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Hetero Female Submissive, 51,  Michigan
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Let us talk and get to know each other.. i'm waiting.











 Submissive Female


 5' 5"

 450 lbs






Actively Seeking:

Dominant male


 Lives For:

 Renaissance Faires

 Romance Novels



 1950s Lifestyle

 Victorian Lifestyle

 Eighties Music



 Coffee Shops



 Body Worship




 Massage (Giving)

 Obedience Training

 Clothing Selection

 Oral Service

 Shaving my pubic hair



 Board Games

 Card Games


 Comedy Shows

 Historical Shows







 1980s Lifestyle

 Country Music


 Punk Rock Music


 Antique Shows

 Art Galleries

 Flea Markets

 Garage Sales





 Being Massaged

 Housework Service



 Science Fiction

 TV News

 TV Sports




 Classical Music

 Hip Hop Music


 Pop Music

 Rock Music




 Curious About:


 Horseback Riding


 Martial Arts


 Anal Play

 Corner Time


 Eye Contact Restrictions

 Genital Punishment

 Local BDSM Community

 Domestic Service

 Erotic touch

 Hair Pulling

 Medical fetish play


 Orgasm Control

 Orgasm Denial

 Sensation Play

 Maid / Butler Service

 Sensory Play


 Speech Restrictions









 Lifestyle BDSM

 Old Guard

 Collaring Ceremonies



 Modern Paganism


 Body Building

 Kick Boxing





 The Silent Treatment

 Female Led Relationships

 Hard Limits:

 Horror Movies

 Female Sovereignty

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Journal Entries:
9/20/2022 2:13:05 PM

Not looking for relationships except purely friendship with other females. Not looking for ANY relationship with men identifying as pan, switch, submissive, slave, poly, married, younger than 45 and older than 65.. give or take a FEW years on the ages.

9/20/2022 11:47:55 AM

This may sound stupid, but i do not understand something. Could someone please explain how a male can identify himself as hetero, but be actively seeking transgender and or submissive or slave men?

9/15/2022 11:18:21 AM

9-15-2022 i know i had filled in a set of numbers for my age preference somewhere on this site, but now i can not find it. So that any prospectives will know.. my preference in age is five years younger than me to 15 years older than me. This year then, it is doms from 47 years to 66 years old. i am okay with going A FEW years younger or older than my preferences.

9/12/2022 4:26:59 AM

8-23-2022 Tuesday night.. i took my shower, my daughter was over and left about 10 or 10 30 PM, i had started to feel chilled and for another blanket.. making for 3 blankets i had on top of me! After suffering so long, an hour or two, and developing a fever of 103.6 degrees. i decided i was not waiting until morning, hoping the fever may break overnight. EMS came, one of them ended up being a second cousin!! That was cool to meet a family member. They got me to the hospital s emergency room and i was kept there until 8 AM, i know this because i had to ask if i could get some breakfast while i was in the emergency room. i was diagnosed with an infection in my wound. For those that do not know.. i have two wounds on my back of my right thigh as the result of having lymphedema. The hospital did not say about becoming septic! That has happened, maybe four or more times, in the past. i stayed at the hospital until September 1st when they transferred me to a skilled nursing care facility for further wound care and therapy. i have not been updated with a tentative release date, yet. But it better come soon! my daughter is getting married next month on October 30th!!  Therapy is going very well, they are so happy with my progress. 

9/4/2022 4:50:32 PM

Weird occurance.. a dom just sent me a message saying, say Hi. So i went to do exactly that, only to discover he has blocked me! i know i read this is a problem all of the time that doms have, but i seldom see where it is the dom doing the blocking.

7/11/2022 3:21:45 PM

i got home this morning, well right before noon, opened the front door.. There was the cat sitting, looking very happy with herself and the pup just too excited. She was running back and forth, from the door to the middle of the room, at a very fast speed. i am rather amazed she does not knock her head more often! Here is the point of it.. the cat left a present for me. i looked down, thinking it was her jingle bell play mouse... Nope!! It was a real mouse she had killed.. for me. Is that not sweet of her? The last time, she killed 6 of them and laid them all out in a line. i hope this is finally the end of them!

7/10/2022 4:27:35 PM

i have gotten quite a few messages on CS from.. basically kids! my perferred age range is 45 to 65.. If you are under forty i am absolutely NOT interested! i do not pretend to be a cougar any more than i would pretend to be a Domme.. it is simply not something i am comfortable with. i think a man ten years my junior is a good age difference, but not more than that! Not for me.

7/10/2022 4:11:49 PM

Hello all. i am hoping to get some suggestions. i want to get a pair of heels, ones that will fit and be, for the most part, comfortable. Being heels, you have got to expect they will pinch after a while. i need a size 10.5 WW or WWW. i have even tried to find something in meels.. heels for men, with no luck. i miss actual shoe stores, with trained sales staff and foot measuring tools.

7/2/2022 5:46:35 PM

Hey there everyone! i hope you all are enjoying your holiday celebrations. We are watching the original Independence Day movie, with re added scenes. Watching the movie got me to thinking. The President said the aliens go from planet to planet absorbing all natural resources. Our in home discussion was.. What do you think would have happened when ID4 aliens invaded the planet of Sigourney Weaver's aliens? What about ID4 aliens invading the planet of Battleship's aliens? ID4 aliens invading the planet of Arnold Schwarzenegger's Predators? What if ID4 aliens invaded a planet overrun by TVs Walking Dead zombies? i would love to know your thoughts. Thank you for your input.

7/2/2022 10:34:02 AM

For those of you who do not already know.. i have a medical condition called lymphedema, it affaspects my legs. The condition caused large ulcers to form on the backs of my legs six years ago!! my left leg healed up within the first or second year, however the ulcers on my right leg are still there. At one point it was one large wound, about the size of a dinner plate!! They are much smaller but still a significant size and depth. Anyway, my wound dressings are soooo painful!! i am currently using preion pain meds, extra strength fake Tylenol, concentrated cannabis, and cannabis gummies.. NOT all at the same time. Today i ate a large pineapple flavored cannabis gummy. i was told it was equal to 3 servings!! i was STILL in severe pain for more than an hour and a half!! Full on bawling my head off and big fat non stop tears. Should ANYONE have a suggestion.. please leave the information in my mail. Any help is GREATLY appreciated. Thank you all, so very much.

7/2/2022 7:51:24 AM

Happy July 4th weekend everyone!! Have a fabulous time, enjoy the time with family, enjoy the spectacular fireworks display in your town or city. Personally, my sister is taking a weeks vacation from her job at the Post Office, and our oldest brother is here from Virginia for the holiday weekend!! We'll be grilling out on Sunday and our last Uncle from my Father's side of the family will be coming over, as well as my daughter and her fiance. What a day we'll have!! Thanks for reading.

6/4/2022 8:41:15 AM

Was watching CMT music videos, and in my opinion, the look of a cowboy with a Stetson on.. Oh. My. Goodness!! Baseball caps, and really any other type of headwear on a man have got Nothing on the Stetson!! 

6/3/2022 9:42:59 AM

Limits.. No online only, must progress to real time and hopefully 24 7.
No pro Doms. Paying money to my Dom or Master for the privilege of being his is ridiculous.
No blood, needles, knives, fireplay, brown showers, or pimping out. No STDs, no kneeling.. on account of bad knees, which actually upsets me greatly that i cannot do this. No children or under 18 years old, my own children are Completely off limits.. there is NO grey area on this. i am not pansexual, bisexual, bi curious, or a lesbian.. i have no interest in being sexual with another woman. However, should my master ask this of me, i would try my best to comply.
There may be more to add.

Interests.. Being restrained, discipline, guidance, micro management.. if possible with my prospective, being spanked. Possibly more to add later.

5/24/2022 10:35:37 AM

Hello again, to everyone i have met here. i apologize for not answering anyone recently, i was not ghosting anyone. i am not even kidding when i say i have been sick for two solid weeks. Today is my first day being able to sit back upright, not being very dizzy and viciously nauseous and sick. Now for a challenge.. .. getting everything back on track after letting it all go for two weeks.

5/24/2022 10:25:58 AM

Hello everyone, i have been on CollarSpace before but was locked out of my profile. i was here before under the usernames of GreenEyedBaby70 and TopazBabyGirl1970. It is wonderful seeing some friends again. Please ask any questions you have. By the way.. i have only been active in the LifeStyle for the past 5 to 6 years.

5/7/2022 10:33:37 AM

i recently had a Dom comment to me that i would have a hard time finding a real Dom, or Master for anything more than their using me for a quick fuck due to my age and my physical limitations. It has not discouraged me from continuing to look though. i do not want an online only dynamic, i know that much for sure!!

5/7/2022 10:26:22 AM

Please be patient for a while, i am currently going through and replying to 4 pages of text messages.

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