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Hetero Male Master, 48,  DUNEDIN, Florida
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***** update 2015
As 2014 leaves us and 2015 arrives, I have decided to change a few things on my profile.
I have been on this site and a few other for many years,I have spoken to 100's of subs / slaves . I have met many along my road, some very good, some very bad. I have been in the Lifestyle for 25 years years on and off.
2015, I have decided that I would like to find my sub/slave. Things have occurred and I have really faced what was there, all the time,Life is very short. Our time here runs out quickly. I would like to spend what ever time left for me Happy WITH MY Sub/Slave   There are 5 things that I believe are the key to it all. The Issue is finding someone that has all 5. Respect, Truthfulness, Desire,Effort, Willingness. Simple as it seems they are hard to have them all.   I am open to all conversations, as you can never learn to much, ever.  
Here are my thoughts, I am open to casual play depending on the Sub/ Slave, my true goal is to find my one. How this will happen I'm not sure just yet, but life has a way of bringing things to you.
There are a few simple things I go by .
I am not a Sadist, I have my days but not as a everyday thing. I choose to build my Sub / Slave up mentally as well as physically to be the best she can be, both in normal life and serving. In turn that makes me a much better person as well.
I ask for a few simple things. Desire, Willingness, Effort, Truthfulness, these few things done there is no end to the growth.
I believe that no matter how many emails exchanged , texts sent phone calls made, you will not know until you meet in person if the chemistry to go forward is there.
** here is where many conversations go south . *** I have RULE and no matter what I will never change this rule. I will not drive to first meet any Sub / slave ever. The meet will be some where in my area, a public place.
I have made many trips in the beginning only to have wasted gas on someone not showing up ! If you do not show, I will not be upset as iI will be in my general area.
After the first meet then the option to travel for me is a discussion to be had . ****
If your still here and interested please email , I will respond back to you.
Hope every Sub / Slave on here finds what it is they seek in  2015,Life is short, I know this all to well as Ive lost 5 people this year alone and its only June ! make the effort to live it to the fullest !
A little about me personally I run a Limousine Company and my work hours differ at times, I go to Gym 2 days and week and play softball, I love to lay out in my pool in the summer and have bbqs. I Love to laugh and am very straight forward.   Fell free to Email I will respond and who knows when the right one will be in front of you !    

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Journal Entries:
9/21/2013 8:07:17 PM


Ok 2nd attempt ! Its been a while, I use to write often. Lately , the last few months I have had a few meetings with people from CM. All were good and each had positives. I guess none for what ever reason was the one ive been searching for. I love to meet new subs and talk and see what progresses from that point. I am not a 100 text person, I feel a real meet is very important for both parts.THere are 5 things i seek Effort Desire Willingness Respect  Truthfulness, these 5 things will complete ant D/S releationship. I do miss having a sub long term or short. The feeling of completeness with her at my feet. The look in her eys, the way it makes me feel, the release it gives me ! I look for her daily, untill i meet her, I will meet and explore and enjoy thoes that I am lucky enough to actually meet in person. Some times i get ona real deep and kinkly porn watching spree below are a few ive watched and are hot as hell to me enjoy and comments are welcome !







12/3/2012 4:04:25 PM

Ok 2nd attempt at this Collar me is becoming a pain in the ass yet again ! After a few weeks away for holidays i cameback on checking reading profiles found a few that seemed real and true. One person Emailed me and we traded a few then texted over 150 times only to find out i wasted anouth 4 hours of life ill never get back. People should not be looking for a lifestyle connection if they are not mentally ready ! If you just look for Kinks then good luck to you, If you pretend to want the lifestyle, Dont try if your still attached to the past ! Untill your mentally ready this lifestyle is not for fun and games and wasting someones time. Damn Went from great conversation to Wackey Wackey in 2 seconds !  I have met a few people ltely that seem normal havent met in person but speaking seem good. I now have another bad tase in my mouth from another person full of shit on this site ! Wasted Monday such a shame ! On a good note met a intersteing person today and like the emails ! and talked to a few old friends so all in all not a complete wast !  

10/6/2012 7:53:49 AM

Well , update 101. Im on a few sites vinella one like POF and AFF ( I started here and run a large group on AFF )  Been on alt and a few others, Collar me and FL. Lately been hanging on FL as ive met a few people on CM that are on FL and they perfer to talk there. This is where it gets interesting and a bit funny as well. Talking to them they say FL  is better as people are real  and CM they are mostly fake. Now heres the truth of the matter. These people on FL are no differant ive found, and even on some leval much worse. I spoke with 4  in lengthly email and texts and everone has made excuses on day we were to meeet in person, Yet the claim thats what people on Collar me do ? They think beacuse you wont go to the dungen or Woodshed or Pheiox club your not A dom .... These people have no idea the differance between kink and lifestyle ! Dungens woodshed all nice but bottom line they are for kinks pperiod. I dont have to go play male beleive to know who or what I am. Why is it so Fucking hard for people to just be hionest ? Im so frustrated with both Cm and im about to explde. So Here is my true wish,,, if your in this for knink say so if your a true sub or slave say so, if you donr know what you are say so its not to fucking hard ! Ughhhhhh

9/5/2012 2:41:44 PM

Damn !  Sometimes , the effort people put into being full of shit amazes me.  With that amount of effort you could learn many things positive well. So  the latest story goes.. I met a Sub on this site about 3 years ago, she lived in Brooksville ( about a hr away ) had no car . It made it tuff to develop a relationship. Over the last 3 years we haveremained friendsas she drifted like many people do into a Vanilla relationship. About 2 months ago she started to email and text me that she missed the sub side and had allways wanted me to be her dom and lead her into a slave. We traded texts email calls for months . Set up a date to finally meet as she has her license back. I rearange work to stay home till 1230 so we could send the morning figuroing out whats the next steps. She even text me at 3am tellling me she was trying to figure out something great to waer to impress me.  I wake up and wait I text i call I email no response, then I get I cant meet you ive changed my mind I have a Migrane and cant drive ? Really afer all this time ? Damn another wasted day and yet more wasted time intalking and working and trying to figure things out ! Fuck truely are there any real subs or slaves that  have a clue and are not just talking the talk ? Im starting to think no !  Not beingthe negitive person, beacuse everyone that i have ever spoken to ive  talked about being positive..  This to shall pass and ill learn a lesson on how not to spend so much time for zero return ! 

8/4/2012 12:10:29 PM

Well , Well ive spent alot more time on here then i normaly do lately, not sure if thats good or bad ! i have spoken to many and learned alot about what brings them to this site ! Interesting very/ The things i still don't get are the subs and slaves that have a profile that starts off with... somthing like. I will not respond if you are not .... ... ....and if you dont like ... ... ... and i will not submit ... ... ... Ughh nothing is more frustrating then a negitive profile on a sub or slave. I know there are many BS and fakes but , what do you think your going to get with profiles like that ? A true Master / Dom will not change is teachings, likes wants just to meet a sub. I just shake my head more and more as i read all the negitive and bossy slaves and subs. Know what you are before you make a profile and at least try and be positive no matter what ! On that note, at least football starts tonight . and my pool is warm !

4/3/2012 3:38:56 AM

I'll call this thibgs that make no sense !


As most know me know, I read every new  local profile, and I also read 10 or 12 others everyday. I do this as learning is what this life style is about, even after more then 20 years learning is a key. Somethings that are interesting , I read alot of... I'm a slave, but not 24/7 I have a real life... Well a slave is kinda all or nothing, from the way I know it !


Im a sub, but im in charge , and will tell you what I want ?????


Im a slave its deep in me, You better wruite something good with a picture and I'll decide if I want to write back ??


When did this life style become a game ? Why is it so hard for people to tell the differance between a Kink and life style ?


Just more amazed everyday with profiles I come across. Hint if your here for KINK... just say it as some folks do, nothing wrong with that at all to each their own. As far as limits and demands ?  Isnt it the role of a slave or sub to grow and streatch their bounderies and beacome better mentaly and physicaly ?  Isnt a mASTERS JOB TO Gain  trust and  teach ?  Just some random thoughts !

2/1/2012 2:31:34 PM

Lately I have met a few on here and conversation has been great !  Even begining to make me think that awhat I seek might just be here after all. Now on the other hand here's something that just happened , I received a Email from someone Ive never spoken to as follows...... Lunch this Friday ? So i have to look to see what slave / sub would be so forward without even as much as a Hello, Thought it to be very interesting for sure. So I open the profile its Blank except likes and dislikes and says location NewYork.  ME being The man I am abslutey have to answer back... My message ... New York ? a bit far to drive for lunch !  Now I was just beinga bit sarcastic and playful. Today I get a email back. I was moving to Florida forget it your a ASSHOLE ! Now being called a ASSHOLE does not bother me a bit, happens from my employess all the time ! Where the Hell did I go off the path and  cause such a reaction ? lol Damn this site once again amazes me at times !  Thankful for thoes recently that have given hope and  allow me to stay on here !  I guess in NewYork everyone reads minds !

11/26/2011 11:02:41 AM

So, again as I read profiles every now and then I run across something so off the wall I have to share. It again shows how the days of Comp's have ruined the Lifestyle. As I look at profiles, I read to see what each slave, or sub has to say. Heres one that just make me wanna scream and kick the shit otta some guy. Its a nice picture od a lady and her name is something of waiting to be a salve . so I read first line says. This is my wife, she doesnt know it yet , but shes going to be a slave. ????? WTF ??? am I just so out of the circle, that made no sense at all to me.  As it goes on it says basicly that he wants guys to meet him and his wife at their house or in bars and have the guys forcefully take his wife and break her down ! No again I ask am I just so far old school that this seems more like rape and assult ? Then he says after enough men break her down she will be ready to serve him ? Look again to each their own, but just maybe you might want to check with her along the way ? Just when I think nothing on this sight can surpriseme bam there ya go !  On a great note ive spoken to a few Slaves and Subs and have gotten even more insight as to the reasons why each chooses what they choose. Hope everyone had a great Turkey day ! and  i'll keep ready , shaking my head. One day I might actually find someone close enough to fill the emptyness !  

10/11/2011 3:53:54 AM

So after a long time on this site, I decided to re-write my profile and  maybe refocus on the positive that I might find on this site, rather then the 75% negitive ive run into. Truely ive read over 1000 profiles on here and spoken to at least 100 Slaves/Subs. Ive learned a great deal more of what brings people into the Lifestyle. I guess the thing that stands out most is that, 80% of the people on here are here for Kinks not the lifestyle. Thats great don't get me wrong, but hell Kinks can be gotten on a number of sites. Me I continue to read and email and occasionally meet some people off here, wanting to find that one true one to serve me and grow to be all they can. I havent given up on the site just yet , but the clocks running for sure !  

7/25/2011 5:45:10 PM

So another Fake bites the dust flame... , this one is really out there ! talked a few times, emailed a few times, begged for a meet. We met we talked she said all the correct things then, things un raveled. 1st failure to follow a simple task , then a unanounced trip away fro a week with promises of  desire to serve. Then 2 weeks pass and more excuses that make no sense.. Finally a agreed 1 time meet to find the truth out, and 1hr before the meet a text. Why and I ask this seriously, Why is it hard to find someone to be honest and true with the life. If your not a slave dont pretend. if its only KINKS you want say it.As a master I grow very tired of this site and all that is init. is not any better that should be retitled KINKLIFE... Lots of great folks dont get me wrong, but its more of KINK then life. Slaves,subs .... know what it is you truely are, and if you say it be it, One disapointed Master Yet again !

5/10/2011 5:35:52 PM

Well  after a few weeks away, due to work, I returned a couple days ago. I spoke to some old friends , read new profiles, and even spoke to a new sub. After speaking for a few hours and thinking , she seemed very real , very straight forward. We talked about beleifes and what were looking for, then it comes out that theres a man thats comming back . Listen this person definately had the want and desire but deep inside we were not right as I cant see someone growing and learning whilr waiting on another man ? Then I received yet another Email about , how I must be fake beacuse i do not beleive in whipping flogging and maarking a slave or sub on a daily basis. I'm fake lol well last time I checked and read thoes were Kinks and have very little to do with the over all Master Slave relationship. They have fettish sites where that is more of what it is. Being a slave or sub does not mean you must be beaten and whipped . Like sex there is much more then that to complete a relationship ! I gues ill just keep reading profiles and maybe I'll stumbel across the right one !  P.S> If you send me a message then be brave enough to get a response, DON'T block me ! Damn people lol  

3/15/2011 6:05:11 PM

Just a Intresting incounter, I spoke to a female on here and  after 6 or 7 emails back in forth, she called me a fake. This was beacuse as I explained to her ... Not every Master/Slave relationship is based on beating and marking your slave with whips knifes floggers ect. That that is a BDSM aspect not a Master slave /  Dom Sub. If its a kink for you then great , but beacuse the way I was brought into the lifestyle 20 + years ago Touture marking ect were not  a thing that was done in every  case. Trust me pleasure and punishment kink is all good, but when I explained to her that I wold no more Mark my slave on a daily basis then i would break a picture or dent my car. I understand that some are drawn to the pain aspect and im glad for them. I'm not a pain person per say, but make no mistake i have more experiance in the true lifestyle then 85% of the people n here. I so love when I here my old master or my mentor says your not real , beacuse you dont whip or flog or mark. Well to each their own, A true master trys to build up the slave to be the best she can be, doing this reflects on how good a master you are, its not about tearing down and keeping a slave down.  I find my self scratching my head, trying to figure out when Kinks beacame a indication of  being a true Master Dom ? hummmmm  

2/27/2011 5:41:49 AM

Interestingfew months. My eearch yet continues. I have met many and have spoken to even more. There might hope for this site yet. Seems there are many true to the lifestyle, just all over the usa, not so much in Florida ! I have made some interesting contacts here in FL, but to my dismay none that we have hit it off well enough to begin the journey of master slave . Many Subs and I do enjoy that aspect ! There has to be one out there to blend with to complete this master. To be trained taought built up to be all she can be and more. There seem to be so many master / doms that take pleasure of leading a sub/slave and then with out reason whe they have done the damage leaving them. Training a slave or even having a sub is a job, much like the one that pay bills. Its the job that brings pleasue, if it does not then your not with the right person !  Just some thoughts !

12/25/2010 10:56:47 AM

To all ive spoken to and have had contact with, heres wishing each of you a very merry Xmas. I hope your day is filled with spankings of joy and ropes of pleasure !  Smile and enjoy the life you have chosen !

12/14/2010 3:11:47 PM
Hummm interesting time ive had on CM. I have met a couple very nice and what I thought were great Sub/Slave prospects, 1 no matter how I tried to explain to her how life throws changes and you have to adapt and overcome, could'nt understand that and kept telling me how much I didnt care to own her. Little Tabby if you only knew .. I recently have spoken to a few long distance people, both were coming to my area around Thanksgiving time and go figure when the time came both disapeared and herd not a word. I recently met a Sub that fit very well but she to avoided and then blamed me for the contact mishap. I am not perfect by far, I might ask for alot from my perspective Sub or Slave and each time this happens it makes it clear why I do !  Look this life isnt for everyone , but if your going to search it out... take time to understand what your truely looking for. I read a ton of profiles and email very very few , theres a reason for it . One day soon I hope to actually find someone that is true to the Life and has it totaly in mind body and soul. Till then ill tale to many and learn more of what makes them seek this lifestyle. I hope to help a few in the search and maybe make some relize this isnt what they really want after all. I answer all emails and talk to all who email. Hope all slaves experiance a great holiday at their masters doms feet. All Masters enjoy the warmth of a Sub or Slave !   

11/10/2010 7:52:55 AM

Sitting here, reading profiles ( I read alot of them ) I see so many that have Sub or Slave as the header. Then as you read through the profile, they have things such as .... Listen guys if you do this , then I'm not intereted . If you look like this then go away, I want......., you should be this ......... I only do this..... ECT.... I say to myself  ... I know this is just a web site and 90 % on here have no clue what the TRUE lifestyle is, but where I come from the way of OLD SCHOOL... A Sub or Slave does not deman or expect things ?  The role of  Sub or Slave is to serve and please, not to give orders demands or limits.  I know we all have limits, but is'nt the job and role of a good Master to expound the limits of a slave, to help her grow , overcome limits to explore learn and grow ?  Both Mental and Physical ?  Have i missed something over the last 20+ years in the lifestyle ? There are many profiles that appear interesting when first read, then ... When i read journals i see demand this want this you need to be this ect... This is not  a true Slave or Sub !  A open mind,  willingness to learn the joy of serving is . I know more then 90% on here trust is no given its earned by both Master and Slave . If you place limits  before you open your mind then  life is not what you pretend it to be. Just a OLD SCHOOL Masters thoughts , not a insult  OH yea another thing if any sub slave guys are reading this please understand if theres a dominatric or a woman that tells you to show your wearthy of serving her send $$  or gifts... hint shes a Hooker ! no Master  would ever demand something from a slave or other not owned by them period.. So save your $ and buy some porn you'll get more from it , then a fake whore hooker looking to bleed you of your lunch money !  ( Just had to say that as i just read some females profile that required you to send $$ to her paypal account to talk to her  lol damn some shit is just to funny )

10/9/2010 7:56:19 AM
Havent been on a few days, I returned and felt the urge to write. I have had many emails from afar and it seems a true shame that someone from OK< TX CA< OH< VA< MD < HH can not find a true OLDSCHOOL master or Dom, but then I look here in FL and I see the same ! I try not to force a search and I have answered every email sent my way..  I have enjoyed conversations with the Subs and Slaves more then I thought I would, It intrests me to find out each persons definitions of SUB Slave and Serving. Trying to figure out what I mean by OLDSCHOOL !  not that im old 46 .. just im a pre internet Master / Dom  as so all this BS about im a master you will get on your knees respect me do what I say now !  Damn is this what the lifestyle has come to ? Guys that I use to take lunch money from in Highschool sitting behind a screen and playing Dom ? Ive read emails from Subs and Slaves sent to them from lol ..... Internet Masters and Again I say WTF ??? So to you Subs and Slaves as much as I can I do feel for you !  

10/2/2010 8:07:04 AM
Ok, heres a update ! things about this site, I read alot of profiles when bored. I have to wounder... I see Female Dominate.. Send Tribute to my paypal , to show you are worthy ! lol Does this work ? So folks actually just send random $$ to females that think they are Dominate lol, I need some ideas just how that works cause thats some funny shit !   Now don't get me wrong, I know there are female Doms but to ask for $$ that just hits me funny. I read things on here and say people can not possably beleive what they are reading here ! Understand as a Master / Dom im not perfect, I have , and will make mistakes even after 20 + years. I still have my lines I dont cross, when you as a Slave / Sub start to whine or bitch question my doings and donts telling me what I should do in your mind.You forget your place, and that is my fault for allowing this to happen. As a OLDSCHOOL Master / Dom that was tought before comp were up and running, things that are a must above all  Honesty, trust, willingness, and the True knowlage that serving is the very thing that makes you smile breath and exist, its not a .....I think I'm a Slave /  Sub ....... You either are or are not , its really a simple thing in the basic of forms. I speak to thoes that email me and I actually have spent more time then ever before hearing what is being sent my way/ Trying to see what each is about 90 % of all are just looking for a Alpha Male to controll them sexually and to be kinky, not a master or dom. I truely Hope everyone finds what the search is looking for ! Just take a min and read your profile and decide a simple thing... am I really a Slave ? a Sub ? or just looking for kinky sex ! answer truthfully and you will be more likely to find happyness ! Feel free to email as I've decided that more I meet even now in my life stage, the more I love to take in new perspectives ! OH Yea and send your Tributes as well lol damn ! that still cracks me up !    Ive received a few emails from this allready 2 were in agreement from subs/slaves 1 was from a Dominate Woman ( ill use that as a term) telling me i should know my place and be at her feet and she could break me to a sub  ! lol Damn I wasnt sure how to respond as i havent laughed that hard to cause tears to run out in many years !  I say if your a Woman and can find a guy to submit ... more power to you ! In honesty This Woman would have a hard time paying attention, never mind dominateing, but I sure did need that laugh felt great !  

8/19/2010 10:05:34 AM
Ok it seems though the more effort ou put in the less you get out ! heres my recent events on this sight !  I spoke and met with some one weeks ago from a distance she was good person but not sure of her true wants and the mood changes and attitudes pushed it away, I met another local very nice girl but when life got busy she resorted to name calling and whining, I spoke to someone on line from the North claimed to be " OLD SCHOOL" looking for Old school -  many emails and a short phone conversation and then she blocks ? look if your gonna waste my time , understand  Im not here for fun and games ! People are Fucking wacked on this site. Are there truely and I do mean Truely any " OLDSCHOOL" PEOPLE on here. This last one was definatly fucking out there ! I might just use this site for laughs as there seem to be more jokers then  real folks !  People please understand basic rules of conversation ! #1 tell the truth ! #2 be who you are in real life #3 no need for rudeness  be polite and  move on from there

8/2/2010 7:24:56 AM
My 2nd entery in this journel ! I read profiles and journels and I cant help but say WTF ! I guess as im considered "OLDSCHOOL" I learned to be a DOM/Master in a time where there were no comps with websites and blogs ect.. I learned from real people who I asked questions of and they saw the DOM Master in me and spent hours talking to me and correcting me on my misunderstandings! I see this site is more like a FUCK site then a BDSM site. this is a life style and the true percentage is more like 40%sexual and 60 percent mental ! the old saying is so true ! Own the mind the body and soul will come easy ! I love the kink and sexual side , but i love to find the correct SUB / Slave to teach breakdown build up and grow with ! Nothing better then to look into your SUB / SLAVES eyes and know her world is all about your happiness without hesitation !

7/23/2010 7:28:35 PM
Hummmm 1st week back on this site after 5 years away due to the fake people playing a real lifestyle game. I came back open minded as a master / dom can be. in one weeks time heres my break down . 13 emails from people in another country acroos the ocean looking for a daddy. 6 emails from subs in the united states that have no idea what a sub is, more looking for a alpha male to boss them around. 1 very intersting little girl still trying to figure her out.. and 1 thats definately a true server. so lets total 1 weeks numbers 19 BS emails and 2 real ones with another 2 or 3 with out judgement just yet . I changed my profile 3 times in a week went from straight forward yet informative to just damn rude and gruff, to this one not harsh not light, I guess ill give it a week or so more then decide, if its like ALT AFF full of crap !

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