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Pan Female Submissive, 23,  Cumbria, United Kingdom
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Semolina - submissive

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I'm arrogant and dictatorial most of the time. Hello, Well I think I will start this how everyone else starts their profile, I hate writing them I am really bad at it so I will just witter on for a short while! I'm lex a sub female, most definatly sub I tried doming I laughed a lot the sub looked bemused I laughed some more, deffianttly not for me, sorry guys! I love lots of things kink wise far to many to mention I'll try most things that will not end with me on a list or smelling like a sewer. I would love to say that I'm a size zero super model with legs to my arm pits and a winning smile but unfortuantly, super models have nothing on me, i am pure sex on rather dumpy short legs. I am constantly changing my hair as its very curly and I end up lookling like annie if I just leave it not that I am ginger, i lie my hair is dyed a rather ronald macdonnald colour at the moment, like I say pure sex! I have many aims in life but the bigest is to be sat in an old folks home with lots of wrinkled tatto's that remind me of my younger self. I love body art and body modifactions in all there forms. In my vanilla life I love art, photography, reading, traveling and other such things. I have some very irritating habits such as; starting to tell jokes either forgeting the punch line or laughing hysetricaly so no one actualy hears the ending. I can be a very deep thinker or I don't think at all and end up with my foot in my mouth! I am a size 16/18 I am not forewarning or appolgising for the fact I am fat, I love my body and I love the fact that my friend starve's herself and go's to the gym for 2 hours daily just so she keep stick thin, I how ever go to the gym when I can be botherd or have some time to kill and reward myself with jaffa cakes or KFC after, never the both tho imagine how many calories that would be! Also can skinny people wake their bed partner up in the morning with frank the talking belly flab? No they can not but I can, yay. I am looking for a Domminate woman to serve. I am not a dreamer I have served a couple of Domme's in the past one for two years. I have moderate pain theresh hold but I am looking to push my bounderies. Feel free to get in touch. As list's seem to be the thing to have on your profile I will write a list of my love's and hates: Hate's are: Horlicks, makes me gag. Tatto flash, use your frigging imagination to come with some thing a bit more orginal than a tramp stamp at the bottom of your back that every other tramp in town has! The fact I have to use contacts at work becuase my boss said he would sack me if i continued to wear glasses, this is discrimanation, but I can not refer to myself as a dyke in the work place as its discrimitive language?! Go figure! Grammer and spelling freaks, yes I know I can't spell its not a new thing , I do have a lovely certificate to say I am dyslexic and I get 20 minutes extra in exams, so please don't point out my numerous spelling mistakes, I try my best. Its not big and its not cleaver. People that refer to them self's in the 3rd person. Its highly irritating. My in abilty to make a decsion and stick to it. Or do I like that about me? Who knows! My love's are: Swearing I love it it adds more description to my sentances and it makes me feel both big and cleaver. So fuck off if you don't like it. My abilty to go from demure lady to complete ho, in seconds. Puncation nothing better than putting a ! to make your point. Gossip I love it. Most of all I love me. Anyway I think thats enough for now. ALways open for chatting Lex My ideal domme 











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 Submissive Female


 United Kingdom

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 5' 6"






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Dominant Female

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 Body Worship







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