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Currently married to a fellow member and very happy. Just mainly checking the inbox for any messages from the friends I made on here. Have fun, yall!

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11/6/2016 1:27:58 AM
Got the dentures in but had to do a lot of tweaking to get them to fit right.  Still dealing with the prediabetes.  Taken up label reading cause so many foods I enjoy have hidden sugars.  A dietitian suggested I have 2 or 3 carbs PER meal...makes me wonder where she got her certificate...

7/20/2016 1:16:49 PM
Just an update.  I have all but 4 teeth extracted but my dentures are due any day.  I have lost a lot of weight since my last posting but I have been DXed with prediabeties.  I am currently taking Metformin to balance out my blood sugars.  I am also being considered for gastric bypass surgery because one of the drugs I do take for my mental illness has the side effects of increasing appetite and weight gain.

9/15/2015 2:09:54 AM
I am trying a big step since the 1st.  I am on a diet and exercise program.  I know some guys would plead with me to stay big but health wise I have to lose some weight.  I already lost 10 pounds and feeling good about myself.  The diet is soft foods since I don't have any molars to grind my food with (broken teeth and cavities).
Activity wise, I am just hanging around doing nothing but crocheting, reading and playing MMORPG.  If possible, can y'all (slaves and subs) stop messaging me.  I am not looking for a bottom and frankly my libido is shot.  Blame the meds that I am taking.

7/8/2015 3:49:14 PM
Great, an other birthday passes by and no cause for celebration.  Got to see Jurassic World (we seldom go to the movies these days) and illegally sneaked in some candy because the prices are too much for my pocketbook.  Nothing big to do except cruise the net, drink Diet Dew and work on some crocheting projects.  Been socializing some kittens so they would be ready for new homes (preferably without grabby kiddos).

6/12/2014 4:00:04 AM

Today is my 47th b'day.  I am celebrating it by having peace and quiet and a bundt cake, maybe a steak.  A good nap later and video games.  What more can a woman ask for?

1/1/2014 5:05:38 AM

Okay,  mundane daughter who is 18 is trying to build a dragon scale armor.  I can get her the scales, its the chainmail that she needs and someone in the Austin area to help her build it.  I figure someone in GWNN might be able to help her.  Just cmail me and no, there will be no sex.  She already has a partner.  She just needs training in armor making.

12/31/2013 3:44:11 AM

Happy New Year!  Nothing planned, just time with the family and books...lots of books.

will be designing a webpage based on bipolar, fibromyalgia and crocheting.  I had to break down and get HTML5 Canvas for Dummies and HTML5 for dummies.  Web design has changed so much and I need pointers.

Still no YM, Skype or personal emails.  If you want to chat with me, use the CMail system.  It might take a day or two, depending on the time of day or night.  I still reside with my mother and she does not now ANYTHING about this.

12/25/2013 3:17:53 AM

Merry Christmas to everyone!  Just spending time with my family, not worrying about my kinks.


I don't do Skype or YM or chat.  I am not really looking for a relationship because my medicine killed my libido.  I am usually on the message boards, reading and conversing my opinions.  Now, if you're a plastic surgeon wanting someone to play with, we can work out an exchange(liposuction and tuck...LOL!)

8/15/2013 3:27:53 AM

To the guys who contact me...I rarely read my mail unless you are from the message boards.  If you mail me, I will delete it unread.  If you keep mailing me, I will keep deleting it.  If you do it a third time, typing in all caps, that is acting childish and that means that I will block you.  If I want childish behavior, I will deal with my brother's kiddos.  Childish behavior in a man is immature and shows no control.

6/23/2013 6:48:10 PM

I am down to 268 pounds, dealing with Mom's broken leg, dedicating myself to my family, here and in Austin.  Been cooking more, trying to eat less, get on the damned exercise bike.  Core ball is hiding in the closet with more yarn.  Not taking any switches, subs or slaves and seeing a dildo shoved up your ass is a major TURN OFF!  You want me, appeal to my mind, not what you want me to do to you.  Hell, I don't even have any toys.

5/16/2012 6:46:51 AM

The nerves that I had burned is okay.  I get a dull ache once in a while, especially if my leg is shaking (Geodon has this side effect of causing involuntary muscle movements aka the shakes).  I am taking medicine for it and it is working for the most part but at least it is not Parkinson's Disease.  I am getting the left side done tomorrow and start physical therapy on the 22nd.  I cancelled my trip to Dallas and arranged it to where I can be with my daughter for another anime con in Austin at a cheaper rate.  I am still crocheting, this time an afghan for myself.  I need to finish up 2 baby afghans but one of them requires sewing and I am bad at that.

I am enjoying myself on the message boards where I can rant about subs and slaves contacting me.  I am not looking to dominate anyone, just someone to treat me with some respect and realize that I need some leadership without the pain (I have fibromyalgia, you know).

4/10/2012 5:47:43 AM

To the person who told me to get real, that no one wants me.  Sorry, but I am now involved with a Dom who loves the way I am.  That does not make me a loser, but a big winner.  I am with someone who respects me, unlike you.

To the people who contact me, I am involved and any cmails will be unanswered unless you are a friend and that means on my list, not yours.  I do apologize but that is just the way it is.

Diet-wise, hit another plateau.  I did get a lumbar block to help with the back pain and I am going to try to walk for 15 minutes today if it is not raining.  If it rains, 15 minutes on the bike.  I am going to get a core ball after the 12th so I can work on my abs and lower back.

3/16/2012 11:37:12 AM

Broke the plateau in my diet and for some reason, subs, slaves and switches are ignoring my request.  I admit that I am a switch, that I do have SOME dominating features, but that does not mean that I am a sadist.  I boss people around.  I don't torture people.  BUT I do have a submissive side and that side will come out for the right gentleman.  An older gentleman.  I just wish that people take the time to read profiles and journals before making an ass out of themselves.

2/18/2012 4:16:11 AM

Hit a plateau in my diet (I hate these things) and the fibromyalgia is acting up this morning.  Thank goodness for painkillers.  Got a trip to Dallas planned in June and one to Tampa in August.  I just wish it would quit raining so we can burn leaves.  My daffodils are blooming so I am happy there.  Just wish so many do-me subs stop contacting me.  I mean I want to be friends but come on....I don't handle punishments on a LDR basis and I am not a findom (as tempting as that sounds).

1/30/2012 8:15:59 PM

This is just to let folks know that I am not looking for a younger sub, but a more mature Dom.  I have been burned too many times by young men who think that they can think they can get away with a do-me attitude.  I am a lady first and foremost.  I will respect you if you respect me first.  This is what you have to deal with when dealing with a switch...the respect attitude.

1/24/2012 3:08:57 AM

I resolved not to have any resolutions this year and so far, I lost 20 pounds.  I am just below 300 pounds now and working on losing more without going hog wild over it.  Just need to spend more time on the exercise bike and stay away from cheese danishes and diet sodas.

10/31/2011 1:13:01 PM

HAPPY HALLOWEEN (Happy Celtic New Year!)!!!!

10/13/2011 7:16:18 PM

I am thinking of looking for a daddy Dom in the local area.  I am still overweight (being turned down for the bypass surgery) but I am trying to walk more and we got an exercise bike to work out on.  I had to do physical therapy for a while because of one of my falling accidents (antique sewing machine got my arm).  I am finally able to move it around and use it.


If anyone knows the zip 75571 or75455, feel free to drop me a line.  Perhaps a vanilla date or 2 to warm up..(please remember that I don't drive because of my medications).


Dream about having 48DD begging for attention.

5/19/2011 7:39:59 AM

Okay, after 3 or 4 sleep studies, I have sleep apnea.  I am on a bipap machine which does hep me sleep.


The surgeon has my paperwork for the bypass surgery.  It is getting Medicare to look at it and the lovely NUT person to assign 3 classes to see if I can handle the foods afterwards.  Must not forget the psych evalation and then I am ready   

1/31/2011 3:58:05 PM

Just wanting for the cold snap to get here.  Have been along since Thursday and Mom is planning to be back home on Wednesday.  Just been veggiting out.  I am planning to go the the February GWNN is Austin.

I am going to get a bypass procedure since it is my weight causing all the ruckus medical-wise.  I have to get letter of recommendation from 2 doctors and a head shrink.

Ciao for now.  Got to get the place clean before I get snowed in. 

1/1/2011 3:23:15 AM

I am going into the hospital on Monday for some observation as to figure out what is making me fall and why my legs is not responding to touches.  Feel free to leave comments to cheer up my day, especially after I read some H P Lovecraft.  I will be able to catch up on some of my afghans (no dogs, CS)


After this stay, I hope to get going on a diet of no sugar, low fat, and low sodium.  I should be walking more, if this leg and lower back area does not kill me first.  I am checking out a new fitness center for working out.


CS, I know this is not a raw diet, but I still like my beef and potatoes.  We are getting more natural sugar and veggies into the diet. huggles and smooches...

11/22/2010 6:20:49 PM

Georgie, the family dog, was put to sleep today.  I am missing him because he loved laying on my feet, for a scrartch and to eat off of the floor.  He is buried at the foot of Dad's cedar tree, with bluebonnet seeds scattered about.


I do want another dog but Mom says no more.  I will let her grieved first and maybe we will another small/medium dog.  we are used to being dog owners, along with a stray cat or so.


So if I don't answer any emails, it is a part of me choosing to not wanting to hear anything.


4/8/2010 5:52:01 PM
Fixin' to head for Austin again.  Will be there to do a massive spring cleaning while my daughter is in NYC.  Am being treated for a staph infection that I have had for over 3 months.  I have to watch my health these days because the doctor keeping taking bloodwork.

3/11/2010 7:44:44 PM
In Austin again, for SXSW and the metaphysical fair.  I just wish there is a munch going on.  Oh, well...I am going to enjoy myself and get some gaming done.

1/24/2010 2:48:05 PM

I am going to be in Austin, TX from the 3rd to the 9th, visiting my daughter.  If there is a munch during that time, I would love to attend.  I am currently working on my weight and so far, the meds are winning the battle (read still gaining weight).  I am battling hypothyriodism at this time so I am still getting used to this new med.  I do go to Curves for workouts and except when I was sicker than a dog with pneumonia, have been maintaining to losing weight.  We have gotten rid of the fatty foods in the household, but we have been baking like crazy (apples and bananas are no longer safe...they get baked into breads and cakes).  we have also cut out soda so I am experincing caffeine headaches.  NExt thing you know, I might switch over to a kosher diet (one of my sub friends is living in a Kosher household and is experiencing weight loss herself).

1/9/2010 5:18:43 AM
Here it is, a new year.  Sorry for not maintaining the journal but I have been busy.  I am getting closer to my daughter by visiting her at least each month.  I am trying to lose weight by going to Curves and I decided that I don't need a man in my life though a companin(?) would be nice.  Someone to be friends with.  Someone who can laugh at my jokes and absentmindness.
I am looking for a friend nothing more at this time.  I am reflecting on my past and how it has gotten me into circumstances that could of cause me great harm.  I will not mind a pinch and a tickle once in a while, just cannot do it physically.

6/26/2009 8:27:45 PM
Just tired and sleepy.  Had a bad night last night and it is showing right now.  Nothing major, just a hypomaniac moment and lack of sleep.  At least the cobwebs got dusted away.  Maybe my prince will ride up, sweep me off of my feet and assure me that life does not have to be mundane, but full of laughter and energy.

6/12/2009 7:03:26 AM
Well, I am 42 today and I am hanging in there.  Trying not to raid the small cake in the icebox, listening to the TV when online and getting chores done.  I will take time off to read Eldest (which is interesting so far).  I was planning to sleep in but damn, getting up before 7 was a shock. 

6/6/2009 8:21:44 PM
There will be pics coming soon.  I just have to wait until after the 17th to study the manual, upload the software and figure out how to shoot the thing without blinding my eyes (remind me to wash my snaky hair so the scales would be nice and shiny).<BR><BR>Tonight I am a bit lonely, just cruising on the forums, waiting for my meds to kick in.  So far, all security updates have been completed, the dog has stinky farts (EEEEWWWWWWWWWW!) and I finished up some Kathy Reichs books.  I wish there was some things I can do without being a dullard.  Hell, I wish my bipolar would kick in...I have been celibate for too damn long.

5/31/2009 9:41:40 PM
Forget looking under elegantalexis for any photos of me.  Alexis deleted the account without informing me and right now, I am a wee bit peeved at her for not maintaining contact with me.
Meanwhile, I am getting ready to do some maintaining to my mother's bathroom and housesit for her while she is in Jamaica.  I will read books, watch HGTV and browse CM for a possible relationship.  I just wish a Dom is thinking of taking me by my hand and molding me into the perfect switch, keeping in mind my stubborniness and spirit(not to mention my weight).

4/25/2009 7:03:16 PM
For those requesting a pic, I do not have any digital cameras here, but I do have a previous account where a old photo is used under elegantalexis.  It is like 3rd or 4th in the series.  Meanwhile I am feeling better and feel ready to apply myself to working for a living now.  Hopefully it works out and I get a decent job that does not have too many demands.  BDSM-wise, I am in a rut.  A slave wants me to do things to him but does not tell me what he is bringing to the table.  To me, in a D/s relationship, the roles should be clearly defined.  The sub should explain what s/he is bringing to the relationship, not what they demanding.  THe Dom/me should have some expectations of what s/he requies in the relationship, in a clear and concise manner.  Communication is key here and needed by all.

4/7/2009 6:19:22 PM
I have moved back into Texas a month ago and have been adapting myself back to a slower pace of life.  I prefer to be back in Austin, but my mental health is too risky to deal with their lack of responsible care for mental ill patients.  I have been without internet for a month and finally got it back, though its dial-up.  No YM at all and frankly, the monies used for upgrading the computer is better spent putting food on the table and paying off some bills.  Health-wise, I have been okay, just having to deal with a large boil or cyst on my buttocks, causing undue discomfort until we finally lanced it and drained that sucker dry.  One of my meds is known for causing these boils, so I just have to watch myself for when the next one comes up and tell the pdoc what is up.  I have taken up reading John Norman and Laurell K. Hamilton again, with Hamilton being more erotica than anything else.  Perhaps need a cold shower in the morning after this book. 

2/28/2009 6:55:01 PM
I have been receiving quite a bit of mail lately, stating that I sound like their exe.  Sorry, but my exe himself was a meth head and I have to deal with my issues with trusting men.  I have to trust myself first and foremost, with my mother a close 2nd.  When I feel more secure with myself, then I might review the trust issues again.

Now I will get more mail from this, but its all good.  Even a simple hello makes my day worth getting up and moving about.


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