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If you cant take a few moments to read some words, what makes you think I will take your desire for a lifestyle relationship seriously?

Seeking a relationship of like minds in transistion, being a gimpdoll, and serving as a toy or domestic maid under a tpe power dynamic. Mainly travel around the great lakes, florida, and to trans, fetish, or doll friendly events on the westcoast. Im a unicorn seeking a transformation that involves enslavement, objectification as a girly doll, and feminization if this isnt your desire in a relationship as a whole dont waste your own or my time.


Scat in any fashion
Knives or needles
Race play (idiots ruined it for most.)
Being your beating stick

any timewasters or anyone misrepresenting their intentions or ability to follow through will be dropped and ghosted as I please.

Cant stress this enough feminization isnt something you do already, do not ask me for any relationship. If covid is too much dont bother. If you arent local or dont plan on being near dont bother unless you plan on investing your on resources to get my attention.

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2/18/2024 6:54:44 AM

Enjoying my lesbian slave sisters isabelle and heather.

real happens just sift through the bs

12/25/2023 9:26:22 AM

happy holidays to certain admirers and good girls.

7/13/2023 10:56:41 PM

Nothing in an drifty moment deserves a response

Sweet dreams and have a shiny journey with Mr. Sandman

5/17/2023 12:22:59 PM

Now I've heard it all.

Never thought a sissy poser would tell me their dog ate their clothes and that's why they can't verify. Again to the closet or scaredy cat types move on I will not make exceptions or time for you.

3/3/2022 7:21:53 AM

Not a hard concept to either actually want someone or not

I won't compete with others to be with you. If that's how you operate just move on I don't care to be a candidate or in the running.

If you're married don't bother unless you're an open couple situation.


3/23/2018 1:53:15 PM
Considering my old name was given to me by someone that used to mean a lot to me felt it more fitting to begin again on different profile that doesn't aim for the same things.

To certain time wasters, new name doesn't mean I forgot about you.

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