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Not very new at all. So I fully understand how this place works. (Just a note on the images
Female Switch, 27,  Canada


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 Female Switch


 5' 10"

 148 lbs






Actively Seeking:

Dominant Female

Submissive Female

Switch Women

Not very new at all. So I fully understand how this place works.

(Just a note on the images, as the artwork is not mine, and the artists really deserve credit for their work, and hope they do not mind sharing it with others. I would give them credit if I could track down the orginal owners)


I am just me. Nothing more and nothing less. I am fairly open and welcoming to people though I do have a dark mind and dark desires. But let that not scare you please. I still live a normal every day life. Not a complete sociopath. Well not all the time anyways.



I think I past the 4 year mark here not so long ago, though I had removed my account a couple of times, only to come back in a few months. Sometimes you just need to step away for a while. As infuriating as this place can be, with all the technical issues, and moronic users, there are treasures to be found, and its the good friends that have made that make it worth it to continue this existence.


I have been through relationships in the past that brought both fulfillment, learning, and definitely heartache. I am a guarded person when it comes to commitment and I do not see either ownership, either as a Domme, or Submissive in the near future, though I am open to friendship, harmless fun, and good conversations. Thank you to the friends that know me, and to the new ones I may make in the future!


I am often in the chatrooms so you can find me there as 'shadows' though I am not always engaged in the conversations unless its of interest to me or the users I wish to interact with are on at the same time.


My biggest interests in my life are Music and Photography and Reading. I love all kinds of music except rap, hip hop, techno, or country. There are way to many egos and posers in the rap world, country tends to grate my nerves, and techno, well some is fine, but a little goes a long way. I prefer artists who create music with their instruments along side the vocal elements, and wrap it up in a beautiful package. (And yes I do love death metal too!) I collect vinyl records and have about 3000 now. Its magical, and love pulling out an album and playing it and holding the artwork in my hands, and reading all the notes inside. Feels more intimate than just an Mp3.


I am not a pro photographer by any means, but I love the capturing images that hopefully tell a story, or show a thing of beauty or a moment in time. I am working to get better at it, and not really into doing too much editing unless its required (my skills lack in that area) I want to get the best result in camera through composition, technique, and sometimes pure luck. I don't publish online (not out for fame of glory) but willing to share with people with the same interests.


Books are magical portals that transport you to different worlds, times, or places. I believe that reading is becoming a lost art which is sad. Its lost in the world of instant gratification and short attention spans, as we zip from one piece of information to another. I love fantasy, sci-fi, historical fiction, and travel stories.


Most people use this space to throw out wild and crazy stories about the kink world, which is fine, and also fun to discuss, though if going to find the couple of individuals who truly matter then need to get to know the person first, the kink can follow after. If their are moments that are just about having fun, then that's fine too, as we all have our moments when we need something else to fill up our souls.

My interests in the kink world vary from time to time as I go through phases or chose to explore a given topic. I am fascinated by the variety of interests out there.


If you made it this far, thank you for reading and hope the picture is a bit more clear, before you message. If you are a pushy, desperate person, who wants to message for 5 minutes until you get off, then please just do not bother.



Journal Entries:
11/14/2017 12:06:24 PM
Lately been obsessed with the incredible talent of Leo Moracchioli on youtube. This guy really enjoys what he does, and what he does is metal covers of popular songs. Really quite unbelievable how great they work out! 

Toto - Africa

Though be sure to check out his other ones, they are a lot!

8/28/2016 8:53:41 AM
Wandering down the progressive paths
Like a lost soul 
Both hypnotised and memorised
Chasing the perfect sound
It haunts me
I drift alone late at night
Sprawled on the floor
The echos of of those notes
Still ringing in my ears
Headphones still wrapped around my head

It's late by any standard
And should crawl to bed
Just one more album, please!
And paint me wet
With the colours of sound!

And I run deeper, so lost
Till the needle clicks
Shattering the dark dream
Reality spins around me
And there I lay, alone once more
Eyes opening and body numb
Sprawled across the bedroom floor

Today has ended, a dying light
But tomorrow....
Well tomorrow I shall buy
"Another ticket to ride"
The soundscapes of a dream
The record spins

The hypnotic scream

And I am lost, lost once again...


7/20/2016 6:41:10 PM
Not sure what to Sexy!

7/5/2016 2:59:09 PM
Found a cool little poem book at a book sale. Its simply titled Gothic written by David Day. Really great illustrations and kind of like the poems as well. I especially liked this one....

The Letter

As I write, the twilight fades

Now the sound of rain in the dark
The furniture listening
There are no stars. No tears
I am reduced to sand

I loved you
I gave you all, held nothing back
But you must understand
I knew about your betrayal
before you did

Call it second sight, if you wish
But I knew what would come

The other morning
when just after dawn I brought you
flowers from our garden
And you smiled at me bright and lovely
I could see where a strange man
would soon be lying beside you

Know that I loved you
As no other could

Please understand that I had no option
Your infidelity was imminent

As you read this
Do not become alarmed
The poison is slow, but quite painless
I could not bear to make you suffer

I leave this letter at your bedside
And retire to my study
where I will pace out this evening
until all is done

Then I will fill the house
with the sound of slow, sad music

6/13/2016 6:18:20 AM
A note on what I am currently listening to these days.

Leonard Cohen is truly a poet and I am loving his music. I have just about all his albums on vinyl and listen to them late in the night with my headphones. If you don't know him but wish to, check out a couple of his tunes on youtube! (The Future, First we Take Manhatten, Boogie Street, Waiting for the Miracle) They are all good.

Agalloch is a metal band, but their albums are truly epic on a progressive scale. They are all good and cannot recommend individual tracks, as I tend to listen to them as a whole album as they are arranged so very well. Gives you a real feeling of cold and loneliness. Its bittersweet.

And buckethead. What to say about him? He is a little odd but his guitar work is great. No lyrics to speak of, but I just like listening to him play. Try "Nottingham lace" or "The soothsayer"

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