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OK, the time has come to really put out there what I want, what I'm searching for so that I ca
Hetero Male Dominant, 52,  Tallahassee , Florida
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OK, the time has come to really put out there what I want, what I'm searching for so that I can find that special someone. Let me start off by saying long, endless emails that lead to nothing... not anywhere on the list! As I say, computers are nice and helpful, but I don't want online I want reality.


So that being the case here are some things I really hope to find in a sub/slave:


- Someone wanting a deep, connected relationship that will last longer than a night. I will play with someone and certainly be available to help... but ultimately in my search I want someone long term.


- Desire is more important to me than experience. If you're new, that's OK but if you have a desire to explore D/s kink and more that's perfect.


- I want a sub who may be more slave than anything or at least might be open to thinking about it. My definition of a slave is probably different than a lot of folks.


- Any age is fine... as long as you're legal


- I want someone with a passion for life, not just D/s and Kink but in the vanilla world as well.


- Someone who will eventually live with me full time and build a life... a future together.


- Someone open, honest and willing to actually meet in person and begin.

These are just some of the things I'm looking for and like a lot of folks I have a ton of things on my fetish list that give you an idea of some things I like and somethings I'd like to explore.


I believe I'm a great Dom in the long term for a sub/slave. I'm strict, caring, firm, loving. I want a future with someone. I'm a good teacher, trainer. I can be a loving Daddy and a Powerful Master. I will protect you, care for you, own you and love you.

If any of this strikes a cord with you, don't be afraid... reach out to me... let's do this and really make something happen!


SIR BlackTreat

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