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===== UPDATE ====== Not looking any more, just being a full on rubberist =====UPDATE
Male Dominant, 39,  United Kingdom











 Dominant Male

 United Kingdom

 6' 0"

 178 lbs





Actively Seeking:

Submissive Female

===== UPDATE ======

Not looking any more, just being a full on rubberist

=====UPDATE =====
Thanks for all the begging messages and Dom and Master Requests
I love them all - you really are a bunch of male latex sub-slaves which does put a big grin on my face

But sorry I don't play or deal with males, But keep going you rubber sub-slaves rubber life ownership is out there, some where......

===== UPDATE =====

Master & Dom, I like total enclosure and I love Totaly rubber enclosed a well gaged & bound (TPE) obiedient slave
I do think that rubber can be 24/7 as well as TPE domination but it has to be the right environment and people.
I love hoods and have a good collection.

I also love Macs, all kinds

Look forward to emails and pics.


PS Photos on flickr under RubberMasterDom

Take a look at my flickr faves to see what else I like,
Its more rubber and domination and control

Also a brain dump of how a slave should live

What to wear, only a black latex rubber, for all garments.
Must always wear a Cat suit as a 1st covering. The hood will have a intergrated small condom to cover your mouth lips, but open to recieve cum and other liquid (food). with the small 0.5 inch condom in your mouth of the first hood this will sit in your mouth and arround your lips and between your lips and teath, thus giving you a rubber mouth lips but still able to speek, when not gaged and use your tounge when apporate and told to do so.
The hood eyes will be plastic with rubber pin holes over them there will be reinforced nose holes and small
Nose tubes to ensure air. No zips in the cat suit, pull on neck entry and large over lap flap to give you maximum flex and comfort, as all you will be wearing it almost all the time
I do expect to keep you as a rubber slave and expect you too think and see your self as an rubber slave. not looking at your self in the miror with out a fully covered and always with pin hole eyes hood. no exceptions
Dress you up and lock you in. then waste corset and small neck corset.Then i will select several layers dress you up. The next being always stockings and full body suppender body and second hood. the second hood will be tight arround your head and soft on your mouth thus pushing your mouth lips out and giving you an infalted lips look.
Third hood is to have zip eyes and mouth
Hoods will also be used as pleasure ie inflated with total blindless and gaged for extened period of time, again for my pleasure and when requested to do so. ie 12/7, 18/7
you will wear thigh high rubber boots with 4 or 6 inch heal when outside.
You will always wear a black rubber mac outside. with your hands be bound up with either mittens and then bound. either in front or behind you in a mono glove.
i expect you to eventually have several macs all long, short, thin, extra thick all with hoods attached that can be pulled in tight and can be zipped up the front, thus keeping your face inclosed in rubber
I expect you to wear a burka with mesh grill for going out side, so that you can fit into socity as a veiled woman.
I expect you to have a shaved head and all hair totaly removed as a sign of obidence so that your hooded head is more comforatble
When inside the house total enclosure, and multiple layers.
extra hood, gloves or mittens and gag. you will be gaged when in the house only taking it out for me to use you or when i order you to speek to me and answer questions about your well being and general state.
Collar optional as i dictacte.
You will always wear a medium butt plug as sign of obedience
Anal Fisting for my pleasure and your pain / punishment unless you like it as pleasure, please advise
You will eat on the floor from a bowl or via a rubber feeding tube so that your mouth only tastes rubber and cum.
washing and cleaning of your body will be done with me so that I can order you do be clean and wash, expect to be gaged and bound and be used when being washed and all your bodily hair removed.
You will sleep in rubber sheets and pilliow cases and collared to the bed.
while being totaly covered & enclosed your self, with a blind hood on every night
For your service you will recieve 1 tatoo per year of ownership/service, body modifications will be done at discression, larger breasts, lips and smaller waist also tattooed or scarred on as directed and required.
speach and sight will be given and will be taken and given as required for my pleaseure.
"yes master" is the correct answer. total submissive behavour is required and demanded.
punishment is drawn up in conjunciton with me against non obedience . it must be real punishment and not pleasue punishment.
I also reserve the right to force you at any time and push you into action that you would other wise not do, this will be a ture test of your submission to me.
rules for activites such as going to bed and getting up in the morning and eating will be set and obidence expeted and demanded
rules about Tv, video, dvd will also be set and again obidence expected.
Rules for speech are to be used, banned words and actions

Rule for kneeling in front of me when ever I am sitting down or resting
Totally black maids uniform for house cleaning, with gas mask and gag. The cleanness of the house to be judged and rewarded or Punished

I am sure that I have left lots out and it have many more questions
Please feel free to ask and question

well done for reading this far, you have passed the first test, second test can you email.


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