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Hetero Male Dominant, 58,  Tucson, Minnesota
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xLittleOnex Tiggergirl329 hotngr84u tristatechic

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 Dominant Male



 5' 11"

 195 lbs






Actively Seeking:

Submissive Female

Switch Women

Sub/Sub Couples


Do you want to simplify your life by devoting yourself to a Dom?

Do you relish the thought of giving up significant control and power in your life in order to be in a loving and positive relationship?

One where you always know where you stand and what you need to do to please your Dom?

Do you take more pleasure in pleasing people than pleasing yourself?

Can you live a Ds life 247 and not just bedroom play?

Do you actually know what 247 means in context of reality?

If you answered yes to all the previous questions then bravo to you and showing some traits that make you a possible.

I am aDom of many years in the lifestyle and the lastfive of those alone with the passing of my loved subslavewife. I take this life very seriously and have no interest in anyone who thinks this is just fun or people just playing out fantasies. I am college educated with a very good job that I love.

In my regular life, I enjoy golf, lakes, sailing, all types of races, and home improvements to my home and just relaxing outside. I enjoy going out with friends and having a happy and fun atmosphere in my home and working life. I am a very positive and affectionate person who does everything in life with a passion.

Here is what I am not! I am not a professional Dom. I am not looking for tributes. I am not looking for clients or just doing scenes.

A little bit about me as a Dom, I am not into the whole dress up in black leather and cop an attitude type play. I live this 247 and while dress up and play will happen most of our life my orders will just come off as polite requests, but of course that will not be rebuffed. I believe in having enough rules and rituals to ensure that my slave always knows her place and duties. When in the real world we will pass as a normal couple but the fact is people will maybe assume just by our actions, that we are a special couple.

I hope this profile gives you a decent initial picture of me and what I am looking for. I wish everyone well in there desires, goals and searches.

Be of health...

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