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Gay Male Dominant, 34,  Wellington, New Zealand
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 Dominant Male


 New Zealand

 6' 3"

 100 lbs






Actively Seeking:

Submissive Male

Switch Men

Online Romance


 Anal Play  (Expert)






 Orgasm Control





 Body Worship


 Canes and Crops


 Corner Time

 Eye Contact Restrictions

 Hair Pulling



 Obedience Training


 Outdoor Bondage

 Serving as a Maid/Butler



 Curious About:

 Mental Bondage

 Public Play

 Role Playing


 Speech Restrictions

 Wax play

Check my journal entries below to get an idea of what Im looking for.Yes ladies, I want to break your boyfriend and make him a whimpering, slobbering, cock-hungry, sex slave.Subs and slaves are usually in need of a firm and guiding hand. Someone who will tell them how to dress, how to behave and how to please a Master.Communication is the key. When contacting me, it always helps to be open about your expectations and willing to talk when you have concerns. It is important for a Master to be able to talk openly with a sub or slave, just like any other relationship.Why straight slaves?Because there is something inherently sexy about a slavesub willingly submitting his sexuality to please a Dom. A strange thing happens. The straight slavesub still gets sexually turned on by the situation but due to the whole submission and humiliation aspect.Giving up his heterosexuality to please a Dom ends up awakening his BDSM sexuality as a submissive.That doesnt mean I exclusively dominate straight guys, just that I have a lot of experience doing so.And for the record - yes. Straight guys can and do submit to gay Doms. If you think that it impossible, you need to go do some research into sexuality to understand that it isnt as simple as gaybistraight and never the twain shall meet. Dont be ignorant.I currently have slaves in New York, Seattle, North and South Carolina, Australia, and UK. If you want to be trained and live in these areas, contact me and I can get you to train alongside other straight slaves.Chat with me. You may be surprised by how far you are willing to go...

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Journal Entries:
2/19/2018 12:54:37 AM
= The Online Meet Up =

You stand at the door. Your cock is rock hard, your throat is dry. This is it.

You've been serving me online for a little while now. Come to trust me and crave my approval and attention. You've agreed to chat with another local slave who has agreed to meet up with you.

You knock on the door. He opens it and holds his phone up towards you.

"Hi. Master is already watching."

You both kiss each other in the doorway so I can see. "We are your property, Master" you both say before you enter his house.

The two of you strip down and walk to where he has set up his computer. He logs into Skype on the laptop, and you hear your Master's voice.

"Good boys. Kneel. Hands on your heads."

We talk about how you're feeling. You both discuss your limits and spend a little time getting to know each other. Getting comfortable with what is about to happen. Then I say "Strip." You do.

You both understand your place as you explore each other's bodies under my control and guidance. Even though your Master is thousands of miles away, you feel an urge to obey. It's primal. As you suck on your first real cock, you can only think of how happy a stranger on the far side of the world is from watching you. Owning you. Controlling you. When it's all over, your belly full of cum, you realise you are my property. You can't wait to serve with this slave again. You begin to think about how you would prepare to relocate... to take the next step... you know things have changed forever and it makes you happy.

5/14/2016 1:17:17 PM
-The girlfriend fantasy- Another of my fantasies is for a dominant woman to hand her (consenting) boyfriend over to me for training. She invites me over to find him already in his underwear, tied up and gagged. She watches as I rip a hole in the seat of his underwear, telling him how he is going to learn to use his pussy to please men, to please her... To become a cock slave. I make him watch as she puts on a strap on and whisper in his ear that he is going to serve all cock as I rub my dripping hard on against his ass. We remove the gag, and I play with his cock as I give him pointers on sucking her strap on. Giving him more pleasure as he does a better job, and punish his balls when he gets it wrong. I make him get my fingers wet and then finger his ass. Once his technique shows improvement I upgrade him to advanced training by giving him the real thing to suck. I make him open up as if skullfuck him, his girlfriend calling him names as she lines up her strap on with his pussy. She lubes him up and then slowly enters him as I keep him focused on my cock. Soon we're spit roasting her boyfriend. Calling him names. Telling him he's now to serve cock. He whimpers as moans as we use him. Then she pulls out and removes the dildo. She sits in front of him and starts playing with herself while I enter his opened up pussy and fuck him myself. She tells her boyfriend he know belongs to me. That after I cum in his mouth, he will be going home with me for a weekend of sexual servitude. I pull out of his spasming ass and start jerking my cock in his face. I make him beg for my cum. Beg to be my slave. Beg to spend a whole weekend being mercilessly fucked and used. Then I cum down his throat, before dragging him into the bedroom to pack his bags for his weekend of service...

8/19/2015 12:02:18 PM
My new control fantasy is for online slavery play.

I'd love to have a young muscle slave who skypes me four times a week. He would spend his time naked, playing with his body while verbally grovelling to me while I instruct him in sexually pleasing men.

Then he would have me on Kik as well for random tasks. A TPE experience where I would message him at random and tell him to "get a photo of you kissing a guy" or "Go into a toilet, remove your underwear and go commando for the rest of the day."

He would be my 24/7 online straight/gay/bi muscle slave at my beck and call. No part of his body would be kept from me. He would live to obey and get off on being under reasonably constant control.

Anyone interested in discussing this fantasy further should message me. :)

11/1/2014 4:21:29 PM
Bisexual versus Straight Submissive

Occasionally there are people who come along - usually female dominants - who try to tell me that the straight guys who submit to me are actually closeted bisexuals.

Let's get something perfectly clear. If a guy says he's straight, then he's straight. End of story. Nobody else can tell you what your sexuality is. Sure, he might realise he's actually bi later on. Then and ONLY then will I call him bisexual.

But here's the thing. He might also realise he's straight but in the very distinct context of a BDSM session he's willing to submit to a man.

How does that make him bisexual? It doesn't. Being bi comes from wanting more from the relationship with a man or a woman. It's more than just kinky bondage sex or a desire to be sexually humiliated by someone you don't find sexually attractive.

Being bisexual comes from wanting a romantic as well as sexual connection.

Very few straight guys want a romantic connection with a gay dom. They want to be humiliated, used, and left feeling like they have been controlled.

They want to be submissive and find sexual arousal in that submission. That doesn't make them gay or bisexual. If you think it does, you need to go out and educate yourself on how complex sexuality actually is.

I've been dominating straight, gay, bi, pan, heteroflexible and asexual men for close to twenty years now. So don't try to argue with me that a straight submissive who approaches me wanting to be dominated is actually a closeted bisexual. I have enough experience in this realm to know anyone who says that is completely wrong, and by doing so is being disrespectful to me, him and the LGBT community. People like that just tend to come across as very inexperienced and foolish.

10/4/2014 1:19:51 PM
The Boyfriend Experience - A unique form of domination

I kind of like this as a form of domination. i first came across this on .

A straight submissive agrees to visit the gay dom to be locked in chastity and have a discreet buttplug inserted. Then he gets dressed.

For the next couple of hours the sub goes into town with the Dom. While they are out on the town, the sub has to pretend to be the Dom's new boyfriend. They visit some friends of the Dom's, act romantically with each other. Go out for dinner, maybe a movie. Just act normally. But the entire time the sub is aware that it's all an act.

Throughout the "date" the sub gets challenged to be submissive to the Dom in ways that will be hard for observers to notice. The Dom placing his hand on the sub's butt, maybe pressing in on the base of the buttplug through the sub's clothes.

Then at the end of the date, they go back to the bedroom where the sub must beg to be released and has to sexually please the Dom to be unlocked from chastity.

It's a very hot scenario, but obviously one that would require planning to ensure that the sub isn't unintentionally outed to his friends or family. During the date, the Dom still needs to show some discretion. After all the sub isn't actually his bf. It's just a layered from of sub/dom play.

But I'm still keen to try it with a suitably willing straight sub...

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