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I detest labels first off.
My nature is Dominant and Alpha

I think/feel/process with both.

One can be more obvious at times true, depending on my mood or the situation.
It does NOT get turned on and off at will.
It's who i AM.

I am a leader,
a nurturer,
a comforter.
a pusher,
a tester,
and a challenge.

Dominance and submission D/s for me involves the mind, heart, body and soul.

I can tie you in a knot as well as soothe your mind.

I'm neither sadistic nor masochistic.
So, if heavy pain is your fetish. please move on.

I am into exploring sensuality and control with a touch of the erotic
D/s is to me about connection.
A special bond, through trust, care, and mutual respect.

I Respect the woman,
desire the slut
and cherish the little girl.

Leather and Chains, Crack of the whip, Thud of my Flogger evokes
a whimper or a low growl...

These are a few of my favorite things.
Did I mention Leather and Chains?

" A strong man needs a strong woman to kneel before him and sit at his feet." and "…… It is all about having the right women to train"
This could very well be YOU.....
Anything less will be unsatisfactory. I'm going to say this for the last time I'm looking for real time not online or games
don't waste my time or yours. If you are not able to meet me face to face in a few weeks time or at least a month of talking to me then don't even talk to me cause its just a waste of our time. I'm not here for you to get your rocks off or your fantasies told to me either. You have 2 emails to impress me.
After that I'm done talking I don't have time to spend online typing or chatting all the time and I have a active life in the local community. My life doesn't revolve around you and your desires and needs. So don't expect me to want to fulfill yours for you. I have been in the lifestyle long enough to embrace the fact that learning is an on going process. I have been blessed with experiences that have allowed me to grow. I do not believe that I have ever held a sub in my charge that did not offer me new venues to learn new things. I believe that Dominance and submission constitute two equal parts of a whole. One validates the other, thus one alone has no merit. In simple terms: what good is being a super Dom,
a huge box of toys,
years of learning and knowledge,
all the right stuff. without a real time partner to play and grow with? I trust my subs and allow them to keep their own chastity until W/we decide otherwise.
Trust is earned and not given, if I can't trust you or you Me: what value do you offer Me?
I control subs in my care with desire for me and the love they crave most.
My subs embrace my kindness and loving nurturing, however, I am strict simply because I want you to grow and experience a deeper reality. In short I hold you to a higher standard than others will and require you to live,
play, grow and learn in a manner far above the standards you hold for your self.
I want you to be more than you believe you can be.
If you feel we have sufficient things in common to justify moving forward
feel free to contact me,
however if all you have to offer is Hey or some one sentence response
I doubt you understand the effort it takes for me to help you achieve your totality. Photo's upon request

UPDATE: as of Jan 2016
Been working on building a poly household with male and female slaves.

MUCH more interested in serious subversives and slaves wishing a 24/7 environment than play with part timers yet …. So if your truly interested now is the time to approach me.

You are male or female and willing to submit and be controlled
be registered as my slave on The Slave Registry,
willing to be owned totally
and exist in a safe environment where your every desire will become a reality.
even entertain the possibly of your dreams.

Please don’t pretend to be someone you aren't after 30 years, I can tell.

Anyway sooner or later you will have to appear - so think about that if you are male pretending to be female
or someone pretending to be a slave well sooner or later it just won’t work
- save us both a lot of time.

Same with females if you don't really want to be a dedicated submissive or slave and or are not sure.... don’t bother writing to me.

Long distance - I’m not here to train you to live in your own home and have fun
- find someone in your own area so you can perform valuable services for them in exchange for learning your limits, abilities and growing your wings. Seriously, nothing is free in this world. I AM willing to train someone that moves in and totally submits.

Moreover BE SAFE
I do not just trust people automatically
-- I will actually PAY someone in the investigative industry --- to really KNOW someone I was accepting to our Home.

Your dream come true! maybe it can be with Me

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11/18/2015 10:19:59 AM

I am a proponent of mutual respect in any relationship but especially in this thing we do. For me it is easier to give respect to someone that demonstrates it across all areas of their day, from their families to their peers, to strangers they encounter on any day.

I like to think I am intelligent and able to hold a conversation about most things. I love being out and doing things with my friends,

Just clarifying...

I am not looking for online anything. 
Everything enacted online is just a pale, two-dimensional image of what could be real. Tasking from a distance (via text, etc) is great as an adjunct to a real time D/s relationship, but not as the sum total of the dynamic.

10/25/2015 5:34:44 PM
A BLANK CANVAS......... Art is a visualized ORGASM.
The essence of all Art is to have pleasure in giving pleasure.

Every stroke is a little part of the soul of the artist....Souls are not sellable only enjoyable.

The greatest painters in history would never have completed their first masterpiece if they had not picked up the brush and learned how to use it. They had the inborn talent but not the skills. They had to want to paint badly enough to devote some time to harness that talent and learn how to apply it to their canvas.
Like art Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, as is a Beautiful Woman, Good Dominant or Submissive.
True art is characterized by an irresistible urge in the creative artist.

Here is a wonderful quote from
Penile performance isn’t all there is to sex.
Here are some things we are probably not considering when we estimate men’s sexual peak:
Comfort with being intimate with another person’s body,
Skill at giving another person an orgasm,
The ability to bring on or delay one’s own orgasms as wanted,
and an encompassing appreciation for sensuality as well as sexual acts.

I revel in pussy,
I have the skill and love to play with it for hours, dive into it, make it come for days
and sex is my hobby,
let's meet and see how we feel.

12/16/2013 12:51:51 AM

"Just a second..."

While you wait,
you'd better prepare your mind for sensations to every inch of your body,
in every muscle and each spark of your thoughts.

You'd better pray I give you… even a sliver of mercy
I am probably not thinking about mercy
and then pray that I think about it.

You better stop and take a breath of what was and accept these new ways
I will ravish the very thoughts you had and with only one touch.
I'm not planning on letting you have this moment again anytime soon.

So if you needed it,
before you even think you're going to get a second of rest.
This moment,
is the time to think because the moment of truth is here.

You will bow to me because it is the one thing keeping you sane right now.
You will bend at my will and beg for more.
You are mine
and when I'm done with you,
you'll want nothing more than my authority,
my blessing

So if you need it,
you should ask for that second,
beg me,
for the rest

but know once we begin
we can't step back for “Just a second..."

7/28/2013 2:49:32 PM

Daddy/Little Relationship Dynamic - Primal 

i know many people are often curious about the Daddy/little relationship, if they aren't repulsed or scared away before trying to educate themselves on this unique dynamic. 

Below are just some of my thoughts regarding the uniqueness and intensity of a Daddy/little girl/baby girl relationship. For ease of purpose, "D/lil" will denote every variable of a D/little relationship in this writing. Please note these are my observations from personal experience and i am in no way implying or intruding on the nature of your own personal past or current D/lil relationship. My writing is my opinion and not directly based on any scientific studies or evidence. Also, these are initial thoughts only, which i hope to more comprehensively combine into a theoretical paper about D/lil. 

Daddy/lil immediately form deep emotional bonds which are intriguing and involve incredible trust. There is a vulnerability about the D/lil bond which cannot be faked or imagined, nor is there another substitute which fulfills the primal instinct of the D/lil emotional bond. there is an unspoken, yet consciously spoken exchange of power given between each by glances, body language cues (head bowed), and intuition. it is instantaneous and undeniable. this does not imply that either party acts on this spark. however, we should not deny this spark is experienced by single, married, poly, monogamous D's and lil's every day through email, text, phone, at events, or in the vanilla world. a spark does not imply consent, nor does it imply cheating in any way. it must not be forgotten that whatever label you choose to use, you are an adult and above all else should implore integrity, honesty, and openness in all of your affairs. 

D/lil are often social animals for which company is important. D's like to be in control and have their little by their side in some context and littles crave, need, and desire the undivided attention of their D. their literally develop and learn a new language. their own D/lil language by building a relationship and trust with each other. imagine all of the different nicknames and code words D/lil develop between themselves. only the two of them will experience the sound of each other's voice as if it is their own heartbeat. 

The act of grooming each other is akin to that of animals observed in the wild, a necessity, yet also loving and nurturing. The unique nature of their relationship makes them healthier as individuals and as a couple. The fact that the D/lil relationship is different doesn't mean it is less deep. it just means it is different. those who do not understand the D/lil often mistake the relationship as shallow or constant role play when in fact a D/lil relationship is for the survival of two human beings needing touch, needing companionship, needing to give and needing to please, needing to protect. each are capable of rebutting the words or actions of the other, but each accepts them as consenting adults. 

D/lil relationship is very vulnerable, primal almost, like two animals who should be the hunter and the prey, different species from one another. yet they find themselves together, building a friendship, communication, trust, compassion, and often altruism. Our behavior as mammals derive from the exact same emotional drivers which are at the base of our brains and drive the following behaviors:fearpanic (separation distress)

seeking an urge to explore new thingsragesexual behaviorplay in some sense all of the above behaviors are experienced by both individuals in a D/lil relationship. fear can coincide with play and sexual behavior. just as rage can partner with sexual behavior and play. and we all seek and have the urge to explore new things. panic may be more often felt by little's than D's 

6/16/2012 12:48:03 AM

I do not accept friend requests!
I do not want to be your friend, I do not want to advertise YOU,
and there is some question as to whether I would like to be your Owner!

If you are Looking for your " little Blue Pill?"
No, not the one that makes your clit or dick hard!
The one that keeps you a in a constant state of WORTHLESSNESS.

Well, can be your own personal MORPHEUS and its time to take the RED PILL!

I am not your typical "Serve me and I will randomly humiliate you" type of Dom.
I am here to select a mature boy and girl to TRAIN for personal service in My Home!

And when I say TRAIN,
I'm talking about a progressive regimented program of pain and humiliation
that pushes you, My slave trainee, to explore and grow beyond your boundaries!

To start,
you will have to send Me a request to apply for service via a message here on CM.

I will read your profile and see if I also am interested in you.

If you are selected, you and I will have a web cam interview.

During this interview, you can ask Me anything you want
and I will answer honestly.
you will have time to prepare questions –
and I will even help you find the right questions to ask –
so you can come into this training fully informed.

If that goes well, I will put you under consideration.

you will be taught by Me personally via Web Cam the protocols,
My expectations, and the rituals you will follow every day and during our sessions.

These will require you to act and dress as instructed by Me.
you will be given a set time that you will be online to serve My needs.

It will be no less than one hour per week and no more than 4 times per week.
If you cannot be on time, EVERY TIME, do NOT waste My time by applying!

I realize life throws us all curve balls from time to time and one of us may miss a session,
but this needs to be the exception, not the rule! If you do well for a few weeks,
I will send you a collar of training and you will belong to Me, and ME ALONE!

There are 10 phases of training that you will progress through.
Each phase has approximately 5 to 10 "Orders of Service"
that will be performed at a rate of one order per session.
you will graduate each phase by being given a new "Title of slave's Honor."
This is your gratification from Me.
My gratification comes from your pain, humiliation, and offerings.
This is a very structured training but what we decide to do for our sessions
will be chosen by me based on what I would like to do with/to you at the time.
There are many ways to teach a lesson!

This will start as an online Master/slave relationship unless you are local to Las Vegas,
but upon completion of the online training, you will prove your worth to me.
Once proven, I will offer you a position to serve Me personally!


Each session will start by you performing your service rituals,
followed by one act of service or sacrifice, and an offering .

You will be required to purchase any supplies I deem necessary for that session's task and have them in hand and ready, per My instructions

BEFORE our session begins.
you will be instructed by Me during the prior session what you will need for upcoming sessions.

No session will occur until you make your offering and purchase the necessary supplies.
Failure to do both before your set training period will be considered a violation of our dynamic. Offenses of this type will require a severe punishment and a gift offering of appeasement to Me.

I realize,
as should you, that you may be a slave or submissive but you are not yet My slave or submissive.
I do however expect to be respected and I will always reciprocate by treating you with respect. As our relationship changes the way we show respect for each other evolves and changes.
For now please treat me as you would anyone you would apply to for any position.

you must be absolutely obedient to Me!

You must not be submitting to anyone other than ME!
I will be posting other ghost profiles to test if you are contacting other Masters.
If caught, you will be severely punished and possibly dismissed!

you must have a USB webcam that can be moved into other positions I desire to view!

you must be financially secure!
If you come to serve Me personally, you will have a job, either in the home or away from it, but you will work daily regardless. Exceptions may be made for FULL TIME students.

This relationship is between Me, my household and you ALONE!
you will never discuss any aspect of your service to Me with anyone without prior approval from Me.

You may request additional tasks, and I may listen to you, as you prove yourself to Me.
These additional tasks will NEVER replace the Orders of Service that are pre-structured for your training.

It will be a TOTAL POWER EXCHANGE relationship.

As My slave, I will own every part of you.
you will do everything I tell you too...
or I will make you wish you had.

Ultimately, a few of you will complete training and come to serve Me personally.
When you do, I will replace your Collar of Training with a Collar of Service at your collaring ceremony

and you will sleep in a cage beneath My bed, NOT.
you will service Me in the home domestically,
sexually and personally when and where I demand it
I will take great joy in finally being able to Dominate you TOTALLY!

What are you waiting for?

6/13/2012 11:38:29 AM

I have a brain bigger than my balls and i use it quite effectively
I will not ask you to jump on a plane after a short while
I am practical and know my limits
I am not looking at BDSM for a cheap thrill
I am mostly a dominant male and will not change my preferences
I have a good sense of humor
I don't take anyone for granted and believe dominion is earned rather than taken
I like women of all ages, sizes and kinks
I am experienced but open to exploring new fetishes
I am a patient teacher and willing to spare time for the right one
if you are still reading ,
you might want to message me......feel free to

6/15/2011 3:06:42 PM

Working on building a poly household with male and female slaves.

Joint doming with SexuSoCaBiFemDom

MUCH more interested in serious slaves wishing a 24/7 environment than play with part timers - it's still possible however it will become more and more unlikely as people begin to move in, which should begin to occur in June. So if your truly interested now is the time to approach me.

You are male or female and willing to submit,
be registered as my slave on The Slave Registry,
willing to be owned totally and exist in a safe environment
where your every dream and desire will become a reality.

I AM willing to train someone that moved in and totally submits
Please don't pretend to be someone you aren't after 10 years I can tell. - so think about that –
if you are male pretending to be female or pretending to be a slave sooner or later you will have to appear - it just won't work - save us both a lot of time.
Same with females - if you don't really want to be a slave and or aren't sure don't bother to write to me.

Players: I am not here to train you to be in your own home and have fun - find someone in your own area so you can perform valuable services for them in exchange for learning your limits abilities and growing your wings - seriously nothing is free in this world. Moreover Be SAFE....

We do not just off handedly trust people – I will actually PAY someone to investigative You
so we KNOW that someone being brought into our home.

6/15/2011 3:05:37 PM

About being a Young Woman Seeking An Older Man:
The best Older Men, will want to keep you safe,
and won't want to been seen as a predator.
As such, he will wait for YOU to come forward to him.

As Master I will not offer a woman this collar,
nor to train her,
she needs to ask.

If you are seeking a Dominant, Master,
OR Top,
going to BDSM munches,
play parties
and gatherings is a great way.

Let both the women and the men know you are seeking to be owned,
to serve, or to submit to an older man.

Let them know your parameters of age.
Over 35?
Over 45?

Let them know any other parameters you might have;
spiritual compatibility,
intelligence. . .
Your friends and community can help network for you.

If you are seeking a Daddy Dom relationship
as well as to "play," take some time to:
- Get to know him
- Hear about his relationship history
- Find out how he is perceived in your community
- Talk to his current or former partners
- Have tea, lunch or something non-sexual first

Good energy and/or strong dominance will not give you the foundation for a healthy relationship.

We need other skills for that including:
- Communication
- Doing our own Inner Work
- Compassion
- Kindness
- Good boundaries
- Generosity

May our soul lights & intimate lives shine

8/14/2010 2:29:45 PM

Dearest pet;

Yes, your attentiveness and servitude to accommodate Me last night was extremely inviting and it was a honor to oblige you.

As I said, I typically check up on My sub after a active event such as last night to make sure that things are all right on their end. Most subs experience a high that will last for hours, sometimes days and when they drop from that high, they drop as if coming down from a drug binge. The aftercare of My subs is VERY important to Me as I know how it feels to be neglected afterward. If you need anything, don't hesitate to call or IM as I am almost always online.

Your voice tells Me that you were extremely tired, and I WILL NOT put you through that long or late of endeavor without encouraging some sleep after a duration. It was pleasing to see you splayed in front of Me, your body tight and that beautiful mound swollen from excitement. I am sure that your limits are much further than I expected and hope to test them even further next time, and I do hope that you plan to serve Me again.

I too sit on a extreme high, as you unexpectantly turned the tables slightly with Me. I am sure that there would have found more of a fight from Me had you not been so tired.

I appreciate your many attempts at pleasing me, although peaking (which I warned you about) the feeling was extreme ecstasy and welcomed thoroughly.

I do hope to plan our next session at a time where we both have more time, and I come more prepared.

As I said before, Ambiance is a great benefit to setting you in the mood and setting the scene. In which case I will provide music, some candles and a few more experimental unknown implements of torment that I am almost sure you will invite with open arms.

Your servitude is unmatched at this time....I do hope to hear from you soon.....


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