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I am a human. I am a loving person. I feel most happy when I show love and attention
Male Submissive, 28,  Alexandria, Egypt











 Submissive Male



 5' 7"

 143 lbs


 Middle Eastern



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I am a human.

I am a loving person. I feel most happy when I show love and attention to someone I care about.

I am NOT a loser. I am very well educated. And I have a long successful senior career. And live a comfortable lifestyle.

I am blessed. I am good looking. Proportionately figured. And I am disease free.

I am an extremely sexual person. Obsessed with sexual activities. Constantly eager to explore more. And very comfortable with my sexuality.

I love life. An impulsive traveler. Risk taker. Embarrassing dancer D Movies maniac. Have an excellent music taste. Ex-smoker. Occasional drinker. And casual hash smoker.

In vanilla life, I am an alpha and a leader. Smart and Creative mind with picky taste. Funny and lively. Emotionally generous. Honest, sincere, and straightforward. Extremely compassionate and caring.

In sex life, I am naturally extremely submissive. In very rare cases I
could be a switch and it varies between sensual topping to rough toping.

I am a masochist. I have fetishes. My greatest fetish is mental domination. Humiliation and controlling are huge turn-ons. I have an extreme foot fetish and hand fetish. Obsessed with fingernails and toenails. Mild pain is extremely erotic for me.

Im looking for a serious, normal relationship with a kinky side to it, that might lead to a lifetime relationship with someone who I can dedicate my life and all my love to, someone I can talk with about serious stuff, have discussions about normal topics or even trivial ones, a relationship that is full of emotions and real connection, someone to laugh with, have fun together, and have a LIFE together, but still be comfortable with my kinky side around them and have a healthy mental and sexual life because she understands my submissive side and it fits her dominant side.
And yes I could be willing to give up my career and literally dedicate my life for the right woman.

Im open to all ages. But older women (+40) and women my age (24-28) are favored.
Open to all types. As long as you have a beautiful soul, it will show beauty on your face and your figure.
And open to all scenarios. If you feel you are interested, dont hesitate to contact me even if we live way far apart. Many successful relationships started online.

Thats me in the photo by the way.
I am an Aquarius, just saying )

Until we establish a real, deep, comfortable, secure, and trustful relationship I wont BE ABLE TO SEND YOU PICTURES OF ME OR HAVE A VIDEO CHAT, because simply I dont know you so I wont feel comfortable revealing my identity. And I think thats very logical and real.
But we can have voice chat or text chat to reach there.

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