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All right, let's get a few things straight.I am here to broaden my mind, push my limits, and
Hetero Female Switch, 39,  New Hampshire
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 Female Switch

 New Hampshire

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All right, let's get a few things straight.
I am here to broaden my mind, push my limits, and learn more!
NO self respecting Dom/Master, Domme/Mistress, or slave
will drop what they are doing and meet a perfectly total stranger.
It is NOT safe, it is NOT smart!
I will NOT meet you until I have known you for quite some time, and believe me that might take at least a year, if not more!
I hope, and believe those that have been in the lifestyle would reconize this, and think it a wise decision that I am not comfortable meeting, or calling people, I do not know.
I am truly upset that I had to actually place this here in my profile, but I need to lay my cards out on the table.

This profile is dedicated to the submissive side of me. I do stress you take the time and read my Domme profile, under BangMeHard.

This girl can be found in either the Lobby chat room, or her own, GoreanTreasures.

Please DO NOT PM this girl without asking premission first.

A girl has been gifted the name of


A girl is nothing, and everything within her Master's eyes.
A girl owns nothing, all that she has must be earned and can be taken away in a heartbeat.

A girl comes freely of her own free will. Nameless, and naked. For a girl will earn both her clothes and name, when her Master deems it.

As odd as it may sound, a girl finds her freedom through her bondage.

This girl gives of herself freely, though her mind, body, spirit and heart, all that she is, and all the she ever will be to her Master.

A girl strives to please her Master. To bring him honor, and make him proud.

A girl will always keep in mind that her actions reflect upon her Master, thus a girl should not act, or conduct herself in a disapproving manner. Nor in a way, fashion, she knows her Master would disapprove of.

A girl will strive to be found pleasing, and she shall be respectful to others. Unless a girl is forced to do otherwise. Others should respect the fact that a girls Master will always come first.

Though this girl is seen as a slave/sub, please do not forget that this girl has feelings, as she is human to.

This girl has "wandered" for many years looking, seeking, searching for that special someone. She had felt "empty" for the longest time. Now this girl feels whole once more.

This girl will always offer a bit of respect freely, the rest has to be earned as nothing is for free.

Please keep in mind this girl is a switch. Strong minded, she will speak her mind when the urge strikes.

This girl is usually affectionate in nature. A total LAPaholic! If such affections are not welcomed, a girl asks to be informed kindly through PM or chat.

This girl has NO TOLERANCE for those slaves that are disrespectful, forgotten their place, to others, and will speak up.

This girl loves TROLLS......
yeah right next to her mashed potatoes, with A1 sauce! The "other" white meat!

This girl is high sprited, fiesty even, and harbors one hell of a sense of humor at times. This girl does have an inner Imp!

This girl will be formed by her Masters "hands" to the way it suits and pleases him.

Do not PM this girl unless you ask for permission in the room first.

This girl has been known to bite off heads when asked a/s/l!! This girl loathes such as it is seen as rude.

Please keep in mind that we all learn in different places, in different ways. There is no right way or wrong way, and this girl will conduct herself as she has learned/ been trained.

This girl has over 6 years of Gorean back ground, and thus conducts/ expresses herself in this manner.

A rarity it is when one finds someone that can place into words, something you cannot. Rare it is that it feels as if this person had glimpsed into your very soul, and was able to know what you feel. The following paragraph was written by a very intelligent man. For he was able to put to wards something this girl couldn't.
This girl is very greatful that this Master has allowed her to place his words in her profile.
 This girl thanks Master Blkdom101 from the bottom of her heart.

If you truly are a slave soul, then you must follow it. If you don't you shall know NO peace until you do. There will forever be a singular void within your spirit you'll neither understand nor vanquish. This I know, "slave soul". I am your Yin. You are my Yang. We are two parts of a whole, a never-ending balance of opposing needs, locked together forming a singular and powerful universe and spiritual bond.

A girl wishes all well, and thanks those who have read this far!

Free spirit once more!

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Journal Entries:
8/26/2005 1:34:40 AM


Lost, cast adrift upon the vast, deserted desert,
known as the sands of time.
No pardon, no quarter be granted,
no direction, no guidance given,
I drift alone.

Hands tied,
feet bound,
and numb.

just a shell.

Though, not by shackles, nor with chains,
intangible trappings, can weigh one down more than the real thing.

And so I stumble, and I wander throughout this godforsaken place.

Like a ship lost at sea, no wind for flacid sails.

Yet you have come to me, for me, in so many shades, forms. You Beast!

All but a lie, a wolf in sheeps clothing trying to prey upon the lamb.

Fool, look before leaping, the safest bet.
For had you looked with eyes wide open,
you'd have seen that the lamb was a wolf in sheeps clothing!

I had hope, but I lost it, dashed upon the rocks, as surely as any vessle tossed about by a raging storm.

Fool, I was to let you in. To let those walls crack and crumble, to allow you access, to what you were not worthy of.

And fool I be no more, you vile creature, with your forked tongue and wicked ways.

And yet each time, I evade you, escape your trappings to meander anew.

I learn each time, and I do grow stronger.
Greeting a new morning, turning a new leaf, nose upon the grindstone.

Like the Phoenix, borne of its ashes, I do rise again.

Awaiting the time when you will don new clothing, and rear your ugly head.
A new face, and new name.

Yet you have the same old song and dance, and try like hell to feed me the same bullshit as all those before you.

 I shall be waiting, and I will know you for who you are.

2/22/2005 2:18:16 PM

Wow I have not posted in this journal for almost a year! That's the result of some so called Dom/Master screwing with my head.  I do believe he's stuck his tail between his legs and left CM. Good ridance, we do not need those kind around.

If you've not noticed I am very blunt, and opinionated. ::grins::
Just remember no one is forcing you to read my "inner most thoughts."

I did take notice that CM is now making you wait til your enteries are "approved" before they are posted!
All I have to say is that is so wrong on so many levels!
Last I checked this was an adult site 18+. No need to censore us! I should be able to post what I want in my own journal.
Granted there are probably those, who abuse this, posting things that shouldn't be posted, such as ones address, or phone number.
You are an idiot if you are that foolish, inviting something you may not want.

So after almost a year, I am back!
I am greatful to see those that were here when I startes. Yet, there are so many new faces.

Those that know me, know I have spunk and have an extreme distaste for Trolls.
Those that don't will learn. For I will not change much.
I am fiesty, spirited, firey, impish, brazen... yet on the other side of the coin I can be..
shy, coy, flirtatious, quiet.
All depends on my mood at the time.

I do hope that one day a Master will take an interest in me, knowing I bare these traits, yet he will except me for who I am.
I still await that day.

4/28/2004 6:47:36 AM

I've been awful busy lately. Having little time to come back here and see what's goin on, and even what's not.

One thing I'm well aware of is I am sick of those that jerk my chain. ::Shrugs::
As far as  can see there are few real "Masters/Doms" in this world. At least any that are worth and have earned that title.
I am NOT, nor will I answer any mail from Any Dom, or Master bitching at me for MY opinion. If you seek an answer "Play nice, or DON'T play at all".

4/14/2004 7:26:19 PM

I've been AWOL!!
I haven't had much to say lately.
Astounding aint it!?
I'm feeling a lil fiesty.
Waivering on the line of Domme.
My lil impish side has kicked in, be forwarned!
Mayhaps it's time to stir up the "pot" and see what rises to the top.

4/8/2004 12:11:45 AM

::curls up::
Well, lately I've been feeling alright. I check the mail often, though sometimes I don't reply right away. If I haven't replied to "you" it's probably because I am waiting till I am in the right frame of mind.
Either that, or I'm being lazy. Spank me please.
Anywho, please take note that your mail IS read.
But with fickle moods like mine, I simply don't always answer.

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