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If you would devote yourself to serve someone, the first important skill to obtain is being a
Hetero Male Dominant, 41,  Houston, Texas
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If you would devote yourself to serve someone, the first important skill to obtain is being a very good listener. Blocking out
your personal agenda and listening to the one you would serve becomes the basis for good communication at the beginning of your relationship.

"The only man who never makes a mistake is the man who never does anything"--Theodore Roosevelt

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Journal Entries:
12/23/2007 2:02:43 PM
Well with another Christmas come and gone and a brand new year approaching fast it seems like the time for new beginnings is at hand. For anyone looking to accomplish anything new for 2008 the possibilities are endless. So good luck to everyone with that!

For myself I have many changes that seem to be coming at me from all directions, but I certainly hope to become a better friend to people around me in the future and I know that will help make me a better person for myself in return.

1/2/2007 1:14:53 PM
The message boards here on collarme have been a welcome source of insight on many subjects. If you have not taken the time to read them occasionally you are missing out on a large part of the lifestyle IMO.

The challenge to all Gorean Men is immense and not to be taken lightly. Last year was a time of great change in my personal life and one in which much of what I "knew" was questioned and put to the test. At times it truly was one of the "times that try men's souls". There are many in the community whose words and deeds have had a profound effect. So in the steadfastness of our beliefs and the intellectual inquiry to which we challenge ourselves may 2007 be a year of Wisdom, Honor and Life.

" not ask how to live but instead proceed to do so. I do not fully understand this saying. How, for example, can one proceed to do what one does not know how to do? The answer I suspect is that the Gorean belief is that one does, truly, in some way, know how to live, though one may not know that one knows. The knowledge is regarded as being somehow within one."--Marauders of Gor

10/14/2005 12:50:33 PM

To slave girls:

Slavery is complete submission and obedience to Master. Your service is the measure not your collar. Do not think that you will dictate the terms to your Master but choose wisely in serving Him who understands the slave he is taking on and knows her well that He is the Master for the girl. Choose wisely for it is the last free choice you may make!

 Most of all understand yourself and why you seek the collar. Do not take the collar to validate your submission or your feelings of affection but to truly serve without question His command and wish.

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