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Educated, "uptown girl"........

Commute to the UK weekly for/and travel the world widely for work, relaxing in Madrid at weekends.

Before we get going, no winks or one liners please, if you want my attention you can do better than that and go to the effort of writing a mail, but please if you really expect a reply, then make sure you are sure of what you want and it matches what I want, you match my profile otherwise we’re just wasting each others time. And please don’t try and tell me what I want, I know my own mind better than you and am very comfortable with where I am at.

Half Italian, passionate about life as I am about having fun. Not your average girl, looking to live life to the full, always seeking new experiences, sensations with intelligent, fun loving, interesting people that know how to excite me and that are capable of handling an outgoing fun loving girl like me.

I am a definite searcher and when it comes to sex then it's no holds barred! I am fiery and feisty in bed and although I prefer the role of the submissive in bed I am in need of taming, controlling rather than rolling over and giving into to you, I'm certainly not the willing sub, more the a dirty grudge fuck and I can switch if I don't get what I want !

I am pretty much unshockable and looking for others that we can all learn from each other. I am into bondage and will go to extremes with the right person (s).

Finally, sence of humour is a must, life is too short for hang ups!

My Ideal Person:
Looking for anyone that can excite me and press my buttons to get the most out of me, the emphasis for me is on how you make me feel and how I can make you feel!

I am looking for one, preferably 2 guys or more, women and couples to, who can give me what I need good and proper! Love to be tied up and fucked hard, love getting it from behind, love to be told what a bad girl I am! ;)

You must be total non-smokers (no exceptions to this)

To all you Dom guys out there, ...please don’t waste your time, not interested in you barking orders or telling me your demands, it will only leave you wanting, I am not looking to be anyone's sub or slave, I just love dark, dirty rough sex. But if you are sexually dom, then please be so, I refuse to top from the bottom, am not looking to teach you or find you have no idea on how to handle me

In fact that goes for all guys, if you are a guy then I am very fussy, you must be confident and experienced in your sexual role, you must be good looking, hair on head, own teeth, no beer bellies, in good shape and health and not over 47 or under 32! (Women and couples any age) Oh and an airline pilot. is a bonus..otherwise you're wasting my time and yours!

Having learnt the hard way, letting a few chancers into my life and having had them take advantage of me I am now searching for something more than 'sex for sex sake'.

I will no longer accept second best or people that think they fit my profile criteria when clearly they don’t, I am looking for a sexual friendship, mutual trust, care and respect alongside an “alternative” lifestyle when it comes to sex on a regular basis. I do NOT wish for a full-on relationship or commitment, as my independence is still important to me to allow me to be the person I am, but it does not however mean one night stands, casual sex or once every month when you can 'fit me in' your going to have to come up with something more tangible than that.

I may be open to relocation if the chemistry is right, however I have a life of my own so initially you’re going to have to fit in with that, only then would I consider giving up what I have for you.

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8/16/2008 9:32:09 AM
I am still amazed by the minority here that seek to tell me my own mind, I tell them I am not interesting on persuing anything with them, then they throw their toys out of their pram and tell me I dont know my own mind and am childish simply because I dont want to chat to them....the guys  (and yes it is only a few guys) in question know who they are....Please...Grow up!

8/6/2008 8:43:33 AM
I still crave someone with a filthy depraved mind to show me the dark side iof sex, tie me, use me , rape get the idea

7/16/2008 2:11:18 AM
I am thinking of getting into the Pro-Sub business to spice up a very dull sex life. I am very interested in talking to anyone with serious suggestions/ideas and that can maybe help me do this safely and sanely.

I have a very good everyday job so this really is just a bit of fun.

6/24/2008 9:58:09 PM
Seems a lot of you guys can't read, or choose to ignore my criteria, I wish you wouldnt, I have no desire to reply to one liners or to Dom Guys that seem to think they can bark orders at me or tell me what I want and I'll fall at their feet, think on, it's becoming tedious now!

I am simply into rough sex, fantasy rape play, abduction maybe, a grudge fuck certainly, use your imagination

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