneers of the scene in the 80s. Ive had quite a few girls - both occasional and live-in as well as a few cyber ones. I like to think that I am strict but imaginative, creative and rewarding.

I can be seen most weeks at interesting BDSM events such as Club OI, The Gate, the BBB in Birmingham and the LAM in London.

I have owned girls for over thirty years now and have experienced and enjoyed most things. I am currently looking for a girl who has, most importantly, a pleasant, easy and happy personality and who is submissive, obedient and loyal and who wants to be dominated by a strong but very loving Master. You will receive High Protocol training, obedience training, orgasm training and pain conversion training. For girls who wish to become the best they can be, I am the Master you have been looking for. I guarantee you will be completely fulfilled, satisfied and very, very happy.

If you (or would like to learn to) enjoy pain, all the better as I have a large and varied collection of BDSM equipment and a rather sadistic mind. Having said this, I respect safewords and sincerely believe in Our lifestyles basic tenet of Safe, Sane and Consensual.

If the idea of submitting to a very experienced Master intrigues or excites you, get in touch. Inexperienced and experienced girls are equally welcome.

It is important to state that I fervently believe that a Masters role is to be the strong Owner of His girl and to look after her, protect her, nurture her and love her. He owns her, she is His possession and should, therefore, be considered most precious.

I am looking for a long-term relationship ideally but I am not averse to some other arrangement that would fit in with your other commitments. I consider Myself a very masculine, loyal, honourable and honest Man with a twinkle in His eye. I can be strict but have a great - almost mad - sense of humour and for the right girl, very loving and generous.

Ideally, you will live with Me in lovely leafy Tadworth in Surrey - near the Epsom racecourse and will be expected to look after Me in every way including all domestic duties but, as I have said above, if this is not possible or not what you are looking for, I am happy to discuss alternative arrangements with you.

So, if you would like to enjoy the fulfilment that only submitting to a strict but kind Master can give you - a Master who will treasure you, protect you, look after you and love you - and wear a collar saying property of Master James, or just have some questions for Me, please send Me a message on here. No obligation, of course.

If you are new to this lifestyle or a bit shy, please dont be scared or put off by what I am saying. I can be very understanding, gentle, patient and kind to the right girl. I enjoy gently introducing shy newbies to the incredible pleasures of this lifestyle.

I am happy to consider more casual arrangements and also offer on-line training andor just great chats, -)

I look forward to speaking with you and learning all about you. How exciting.

Warmest regards,
Master James

* Age is only a number. I played rugby until I was 50 and have been told that I have an outlook and the behaviour of a young 40 year old. See My journal on here about the joys of being Collared by an older Master. In essence a more mature Master is more experienced, wiser and more able to give you the life you crave than a young inexperienced whipersnapper. -)

P.S. Sorry but I am not interested in TS or boy slaves. Nor am I remotely interested in paying for your services. Thanks.

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Journal Entries:
2/3/2014 2:30:55 AM

Here's a young slave explaining why she loves much older Men:
(you will need to copy and paste into your browser as CM xan't resolve HTML)

2/3/2014 2:26:21 AM



Right off the bat, age is nothing but a number. It's what is truly felt in the soul, mind & heart that matters. If you are old and find love in the young it's fine. If you're young and find love in the old it's even better. Just find the love and be happy.

Life is too short to be unhappy just because of a number!

I am in My early twenties but have only submitted to Masters in their 50's and 60's. They are sexy, they enjoy and look after their subs/slaves better and are more sensual in my opinion.

Older guys rock, period.

OK, so Master James asked me to try to explain why I want to serve older Masters.

So here are my reasons:
1) Older Masters have been there and done that. They've lived life and probably owned slaves for most of it. NOTHING is better than experience. My simple view is that a Man cannot be a true Master until He is 50. Period.

2) Being handled by a Master who knows what He is doing is bliss. Inexperienced hands can even be dangerous.

3) Older Masters are funny. They have great sense of humours. Nothing phases them. Age brings wisdom and calm. The perfect qualities for a Master.

4) You Get Off: He’s confident with girls and brilliant in bed. I've never had so many orgasms with a young Man.

5) He's studied the arts of BDSM all His life. His skills are awesome and He knows just how to get you off. Again ad again. And what I love about old guys is that they are very self-effacing. He will tell you He's still learning and mean it. Love that.

6) He Knows Cool Stuff You Never Heard Of: Generation gaps can be a good thing culture-wise. He can introduce you to music and movies that are totally awesome classics. And, amazingly, He actually lived through amazing times like the '60s and actually saw Hendrix and the Beatles!!!

7) He’s Super Supportive: He’s got a career and is secure in his work life, so he’s totally supportive of your ambitions. And full of good advice and contacts!

8) He Doesn’t Stay Out Late: He might be a ladies’ man, but after a certain age, he’s not out on the prowl every night in da club lookin’ for a fresh piece. He just wants to hang with you.

9) He Knows Himself: Nobody’s perfect, and by now, he understands his main foibles. He is honest about Himself. So refreshing. Young Masters are just full of themselves!

10) You’re The Pretty One: I know that's shallow but it’s always nice to feel extra sexy. He really appreciates your beauty and dotes on you.

11) He Doesn’t Want To Be Alone: He’s already hit that point when Men realize they don’t want to be all by themselves. Even if they intend to stay confirmed bachelors, they still want company.

12) Grey Hair: So very hot. Mmmmm.

13) No More Going Dutch: There won’t be that awkward pause when the bill comes; he’ll always take it because a man of his years makes more money. Plus He always wants to treat His girl. You won’t even feel the slightest bit guilty.

14) He Is Going To Be This Rad Forever: Some peeps just lose their lust for life at a certain age, but your older Master has still got it! Otherwise He wouldn't be looking for a young slave. He can not only keep up with your young butt, but he piques your interest. You know for sure that time doesn’t slow him down. He’s always willing to try new things. In another 20 years, he’ll still be l-i-v-i-n’.

So girls, that's why I will ALWAYS chose a Master much older than me. It's common sense in my view.

11/6/2013 4:10:46 AM

.The 10 Biggest Mistakes To Make When Looking For a Partner

1. Looking for people in your area only

You want someone who is really into you, who gets you, who will take their time with you, be patient, be loving and caring, someone you don’t get tired of being with, someone you can grow with. Someone compatible. And you are really putting convenience as your first criteria? No one really wants long distance relationships. But limiting your search to your neighbourhood is likely to cut down your chances to find that one special person that will ultimately change your life. *

  • (Note to #1: This point caused some confusion. I am not proposing long distance relationships. But if you feel your connection with your partner is strong enough and you want to be together, but the distance is too great, find a way to come together. Being together, living together in the same space, is worth the effort.)

2. They need to be into the same things

No, they don’t. If your significant someone likes the same band, the same movie, the same book like you, what are you going to show each other of the world? And if they are into the very same stuff, it is likely that you disagree in details, which may be the source of endless fights. You will find a richer partnership when you complete each other, rather than being into the same things.

3. Looking for the same age group only

People put too much weight into age as a number. Age is of course relative to life experience, but it’s not the only defining factor. Different people go through different phases in their lives at different stages. And not every 20 year old or 40 year old experiences the same things other people experience at their age. Of course age isn’t completely irrelevant with a partner, for various reasons. But you should be careful when making that number the defining factor that lets you decide whether someone is worth spending time with or not. Greater age gaps can lead to conflict sometimes, but they can also lead to a richer partnership experience.

4. Putting your judgement before your experience

We tend to take experiences with people and project them on other people. That’s just how humans are. It’s normal behaviour. First impressions do count. But taking that impression and extrapolating it, imagining how this person may act under various life circumstances, simply kills the possibility that your future partner might swipe you off your feet. You need to provide time for mutual experiences to give space for something to happen. Spending some time with them and experiencing places, events and each other will give you the confidence to be able to say, you really want to be with them.

5. Searching for reasons why they are not right

You may think you’re not doing it, but it happens all the time. Especially when you are reading a person’s online profile. It happens more with dating or community sites than it happens in regular life. Because in person, when we meet someone, we rely more on the immediate impression: facial expressions, humour, natural laughs, their timing, the vibe of a person. Online, your only tool is your analytical brain and it is searching for feelings, so you overanalyze everything you see from this person. This filter can be incredibly misleading. Give experiences a chance.

6. “I don’t have time for this, but I really want my ideal partner”

Finding the right partner means work. Seriously, if you want someone great, a half-assed effort isn’t going to cut it. When you meet someone, you need to dedicate yourself to it, showing them you want this to happen as much as they do. It’s an effort. It takes time. It also means acting before overthinking. Don’t hesitate, don’t push it away, let experiences invade your life.

7. Thinking you need to change yourself to find someone who wants you

Dealing with rejection is not easy. No one deals well with that, not even the toughest among us. And yes, it’s personal. You showed your true self and they did not want it. But you know what? They might feel you’re too old, too fat, too young, too inexperienced, have hanging boobs, a too short cock, a too big ass. Finding why they didn’t want you is not so hard. What you should find are reasons why someone would want you. And everyone has plenty of them. There is no such thing as a person without any qualities. Even with the toughest among us.

8. Relying on a type, your specific idea of an ideal partner

This may come as a surprise. But most people who come together as a couple were not their ideal partners. They may think that after a while of being together, but they most certainly didn’t know this in the beginning. If you want specific qualities in a partner, try making them as broad as possible. Be flexible with yourself. It’s too easy to use your narrow filter to dismiss every chance that someone could become the partner you want to be with, not just the partner you want.

9. Committing too early, or not at all

One of the hardest things to figure out is to know when you’re falling in love or when you’re loving someone. The former is a chemical reaction in your body and it takes about two to four weeks to fade out. The latter means you really care about someone. And you may think one is the other, or that it is all “magical” and it shouldn’t be so rationalized. Maybe so. But it’s easy to commit while you’re in love, and even easier to pass the chance of commitment. Sooner or later you are sobering up and then you ask yourself if you really care for them. This goes back to mutual experiences. Nothing forges a relationship more than what you have together.

10. Putting their looks first

This may be the toughest of them all. We all feel attracted to certain features in people. Be it their aura, the way they talk, their intelligence or their looks. And looks are really important, more than we may admit. It’s an evolutionary treat we inherited from our ancestors 65,000 years ago: selecting a mate by physical features, such as strength, health and beauty. To say attraction plays no important role in the mating game would be dismissive of being human. However, it’s too easy to put physical attraction first and filter people early, because they are not fit enough, don’t have a flat belly, or their upper teeth are too big. The question you should ask yourself is whether these things will be the reasons that make your relationship work, many years from here. What bothers you now may be something you don’t even notice in a few years, or it is part of why you feel familiar and home with your partner.

5/24/2013 5:56:29 PM


I watched a so-called Master shouting at His slave this evening and it wasn't pretty. She was terrified. Not because of His Dominance but because He was a no-good lout and had just lost her trust and respect.

Rage is non-consensual.

A Master never loses His temper. A Master never raises His voice. A Master isn't vain, arrogant and selfish. A Master doesn't embarrass waiters in restaurants. A Master doesn't push Himself to the front of a queue. A Master doesn't suffer from road rage. A Master doesn't do drugs or drink heavily. A Master doesn't hit His girl in anger. A Master isn't a bully.

A Master must have discipline and control at all times. For if He can't control Himself, how can He control His girl?

A slave needs to trust and respect her Master. Both take time to build but only a second to lose.

A girl who has lost trust and respect for her Master is a pitiful sight. She is, for all practical purposes, uncollared and is in great danger.

We must never style's basic tenet is ...

Safe, Sane and CONSENSUAL.


3/21/2013 7:45:14 PM


Everyone in this lifestyle has their own point of view. This is mine. Furthermore, as a heterosexual Man, I talk about females. Other genders are available. :-)


A “collar” in the BDSM lifestyle is the overriding symbol of slavery. A Master’s collar is a ‘state’. A collared slave is a slave that belongs to the Master that gave her the collar. She is his possession. He owns her totally. This is what is meant by TPE – Total Power Exchange. By accepting His collar, she gives Him complete power over herself and her life. Only the Master can terminate this Agreement but a slave can beg to be released. A slave released from this Agreement is called an uncollared slave.

The concept of the slave collar is from the days of true slavery when an African was captured and a metal collar placed around his neck to show he was now a slave.

Today, enslavement is consensual and to be wished for. It is a great honour for a girl to wear her Master’s collar.


The following Collars exist independent of one another, the slave working her way through these ‘ranks’ as she progresses. These Collars are concepts, they are not physical entities:


This is a Collar which carries no actual obligation.  It means that a slave is under the protection of a Master because she is being stalked or harassed in real life or online. He will ward off any predators if the slave requires it. There are no duties, discipline or obligations incumbent upon it.

Wearing a Collar of Protection gives the slave time to heal if needed, and the security of knowing she is safe when out and about, as she is under protection. She is literally unapproachable without the knowledge of the protecting Dominant.

There is no time limit on a Collar of Protection, it is there for as long as it is needed.


A Collar of Consideration is the very first step in a potential new relationship between a Master and a submissive or slave. Indeed, it is often ‘worn’ during the period when the submissive discovers if she is just that or indeed a slave.

It denotes the early days when the Master informs and instructs his new ‘student’ in the ways of BDSM and is a period of great enlightenment and excitement. It is during this period that the potential submissive/slave becomes aware of her desires and how she fits into the lifestyle.

Its name denotes that it is also a period when the Master considers whether his new 'student' will make a good submissive or slave and whether she has the right commitment and potential.

This Collar is usually ‘worn’ for an agreed period of time, and at the end of that time, it can be renegotiated, or the relationship can go to the next step, or both parties can decide to go separate ways.

A Collar of Consideration is not offered or accepted lightly, it denotes more than just a casual interest and both parties should understand the underlying meaning behind it.

It is an indication to other Dominants that this submissive is basically off limits whilst in the “consideration” period, and it signifies the beginning of a potential relationship.

It is not, however, a lifelong commitment, and there should never be any blame attached to either party, if at some stage one or other decides to withdraw from the situation.


Sometimes called a Collar of Probation, a Training Collar is the second step, and will be offered by the Master, usually after a Collar of Consideration has been in place for a certain period and the next level is agreed upon.

Usually, there will have been many discussions about likes, dislikes, needs and desires, and discoveries about personalities and characteristics, with the underlying factor that there is real potential for this relationship to go deeper, and more committed than before.

The Training Collar represents the beginning of the Master and slave’s life together. It exists during the slave’s formal training. This training consists of the Master teaching the slave the ways of D/s, BDSM and what it truly means to be enslaved.

A Training Collar could be considered as the BDSM equivalent to a vanilla “going steady” relationship and usually involves the same emotions, feelings and responsibilities.

It signifies to other Dominants and submissives that this relationship is now on a more serious level, and has the potential to be a long term undertaking. It signifies trust, respect and commitment, elements that are crucial to a successful M/s relationship.

The Master may now move into other areas of training and discipline and can often demand higher standards from the slave than before.

The slave, on accepting a Training Collar, should have a good understanding of what is required of her – and should be very much aware that her behaviour is a reflection of the training she is receiving from the Master whose collar she wears.

The Collar is also a symbol of the devotion and commitment the slave has for the Master.

At this stage, there can often be conflicts in the minds of both Master and slave. The Master now has the added responsibility of this particular slave, and it may well curtail His exploration of other slaves, unless of course it is agreed beforehand that there will be others involved.

The slave can struggle to reconcile her mind to her submission, and her commitment to one person. She is no longer available for other potential Dominants, and this can lead to feelings of less personal freedom in her life than before.

Subconscious testing of the relationship’s strength is often an underlying current, as both parties want to see how strong the commitment is. Insecurities and doubts are brought to attention, and often raise their ugly heads when there is no need. These elements must be faced and conquered if the relationship is to move to the next and final step.

Honesty and trust are paramount in any relationship, but more so at this stage as this is the final building block for the ultimate final step.


This Collar is the ultimate goal and final step in a M/s relationship.

A Full Collar is a recognition of the bond and attachment between the Master and slave and bears the same level of commitment and deep feelings as a wedding ring. It shows devotion, mutual respect, and expresses the fact that the Master and slave have the same ideals and desires to share their lives.

Because it is the BDSM equivalent to a wedding, a Master and a slave wearing His Full Collar are considered to be in a permanent long-term relationship.

In giving this Collar, the Master shows His commitment to care for the slave, and be responsible for her. Acceptance of this Collar by the slave, is an offering of her complete submission to the Master, she gives the whole girl to him, heart, mind body and soul, and trusts Him to with her life.

A Formal Collar is often given at a ceremony in front of friends and other D/s and BDSM community members. It is a deeply emotional and heartfelt time for both parties, and it is an honour to be invited to such a ceremony.



As a symbol of this collared state, the Master presents his slave with a waist chain, bracelet, anklet, necklace, choker, ring or other piece of jewellery. It is presented to a slave during the Collaring Ceremony.

This Secret Collar is the embodiment of the Master’s Collar and its meaning is usually a secret between the slave and her Master. The Master puts it on his slave himself and it should be worn by her 24/7 (see below). It is a solemn moment full of meaning for both Master and slave.

A slave should never remove her Secret Collar except under very exceptional circumstances and with His permission. It is to remind her of Him. When He is not with her it represents Him. Hopefully, it will comfort her when He is away.

A slave should be proud to wear her Master's Secret Collar, it is a great privilege. A typical analogy is an “engagement ring” wherein the Collar is a gift to the slave, but she would be expected to return it if she chose to end the relationship.


This is an actual collar that a Master gives to his slave. It is usually small and comfortable and has a ‘D’ ring for the attachment of a leash and often extra ‘D’ rings for the attachment of chains. A slave should wear this whenever she is in the presence of her Master, even during sleep at night. The only time she may remove it is during a bath or shower or when in vanilla society.


During High Protocol (see Protocols), the Master will use a special collar that is worn around the neck by the slave during scenes or in BDSM society. It is usually made of leather and much larger than a House Collar and it is nearly always connected to a leash.

I hope this makes sense to you but if you have any questions, please feel free to message Me on here.

Until the next time.

Warmest regards

Master James

2/26/2013 1:36:48 PM


 Everyone in this lifestyle has their own point of view. This is mine. Furthermore, as a heterosexual Man, I talk about females. Other genders are available. :-)

 Are you a submissive or a slave? Many people seem to worry about this a lot especially those of you who are new to our wonderful lifestyle.

Being submissive and being 'a submissive' are different things.

To Me, the difference between a submissive and a slave is one of desire and intent.
Both enjoy being dominated. Both (try to) enjoy pain within that domination. Often, but not always, both enjoy humiliation at the hands of their Dominant.

That being said, a submissive girl tends to retain a lot of control in her life. She submits to her Dominant conditionally and when she is ready to do so. She often lives a 'vanilla' life in between BDSM sessions. Sometimes with a 'vanilla' man who, she complains, "doesn't understand her".

There is nothing wrong with being a submissive and that is how most girls start out.

A slave is an entire different creature. She craves constant dominance. To be totally controlled. 24/7. All her life. She is happy to relinquish all the power and decision-making to her Dominant, her Master. She wants to be totally His - owned, as We say, body, mind, heart and soul.

But there are exceptions to this rule. Many slaves have a career and work in the day. Some slaves can't live with their Master 24/7. All these things are negotiated between her and her Master.

Another misconception is that slaves are "no limit". They cannot say "no" to anything. This is quite wrong. All slaves have "Hard Limits ("i will never do this") and Soft Limits (i would rather not do this) and, as above, all this can be negotiated with her Master.

Repeat: EVERYTHING can be negotiated.

The symbol of this ownership is the collar - usually made of leather or steel - that her Master places around her neck, usually during an emotional and deeply significant Ceremony.

Most collars are actual pieces of neck wear but some Masters use a bracelet or other piece of jewellery to symbolise His girl's enslavement to Him. Some collars are not removed until the relationship is dissolved, although some slaves have a "formal" and a "subdued" or "secret" collar for work and 'vanilla' situations.

During the Collaring Ceremony, some Masters require their new slave to sign a Slave Contract.

A slave will usually live with her Master, serving His every need 24/7. This is not just sexual, it is a life choice. But, due to family or other circumstances, some slaves cannot live with their Master. In these situations, daily contact is vital. The girl must know she is "under her Master's control" 24/7.

Most Master/slave relationships incorporate BDSM play but some are happy purely to life within the TPE dynamic.

TPE means Total Power Exchange and is the process whereby the slave symbolically gives all her power to her Master so that He has all the influence and control in the relationship. In return, He looks after, protects and nurtures her. In other words, in return for her total service, the girl never has to worry about anything ever again. This why it is often said that "in enslavement, there is freedom".

BTW, strictly speaking, to be a slave, one must be owned but many people searching for an Owner will call themselves "slave" as an indication of the position they are hoping to eventually have. In other words, the person has the orientation of a slave and is interested in being enslaved but is not currently owned.

Furthermore, it should be noted that the Master/slave relationship is strictly consensual and no legal ownership is involved.

I hope this makes sense to you but if you have any questions, please feel free to message Me on here.

Until the next time.

Warmest regards
Master James

8/2/2010 1:53:03 AM
Very few subs and slaves on here show humility and respect. Even less have a photo of themselves in a submissive position.

And all these demands - I won't do this and I won't do that. Girls, it's not about you. It's never about you.

If you are genuine and you want to be seriously considered, start thinking about how you come over to a potential Master.

Are you really going to continue in this way when you are kneeling in front of Him?

5/18/2010 2:38:45 AM
I'm amazed how many subs and slaves on here advertise for a strong, mature Master and then don't even have the decency to reply when they are sent a considered, informative message.

If you say you're looking for a Master, at least respond when one sends you a message.

If you are genuine, it is only good manners to read messages sent to you in good faith and reply with a thoughtful and intelligent answer.

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