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Hetero Female Submissive, 42,  Anniston, Alabama
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It's amazing at the ones who try to pretend to be a dom, If you can't be true to yourself then how can you be true to anyone? I crave so much more. My sexual needs are way more than i get.getting my husband to understand my needs and him dearly but lord help he's just so freaking vanilla he don't even eat... (don't know if there are any helping him) so need be a girl got to do what a girl got to do...I am not gonna divorce him no way... so do understand I am married and not changing anything.. I am very shy at first,but once I get to know you I do open up. I am willing to chat and answer any questions you may have. Please read all of pro file and journal entries....










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 Submissive Female



 5' 5"






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Dominant Male

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Journal Entries:
10/29/2017 10:42:30 AM
WOW JUST WOW, it amazes me at all the fakes and wannabes, if you can't send me a intelligent mail then I will not respond.. and if you send a 10 word mail just out right being sadistic then your not for me...And my family is my family and is none of your business... don't send me mail asking if you can use my children you will be blocked and unanswered.... I love the lifestyle but hate the idiots that give it a bad name...

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