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Hetero Male Dominant, 44,  SENewMexico, New Mexico
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I sing along to Ernest Tubb and Tommy Duncan on the radio in my truck. People say I'm sarcastic or cynical, I prefer "has a dry sense of humor." Because I do enjoy life, and making fun of it. I want a long term relationship, not a fling. I'm single and never married (no kids, either, though I don't make the same demands of you). I do want a family. What am I looking for? I'm looking for a submissive lady who's into diapers. I want someone who enjoys being bound and gagged, someone who needs to be spanked. Ideally I want a 24/7 relationship. That doesn't mean you in a cage 23 hours a day, to me, it means I'm in charge inside and outside the bedroom. Though I am strict, I'm still caring. I'm an engineer, and I work in radioactive waste disposal - it's a living, if a strange one. I'm a raging connoisseur of tea. Chinese oolong and pu-erh, and sometimes Japanese sencha are my favorites. I've got a two cats, one of which ate the plant in my profile photo (dang it). I used to keep poison dart frogs as well as orchids, moving here kind of put a stop to that (because moving tanks 1100 miles sucks, and the cat ate all the orchids before I could get an enclosure set up to keep him away from them).












 Dominant Male


 New Mexico

 5' 4"

 220 lbs






Actively Seeking:

Submissive female

 Lives For:




 Domestic Service



 Spanking you

 You wearing stockings


 1950s Lifestyle




 Amusement Parks





 Anal Play




 You wearing my collar


 Local BDSM Community

 Board Games

 Science Fiction



 Lifestyle BDSM

 Classical Music

 Country Music



 Curious About:

 Bird Watching


 Sky Diving



 Aerobics (Expert)

 Electrical Play


 Modern Primitivism

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