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Dom/Slave Couple, 74/45,  FortMyers, Florida
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Updating profile Sept 2020.

Corrections made on age and thanks to the pandemic, weight. We are a male dominant, female slave couple seeking to expand into a small tight knit bdsm poly family. We have a lot of experience and skills in all areas of bdsm and in specific the Master slave dynamic, were highly flexible in the areas that we consider inconsequential like age, race, ethnicity, experience, body type, gender, sexual orientation etc. BUT we are also highly selective on issues we see as critical to successful long term Ms relationships, that includes integrity, honesty, ethical behavior, good c0mmunications skills and of course the ability to c0mmit totally with nothing held back, its that 100 percent c0mmitment that is especially important to us. Did we mention honesty... both with yourself and us.

We are seeking the right people to join us not the quickest or easiest. We should share that we are liberal and open minded so hard core Trump fans probably wouldnt be happy here. We would love to find the right couple of any mix, Master has had co-Doms in the past and enjoyed how that worked, we feel a need for ongoing stability in the family so having a younger dominant to mentor would provide that. However a slave slave couple would also be ideal if they fit into the family well. Larger groups or existent poly families are yet another possibility. Singles are also welcome, the criteria is being a good person and as flexible as we are.

In return for a complete and total c0mmitment we offer a place in a family with no drama, jealousy or manipulation that is made up of caring, supportive and all around ... good people... We dont set up anyone to fail, assuming you or any slave is giving everything they have and everything they can to this family that will be just enough, no matter the outcome on any given task or assignment. All we ask for is everything but the good news is that will always be enough.

Please respond with full emails, no one liners, no text message abbreviations and no requests to jump to other venues right away. Since you already know we ask for everything youll recognize that we will want to know everything about you as well... so longer messages with honest details that tell us a lot about you will be better accepted on this end.....













Gender Identity:










 6' 0"

 220 lbs




Gender Identity:









 5' 5"



Actively Seeking:

Submissive Transgender

Submissive female

Sub / Slave Male

Sub/Sub Couples

Female Led Couples

Male Dom Couples

A Poly Household

 Lives For:

 Anal Play

 FLR Journal

 Being Massaged


 Liberal Politics

 Lifestyle BDSM



 Body Worship


 Cane / Crop Discipline


 Chastity Piercing


 Electrical Play

 Local BDSM Community

 Domestic Service

 Fire Play


 Modern Primitivism

 Oral Service


 Wax Play

 Body Art



 Genital Punishment

 Medical Fetish


 Clothing Selection

 Plastic Wrap Bondage

 Public Play


 Suspension Bondage







 Political Activism




 Old Guard






 Libertarian Politics

 Hard Limits:

 Conservative Politics

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Journal Entries:
12/13/2021 4:51:49 PM

We are looking to form a small tight knit bdsm poly family. Poly is complicated and honestly probably different foreach family. So here's some ideas about what we are seeking. First is total honesty and open communications. I'll believe what you tell me right up until I find out I've been misled or maqnipulated. I do that by choice because in the past I have been told some outlandish and hard to believe things and rejected them only to find out later they were true, at least as far the person telling me could know. Real life if full of amazing stories and I like amazing smart and fun people so now I expect to hear some amazing shit. As inferred abpve. I value integrity above the things many dominants seek, like body type, age, religion, hair color expereince and more things I see as trivial in comparison to the traits and attitudes that are critical to forming successful Master slave bonds.

We are wanting a diverse family. We are already from different generations and hoping to add more diversity in age, experience, etc. Race, ethnic background etc would never be a deal breaker. I've owned live in slaves most of my adult life from most genders and we are open to hearing who you are and how you see yourself. If you're younger then it's unlikely that you have a lot of skills or financial resources but should have lots of energy and dedication to give. I love owning a slave who is uninhibited and idealistic in their approach to serving and living their slavery.  If you are older than it's unlikely you still have that energy of youth and idealism fades with contact and experiences with Dominants with questionable skills. But I do expect that anyone smart and dedicated to living their bdsm has prepared their life to be of value to their next owner.  A truly older slave might fill a position of a 'sugar slave' and be a welcome member of the family.  I don't set up people to fail and don't want to have expectations beyond what you're ready for but at the same time I am strict and demanding and will demand a true one hundred percent effort all the time. In fact that's what I want, everything. The good news is that will be just enough to satisfy me no matter what that turns out to be. 

If you read this and are thinking that this guy seems to know what he's doing as a Master and if you have any thought that you might fit into a group like we are forming feel free to write and let me kinow, I don't bite. Well, actually I do but even so write because I no longer write to many folks cold. The combination of my age and extreme nature of the bdsm I feel I need in my life and the family will need in it's means most of the folks here don't have much interest in me and therefore us. 

For the record, I'm in pretty good health and expect to have another 10 or 15 years of active bdsm left in me. I'm a Vietnam vet, a retired Fireman from a major city and have a multitude of experiences owning companies and working in electronics and sales.  I'm sexually active and in the past have worn out slaves physically and emotionally. I'm not a Diva but am high maintenance in the sense of needing a lot of service from slaves. I am demanding sexually so understand that the bdsm and SM is not foreplay for vanilla sex, Sex here is mainly oral and anal with serving the Master the goal.

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