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Hetero Male Dominant, 36,  Austin, Texas
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Are you looking to be used? Aching for direction? Craving someone to please? Even someone that may be younger, older, or at a long distance? Then read on and prepare to make yourself useful at the end.

I can be what few others can be for you. Why? Because I have the intelligence, the creativity, the experience, the intuition, the character, the dominance, and the sadism to be more than you imagine. This may sound like bullshit to you because this site is full of disappointments, as life often is, and after spending so long sifting through shallow waters you cant help that expectations are diminished. But not everything is illusion.

The first step in separating truth from illusion necessarily has to be taken on your own. For this and other reasons, I wont be initiating contact with anyone here myself. If you are the jaded sort or find yourself skeptical, I understand. Read on. But know that if you like my profile, admire my pictures, favorite me, or feel curious, you will need to send the first message if you hope to talk. Let this be an encouragement and not a warning, just so long as you make sure you read the entire profile before messaging.

Who am I?

There are different answers to this, as I see it. One of them is to list the usual details. Tall, white, handsome, college educated, big cock, employed, living alone. Also musically talented, an avid reader and writer, with over ten years of experience as a dominant. This is useful to know, but easy to learn. Im not convinced it really says much about a person, either.

Another kind of answer would be to offer up a bunch of labels. Atheist. Metalhead. Straight. Sadist. These give someone a bit better of an idea of who a person is, I think, although they typically rely on assumptions and stereotypes. Because of this, I try not to judge most people by the labels they use, understanding that the use and not the label is whats more important.

A third answer is to speak in metaphor. While this can be misleading, the metaphors people choose to use will always tell you a good deal about them, even when those metaphors seem mismatched to the person. If this seems like an odd or irritating way to hear some people talk about themselves, Id suggest there is actually a lot more metaphor at work in how we talk about ourselves than we tend to realize. There is a point where it can be insufferably excessive, but where that line is could be said to be pretty relative in its own right.

I am the thought that pops into your mind when youre in the middle of a dark and intense fantasy. The one that surprises you and almost disturbs you. For some of you, it shows up while youre fucking your husband, wife, or significant other. It makes you embarrassed, anxious, excited, or even makes you laugh. But you tell no one.

I am salvation, but by no means the benevolent kind. Who I am depends as much on you as on me. Though its not that you have any control over my identity, rather that who I choose to be is influenced by your wants, needs, and identity. It is the control I exercise over your perception of me, which in turn shapes your wants, needs, and identity.

What am I looking for?

In short, Im looking for you. Female or male, young or old, local or far. Even your orientation doesnt matter as long as you approach respectfully. There are, in fact, different things Im seeking and open to in terms of connecting with other people. But for simplicity and because I enjoy creative expression, I will mention a few archetypal scenarios.

The Servant

You live to please and crave someone to worship. Your days would be made better by knowing that your actions, even the smallest of them, serve a greater purpose. When you mentally picture being put in your place, the first and strongest image that appears is of you on your knees. You will count it all joy in the service of His glory.

The Slave

You feel a boundless need to be used, and when this is not being met you feel useless. Property, not pronouns, is how you think of yourself. Except youd prefer not to have to think. The first question on your lips is always, What may I do for You? And showing your obedience is all that brings meaning to your soul.

The Prey

You saw the word ruthless in my name and fantasized the worst. Claw marks down your back, bite marks on your neck. You have such a desperation to be caught, trapped, and violated, that just reading this makes your breath quicken at the thought. Aggression and abuse, verbal or physical, is what lures you in. You more than anyone else should be begging for my attention.

The Daughter

You long for a father figure in your life, but most of the other Daddies here dont hold your interest. You dont want to be a princess or a spoiled brat. What you need most of all is discipline. What embarrasses you most of all is how it turns you on to think of Daddy making you into his little slut. Incest should be taboo.

The Mother

Youre older than I am by several years at least, though you prefer young dominant men. Something about pleasing and serving young guys is particularly fun to you. You see a maternal side in yourself, or perhaps you are a mother in real life. The idea of being dominated by a son or stepson can be humiliating and thrilling to you. How much darker do your fantasies go?

The Wife

You are someone elses wife, yet here you are on this profile. It may be that you are poly and your husband knows. Or it may be that this is a secret youre keeping from him. If the latter is true, you will need to tread carefully. In either case, full transparency will be expected from you, but sneaking and cheating wives must be dealt with more seriously. Go ahead, ask if youre brave enough.

I realize these archetypal scenarios dont fit everyone and thats to be expected. If you like more than one, its okay to be open about it. Or if there are others you have in mind that youre curious if Id like, feel free to ask.

To be more specific about what Im seeking, a long term relationship would be ideal, but it isnt all Im looking for. It would be great to meet someone and see things blossom into a committed Ds dynamic. That will take time and trust, among other things. In the meantime, however, Im open to different kinds of connections, too, including online ones. Again, they arent the biggest priority, but can be fun. Plus, I like the idea of keeping things open to whatever might develop from certain interactions.

Your message should say more than hi. If your profile is blank, I want to see pictures. Or at least a very exceptional message. Expect to show that youre real eventually.

With that said, I look forward to hearing from you.










Last Online:


 Dominant Male



 6' 3"






Actively Seeking:

Submissive Female

Switch Women

Sub/Sub Couples

Friends Only

Online Romance

A Poly Household

 Lives For:

 Anal Play


 Mental Bondage

 Obedience Training



 Body Worship



 Hair Pulling

 Housework Service




 Domestic Service

 Role Playing

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