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Hetero Male Master, 68,  Las Vegas, Nevada
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REAL LIFE ONLY -NO CYBER -NO PERMANENT LONG DISTANCE(Can start that way butmust be willing to meet quickly)If you are NOT willing to come to Las Vegas to meet and serve then do not bother contactingme asking to be trained or collared.I also will NOT send you money.First things first.Ilike to be right up front about everything in my life. No need to hide or to lie..) She passed away from cancer.

A few questions you need to ask yourself.

1.) Can you serve a Master

2.) Were you born female?

3.) Are you more than a door mat?

4.) Do you have a brain as well as a sense of humor and wish to use both of them?

5.) I do not have to take massive amounts of preion drugs to maintain my time and space in this plane of existence.If you can answerYES!,OH God Yesto ALL of those questions then please read on.

Now once you have stopped laughing,let me thank you for stopping by and being interested enough to read my profile. I have been involved in the lifestyle for approx 35+ years.It is the skin that I wear, not a hat or jacket that I can take off when I leave the bed room. It is who and what I am. I was married to a bi-sexual submissive switch that served ONLY me, She was not confused at all, she is just very greedy and wanted it all..) She was a switch and in my view could not be a slave, and that is what I need and seek once again.

As I am sure that you have read on other profiles about some one being Naturally submissive. It is the same with me. I am naturally dominant in my everyday life, my sexual life, my home lifeand my business life. I was the same way in the military, when they asked for some one to be in charge and to take control, I was usually the one stepping forward or raising my hand.

To me this lifestyle is more mental than it is physical or sexual. The mental is the cake the bakery makes for you, it is very eatable but you need the frosting and the little curly Qs and that is where the physical and sexual come in. They just make it more fun.

One of the other things that I look for,a slave that KNOWS she is a slave, that needs to give up that control. Before you say well I am submissive not a slave. lets talk about your definition and mine. You never know how close our definitions maybe. Please remember that they would be my definitions that I will teach you. That is NOT to say they are the only definitions, just MINE.

I am a very kind and loving Master, but make no mistake about it I am a very strict Master as well. As quickly as I would stroke your face and kiss you when you please me. I will just as quickly turn you over my knee and redden your ass when you do not.

I train my slaves to serve me by getting into the most sensual part of the body they offer to me twice each day, their mind. A mental mind fuck is so erotic and requires BOTH to be in the same head space. That is the area I wish to play in, for you to ALWAYS know beyond a shadow of a doubt that not only are you owned property, but that you are MY owned property.

I wish to teach and train you to become all that you can be (sort of like the Army).

What I wish from you is your service. You must be willing to go wherever that leads you, to fulfill yourself and your need to submit, serve, and obey.

Please be real, this offer is for real, Bi-sexually is not required, ability and desire to serve is. Only women who were born as women will be considered, sorry no TS, TV, CD etc.

If you would like to know more, I am right here..) Just ask, I do not wish to give everything away here..)

Peace, Love and Laughter

Sir Daniel











Last Online:


 Dominant Male

 Las Vegas 


 5' 8"

 275 lbs






Actively Seeking:

Submissive Female

Sub/Sub Couples


A Poly Household

 Lives For:

 Scuba Diving (Expert)

 Snorkeling (Expert)

 Anal Play (Expert)

 Blindfolds (Expert)

 Bondage (Expert)

 Breast Play (Expert)

 Cages (Expert)

 Canes and Crops (Expert)

 Collars (Expert)

 Hair Pulling (Expert)


 Massage (Getting)

 Obedience Training (Expert)

 Objectification (Expert)

 Orgasm Denial (Expert)

 Outdoor Bondage (Expert)

 Pantyhose Fetish

 Pony/Puppy Roleplay

 Public Play  (Expert)

 Watersports (Expert)

 Whips (Expert)

 Lifestyle BDSM (Expert)

 Old Guard

 Polyamory (Expert)


 Antique Shows

 Art Galleries

 Fine Dining (Expert)

 Flea Markets (Expert)

 Garage Sales (Expert)



 Musical Theater

 Renaissance Faires


 Travel (Expert)



 Horseback Riding

 Begging (Expert)


 Corsets (Expert)


 Local BDSM Community

 Domestic Service (Expert)

 Fire Play (Expert)

 Fisting (Expert)

 Foot Worship (Expert)

 Gags (Expert)

 Housework Service

 Hypnosis (Beginner)

 Knife Play (Expert)

 Massage (Giving)

 Medical Play (Expert)

 Mental Bondage

 Munches (Expert)

 Plastic Wrap

 Rubber Fetish

 Sensory Deprivation


 Spanking (Expert)

 Speech Restrictions


 Strap-Ons (Expert)

 Suspension (Expert)


 Vacuum Stimulation

 Vibrators (Expert)

 Wax play (Expert)

 Card Games

 Historical Shows

 Horror Movies

 Online Chatrooms (Expert)

 Science Fiction


 Web Surfing (Expert)

 Drawing (Expert)



 Online Auctions

 Photography (Expert)

 Intellectual Discourse

 Liberal Politics  (Beginner)



 Gorean Lifestyle (Expert)

 Victorian Household (Expert)


 Classical Music

 Country Music

 Eighties Music

 Folk Music



 Pop Music


 Rock Music

 Show Tunes



 Paintball (Beginner)





 Amusement Parks


 Clubbing (Beginner)

 Coffee Shops


 Gambling (Beginner)

 Going to the Opera


 Volunteerism (Beginner)

 Bicycling (Beginner)

 Climbing (Beginner)





 Sailing (Beginner)

 Surf Boarding (Beginner)


 Weightlifting (Beginner)

 Wind Surfing (Beginner)

 Body Worship

 Corner Time

 Electrical Play

 Eye Contact Restrictions (Beginner)



 Masks (On Partner)

 Masks (Wearing)

 Role Playing

 Theatrical Scenes


 Arcade Games

 Board Games


 Chess (Beginner)

 Comedy Shows



 Puzzle Games

 TV News

 TV Sports

 Alternative Medicine (Beginner)

 Aromatherapy (Beginner)

 Body Art (Beginner)


 Herbalism (Beginner)

 Karaoke (Beginner)

 Tattoos (Beginner)

 Archaeology (Beginner)

 Biology (Beginner)

 Chemistry (Beginner)







 Writing (Beginner)

 1950s Household

 Diet and Exercise (Beginner)

 Low Carb


 Blue Grass


 Nineties Music

 Opera Music



 Seventies Music

 Reiki (Beginner)

 Auto Racing



 Body Building (Beginner)





 Horse Racing

 Ice Hockey (Beginner)

 Kick Boxing (Beginner)

 Sky Diving

 Soccer (Beginner)

 Tennis (Beginner)

 Wrestling (Beginner)






 Yoga (Beginner)

 Diapers (Expert)

 Romance Novels (Beginner)

 Simulation Games

 True Crime

 Political Activism (Beginner)

 Alternative Music

 Heavy Metal Music

 Hip Hop Music

 Industrial Music

 New Age Music


 Badminton (Beginner)

 Volleyball (Beginner)

 Curious About:



 Needle Play



 Blogging (Beginner)

 Cryonics (Beginner)

 Economics (Beginner)

 Physics (Beginner)

 Cuckolding (Beginner)

 Goth Lifestyle (Beginner)

 Swinging (Beginner)

 Vampirism (Beginner)

 Veganism (Beginner)

 New Wave

 Agnosticism (Beginner)

 Atheism (Beginner)

 Buddhism (Beginner)



 Feng Shui (Beginner)

 Hinduism (Beginner)

 Islam (Beginner)

 Judaism (Beginner)

 Kabbalah (Beginner)

 Neo-Paganism (Beginner)

 Scientology (Beginner)

 Taoism (Beginner)



 Online RPGs (Beginner)

 Role Playing Games (Beginner)

 Female Supremacy

 EMO Music

 Punk Rock Music

 Catholicism (Expert)

 Mormonism (Beginner)



 Hard Limits:


 Genital Punishment

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Journal Entries:
2/8/2018 2:29:52 PM
well surgery is off till monday

8/11/2017 10:28:15 AM
I saw this in someone else  profile and thought it would be interesting so .... You can ask me one question (TO MY INBOX ONLY!). Any question, anything, no matter how crazy, dirty or wrong it is. 1 catch  you have to write me say I have a question and then I get to ask one you have to answer first..... I dare you to post this on your status and see what people ask you!...

7/5/2017 2:30:22 PM
I will not send you any money to relocate.

3/26/2017 9:51:06 AM
Wanting something is not enough. You must hunger for it. Your motivation must be absolutely compelling in order to overcome the obstacles that will invariably come your way.” - Les Brown

12/8/2016 8:50:43 AM
I just had surgery for cancer 3 weeks ago and have been out of the hospital for a week now. I have a care taker taking care of me and I am getting better and better each day.

6/15/2016 10:58:37 AM
I just joined KIK if you wish to chat there. SirDaniel2U

5/28/2016 3:00:15 PM
When did we all of the sudden loose our manners. A polite response of "No thank you" goes a long way. there are also automatic responses in the email program. You do not even have to type anything.

8/24/2015 2:43:18 PM
Things did not work out. Back to looking once again

1/27/2015 6:40:03 PM


1/27/2015 4:27:30 PM
== Results from ==
100% Degradation Giver
100% Dominant
100% Master/Mistress
97% Primal (Predator)
96% Bondage Giver
96% Daddy/Mommy
96% Non-monogamist
93% Experimentalist
79% Sadist
69% Brat Tamer
68% Pervert
60% Primal (Prey)
59% Exhibitionist
55% Voyeur
29% Switch
15% Slave
13% Brat
13% Vanilla
8% Masochist
8% Submissive
4% Bondage Receiver
4% Girl/Boy
0% All-Rounder
0% Degradation Receiver

11/27/2014 8:05:01 AM
Wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving.

11/21/2014 4:10:03 PM
Where are you. I know you are out there.

11/19/2014 4:00:34 PM
Things did not work out. Back to looking once again.

9/15/2014 9:29:55 AM
Only 3 more days and I will be in Michigan and spending time with my slave. Yeah me.

6/27/2014 12:18:28 PM
I own the best slave.

6/25/2014 9:43:31 PM
Time moves so slowly when you are waiting for Christmas in July.

6/15/2014 8:48:26 PM
Is there anything but fakes on here?

6/11/2014 10:35:16 AM

When you get a message there is a button to send an automated reply. Use that if you are to fucking lazy to respond but, at least have the common manners to respond.

6/11/2014 10:07:15 AM

Why do people chat with you and lead you to believe there is some thing more than for just right now. I will never understand people like that.

9/10/2013 5:39:08 PM

Bike went back into the shop last week. should get it back tomorrow. 330.00 later

9/7/2013 4:59:37 PM

Found this and had to steal it.

I'm far from "normal" but then my definition of normal is "its only a cycle on my washing machine"...

8/27/2013 9:11:10 PM

When some one writes to you and you are not interested, as simple no thank you would be nice.

6/25/2013 9:17:25 AM

DOes any one answer mail any more. I have sent out messages to several slaves and no one answers. Wonder if it is me or they are just rude people.

5/30/2013 2:47:56 PM

Looking for a bi-sexual slave that wants to serve in a Master lead poly house.

2/18/2013 11:14:15 AM

A Veteran is someone who at one point in their life wrote a blank check payable to the United States of America for an amount up to and including, their life. That is beyond honor and there are way too many people in this country who no longer remember that fact. Copy and paste this as your journal if you are a Veteran,... know a Veteran, Love a Veteran, or Support the Troops! May God Bless Them All

2/12/2013 12:07:26 PM

My Yahoo is SirDanielIII if you want to chat on IM

2/12/2013 10:25:52 AM

Another day in paradise. Bike is back on the road. Going to the local munch this friday if anyone else is.

1/29/2013 12:53:34 PM

How long does it take to type "No Thank you" ??

9/10/2012 11:10:11 AM

I am looking for a slave that will serve in a poly house.  I do not own a slave right now but that is what I am seeking for the long term.

9/6/2012 8:16:12 PM

Cate's collarme Profile is here.  She is no longer with us. She passed from Leukemia on Sept 6 th


9/6/2012 11:56:32 AM

I lost my beloved Cathryn last night. a 3 week battle with cancer finally took her from all of us. She will be remembered fondly. She was a wonderful wife, awesome slave and my best friend. I will save the last dance for you Cate.

8/15/2012 10:42:11 AM

Found this quote and thought it very appropate..

I'm far from "normal" but then my definition of normal is "its only a cycle on my washing machine"...

8/15/2012 9:56:07 AM

Rather than being about excitement and lust, a soul mate relationship is characterized by such things as a shared life path, a sense of comfort and ease, and a genuine liking of each other.

Isn't that what we all search or?

8/15/2012 9:41:44 AM

I am not sure where this journey that I am on will lead me but, I am following it and just allowing life to happen as the creator sees fit.

8/13/2012 11:59:17 AM

Sugar and I are no longer together as of the 15 of July.

Does any one ever reply to e-mail sent here?

12/26/2010 7:09:05 AM

It seems a lot of people want to know what is happening in my life for some reason. Kixx is no longer my slave. We still live together as friends just, not Master and slave. It is NOT that she did not meet my needs. Just the opposite. She met and still does meet them when she wishes to. The two of us are just not in a place that makes the relationship work in that area.  To the best of my knowledge there are no hard feelings at all. When she is ready to serve again she will let you know if you are the right one for her.  I was not.

11/20/2008 8:08:07 AM
She that dare not grasp the Thorn should not crave the Rose.

                                  ~ Anne Bronte 

9/22/2008 9:39:36 AM

I know this may seem a bit impersonal, please trust me when I say “It is not meant to be,” I have been asked over and over again why I have not been available the last 3 weeks. This seems to be the best way to tell as many people as possible in the fewest key strokes and still get the 3-4 days of bed rest the Doctor has me on.


I know some of you have not heard from me in a month and some for a few months. For those that care, this is why. For those that do not, my apologize for cluttering up your mail box.


I was in the hospital for a ruptured appendix. This ended up being for a much longer stay for several reasons. Evidently it had been leaking for several months, so the fevers and chills as well as stomachs aches I had been experiencing off and on for the months of July and August were all things pointing to and leading up to it rupturing on the 1st of September. Hence the "Why" of the doctors tell you to take all of the medicine and to not save any of it. I was self medicating to help get rid of the stomach aches and sessions of chills and fevers. My peritoneal cavity, the area that holds the intestines above the diaphragm had filled with a great deal of poison. The good thing is the Surgeon was able to use my belly button so I do not have a lot of scaring.


During the operation I experienced what is referred to as an “Out of Body Experience” I know most will not believe or understand and that is ok. Those that know me will understand. Those that do not, it really doesn’t matter. I watched my whole operation. While viewing it I could see everything that was happening to me and I felt very safe and knew I would be k. I paid attention to some of the things I saw so I could ask someone afterwards. I asked my surgeon about some of the things like gowns and surgical masks. The placement of monitors and that held some of the instruments in. Yeah I know, Freaked me out as well.


The bad thing was he had to leave a drain in for a week to help get rid of the abscess. Then for a week we waited. My White Blood Count would not go below 20.0 The Infection control Doctor felt the antibiotics I was receiving were the strongest on the market. So back in for another CAT scan. Oh and if they ever tell you it is nice and cold and tastes like cherry. RUN!!!  Then the next bad thing was, after 1 more CAT scan and after 1 weeks, neither my fever nor my WBC would drop down below  18.0. Another minor operation, entering from the back in to the other side of the cavity was done to remove the infection.  Thank God that one stayed in for only a week and I have what Cates calls a “Cute little star scar on my left ass cheek.


Other events during that time; 14 Times I was given IV pokes while I was there. After the 14th one blew out, I refused to allow them to stick me again. The real question was, "Would I be out before the next set of Antibiotics where necessary?"  I knew the last set of interveinious antibiotics were due at 10 PM. I hoped to be out by 8 PM and not have to do that again!  Thank God I was!


I had only one bad experience with a nurse. Everyone knows in every big corporation there is always one person. I do not even remember her name now.  She lied to me. I will remember that till the day I die. I am a patient in the hospital under this persons care and I cannot trust her because I caught her in a lie. No not happening. Told her to leave my room and to never return.  Each and every other nurse on the ward where angles dressed in white. I could not have had better treatment if I had been home. More love yes. Not better treatment.


I have to thank both Cate and Suzanne for the double duty they pulled.  Very seldom were they ever from my side and certianly never from my thoughts. Each night one of them would sleep in the chair next to my bed.


While pocking and probing around inside of me they discovered I also had a hernia that we did not know of, as well as diverticulitis. Wow, the kind of stuff the find when the poke around.  The hernia will require Day surgery in a few months. The rest we are fighting with diet and good common sense on my part. Probably more than you wanted to know, but it was healing for me to write it all down.


I may decide to expand on all of the events at a later day or time. So many thoughts running around in my head right now, so many that I am not sure why I felt so good writing it down. Time will tell all.

I wish you Peace, Love and Laughter all the days of your life.

Sir Daniel

8/29/2008 7:28:07 AM
The ultimate lesson all of us have to learn is unconditional love, which includes not only others but ourselves as well.

3/22/2008 8:52:55 AM
We are seeking a female to join our poly family. We are a lifestyle couple that is very secure in OUR relationship. We are looking for the one to become part of our family.
MUST BE D/D FREE,420 friendly and OBEDIENT. We are looking for 24/7 LTR but, friends are always welcome.

Sir Daniel and Lady Cathryn

3/16/2008 12:22:32 PM
Over 60 days now and still no cigarettes. Maybe tomorrow. Just not today.

Sir Daniel

2/11/2008 6:51:38 AM

"Fear is but a shadow which takes away our Power.

Facing the fear lets in the Light, and makes us Powerful once again."

2/3/2008 1:47:09 PM
Going on 3 weeks now.

1/28/2008 12:22:37 PM
I am back and forth, being here and being away. I have not had a cigarette since Jan 15 th. I have stopped before, 5 years last time, and re-started.

I have never said I was going to quit smoking, just that I would not smoke today. I ran out of smokes one night after the first of the year. I said, well I can go one night with out them. I will get them tomorrow when I have to go out.

The next day I said, well maybe this afternoon. The afternoon came around and then I said, "Nope, gonna wait till tonight when I am on my way home." Didn't stop then either. Said well I went one day, lets see if I can do 2 days. That was 2 weeks ago.

Now I am not saying I am going to stop smoking, but just that I am not going to smoke today, maybe I will tomorrow.

We'll see

Sir Daniel

1/8/2008 8:07:43 AM
I am in Phoenix for a day or two. Cann't read e-mail or respond.

12/26/2007 6:27:42 PM
**"The eye of the Master will do more work than both his hands."

                                   - Benjamin Franklin

11/8/2007 4:53:45 AM

What native American animal symbol are you?

Falcon: Mar 21 – Apr 19
A natural born leader, the Falcon can always be looked upon for clear judgment in sticky situations. Furthermore, the characteristics for this Native American animal symbol never wastes time, rather he/she strikes while the iron is hot, and takes action in what must be done. Ever persistent, and always taking the initiative, the Falcon is a gem of a personality to have for projects or team sports. The Falcon can be a little on the conceited side – but he/she is usually right in his/her opinions – so a little arrogance is understood. In a supportive environmental the Falcon "soars" in his/her ability to maintain passion and fire in relationships, and always remaining compassionate. Left to his/her own devices, the Falcon can be vain, rude, intolerant, impatient, and over-sensitive.

10/5/2007 8:05:49 PM
The Olive Tree  
parable about a Master and a submissive  
A confused sub came before a wise Master who  
adored her. She felt that to submit to him would  
mean she would open her heart to unbearable  
pain should he ever leave her. She hungered for  
him and needed him, but was ready to walk away in panic.  
The gentle Master knelt her before him and  
started a tale of love and devotion. As she looked up  
at him his arms began to widen and open  
like a large tree stretches its branches to the  
sky. At that moment the Master appeared rooted to the  
floor and his impressive size towered  
above her like a giant tree. Then he began to  
speak... I'm here for you... now and always no matter  
how far time and space takes us...  
Whether you walk away from me today or you stay  
and serve me I will notturn from you. I am as patient  
as time itself; I will take not from you  
unless you give freely and completely of  
yourself, but I give onto you regardless-- for my love is  
Like the olive tree that can both feed you and  
shade you, I am there seemingly eternal to your short life on this  
earth. If you need my fruit to feed your hunger I will give you  
all the fruit you need. If your skin  
grows dry and loses its luster, the oil from my  
fruit will restore it and make it glisten. When you need comfort my  
leaves will gently caress your face with the slightest breeze.  
When you need discipline my branches will correct you when the  
wind blows strong. If you just need my shade to protect you  
from the sun, my branches will shade and protect  
you. If you need warmth at night my fallen branches will fuel the  
to keep you warm and safe. If you need a refreshing breeze my  
will fan you and cool you. You are my gardener.  
When you submit to me, you tend that which keeps me vibrant and  
of life. When you kneel under me and till the soil, you give breath  
my roots. When you water me, my sap flows strong  
through me raising my  
limping Branches. When you soil yourself  
collecting fertilizer with your  
bare hands, you strengthen and humble me with  
your devotion. Although  
my life will go on, life would not be the same  
without you. Your  
dedication and unconditional care for me keeps  
me vibrant and nurtures  
my very core. The sustenance and protection I  
give you seems little  
reward for your servitude. Still the gardener  
serves the tree from her  
heart and the tree gives to her heart all that  
he can!  
I am planted firmly on the ground and cannot  
follow you if you walk  
away from me.... But be assured I will survive.  
One hundred years later  
and two of your lifetimes; I will still be  
there, waiting for you in the  
same spot to offer you all that I do now. Stay  
with me and be my  
gardener. You cannot get lost in me for we are  
complementary to each  
other. I am your devotion, and you give meaning  
to my existence. Apart  
we live life and survive; together we bloom  
As the Master finished his last words the sub  
cried herself to sleep  
at his feet. That night, he stood planted there  
like the Olive tree  
offering her his unconditional love and  
protection as she slept. As she  
would tend to him with her devotion the next  
day... and everyday thereafter!

9/30/2007 7:57:52 AM

Preferred Expressions of Affection

Preferred Expressions of Affection refers to your likes and dislikes for different ways a partner can express love and devotion. There are many ways in which people show affection to their loved ones: physical touch, doing favors, spending time together, giving gifts or communicating love through words. Statistically, you gave higher weighted ratings to Actions.

Bottom line: You need someone who can express affection through simple or grand acts of kindness – such as helping you out around the house, running errands for you or doing favors without being asked.

Out of the various modes of expressing affection, Gifts received lower weighted ratings from you.

Bottom line: This does not mean that you neither like nor need Gifts. Rather, it suggests that you need someone who can show affection in ways other than just giving you tangible surprises – such as gifts s/he makes, souvenirs purchased on business trips or expensive presents that commemorate special occasions.

9/30/2007 7:55:43 AM

Attitudes toward love

Attitudes Toward Love refers to your level of needs for romantic love and friendship love. There are two main types of love – Romantic Love and Companionate Love. Romantic Love is passionate, emotional and intense, whereas Companionate Love is a deep, affectionate attachment. People feel these two types of loves to different degrees in a relationship, and the levels of each can fluctuate over time. You scored as someone who may be best described as “a “hopeless romantic on the inside and a realist on the outside.” This means that you value very highly both the safety, security and comfort of Companionate Love and the excitement and passion of Romantic Love. You desire someone who is on the same wavelength as you –sharing similar attitudes, moods and impulses. You are a clearly a hybrid, and someone who probably views love as a transcendent thing. That is, you regard true love as a precious and rare state that must be nurtured to grow and thrive. Most people in this scoring range believe that a passionate sex life is not the most important factor in a stable and satisfying relationship. Rather, a relationship must be nurtured with acceptance and compete connectedness with a partner – a couple building and possessively protecting their “own world.” Bottom line: You need someone whose highest priority is your relationship and is willing to do the hard work to keep a transcendent level of love alive in the relationship.

Issues you seem to Over-value

A couple does not need a passionate sex life to be happy.

Possible reasons you responded this way.
Could mean that you have a realistic view of current life events and circumstances, that you are not preoccupied with sex or that you appreciate other, more intimate levels of connection with a partner.

Issues you seem to Under-value

I find it easy to ignore my partner’s faults.

Possible reasons you responded this way.
It could mean that you know well your comfort level and limits, that you do not compromise on your values or that you view your partner in realistic terms.

When you are in love, your judgment is usually not too clear.

Possible reasons you responded this way.

It could mean that you can maintain a realistic perspective at times, that you are patient and do not give in to impulses or that you are experienced when it comes to relationships.

9/30/2007 7:49:40 AM


Sexuality refers to your needs (frequency, boundaries, expressions) related to physical intimacy. Scientific models of love and attachment always include physical chemistry and sexuality. It is a crucial topic for any couple to address, because it involves issues of control and vulnerability. People at your scoring level have a firm sense of their sexual orientation, preferred sexual activities and comfort level. You like sex that is romantic, adventurous and fun, but for you sex is not a casual event. Sex has great importance in your relationship, and it is reserved for someone you love. You may think your sexual preferences would be viewed as conservative by others, but you are hardly a prude. You tend to be very confident in your sexual ability, you are not self conscious in bed and you are open to try various activities. People in this scoring range are willing to be vulnerable and relinquish control in the bedroom to their partners. In other words, you are not sexually selfish. While you appreciate spontaneity and wild abandon in sex, you also seem to like for sex to be planned to some extent. Most times this probably reflects the fact that you like to set the mood, build anticipation and ensure you have privacy and no interruptions. Bottom line: you need someone who regards sex as a meaningful bond between people in love and who appreciates when it is planned to some extent rather than completely spontaneous.

9/30/2007 7:48:28 AM

Conflict resolution

Conflict Resolution refers to your stress management and problem solving skills. Effective conflict resolution has nine general elements: View Conflict as Positive; Address Conflict in the Proper Atmosphere; Clarify Perceptions; Note Needs, not wants; Draw on the Power of a Positive Partnership; Focus on the Future, then learn from the past; Identify Options for Mutual Gain; Develop ‘Doables’ or stepping stones to action; and Make Mutually-Beneficial Agreements. Your score indicates that you are strongest in the areas of Viewing Conflict as Positive (as learning opportunities); Clarifying Perceptions; Noting Needs; Drawing on Power of a Positive Partnership; and Developing Doables or stepping stones for actions. This all suggests that you are very action-oriented when addressing problems. Rather than avoid conflict, you seem to evaluate the possible solutions and then actively engage your partner to work on a positive outcome. Your definition of positive outcomes, however, may not always agree with your partner’s definition. For example, in eagerness to find what appears to be a complete and genuine resolution of a conflict rather than settling for a temporary agreement, you may focus on meeting your needs while unwittingly downplaying or minimizing whether your partner’s needs have been met as well. Furthermore, people in this scoring range do not consistently consider the Proper Atmosphere when addressing relationship problems. That is, you may neither consistently arrange for a mutually acceptable time and setting nor choose your opening statement carefully to establish positive yet realistic expectations. Bottom line: you need someone who is calm, cool and collected and who is willing to address issues spontaneously and through intense, action-oriented debates and discussions.

9/30/2007 7:47:35 AM


Communication refers to your approach to interpersonal interactions and level of emotional intelligence. Effective communicators have strong emotional intelligence, and you seem to have an excellent level of emotional intelligence. It is expected that you show considerable tolerance of ambiguity and emotional expression. You have the capacity for being extremely sensitive to other’s feelings and to their body language. Those who know you well would probably describe you as patient and eager to listen to others. People in this scoring range are also not afraid of making or admitting to mistakes. They consistently and bravely show vulnerability to others. In fact, they are keenly aware how their behavior impacts others. You can communicate your needs and feelings honestly when someone engages you directly, but you may not always take the initiative to be assertive with others. In this sense, it is likely that you seek to understand others, rather than seek for others to understand you. Bottom line: you need someone who will not put up emotional barriers when you seek to understand his/her thoughts and feelings, but rather will communicate with you intimately and candidly.

9/30/2007 7:46:59 AM


Self-Efficacy refers to your self-image, stability of mood and level of motivation. You have good levels of self-esteem, sense of self and a sense of accomplishment. It seems you are acutely aware – but accepting – of your strengths and weaknesses. Likewise, you likely feel that people who are important in your life understand you. But people in your scoring range tend to be comfortable not giving in to peer, family and other social pressures. Family is indeed important to you, but their expectations do not strongly influence your life. Instead, people who score like you tend to have their own well-defined ambitions and goals – and may even set specific benchmarks to monitor the progress made toward achievements. You probably have a strong sense of control over your life and are decisive in managing it. You are also probably very influential and persuasive with others. In fact, your family, friends and acquaintances may often come to you for ideas of guidance across a range of issues. Bottom line: you need a partner who has a good degree of energy, enthusiasm and self-efficacy like you, as opposed to a partner who needs constant nurturance and reassurance to feel empowered and valued as person

9/30/2007 7:45:23 AM

Relationship readiness

Relationship Readiness refers to how prepared you are emotionally, psychologically and pragmatically for a committed relationship. You seem to have a good foundation and appear pretty much ready and willing to find a committed relationship. In fact, most people in this scoring range have a clear vision and a sense of purpose for their life. They have the ability to connect with others, they have well defined ideas about where their life is headed and they are assertive and resourceful in meeting their goals. Therefore, you likely feel in control and are able to take charge and go after what you want in life and in a relationship. Your housekeeping is also probably in check – meaning that you do not have any negative baggage that can weigh down a relationship, like financial or legal problems or emotional, health or family issues. As such, you do not seem to be seeking a relationship primarily to fill a void in your life or to gain a feeling of acceptance and belonging that was weakened or lost due to other relationships that ended or disappointed you. Rather, it seems to be that you are striving for a balance in your life and that now includes wanting to offer everything you can to a partner. Bottom line: you need someone who wants a relationship, rather than needs one to feel personally fulfilled.

9/30/2007 7:43:33 AM
WOW.. Did not realize it has been so long since I put anything in my journal. To all of my friends that have missed me. I was working the night shift at one of the local casinos as a contractor. Well in preparation of the strike they think is going to happen in the next few weeks they laid off all of the contractors. SO, I am back and able to chat a bit more now. Here is some additional information about me.

Sir Daniel 

7/7/2007 10:37:44 AM


Intimacy refers to the how much you need emotional closeness with your partner. You are very comfortable with being intimate and vulnerable with a partner. However, your desire for emotional closeness and security puts you at some risk for disclosing too much, too soon when a relationship is newly developing. People like you have big hearts and an impressive openness to your partner. That openness includes lessons learned from your past experiences and relationships, extending trust, believing your partner returns your feelings and devotion and being generally comfortable with surrendering yourself to a partner. In fact, you probably feel very uncomfortable – and even guilty – if there were any secrets between you and your partner. Likewise, you regard your lover as your best friend and your foremost confidant. There is typically no hesitation discussing current problems or concerns with this person. It also seems that you have realistic expectations for a committed relationship. You are willing to act on the belief that your partner’s feelings are equally as strong as yours. Therefore, you are probably not deterred in taking the risks associated with being vulnerable on all levels. Bottom line: you need someone who believes and acts on the belief that the intimacy of a relationship is sacred.

7/6/2007 3:49:14 PM
I am also ENFJ: "Smooth-talking persuaders": They are life's salespeople, natural convincers. Prefer to live their daily lives in a structured, scheduled and orderly fashion. Aware of interpersonal dynamics in every situation, but have a strong need to lead. Females fit in well at work and have a high need to please others. Those males with these characteristics sometimes have the problem of being seen as wimpy and seek out jobs in psychology, theology and other people-oriented careers. ENFJ's natural partner is the INFP, or the ISFP. ENFJ's dominant function of Extraverted Feeling is best matched with a partner whose dominant function is Introverted Feeling. An ENFJ and INFP are ideally matched, because they share the Intuitive way of looking at the world, but the ENFJ and ISFP are also a very good match.

This is how they all break down.

Hmm only 2.4% of the people are like me. Interesting.

7/6/2007 3:47:39 PM
Congratulations SirDaniel on completing the unique “Relationship Needs Assessment.” This assessment determines what you need in a relationship across nine key factors:

Interdependence Intimacy
Self-Efficacy Relationship Readiness
Communication Conflict Resolution
Sexuality Attitudes About Love
Preferred Expressions of Affection

Ok lets look at them one at a time.

1.) Interdependence: Interdependence refers to how much you need dependency or a “couple identity” with your partner. You are highly interdependent in relationships. This means that you desire – and perhaps even demand – a substantial degree of physical and emotional connection with a partner and other loved ones. Those connections and interactions can be frequent and superficial or they can be deep and meaningful. And you are probably attracted quickly to someone who you can deeply respect and even emulate to a degree. In fact, it is typical for a person in this score range to consider how a particular romantic partner might reflect on his/her own family and friends. All of this does not mean that you do not need personal space now and then; nearly everyone values being unique and different from others in some respects. However, people in this range draw considerable strength, comfort and sense of identity from close relationships. You like to know about virtually all aspects of your partner’s life. Thus, when you feel close to someone this person becomes an extremely important part of who you are on the inside and outside. You probably prefer that you and your partner’s recreational activities be shared together since you like having your partner physically close and desire showing off your “couplehood” in public. Bottom line: you need someone who responds to the fact that you enjoy the reassurance of physical contact and emotional sharing, but who helps keeps dependency in check in the relationship so that you two do not lose your identities as individuals and whose character is deserving of your loyalty and affection.
Tomorrow we will find out the rest of the story!

Sir Daniel

7/3/2007 7:41:03 PM
I was looking at profiles this evening of people that I found interesting for one reason or an other. I came across this in one of those.

"I firmly believe there is no universal "One True Way" to approach this lifestyle, and that even within a single relationship needs and desires grow and change. I hope to never stop learning."

no universal "One True Way"  and  never stop learning.

What else needs to be said?

As a side note. If you are this person who wrote that. Drop me a note if you wish to be credited.

Sir Daniel

6/27/2007 3:24:36 PM
Dance like no one is watching,
Sing like no one is listening.
Love like you've never been hurt
and live like it's heaven on Earth.

6/26/2007 7:06:12 AM
MY dominance, and YOUR submission, will be part of our daily lives, NOT just what we do in bed. (That is just the fun part.)

Sir Daniel

6/8/2007 1:18:03 AM
There are no victims here...

only volunteers.

6/7/2007 7:14:08 PM
"Buy the ticket. Take the ride" - Hunter S. Thompson

6/6/2007 3:32:25 AM
August 6th thru 12th, 2007 (67th Annual Sturgis Rally)
August 4th thru 10th, 2008 (68th Annual Sturgis Rally)
August 3rd thru 9th, 2009 (69th Annual Sturgis Rally)
August 9th thru 15th, 2010 (70th Anniversary Sturgis Rally)

5/31/2007 9:03:53 AM
The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart.
Helen Keller

5/24/2007 8:12:04 AM
I am going to Chicago today. Going to see IML and slave rubi. Going to be a great time. I hope to see a lot of people there. Next trip is in June to New York City to see slave kixx.

Be bace next week. Enjoy your week-end.

Sir Daniel

5/22/2007 7:40:43 AM
Each and everyday I read journals here from slaves and Masters alike who say they are frustrated with the people here that are players. I see them say "I am doing this" or "I am doing that" Oh yes, I also see. "Please no one liners."

How much do you wish for in a initial contact? Well me personally I like to know just a bit about them or if they do send a one liner what does it say?

The ones that really get to me when I send an e-mail are the "Deleted unread" and then to see how much they bitch in their profile how they can not find what they are looking for.

Well DUH. If you are just to lazy to respond to an e-mail with "Thank you but, no thank you" (even when the nice folks here have it set up with just a click of the button you can do that). Then you deserve all that you get, go ahead sit at home and wonder why "No one wants me" or "Why do people treat me wrong?"

If some one has taken the time and the courtesy to write to you, use some of that 'slave' thinking you profess to have, which we both know you reallly have no concept of what that is. Respond to them and show them they were correct in contacting you in the first place. You are a courteous person, and a courteous slave, worthy of the name 'slave'.

Just because they are not for you or you are not for them we are still humans and need to be treated the way YOU wish to be treated.

Just my .02 cents worth.

Sir Daniel 

5/20/2007 10:39:03 AM
Well have the room and reservations already for "Thunder in the Mountains".

A friend is letting me use a trailer to trail my bike to "Thunder" so I have it to ride when I am there.
Going to show up on Friday morning to begin registration and to start the partying so I do hope you all show up.

Drop me a note and let me know. Would love to meet others from Collarme there.

Sir Daniel and Lady Cathryn

5/13/2007 7:53:31 AM
It has been a while. Got back from Texas and Mexico last week. I had some dental work done. My smile has returned. Not embarrassed about my smile any longer. Going back in June and having more done, thanks to a wonderful slave.

Then off to "Thunder in the Mountains" in July. I hope you can make it to this event. One of the best ones to attend. I do hope to see you all there.

Sir Daniel

4/24/2007 9:55:20 AM
We are not human beings going through a temporary spiritual experience.

We are spiritual beings going through a temporary human experience.

4/6/2007 8:42:29 AM
'a slave should seek the Master, not the collar'

3/31/2007 3:50:17 PM

This was written by a girl who's thoughts and actions I have grown to like and understand. He words ring very true.

….a girl needs You

 ….a girl needs to know that
You pay her some attention….

…a girl needs for You to set her limits…
explain her restrictions if any….
not wait until she has over stepped them

….a girl needs to be used often by her Master


…a girl needs to serve…..completely


… a girl needs to trust You….
and know You take that trust as sacrosanct.
If You want a girl to be her best for You
then be Your best for her.
You will be rewarded in spades.


… a girl needs One who has Mastered Himself and
need not abuse His position and absolute control to
make personal gains at another’s expense.


… a girl needs Your honor, respect and integrity…


… a girl needs Your firm guidance….in time with
Your love and admiration for her devotion.


… a girl needs to know that You will know the
limits of Your time and energy


In practical terms:


She needs to be answered within a reasonable time when
she begs to speak, to greet, to serve, and yes even to touch.
She needs positive correction…Yelling, abusiveness, and unwarranted
punishment do not make her more pleasing they make her
less trusting and more concerned about not doing things opposed to focusing on doing things right and pleasing. a slave trained or owned in fear is not a slave..she then becomes the proverbial doormat. 
The goal of kajira training is to enhance the girl’s
beauty and thus Your pleasure.


She needs to know that You have also done Your homework.
…that You
know what the position You command her to take looks like…
That You too are familiar with the ways of Goer….so Your
guidance can be complete.


Watch out for confrontation….many are instigators…


The best Master’s are those who learn and continue to
learn with their property.


A Stagnant Master will soon find Himself a lonely One.


Gorean Masters, though often strict, are seldom cruel...physically, emotionally and mentally.
Sadism and wanton cruelty are almost unknown.


Any cruelty done is usually purposeful, as in teaching a
woman that she is a slave. Sometimes they are punished
without the Master explaining the reasons. It is then for
the kajira to guess and wonder the reasons. She may even
be punished for no reason at all.


A girl is seldom punished for trying to be pleasing, at
least at first. A public Master is more likely to punish
a girl than a private Master. Part of this has to do with
how a Master is perceived in public, by others, in how His
slave acts. In private, a girl has more leeway to avoid
discipline by being pleasing.


The whip is available as a discipline tool but it is seldom
used, though it would be if necessary. Often, a whip is
prominently displayed in a home to remind slaves of its
potential. The common slave whip, also known as a kurt, has
five broad straps, each about two and a half feet long and
one and a half inches wide. The handle is about eighteen inches
long. When used properly, it will not mark the victim. The
snake is a single-bladed whip, weighted, of braided leather.
It is eight feet long and half an inch to one inch thick. It
is sometimes set with tiny particles of metal and can
easily strip flesh.


In a whipping, a set number of lashes are usually given and
then often one more lash added.


This is the "blow which reminds a girl she is slave."


It is also called the gratis blow or the mnemonic blow.
It is commonly the hardest blow of all.


Prior to a whipping, a girl is usually stripped so her clothes
are not ruined and her hair will be put aside. In a formal
whipping clothing may constitute a shield,, even
symbolically, and allowed to intrude between the slave
and justice.


The whipping itself is insignificant when compared to the
lesson it teaches. It shows a girl she is under the total
domination of a man, at His mercy...and that she has been displeasing.  This fulfills something
deep in the female.


“Gorean men tend to be less gentlemen, than owners and masters.”
Most Gorean men won't admit to caring for a slave. But,
more than one war has been fought to recover a
single slave. But, for the most part, Gorean men are not
jealous over their slaves.


A slave girl's first duty is to her own Master. Slave girls
do not dally when their Master calls and His call takes
precedence over a detention by strangers.


Above all else, the most important
thing for a kajira to understand
is that her primary duty is
"absolute obedience, and exquisite beauty (a beauty that stems from her belly all the way to the way she carries herself for her Master.

2/19/2007 4:47:27 PM
I got my NEW bike.. a '04 Dyna glide low rider.. YEAH ME..>:)

12/18/2006 8:27:34 AM
I will be out of town for a few days and only checking my mail a few times. Will be back in town on Wednesday the 20th.

12/15/2006 10:35:32 PM
I believe some people are born to own others. Some people can find their true place only when they become a the slave to those who will own them.

Sir Daniel

12/12/2006 6:03:17 PM
I had a GREAT day today. Things happen for a reason, still waiting to see what the reason is but, had a great day..>:)

12/9/2006 12:03:59 AM
You will learn about your wants,
from the things I teach you.

You will understand your needs,
from the things I deny you.

11/29/2006 12:17:24 PM
Would be nice to hear a slave say.

Dreamy days and lustful eves...
Teacher, bend me over this table please...
Warm your hands upon my bum...
Spank me please, lets have some fun...
Let me feel that loving touch...
Fuck me please, it's just too much...
Teacher! Teacher! Cant you see?
All the naughty things you do to me!

11/29/2006 12:16:29 AM

When love beckons to you,
 follow Him,
Though His ways are hard and steep.
And when His wings enfold you
yield to Him,
Though the sword hidden among His
 pinions may wound you.
And when He speaks to you
 believe in Him,
Though His voice may shatter
your dreams...

~~ from The Prophet, by Kahlil Gibran


11/23/2006 12:48:52 PM
A quote that I think of often thorough out my life, thank you for reminding me once again.

every man who lives, dies...but not every man who dies, lives.

11/11/2006 4:35:11 PM

If I accept you as you are, I will make you worse; however if I treat you as though you are what you are capable of becoming, I help you become that.  -- Von Goethe

11/10/2006 9:55:07 AM
I am extremely driven and hard working out of choice not necessity. I am the same with teaching and training my slave. I do it for the enjoyment, for me and for my slave.

I love a challenge and to me there is no such thing as "no". There is always a way, if it is important enough to you!  Key word and tricky phrase, IMPORTANT ENOUGH.

This, I not only believe, but live by!

Sir Daniel

11/9/2006 11:11:25 PM
Though hope, allure and love enthrall and precious youth and glory seem.

Sweeter than all, greater than all, is to give ALL to a dream.

11/7/2006 12:07:22 AM
When you were born, you cried and the world rejoiced.

Live your life so that when you die, the world cries and you rejoice.

11/5/2006 12:59:21 PM
"Woman is the natural love prey of man. She is natural quarry. She is complete only when caught, only when brought to the joy of her capture and conquest."

10/31/2006 12:11:16 PM
When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.
- Buddhist proverb

10/31/2006 1:15:15 AM

Simple rules to keep Master happy:
Respect no matter what
Keep close to Master in heart and spirit.

10/30/2006 12:14:38 PM
I have been talking to someone, you know who you are girl, and feel a connection with her. She knows I will have more than one slave, she enjoys knowing that she will have a sister slave to serve with, not one instead of her but, one in addition to her.

The slave that serves me will know I will have more than just her and will not be jealous of her but, elated at the addition of an other slave to serve Master with her.

She is slave, She is to serve,
I am Master, I am to be served.

Sir Daniel

10/30/2006 12:10:41 PM
I am a OP in subs_seeking_Master if you would ike to come in and chat with me or just the good folks n the room.

Sir Daniel

10/27/2006 10:27:03 PM
Those who deserve punshiment, take it calmly.

10/18/2006 10:46:50 AM
Beauty does not belong to those that possess it,

It belongs to those that see it.

10/11/2006 8:08:32 PM
The purpose of a slave is to serve the needs, wants, desires and expectations of their Owner. Slaves are an extension of their owners and should always hold themselves as such. 
Slaves are enticing and evocative, obedient and trusting. Always believing in what they feel, hoping it meshes with what they know.
Always hoping, as they are consumed by their owner, they don't get lost in the darkness and forget what they are here for or capable of.

10/9/2006 10:04:37 PM
You can be open and honest with a person from the very beginning, but it doesn't always mean they hear everything you say.  Sometimes they only hear what they want to...

I am sorry I did pet.

Sir Daniel

10/8/2006 3:01:27 PM
Come now ladies, it is not a 'blow-job', you do not blow you suck. It is not a job, If it is you are getting paid for it. In which case you are not a slave then you are a whore. (not a bad thing) It is a reward. A reward from Master how could you not love, cherish and crave each drop? It is a Suck Reward.

Sir Daniel

10/7/2006 11:22:43 AM
I want a woman who understands the eroticism, intenseness, intellectuality, sensuality and sexualness world of bdsm is not 20 minutes of kink, but a journey that only intensifies with time.

10/5/2006 11:35:31 PM
"...Sexuality is...
Almost entirely a function of the imagination and brain. 
The slave girl knows she is a slave, and that passion is not only permitted to her, but required of her."

10/5/2006 10:23:45 AM
You may give without loving but you can't love without giving.
To love a person is to learn the song that is in their heart and sing it to them when they have forgotten.
Shared joy is a double joy, shared sorrow is half a sorrow.

10/2/2006 11:57:10 PM
"Remember: There are no stupid questions, only stupid people who ask questions."

10/1/2006 9:13:33 PM
I don't just want you to look into my eyes,
I want you to fall into them.

Sir Daniel

9/30/2006 4:02:10 PM
Chantra of a slave.

For today i won't say but...
For today i wont say just...
For today i will simply obey....
For today i will trust that You are right...
For today i will be your imperfect slave.

9/29/2006 9:04:32 AM
Thoughts are yours and yours alone but, once you give them air it is then that they have power. You cannot take them back nor can you change your mind after they are said, so think long and hard about what you wish to say before you say it.  Once you give them air they have the power to do so much good or so much damage......

9/27/2006 4:23:27 PM
Please check whatever baggage at the door, I don't need the drama.

9/26/2006 7:01:50 AM
Yes it is true. I do like short slaves and have a preference for them. It just makes me want to protect and cherish them that much more. Short for me is 5-3 and below..>:)

Sir Daniel

9/25/2006 5:57:35 PM
The heart wants what it wants.

9/22/2006 5:24:09 PM
There are no victims here...only volunteers.

9/20/2006 8:31:35 AM
I do not believe in the alpha/beta concept of slave ownership. I believe each slave brings something special and unique to the relationship, therefore one slave cannot be treated as superior to another.

I will not tolerate jealousy on any level, so a
slave should be comfortable with who and what she is while serving in a poly relationship. A slave should also be bi-sexual or at the very
least, bi-willing.

Sir Daniel

9/15/2006 8:22:02 PM
"Intimacy is based on shared vulnerability...nothing deepens intimacy like the experiences that we share when we feel flayed, with our skins off, scared and vulnerable, and our partner is there with us, willing to share in the scary stuff" -Dossie Easton and Catherine A. Liszt, The Ethical Slut

9/8/2006 12:34:40 AM
How lazy can some people be. If you are not interested in someone, how long does it take to click on the "No Thank you" or "Involved" buttons. The message is written for you.  Come on people. And you call yourselves subs/slave and Masters/Mistresses?

What ever happened to common courtesy?

Sir Daniel

9/2/2006 1:53:51 PM
As you sow, so shall you reap-try not to be a weed.

8/31/2006 3:55:00 PM
There are times you just want to scream at the top of your lungs from the highest mountain top.

"I am real, this is me. This is who I am and how I live. This is how I have always and will always, live."

Where are the rest of the real people? Why is it that I seem to meet so many fakes and players?

Sir Daniel

8/22/2006 11:20:42 AM
I found this and it describes me to a "T" almost.

ARIES(March 21 -April 19)

- lives for head massages. ANY part of their head: Lips, Eyelids, Eyes, Tongue, you name it! Aries also likes to fuck in public places during business hours. You need to be open minded with an Aries...If you don't feel like being duct taped to a wall and beaten with live ferrets: Tell Them. Be warned! IF you don't want to be kinky, don't be with an Aries. If you say 'No' too often to them you may lose them as a lover forever.
Aries Idea of Heaven Is: Participating in live sex shows for money. Having their favorite human toy win first place in a pony boy/girl race. Fucking as an art form on display in a gallery. They secretly crave to be strippers or Annie Sprinkle. Aries LIVES to be jealous...they also like to coordinate other people fucking. Secretly desire to be fluffers. Aries owned a Violet Wand before it was popular. They are also Sadists.
The best gift to give an Aries is designer colored nylon rope in their favorite color. They live to tease and torture...HEY...Somebody's gotta do it, right? They like hair pulling. Beware of their 'toy' collections. Don't tease them...they will rape you. They love pony boys and girls...I cannot emphasize this enough! They like it doggie style especially if they are steering. Give an Aries 100 feet of rope and a 250 dollar flogger, they will follow. As long as they get to be the one holding the handle.

8/17/2006 3:20:59 PM

Is it so hard to understand and to do?

"I want someone who compliments my life, not someone who complicates it!"

Sir Daniel

8/16/2006 10:00:36 PM
To love at all is to be vulnerable."
                                      -C.S. Lewis

8/13/2006 9:58:03 AM
"Everything in life is temporary, because everything changes. Thats why it takes great courage to love, knowing it might end anytime but having the faith it will last forever. ~By Unkown Author~"

8/1/2006 9:36:12 AM

This is SO true.

"Service which is rendered without joy helps neither the servant or the served. All other pleasures and possesions pale into nothingness before service that is rendered in a spirit of joy."

~Mahatma Gandi~

7/20/2006 11:42:13 PM
"Should have", "could have", "would have" and "can't" may be the most dangerous phrases in the English language.

7/9/2006 9:16:18 AM
If your profile is not active then you can not get e-mail here. Just thought you may like to know in case you are waiting for mail from me.


7/2/2006 5:56:11 PM
I pray for a deaf-mute nymphomaniac with huge boobs who owns a liquor store and a golf course.
This doesn't rhyme and I don't give a shit.

7/2/2006 1:09:17 PM
"The love of a slave girl is the deepest and most profound love that any woman can give a man.

Love makes a woman a mans slave, and the wholeness of that love requires that she be, in truth, his slave."

John Norman - Magicians of Gor

6/24/2006 2:49:43 PM
Rules? Just one: I say, she does.
Everything else, is just details.

Sir Daniel

6/21/2006 8:50:12 AM
Life shouldn't be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly shouting..."Wow! What a ride!"

6/18/2006 12:54:03 PM

If I could catch a rainbow
I would do it just for you
and share with you its beauty
On the days you're feeling blue.

If I could build a mountain
You could call your very own;
A place to find serenity,
A place to be alone.

If I could take your troubles
I would toss them in the sea,
But all these things I'm finding
are impossible for me.

I cannot build a mountain
Or catch a rainbow fair,
But let me be what I know best,
Master who's always here.

6/17/2006 2:55:11 PM
Hmmm the things you find in your e-mail.

Sir Daniel

6/6/2006 5:22:34 PM
"Love is,
above all else,
the gift of oneself."

6/1/2006 2:25:07 AM

WOW. Long time since I journaled. Here is what I am feeling today.

3 am and look what I am doing.

The Keys to Your Heart

You are attracted to good manners and elegance.

In love, you feel the most alive when everything is uncertain, one moment heaven... the next moment hell.

You'd like to your lover to think you are stylish and alluring.

You would be forced to break up with someone who was insecure and in constant need of reassurance.

Your ideal relationship is lasting. You want a relationship that looks to the future... one you can grow with.

Your risk of cheating is zero. You care about society and morality. You would never break a commitment.

You think of marriage something you've always wanted... though you haven't really thought about it.

In this moment, you think of love as commitment. Love only works when both people are totally devoted.

What Are The Keys To Your Heart?

5/15/2006 11:03:52 PM
The thing you have to do is not cling, don't keep making futile attempts to establish contact.

I know closure is important but you most likely aren't going to get it from him.

You'll just have to close the door & not go back & jiggle the knob.

I was thinking it. She just said it much better.

5/13/2006 8:32:31 AM
I can not believe I let it happen again.

5/3/2006 1:24:09 AM
~what consumes your thoughts controls your life~

I am Master

4/12/2006 8:22:45 PM

April 13th

Just so everyone knows and there is NO excuse for not sending me my birthdays presents on time.
(just kidding)

April 13th is my birthday and as a presents on this day. All slaves are allowed to cum today as much as they wish.. LOL

(not kidding here)

Sir Daniel

4/10/2006 5:18:42 PM
A side note. I smoke, social drinker (if that), and 420 friendly.

4/8/2006 12:29:38 PM
I found this last night and wanted to share it. This is how I wish my slave to feel.

slave's Creed
By shirin{NF}

i kneel before You, humbled by Your strength and dominion. With my life's breath, i uncover these gifts to You...
my name, that You might title Your possession
my thoughts, that You might guide me
my obedience, that You might shape me
my feelings, that You might challenge and protect me
my desires, that You might satisfy Yours in mine
my pride, that You might teach me humility
my past, that You might discover and learn me
my guilts, that You might shepherd me to healing
my fears, that You might confront with me
my insecurities, that You might guard me from myself
my inhibitions, that You might bare my fantasies
my fantasies, that You might share through me
my respect, that You might know my admiration
my hopes, that You might see my dreams
my love, that You might unmask my soul
The beating of my heart sustains the gifts of my submission which i place at
Your feet in offering for Your governance. From this day forth, let me be
known no more as "me" but as "Yours"...owned and cherished.
This humble girl lies exposed to her core essence...Your slave.

3/25/2006 7:12:50 AM
For my friends I have not seen in a few days. I wil be gone this week-end to Tonopah Nevada and then to Beatty Nevada for the hot springs. They are GREAT. Anyoen that does come to see us will get a chance to try them as well.

Enjoy your week-end and bright blessings to one and all.

Sir Daniel

3/19/2006 12:26:19 PM

Would you dance with the devil in the pale moon light?

To do the 'Dance of Darkness'

Sir Daniel

3/14/2006 10:42:17 PM
TWO Weeks and not ONE word or text message to me.

3/6/2006 9:38:21 PM


Did She diasapper again?

2/27/2006 10:15:56 PM
Sir Daniel, your ideal sexual partner is a;

Type 2.

Type 2 partners have lots of experience, a never-ending reserve of creativity, and the same goal as you: ultimate pleasure. Having this in common opens the door for the two of you to play with all kinds of sexual possibilities until you hit upon combinations that are blissfully and uniquely yours.

Like you, the emotional connection — and the affection often expressed during sex — is secondary to the physical sensations for Type 2 people. That's not to say your match doesn't pay attention to your personal closeness and genuine caring, but it does tend to take a back seat to the physical feelings of pleasure.

2/1/2006 9:34:58 PM
I think I need to say this one more time. Sugar is NOT a submissive in Domme clothing. She is a Mistress in her own right and has owned slaves before. Do not worry. She will know what to do with you, where and when.

2/1/2006 9:34:12 PM
I think I need to say this one more time. Sugar is NOT a submissive in Domme clothing. She is a Mistress in her own right and has owned slaves before. Do not worry. She will know what to do with you

1/28/2006 3:57:15 PM
*With female menopause you gain weight and get hot flashes.

*Male menopause - you get to date young girls and drive motorcycles.

Male menopause is a lot more fun than female menopause.

1/27/2006 4:51:40 PM
How I feel, but a very nice lady said it better.

"please approach me with care because i dont tolerate stupidity or pettiness lightly... to me, respect is NOT earned... it is GIVEN to everyone UNTIL you give me reason to take it away.. "

1/18/2006 10:35:37 AM
I just read this and it describes me to a "T".

I want a completed circle, My Dominance fueled by your complete submission and your submission fueled by the totality of My Dominance. 

Fuel the fire.

Sir Daniel

1/2/2006 4:39:20 PM

Not MY words but ones that were sent to me by a friend. It does describe me so well though. Thank you Matt.

I see "polyamory" as being the love of others by the couple, rather than each person of the couple loving others individually. I sometimes describe this as the couple forming the inseparable nucleus of the polyamorous relationship, with other singles and couples surrounding them as electrons. The individual electrons make contact with the couple (individually or together), but do not divide them.

12/22/2005 11:20:38 PM
I'm a part of all that I have touched and all that has touched me.

12/20/2005 5:43:32 PM
I am amazed at times, those that scream "real time only!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! " and when it is time to meet or when they meet some one that is real time. They either disappear or just stop writing. It just amazes me at times.

Sir Daniel

12/20/2005 12:52:13 AM
“Happiness is a conscious choice, rather than an automatic response.”

11/26/2005 10:56:23 PM

SHE !!

11/24/2005 10:11:47 AM
I wish all of you as well as all my friends the best of this Holiday season and may you have MUCH to be Thankful for this Thanksgiving holiday.

Love to All,

Sir Daniel n Sugar 

11/17/2005 12:28:15 AM
Who was it ? Jim Croce that said "If I could turn back time!" How do you remain true to your word? Where do you draw the line at?

Sir Daniel

11/10/2005 5:36:31 AM
Well November 9th has come and gone. I said, Don't tell me when. Call me from the Las Vegas airport. No phone call yet. 

Sir Daniel 

11/6/2005 10:20:23 AM
The strangest thing has happened over the last several days. I was talking to two people and then there profiles just went dead. I see they are active again but can not send e-mail to them. The system will not allow it. 

slavejosie and nikkigirl. I could understand if they never responded but, we were discussing the possibilites and then their profiles died. Has this happened to any one else?

Sir Daniel

11/5/2005 10:16:32 AM

Slave rules for MY slaves.

dot graphic Slave Rule One -All are to be addressed as either Master or Mistress in Master's home

dot graphic Slave Rule Two - Serve Every Master or Mistress as if they are the Master you serve.

dot graphic Slave Rule Three - While Master may not always be right, he is never WRONG. Slaves always have the last word in any disagreement..the words "Yes, Master"...

dot graphic Slave Rule Four - Jealousy and Possessiveness have killed more slaves ability to serve than disobedience.

dot graphic Slave Rule Five - Slaves do not use the first person pronoun. There is not "I", "me" or "mine" in a slaves vocabulary. These are possive and a slave posses nothing save what Master allows her.

dot graphic Slave Rule Six - Perfection of Service and Submission is the goal at all times.

dot graphic Slave Rule Seven - Your collar carries the honor of your owner. Your attitude can make it as light as a feather or as heavy as a mountain.

dot graphic Slave Rule Eight - If there are none requiring service, use the time to clean, cook, bake, practice serving techniques with your sisters or learn about Gor. Do not be idle.

dot graphic Slave Rule Nine - Slaves possess nothing not given to them by their owner, including their name. What is given can be taken away. If you are entrusted to carry a name for an owner, or silks or jewelry, remember that these can be removed as easily as they were given.

dot graphic Slave Rule Ten - The merest whim of your owner is your highest law.

11/5/2005 9:25:52 AM
Well no one must know or are just to lazy to write with their answer.

 Q. What is the only thing that can not grow?

A. Something that is Dead. THAT is the only thing that can not grow and learn.

If YOU have stopped growing and learning the you are the one that is dead. 

Sir Daniel

10/31/2005 7:12:20 AM

10/27/2005 11:18:54 PM
It has been a while.

 Q. What is the only thing that can not grow?

10/14/2005 6:18:12 PM
S Sensual
I Irresistible
R Respectable
D Delightful
A Astounding
N Nutty
I Industrious
E Emotional
L Legendary

9/25/2005 9:37:31 AM
"Whoever does not love her work cannot hope that it will please others."

9/17/2005 5:01:52 PM
All I want is all of it. 

Is that to much to ask?

9/5/2005 10:04:24 AM

I have the simplest of tastes. The best is usually satisfactory.

9/5/2005 10:03:19 AM

I don't just tempt fate - I give it the finger.

9/3/2005 1:22:09 AM
"If You were in my soul for a day,
You would know what is inside me
That i fell in love,
At that instant,
together with You
And what i sense...It is love."

8/28/2005 9:49:29 AM
Is it so hard for a slave to be a slave? Or just to find one that KNOWS she is slave and wishes to be used as the slave she is?

Questions that make one think.

Is she as much slave as I am Master? am I as much Master as she is slave?

8/18/2005 8:16:33 AM
Guidelines I use to help weed out the players and fakes.   
Then  IM's 
Then phone within 1 (one)  week.
By week 2 (two) should meet in person (public place).
I have been burned to many

8/18/2005 12:14:17 AM
How many chances do you give,
a slave?
I gave this one 4,
No more.

FOUR chances to come serve, she professed that she wished to serve in real time. Did not want cyber or to be part time. She wished what I did, REAL TIME.  Guess that was a joke on her part. Always a reason that DRAMA injected crap into her life. This last one was. "You told some one about us and how I will serve you and what I enjoy (sexually)" Never spoke to anyone about her or what we did. Just an other excuse to stay in her abusinve relationship. I even went so far this time to buy the ticket as well so that would NOT be a reason to hold her back.
First time I have done that in 12 years. (Got burned 12 years ago as well.) Guess it will be at least 12 more years before I make that mistake again.

8/5/2005 7:54:21 PM

I had a WONDERFUL week-end! The name of the slave I will with hold, unless she asks to have it posted. I flew to Phoenix last friday night and spent the week-end with a slave. 

Let me rephrase that. I spent a absolutely wonderful week-end with a beautiful and sexy lady who wished to know what it was like to be a slave 24/7.   She is still in the discover part of her transformation. You know the part were basically everything is still new to you and it is more of a discover of "I want to try that and that and that and that.. All part of that "Is this me?”  Once that part has been addressed then she will move on to the "How much do I love this." And yes we all know that the more we allow this n our daily lives. The more and more you can see how it can be incorporated into everyday life. There is no need to have to stay hidden from who and what you are.

8/2/2005 7:04:16 AM

Is not that the nature of men and women -- that the pleasure is in the learning of each other?

8/1/2005 12:43:01 AM

It all hinges on your definition of a "good time."

8/1/2005 12:38:48 AM

Sometimes I think, Well, but then again, I don't know.

7/31/2005 9:57:04 AM
Money to fly to see a submissive $XXX.xx dollars.

The look on her face when told to get the LARGE dildo and we will see if it fits her ass... PRICLESS!!!

7/23/2005 4:49:44 PM

Women should be obscene and not heard.

6/4/2005 7:00:47 PM

'The odds are not in our favor.' 'They never are Sir Daniel'

5/28/2005 10:21:54 PM
I have been called Gorean because I believe in each woman there is a free companion, proud and beautiful, worthy and noble, and in each, too, a slave girl. The companion seeks for her companion; the slave girl for her Master. What is it that you seek girl? 

Sir Daniel

5/9/2005 10:02:25 AM
MY Yahoo account has been hacked. If you recieve a message from me and it does not have my 'trademark' you will know it is not me.
I have a new account set up SirDanielIII for all of my friends. 

Sir Daniel

3/31/2005 11:12:05 PM
I just notice I had not updated my journal in awhile and I felt it is time. Sugar and I have been talking to a slave that desires and will be coming to see us. She holds a very special place with us. She also understands that Master will have more than one slave if that is what Master wishes.

On a side note please join with me and sending positive energy. The motorcycle that you see in my photos may be totaled by the insurance company. I was in a motorcycle accident yesterday. 17 y/o high school student. Varsity basket ball and a straight A student. NO drivers license, NO insurance, NOT his car. He made a left hand turn in front of me and NOT looking at the road. I tried to break and then just layed the bike down to put it between me and him. I was very lucky to not have been killed or at least a few broken bones. I did not even get road rash from it, but my head did bounce the ground numerous times.  I also have damage to my hip, right elbow and right collar bone. More importantly I till have my life. A funny part did happen. The intersection where this took place was 2 blocks from my house. A fairly major intersect here in Las Vegas and they had to cut my clothing off of me. So here is Sir Daniel laying naked in the intersection or about to be ready to and the paramedic leaned over and said "Motorcycle riders I know do not wear underwear do you?" I said "Yes I do, and my grand mother will be pleased to know I have clean underwear on or at least they were BEFORE the accident." He smiled and said "If you can make jokes like that, you are going to be OK."

He also paid me a compliment and did not know it. When he got on the radio with the trama center he said, "I  have a motorcycle accident. One patient. male. late 30's, early 40's. (I am 54) Made me smile.

May the god and goddess shine their light on you.

2/2/2005 10:30:45 PM
I do apologize to all my friends for not being around the last few weeks. I have been suffering from Pneumonia and have had to work as well.  Contractors are feast or famine, the buffet table is open thyis last few weeks with a lot of conventions in town.

Working and sleeping ...

Sir Daniel

1/23/2005 4:29:04 AM
When one door closes another opens; but we often look so long & so regretfully upon the closed door that we do not see the one which has opened for us.
~ Alexander Graham Bell

1/16/2005 9:53:22 PM
Goodness, if we did not have enought problems in this lifestyle already with people sterotyping US the way the vanilia world has.  Now we have our OWN people doing it? No check that.. Just an other wanna be that thinks all Masters think with the brain between their legs.

I wrote to this person who is close to Norwich Connecticut;

Hello little one.

We just moved from Norwich to Las Vegas..:) Just wished to say hello.

Light and laughter,

Sir Daniel n Sugar

Looks pretty innocent to you? Yeah I thought so too, but no wait. There must have been a evil message there, so well hidden that even I as the writter can not see it. This was the response.

-runs off screaming- old peoples!

Hey now don't get so upset. Some parents don't love their children enough to teach them manners or have jaded them to some one ever being nice to them so do not blame them it is NOT their fault.

Think about how you will respond to the next message you get.

Sir Daniel


I have thought about this a great deal since I wrote it. I am going to leave it in it's entirety. I think it teaches us all a very good lesson.  What I did not think about, but some one else brought it up. Maybe this person has been harrased, lied to, and just generally not treated well by others who have claimed to be Masters.  This would put someone on the defensive right away.

Just trying to see it from someone elses point of view. As I said "Think about how you will respond to the next message you get."  

Light and love to all,

Sir Daniel

1/13/2005 10:35:15 PM


It is not if Master knows the answers.. it is not till you speak the words do they come true..till then they are no more than hopes, dreams and thoughs.

Sir Daniel

1/8/2005 8:54:01 PM

Just getting SO tired of the players and the WANNA-BE's.  Both the WANNA-BE slaves and the WANNA-BE Dom and WANNA-BE Domme's.

If you are NOT looking for real life and if you are NOT willing to move forward then do not even both to chat with me. I have had my fill of WANNA-BE slaves. If you are real and you are looking for a REAL life Master to serve and not a CYBER one then lets chat.

And for those of you that say.. "Oh I want to I am just so scared I have to be careful."  The same thing you said years ago and still have not gotten off your butt and done anything about it. Then do not bother either. Time is to precious to me to waste even a week or a day on you.

This is for REAL LIFE.

Do you have that, can your silly mind understand that?

12/30/2004 6:15:00 PM
I guess maybe I should have seen it coming but I didn't.  I made an assumption. I assume that everyone is as friendly as I am and unless I speak to you in a nasty manner then I would expect people to also assume I am being friendly.

I wrote to some one and I used two terms that I find as a terms of indearment.  PET and little one. I made the assumption they would be taken as that. I also assume (damn there is that word again) that when I am writing to some one that is a switch or submissive/slave they understand I am writing to their sub side NOT the Domme side if I am asking if they would wish to serve. Yes I assumed that anyone on this website that can post a profile also has some common sense. I will not make that mistake again. This is what was e-mailed back to me.

The amount of assumptions you make in one short communication are staggering. You first off assume I'd like to be refered to as pet...and that I might need training, and then close the email with calling me 'little one'. There is a very good chance that I have more experience in this lifestyle than either you or your woman. So I find your assumptions not only condescending, but also severely lacking in tact.

You have a lot to learn about the lifestyle and the women in it. Don't bother responding, it won't be read, and would be a waste of the time you could use studying up on the lifestyle you have 'chosen'.

I know I have things to learn with in the lifestyle BECAUSE I want to learn more and more.  I know after 30+ years involved in the lifestyle I still have things to learn. The day I stop learning please just throw the dirt in my face.  I am already dead.

Things I need to learn.

 I need to learn to be better with the single tail.
 I need to learn more rope bondage.
 I need to learn to read minds so when I am speaking to a switch I can read her mind so I know if I am talking to the sub or the Domme.
 I need to learn how to make some of my own furniture for the dungeon.
 I need to learn not everyone is as forgiving of mistakes as I am.
 I need to learn not everyone had people to love them and teach them manners as a child.

Sir Daniel

12/23/2004 9:31:43 AM
I have heard it said many different ways. This one says it the best. Points if you can tell me where this came from.

Night-time sharpens, heightens each sensation...Darkness stirs and wakes imagination...Silently the senses abandon their defenses...

Slowly, gently night unfurls it's splendour...Grasp it, sense it - tremulous and tender...Turn your face away from the garish light of day, turn your thoughts away from cold, unfeeling light - and listen to the music of the night...

Close your eyes and surrender to your darkest dreams!  Purge your thoughts of the life you knew before!  Close your eyes, let your spirit soar!  And you'll live as you've never lived before...

Softly, deftly, music shall surround you...Feel it, hear it , closing in around you...Open up your mind, let your fantasies unwind, in this darkness which you know you cannot fight - the darkness of the music of the night...

Let your mind start a journey through a strange, new world!  Leave all thoughts of the world you knew before!  Let your soul take you where you want to be!  Only then can you belong to me...

Floating, falling, sweet Intoxication!  Touch me, trust me, savour each sensation!  Let the dream begin, let your darker side give in to the power of the music that I write,  the power of the music of the night.....

~Scene 5, Beyond The Lake, The Next Morning~

12/17/2004 3:10:01 AM
TO: Hopefully a new friend 

Sometimes it is the littlest of thing that make us think the most. 

Courage doesn't always roar. 
Sometimes courage is the little voice at the end of the day,  that says I'll try again tomorrow. 

Thanks for the reminder pet.

12/12/2004 2:15:11 PM
OK time to lighten things up a bit..>:)

Could not pass up this little bit of HUMOR for those slaves that do seek a Master.

Horny Net Geeks

What they really mean.


Statement: "I'm a Romantic Master ."
True Meaning: "I'm poor and have no idea what toys to buy or why or what I am doing."

Statement: "I need a slave in my life."
True Meaning: "My hand is tired."

Statement: "I am different from all the other Masters ."
True Meaning: "I don't have any toys ."

Statement: "I want a commitment from you ."
True Meaning: "I'm sick of masturbation."

Statement: "You're the only slave I've ever cared about."
True Meaning: "You are the only slave who hasn't rejected me."

Statement: "I really want to get to know you better."
True Meaning: "So I can tell my friends I own a slave."

Statement: "It's just orange juice, try it."
True Meaning: "Three more shots, and she'll beg me to flog her."

Statement: "She's kind of cute."
True Meaning: "I wouldn't mind flogging her but a hood over the head might be necessary."

Statement: "I don't know if I like her."
True Meaning: "She knows me to well and won't let me play with her."

Statement: "I miss you so much."
True Meaning: "I am so horny that a male slave is starting to look good."

Statement: "Was it good for you?"
True Meaning: "I'm insecure about my ability as a Master."

Statement: "How do I compare with other Masters?"
True Meaning: "Is my penis really that small?"

Statement: "I had a wonderful time last night."
True Meaning: "You never said red!"

Statement: "Do you love me?"
True Meaning: "I have 2 other slaves and you might find out."

Statement: "Do you 'really' love me?"
True Meaning: ""I have 2 other slaves and you're going to find out sooner or later."

Statement: "How much do you love me?"
True Meaning: ""I have 2 other slaves and someone's on their way to tell you by now."

Statement: "I have something to tell you."
True Meaning: "Go get tested."

Statement: "I'll give you a call."
True Meaning: "I'd rather have my nipples torn off by wild dogs than see you again."

Statement: "I've been thinking a lot."
True Meaning: "You're more about being  Master than I do."

Statement: "I think we should just be friends."
True Meaning: "I don't know what I am doing."

Statement: "I've learned a lot from you."
True Meaning: "Now I can really dazzel the Next one!!!!"

Statement: "I'm on a long distance call, can you call me later?"
True Meaning: "I am talking to 4 others slaves right now."

Hope you enjoyed them.

Sir Daniel

12/12/2004 3:14:49 AM

A Slave's Prayer


Allow me the strength to answer questions I can't fathom.
Allow me the spirit to know his needs.
Allow me the kindness to choke back retorts.
Allow me the serenity to serve Him in peace.
Allow me the love to show Him myself.
Allow me the tenderness to comfort Him.
Allow me the light to show us the way.
Allow me the wisdom to be an asset to Him.

Let me be able to show Him each day my love of my service to Him.
Let me open myself up to completely belong to Him.
Let my eyes show Him the same respect, rather I sit at his side,
or kneel at his feet.

Let me accept my punishment with the grace of a woman.
Let me learn to please Him, beyond myself.

Grant me the power to give myself to Him completely.
Give me the strength to please us both.
Permit me to love myself, in loving Him.
Allow me the peace of serving Him.

For it is my greatest wish, my highest power,
To make his life complete,as he makes mine.

11/29/2004 10:29:32 AM
Sugar and I went to "Big Dawgs" last night to meet a submissive female from collarme who happened to be in town for a function.  We are now very happy to be able to call her a good friend. One of those people you talk to and wonder how she was seperated from your family at birth. Ok some will know what I mean and the rest will never know it. She is just very easy to talk to on many different levels.

Her name is sweetboo7777 and she is the "Real Deal." 

She is straight forward and knows what she is looking for. Listening to her in conversation, you can hear her intelligence as well as her sincerity.

Looking into her eyes you can see she feels what she is talking about.

And last but not the least, VERY nice body.  For those of you in the Kansas City area DO NOT (repeat) DO NOT miss out on this one. You will be sorry if you do. I know we are looking forward to her return. 

Sir Daniel N Sugar

11/27/2004 9:16:50 PM
Just a thought as sweet as cherry pie. 

"If being a sexual person means you are a slut, count me in as a TOUCH Slut!"

Sir Daniel

11/24/2004 2:56:39 PM

I am the thought that causes doubt,
I am the chill that runs down your spine,
I am the ache in your heart,
I am the burning in your soul,
I am your quest,
I am the end of Your journey,
I am both, your pleasure and your pain.

11/21/2004 4:30:56 PM
What are the qualities I seek in a slave that I would allow to join my family?

Devotion, Fidelity, Obedience, Balance, Peace and Happiness always.

DRAMA was not mentioned once.

Sir Daniel

11/21/2004 2:53:39 PM
"If you are never scared or embarrassed or hurt, it means you never take any chances"

~Julia Sorel

11/18/2004 3:24:38 PM
Ok, I guess most are used to reading my rants so here is a new one for you.

Slaves that say "MY Master/Mistress" or "MY Dom/me".

Webster defines MY as;


\My\, a. & poss. pron. [OE. mi, fr. min. See Mine, and cf., for loss of n, {A}, a., An, a.] Of or belonging to me; -- used always attributively; as, my body; my book; -- mine is used in the predicate; as, the Master is mine.

How can a slave own a Master?  When the slave is the one that is owned property?

MY slaves "The Master I serve" or "The Master who's collar I wear" or "The Master that who owns my heart."

Sir Daniel

11/16/2004 1:02:42 PM
I am just simply amazed at times, the "slaves" that say they are but, do not have the common manners of a vanillia woman let alone those of a impeckable slave. 

HOW in the name of the god and godess can some one say one min. "OH Master yes I wish to serve you " and then in the next min say the exact same thing to some one else?

I am stumped. I wish her well on her journey with the new Master and her sister slave.

Disappointed once again.
Sir Daniel

11/9/2004 7:48:43 PM
Inspired by and my apologizes to honeybee462002 ;

"Looking, learning and seeking,
 where ever I may,
 to improve myself for myself.
Tis the same for Master and slave alike."

Sir Daniel

11/9/2004 6:17:53 PM
My thanks to pixie24; Stolen from her.

Pet peeves include: BAD SPELLING, really, it won't take you that long to make sure your profile or email is written well, and it will lead to much better responses

My  thoughts exactly, thank you pixie.

Sir Daniel

11/7/2004 2:17:14 PM
Seeking female companions into darkness so deep it is light. So vile it is beauty.

Where depravity is the norm and normality is cast into the pit.

Where laughter is born of wicked acts without remorse.

10/29/2004 12:17:12 PM

I am polyamorus - which means I have play partners and lovers that are part of my life. I am open to deep and loving relationships but, if you need monogomy, I would be a VERY bad choice for you to make. Now as for friendship, I would be a GREAT choice, polyamorus or not.

10/28/2004 3:26:44 PM
I read something Today and it seemed to say just what I want my future slave(s) to know. Where ever she is, when she reads this she will know.

Love isn't about finding someone perfect, it's about learning to love an imperfect person, perfectly.

That in itself says a great deal. My slave will know just what it means. As I have learned.

Sir Daniel

10/23/2004 10:50:41 PM
I have been trying to think of something profound to say.   


Sir Daniel

10/15/2004 1:12:30 AM
Well this has been a week for the history books.. (LOL)  First I missed two flights from Las Vegas and did not get into Denver till 9 PM and not to the Hotel till midnight and had to be up at 3 AM to get to the site on time. Could not get a rental car because I was late getting in to Denver. Then the Taxi ride was 55.00 to the site and I only had 35.00 on me.

The rest of the week was not any better.  I was suppose to meet a VERY cute slave while I was here for dinner or cocktails and our schedules have just not mixed very well and we kept missing each other. Well I do hope to get here to come to Las Vegas. I know she is very sweet. How could you have a name like candi and not be sweet? and just as cute as you can be..>:) Well candi I am sorry we could not get together but now you have a VERY good reason to come to Las Vegas to meet sugar and I both..>:)

Will be back in Las Vegas in the morning. Can not wait. I miss my sugar a great deal.

10/10/2004 11:19:20 AM
Good morning to one and all.  I apologize if your return mail is a bit late this week. I will be in Denver Colorado for the remained of the week working on 3 servers for a company..>:)  

If you are in Colorado and would like to get together for coffee or a drink and chat please leave me a message. 

Peace, Love and Laughter.

Sir Daniel

10/8/2004 10:09:31 PM

"If it is the dirty element that gives pleasure to the act of lust,

then the dirtier it is, the more pleasurable it is bound to be."

"Marquis de Sade"        
What more is there to say.

9/30/2004 2:19:38 PM
Why do people write you and then disappear? Why play the games?

9/28/2004 1:29:33 AM
Yes ! I am Way be hind in my e-mail. Sorry but other things have been pressing. No it is not that I do not miss you, it is. I do not wish you to miss me, I wish you to not be able to live with out me...

9/22/2004 11:03:45 PM
I made a few mistakes in my profile. Thank the god, godess and microsoft for spell checkers..>:)

Should be ready soon they are pretty good about updating quickly.

Blessed be,

Sir Daniel.

9/22/2004 3:55:53 AM

I updated my profile tonight, Not sure how long it will take to be approved so just hang tight and I am sure it will be visible soon..>:)        
Peace, Love and Laughter 
Sir Daniel

9/22/2004 2:52:45 AM
Borrowed from sugars profile but it just seems so right.


Within me




Within me, I have found strength.


Within me, I have found courage.


Within me, I have found control.


Within me, there is beauty.


Within me, there flows a river of unconditional love.


Within me, there is treasure beyond any dream.


If I have found all that I need within myself, 

Validated by self, to self,

  What is there that you could offer me?

7/11/2004 4:50:01 PM
For those of you that have asked. YES we have owned slaves before. Our last 24/7 slave dies 2 years ago from a Heart attack on the way to work one morning. She is missed greatly.

Do you need and crave to be owned and to serve? Then you understand what we are going through now. Looking for some one that craves and needs to serve as much as we need her here to serve us. 2 sides of the same coin.

Sir Daniel N Sugar

7/11/2004 11:40:26 AM
Something has me a bit annoyed right now.  I have had several people tell me I have not responded to the mail. I have responded to "ALL" mail. Something seems to be a miss here.  If you have NOT recieved a response from me please let me know. I will send it once again. My apologizes to those that have missed any messages. I am NOT rude and I do respond to all that write.         

Sir Daniel N Sugar

7/6/2004 2:43:18 PM

The slave that we are searching for wishes to know all she can about the basic, intermediate and advanced levels of both BDSM worlds. The world of living it 24/7 and the world of play. She is stimulated by psychological play, role play, establishing Domination, power exchange in the nth degree.  She wishes to have her limits tested and expanded.

We are most content when with a partner who is interested and able to pursue all types of play but, that only comes after a LTR is established. My lifestyle interests, play-wise?  Floggers, single-tails, slappers, paddles, cats, knife play, piercings, and the major part of me.. CONTROL.

6/28/2004 5:36:45 PM

So subjective, she said submissive and was slave to her heart.

Another said slave, and was not even submissive to her flesh.

Think long...
Think hard...
But think...

If you always do, what you always did.
You will always get, what you always got.


Blessed be 

Sir Daniel

6/13/2004 3:19:42 PM



It is like a slow evil thing nawing at my bones and consuming my flesh. It is a need in my heart, my mind, in my very soul. To give the pain.  To give the pain she seeks and craves.

NO, this is NOT a new feeling, lately it is a constant need. It is growing and developing each day that I open my eyes and realize I am alive once more and the new day has dawned.

EED to feel the intoxicating endorphines that rushes to my head as I let forth with flogger, crop paddle, whip cane and hand.

want, no I HUNGER for, that feel
ing when the slave squirms with anticption of the increase of speed and intensity of the blows. I Hunger for it all.

I want and need her
sweet sweat dripping from the falls and the single tail.

to see her breathhing coming in gasps, her chest heaving in agony, her screams not coming from her throat but,  coming from the depth of her heart. Yet, still, she will not cry "RED".  I want and need her to be in agony but,
still begging for more.

I want to work like a demon on crack and still not be enough. Just the imagery of how intense that would be is enough to make her wish to kneel.

How fast, how hard, how long, pushing it all
to another level and beyond. I want her to take all I offer, and beg for more. I want her to crawl to me, with whip in mouth, to watch her drop it at my feet and beg to be used, to be taken, to be caned or whipped.
I HUNGER for HER to know she is as much slave as I am Master, that her hunger is a direct reflection of mine. Not just tonight, this week-end, this week but, always  consuming and growing.  MY HUNGER.

6/7/2004 10:42:32 PM
To those of you that have had the good manners to respond to us when we have corrosponded with you I wish to thank you from the bottom of my heart. Even to those of you that said "Thank you but, no thank you"  It shows well of your parents, showed you what manners are. To those of you who have yet to learn these manners I suggest that you do. If not you will ALWAYS be on the outside looking in. Manners and propert treatment of your fellow human beings begins right now with you.

5/20/2004 11:07:13 PM
The days race past.... Moving to a new house... will be gone for a day or so... I hope..                     
Parting thought          
A slave serves.. A good slave serves well.. and as often as they're allowed...  A slave is not straight nor bi-sexual. A slave is just that, a slave.     

Sir Daniel

5/5/2004 6:05:07 PM
NOW I have heard it all. A, yeah right, Master has been borrowing money from potential slave(s) and then NEVER paying it back. Just a word of warning if your shining knight in armor seems to be just to good. Look again.

Sir Daniel N Sugar

5/4/2004 5:47:30 PM
It has been awhile since I have indulged in my journal. We met a WONDERFUL slave this week-end. The 2nd wonderful slave that we have met from here. We know we will be very good friends for a very long time.  She does not wish to serve a Mistress so I do not think that we can go much farther then being good friends. Griends are a very good thing to have, specially if they are slave. Friendship makes ownership MUCH easier. We keep getting told that she is out there some where and we both know that she is. We will find her one day.

We also have a very good friend here in Las Vegas that is interested as well. Not sure where that will lead to. We do hope to stay friends but it does not seem that she wishes to. Only time will tell.
Sir Daniel n Sugar

4/19/2004 5:41:30 PM
I can not beleive it. Some one on here called me a pediophile!.. Me of ALL people. Some people do not understand that the age of a Master or mistress or slave or submissive has absoultly NOTHING to do with there abilty to Dom or submit. Nothing what so ever. So why can a 53 year old Master with 30+ years experience not have a slave that is in the 23 to 30 age range? Can you tell me why that is just "sick and wrong"  this person so well put it? Does any one else see anything wrong with this? Or am I just thinking wrong?

Sir Daniel

3/30/2004 10:41:25 PM
I just read this and thought it was very true. Enjoy

If you genuinely seek the responsibility of leadership, and are fulfilled by accepting it, regardless of the outcome, then perhaps you are truly a Dominant

If you are master of yourself and you don't duck when the shit hits the fan, but instead, look for the "off" switch, despite getting splattered, maybe you are suited to be someone else's "Master"

3/25/2004 2:51:49 AM
I am sorry but I do now have a new rant. I have read, "respect is earned, not freely given" So much more often that what I would say 5 years ago or even 3. I guess that is a good indication of the type of society that we live in now days.

I have to stand up and say I feel that is wrong for ME. It might also be a very good indicator as to the problems of society today. I am just the opposite of our previous author, I TRUST people untill they teach me that I can not trust them any longer.

Just my $.02 Worth.
But of course I am right

Sir Daniel 

3/12/2004 6:27:40 PM
I have read so many journal entries denoting the good and the bad Masters and slaves on here. I want to build a SPAM filter for those that are the real abusers of this life style.

We all know those that just play at it and never really ever intend to comit to a lasting relationship.

Hmmm.. Now what do I call it?

3/11/2004 12:23:44 AM
It looks like sugar may have her bike ready and running by the time Thunder in the Mountains comes around. So we might have room for 2 to ride in the "bitch" seats ..>:)

2/21/2004 8:24:32 AM
Sugar and I plan on attending "Thunder in the Mountain" in Colorado this summer.

We have some new friends to meet for the first time when we are there. Is any one else attending. I hope to have sugars bike finished by then too.

Any one interested in riding as well? Interested in meeting in Las Vegas and riding up to Colorado? 

blessed be.

Sir Daniel n Sugar

2/1/2004 4:54:16 PM

Back.. and had a great time.
Saw this today and knew I had to save it. Thanks Grace

A mediocre Top tells

A good Dom teaches

An excellent Dom explains

But a true Master inspires...

1/30/2004 8:54:27 AM
Out of town for a few days so I will NOT be checking mail.

1/13/2004 2:22:22 PM
Ok.. Sugar says I need a hobby, LOL..
If yo get tired of sending some one a message and getting NO response, not even "Fuck Off" or "Thank you, but no thank you" or anything in between. For those that do not answer with any response at all, I wish that I could make a list of them so others do not waste their time as well. 
Hmmm,  I guess I could...Hmmmm.. What to call the list.. Any Suggestions?
Sir Daniel n Sugar.

1/5/2004 4:18:30 PM

Slavery Defined

-Copyright 1998 by david stein - 

slavery is not about suffering

slavery is about service

slavery is not about humiliation

slavery is about humility

slavery is not about pain

slavery is about being present

slavery is not about being used

slavery is about being of use

slavery is not about control

slavery is about letting go

slavery is not about what is done to you

slavery is about what you do for others

slavery is not about abuse

slavery is about acceptance

slavery is not about proving anything

slavery is about being real

slavery is not about contempt

slavery is about respect

slavery is not about how you look

slavery is about how much you care

slavery is not about denying yourself

slavery is about being open

slavery is not about bondage

slavery is about freeing yourself

slavery is not about punishment

slavery is about discipline

slavery is not about unable to escape

slavery is about being committed

slavery is not about submission

slavery is about obedience

slavery is not about fear

slavery is about trust

slavery is not about sex

slavery is about love

slavery is not about pleasure
slavery is about happiness

12/27/2003 1:26:33 PM

I read and interesting profile the other day. It said, Does size matter?  The question it self sort of stumped me. As a Master/male I had to stop and think for a minute, and yes I did think right away that she was referring to the size of a mans cock. As I read more I realized that she was talking about another problem area that people hold to be true and that is a persons weight.


Ok Now this is just my opinion when it comes to the question of Does size Matter.  I am right though, after all  I am Master, am I not?..>:)


YES it does matter; it matters a great deal to me.

The size of a slaves DESIRE to serve me matters to me.

The size of the slaves HEART she serves with matters to me.

The size of the slaves CRAVING to serve matters to me.

The size of the slaves NEED to serve matters to me.

The size of the slaves MIND she uses to serve with matters to me.

The size of the slaves IMINIGATION she uses to serve with matters to me.


This is ALL the size that matters to me.


Sir Daniel

12/23/2003 8:52:47 AM
Merry solstice to one and all. 

If you are waiting to be found, realize the time.


To realize
The value of a Master or slave:
Ask someone
Who doesn't have one.
To realize
The value of ten years:
Ask a newly
Divorced couple.
To realize
The value of four years:
Ask a graduate.
To realize
The value of one year:
Ask a student who
Has failed a final exam.
To realize
The value of nine months:
Ask a mother who gave birth to a still born.
To realize
The value of one month:
Ask a mother who has given birth to
a premature baby.
To realize
The value of one week:
Ask an editor of a weekly newspaper.
To realize
The value of one hour:
Ask the lovers who are waiting to Meet.
To realize
The value of one minute:
Ask a person
Who has missed the train, bus or plane.
To realize
The value of one-second:
Ask a person
Who has survived an accident.
To realize
The value of one millisecond:
Ask the person who has won a silver
medal in the Olympics.
To realize the value of a Master or slave:
Lose one.
Time waits For no one.
Treasure every moment you have.
You will treasure it even more when
you can share it with someone special.
The origin of this letter is

12/18/2003 4:46:20 AM

No rant tonight my friends, but those who really know me know how much I LOVE quotes. Some famous some not so famous, but one I saw tonight.

Well you tell me how it makes you feel.

"The touch of His hand,
the feel of His lips,
can never replace,
the kiss of His whip"

12/8/2003 6:40:58 PM

I spoke to a New Friend on here tonight. He seems to have the same problem with people that are rude as I do. He just wrote to me to say that he did. We did discover one other thing that we have in common. slaves that feel they are worthless. Are you one of these slaves?  First off if you believe that YOU have already made a decision for me or any other Master you would wish to serve. 
YOU have decide that you have no worth to me. That is not a choice that is for you to make.

If you are worthless why in the name of the God and Goddess would I wish you to come into my house to serve me? You bring nothing to the table to offer to me. You are worthless. You just said you where. So, why would I or any other Master wish to own you? To use you as a door mat? No, wait a minute, even a door mat has worth, I could clean my shoes on you before I entered my home. So I can not even use you for a door mat.  EVERY slave has worth, self worth. ALWAYS remember that. Your worth, your desirability because that is what we are really talking about here, is determined by the Master that you wish to serve.  NOT by the slave. Her responsibility is to MAKE herself more desirable to belong to his house. To be his property. Some slaves are worth more to some Masters than they are to others. A bi-sexual slave is worth MORE to me than one how is not, or even homophobic. One that is a trained chef or a great cook is more desirable to me than one that has a hard time not burning water. One that has a interest or is adept in animal husbandry skills or ability will be more desirable than one that is allergic to animals. Or one with a green thumb is more desirable than one that kills anything that it touches. Now remember these are things that I would find desirable in a slave. NOT what ever Master would find desirable, remember it is the Master that you need to be desirable to, but FIRST and FORE MOST you need to know you have WORTH. Any Master that tells you that you are worthless should be sending up some very RED FLAG signals to you and you had better be paying attention to them!

Just my $0.02 worth but, remember the human body alone (every ones) is worth $0.98 just in the chemical make up all by itself.

12/5/2003 6:54:23 PM
It amazes me at times to the level of rudeness that a "slave/submissive" can achieve. I have a very hard time when I read some of the profiles here. On one had we have a slave (male or female) that profess "I've done a lot for my former owner and seeking a new one who will treat me the same. just as a object for his pleasure without consideration for me."  Hmmm "without consideration for me" but when you write to her the mail is Deleted with out reading.

Or that says "My time is as valuable as yours!" but does not have the common courtesy to respond to her mail and it is Deleted with out reading OR that states "My likes are high, and my cravings are even higher." but does not crave to have some respect for a fellow human being and say something as simple as "Thank you but no thank you"

I have heard women say for years that "Chivalry is dead" Well if it is it's because you have killed it. When was the last time you respond to an e-mail from some one that you KNEW was not right for you? To just say "Thank you for the response to my ad but I do not think we would be well suited because (list what ever here)."

Sorry, just a few of my rants and raves.

Climbing off his soap box.
Sir Daniel
who has an extreme dislike for rudeness
and no, MASTER does not mean you can be rude nor does it mean you DO NOT have to be a gentleman as well.

11/28/2003 9:25:17 PM
I will do this. Nothing in my life matters except this. No moment in my life exists except this moment. I am born in this moment, and if I fail, I will die in this moment.
~Raistlin Majere

11/27/2003 12:43:03 PM

"A pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity, an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty"
--Sir Winston Churchill

I am an optimist, I know she exisits.
-- Sir Daniel

11/26/2003 6:14:15 AM

Things I ponder and you should too:

1. Why things online are bigger then realtime?
2. Why married Doms can't control their vanilla wifes?
3. Doesn't it break the screen when you give cyber spankings?

Thanks to a new friend:

11/17/2003 9:26:31 AM
For those of you that are into instant gratifaction and wish to chat right away.
Contact me.

Blessed Be

Sir Daniel

11/16/2003 11:53:40 PM
To those of you that are reading this profile. I DO NOT have a 24/7 collared slave. I DO have a slave that lives in my home. She took her collar off in May and we are working on some personal (read NONE BDSM) issues that need to be addressed before it can go back on. The Dynamics of our relationship will be worked out between the two of us. I STILL have the need for a 24/7 collared slave to serve me. Sugar serves ONLY me. She is a Mistress to all others. A good Very good Mistress in her own right. You would serve her as you would any other Mistress in MY home. If you can be Straight or BI. It does not matter. If you wished to be used by her sexually she will.  If not you will be used as a service slave to her as well as a friend.

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